Star signs and lucky colours

Did you know that each star sign has a colour that it resonates with?  This Astro-palette is a useful thing to have handy if you’re thinking of home decoration to suit each sign or signature colours around which to build a wardrobe.  If some of them seem a bit too bold for major use, think splashes of colour around the home and clever use of accessories.  If nothing else, stepping out in underwear in the colour that matches your sign can give you bags of confidence without anyone knowing a thing!

Fiery Aries need a touch of Royal Purple in their lives.  Red is the colour of Mars – Aries’ ruling planet.  Mix hot red with cool blue and you get purple, hence the colour’s association with Aries as it symbolically tames the wilder excesses that people born under the sign can fall into.  Aries vibrates to any of the colours along this spectrum.  The lighter hues, such as lavender, will calm them, purple puts them in their power, red keeps them hot hot hot and blue makes them the coolest cat on the block.

Think of earthy Taureans and you could be tempted to put them with greens as this has such a strong association with nature – and you’d be right, up to a point.  Green – the colour of the heart chakra –  can give huge hearted Taureans a feeling of peace and the security that brings out the best in them, but they also resonate well with baby blues and pinks.

Geminis work well with yellow as it is the colour of intellect and mental activity – but this recommendation comes with a warning!  Too much yellow can send a mentally agile Gemini into hyperspace, so when it comes to home decoration, think yellow touches rather than entire rooms. Yellow is also the colour of the solar plexus chakra, which is associated with the ego. As Geminis like to hop around different ideas and enjoy surprises and stimulation, they can also resonate well with the entire spectrum of rainbow colours that could wash out other signs.

Sensitive Cancerians are water signs that are ruled by the moon.  They do best with colours that either echo lovely lustrous lunar hues – such as white and cream – or sea blue and silver that shimmer with the light like waves on an open sea. Of all the signs, Cancerians absolutely need crisp white, clean sheets in which they’ll sink into and sigh their cares away.

No prizes for guessing that sunny Leos beam in yellow and oranges.  Yellow’s association with the solar plexus chakra and the ego makes it a bold choice for this fearless sign.  On the other hand, orange represents the sensuality and passion this sign is also known for and will make any Leo feel uplifted and energised. Having an open fire in a Leo’s home so that the yellow and orange flames can tide them through the sunless winter months is practically a necessity.  If you can’t have a fire, make sure you’re surrounded by candles!

Outgoing Virgos like to draw attention to themselves with clashing tartans and – just kidding!  Virgos are known for being just a tad traditional and do well with traditional colours, such as navy blue and hunter green.  These colours are also associated with the third eye chakra and studious Virgos will work well in a navy room.  If they can bear to experiment with colour, a few touches of purple here and there might give them the royal seal of approval that they richly deserve and could even bring out their deeper, more complex side.

Lovely Librans resonate with the pale pinks and greens associated with the heart chakra.  Ruled by Venus, they need to feel emotionally balanced to be at their very best and these colours will help them dissolve any negativity away.  Wearing pink can also make them feel more open to the world.
Scorpio is the sign of death and resurrection, and the root chakra colours of dark red, black and maroon are a good echo of the fathomless depths of their unconscious.  When it comes to diving deep into emotions that might scare other signs, they’re first in the queue – but it doesn’t mean that they should do it!

Scorpios need to learn to take life more lightly and experimenting with brighter colours, such as yellow, can really lift their mood.
Outgoing Sagittarians thrive in bright pinks, electric blues, violets and bronze, all colours associated with the heart, throat and third eye chakra.

Sagittarians pride themselves on being visionaries and advocates of freedom and free speech, but this love of idealism can mean that they throw themselves into live without having a plan.  This is also true when it comes to buying clothes and few signs will make as many wardrobe mistakes as wild, impulsive Sagittarians!

Capricorns are strong enough to carry off brown, charcoal and gray – colours that might be dull when worn or used by anyone else.  They should also experiment with yellows to lift their moods and oranges to spin the centre of their creativity and sexuality.

Aquarians should adorn themselves and their homes with silvers, bright blues and turquoise.  As they are wedded to speaking the truth, the colour blue works for them as it is associated with the throat chakra.  Silver will keep them uplifted and visualising a protective silver shield all around them will see them through many situations.

Pisceans can be proper little ladies of the lake and will suit lilacs, sea greens, mauves and aquamarines.  They can have trouble expressing themselves at times, so wearing a blue scarf or turquoise necklace can help them hold their ground and speak their piece.

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