The Jupiter/Uranus Conjunction – April 21, 2024


The Jupiter/Uranus Conjunction – April 21, 2024

Your black cards can make you money so you hide them when you’re able
In the land of milk and honey, you must put them on the table

You go back, Jack, do it again, wheels turnin’ ’round and ’round
You go back, Jack, do it again

Do It Again. Steely Dan

Jupiter meets Uranus in Taurus on April 21st, 2024. At 2.27 am UT time and at 21 degrees of Taurus. Boom or doom? Astrologers are divided on this. Taurus being the sign of money and markets (as in ‘Bull’ market). And the land of milk and honey to quote from the Steely Dan song above.

Jupiter rules opportunity, booms and of course, speculations and wins. Uranus – well, as I am fond of quoting Liz Green: If you can predict it – it’s not Uranus. Uranus rules amongst other things technology, think ‘current’ as it is associated with electricity. So in Taurus, ‘currency’ is an obvious association with the money markets. The wheels of commerce turning ‘round and ‘round. Taurus is also the sign of values, Jupiter rules global trade. Big business. Mass media and transport. Uranus rules Silicon Valley, tech billionaires, your X (formally known as Twitter) feed, your streaming service (look at the glyph for Uranus – it looks as if it has an old fashioned TV antenna on the top!). Elon Musk’s Starlink – totally Uranus. As are electric cars.

Jupiter and Uranus only meet up approximately once every 14 years. Jupiter bigs up everything. So, when it meets another planet, the conjunction massively increases that planets influence. Uranus revolutionises and awakens us from a dreaming state if that’s what we’ve fallen into in our land of milk and honey. You only have to look back at past Jupiter/Uranus conjunctions to see how this played out. From the fall of the Roman Empire to the American and French Revolutions. All kick-started by these two.

Jupiter/Uranus conjunctions don’t just bring us political revolutions but cultural ones as well. The conjunction of 1968 saw mass demonstrations against the war in Vietnam, the civil rights movement and feminism. This also marks the very beginning of the gay pride movements. Both planets are concerned with freedom.

Rock and Roll to Free My Soul

The 1954-55 conjunction gave us Elvis Presley and Bill Haley’s Rock Around the Clock. The 1968/69 conjunction Woodstock and Jimmy Hendrick’s rendition of the Star Spangled Banner.

Comedy took a divisive turn then with the broadcast of the first Monty Python episode. David Bowie’s debut album launched. Got a message you want to take to the masses? Consider that Shakespeare, Jane Austen, Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, Dickens, J R R Tolkein and J K Rowling all either wrote their first work or saw it published under a Jupiter/Uranus conjunction.

Boom no Doom

Uranus is about the new, the edgy, the idea or innovation that frees us from constraints. To go back to those Steely Dan lyrics – back Jack, do it again. No way. Uranus stops the rinse and repeat cycle we are stuck in. Sudden, shocking and unpredictable events mean we can no longer use our default. We have to evolve and try something more inventive. We need growth, radical independence and breakthroughs. And this conjunction could just provide us with that – and more.

21 is blackjack. A winning hand. Jupiter rules gambling and speculation. Do check your chart for factors at 21 degrees. If so, you could be in line for liberation from restriction and big benefits.

Taurus rules our values. Our personal value system. While Uranus is concerned with society and the collective. So, expect a shift in values or what is over-valued to be reassessed. Now, the obvious conclusion here is the stock market. Some may win big for that short for instance. Uranus rules entrepreneurs while Jupiter rewards for taking a chance.

It’s time for all of us to expect a lucky break. To unleash our inner entrepreneur, innovator and inventor. By being willing to revolutionise a key area of our lives depending on which house in our charts the conjunction takes place.

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