Your Moon Sign and your emotional karma

Your Moon Sign and your emotional karma.

Your Moon Sign and your emotional karma

Our Moon sign and your emotional karma, the dazzling Moon reveals how we relate to other people, particularly in our romantic relationships. Our Moon sign also represents how we are emotionally and our karmic relationship with our mother.

La luna paints a picture of our emotional expression. How do we respond to feelings? The Moon sign will reveal all!

She also gives you a heads up about how a lover is likely to relate emotionally. Someone with Moon in Aquarius, for instance, may tend to intellectualise their emotions and be a free spirit. Yet, these free Moon folk are also very accepting and broad minded. Moon in Pisces lovers have a lot of intuition and emotional empathy and can be oversensitive as well as romantic! (if you don’t know your Moon sign click here for my free chart wheel)

Moon in Aries

People with Moon in Aries are very spontaneous with their feelings. They leap from emotion to emotion and can be quick to anger. Very sensitive, fiery and go getting,  because they are a fire sign when they want your attention they want it now.

Moon in Aries people probably had an independent strong mother, and because of this, they learned very quickly to be independent emotionally themselves. These warriors of love crave constant attention and can be demanding in love.

Life will never be boring with a Moon in Aries person as they strive to make you laugh and seek to conquer you emotionally. Passionate and full on, they respond well to people who have Moon in a water sign so that they can be a hero.

Positive – Generous, larger than life, romantic, passionate

Shadow– Demanding, forceful, insensitive

Moon in Taurus

Moon in Taurus people can be ideal lovers as when they commit they tend to be loyal. With a strong sense of family and a great love of all things sensual, they love indulgence.

Once in love, Taurus Moon want you for life. Their childhood should have been quite stable but either way they will on some level crave stability now. Their passions are food, sensuality, massages and curling up with lots of affection. Long term relationships are what Moon in Taurus live for.

Luna Taurus can be stubborn, possessive and demanding but they’re usually in it for the long haul.

Positive – Loyal, adoring, sensual, committed

Shadow– Stubborn, jealous, needy, materialistic

Moon in Gemini

Moon in Gemini people can find it difficult to connect emotionally. They are too busy flitting about and tend to get turned on by ideas and intellect rather than emotions. These Mercurial beasts are also incredibly good at changing their mind for no apparent reason and more importantly changing what they feel. Moon Gems need emotional freedom and don’t like to be pinned down or controlled.

Gemini Moon folk will make every effort to connect to what you’re saying, but might be totally miffed by your emotions. They will talk to you all day long about the state of your relationship but it’s still almost impossible to rely on them to be consistent. They may have experienced their mother being emotionally unavailable in some way.

Positive– Talkative, quick witted, sense of humour, bright

Shadow – Shallow, changeable, non monogamous. flirty

Moon in Cancer

Moon in Cancer people are incredibly sensitive and need emotional security. These Moon people usually have a karmic bond with their mother (for good or bad) and find it very difficult to break the bond. They also make great mothers or fathers themselves and will live for their kids. Moon in Cancer loves totally and wants to nurture you in a relationship but if insecure, they can get quite manipulative as they will do anything to maintain emotional security.

Positive – nurturing, sensual, warm, motherly

Shadow– manipulative, insecure, needy

Moon in Leo

Emotionally generous and with a huge warmth, they will warm you with their massive heart. Moon in Leo in love, love totally. Leo Moon can be emotionally demanding (like Moon in Aries) and can also be a bit arrogant or critical of their lover. They have very high expectations. Usually Moon in Leo people had a strong mother or a mother concerned with their looks. These emotional lions will fiercely protect their lover and desire a mate who they can be proud of. Expect them to be generous but also flirtatious, jealous yet feel entitled to do their own thing. Although they are a  bit of a pawful, if you capture their heart, they will shower you with love.

Positive – warm, affectionate, complimentary, big-hearted

Shadow – Proud, conceited, jealous

Moon in Virgo

Moon in Virgos have a tough time expressing emotions and tend to put lovers on a pedestal. Alternatively they experience all their emotions from afar through unrequited love or part of a love triangle. Once they truly love they love forever. Even if the relationship is dead they have the tendency to stay, usually out of a sense of duty. These Virgin Moon folk can also go from adoring you to becoming very critical as a way of hiding from intimacy. Virgo Moon finds it incredibly hard to express their deepest emotions and can inadvertently put up barriers. Sexually these complicated lovers can go through periods of celibacy or have a wild wanton secret affair. The karmic lesson is to avoid extremes. Often those with Moon in Virgo can be drawn to religion.

Positive – good listeners, supportive, loyal

Shadow– unemotional, detached, lonely

Moon in Libra

Moon in Libra people are usually charming and kind. These Goddesses of love can bring beauty and harmony to all emotional situations. Sometimes they are a little too agreeable and do whatever it takes to keep the peace. They have a real tendency to put others’ needs before their own.

If Moon in Libra are in a bad relationship, they can swing into depression. Artistic and creative, they also make very good counsellors. These love puppies have a strong sense of justice and find it difficult to deal with loudness or aggression. You can count on Moon in Libra to shine in social situations as they put people at ease. In childhood the mother could have been detached or may have intellectualized emotions.

Positive – gentle, loving, kind, compassionate

Shadow– people pleasers, clingy, dependent

Moon in Scorpio

Sizzling Moon in Scorpio people are intense and secretive. Don’t expect instant intimacy as they won’t reveal themselves totally unless they trust you. They have a deep rooted fear of losing control and so can avoid intimacy unless they are deeply in love. Often Moon in Scorpio can get obsessive and refuse to let go of an idea of love. Moon in Scorpio often had a difficult or challenging relationship with their mother and there may have been trust issues, or the mother died in their childhood. The relationship with the mother is always intense. Moon in Scorpios are old souls who were probably very wise, instinctive or aware in childhood.

Positive – Deep, psychic, sexual, intense

Shadow – Possessive, paranoid, unfaithful, obsessive

Moon in Sagittarius

Moon in Sagittarius are unpredictable and love to be a free spirit. These frisky creatures can change their mind or emotional state in a split second. They’re passionate about travel and feel at home in other countries. Sag Moon can often fall in love with someone from another culture or an eccentric. Philosophical and brave, they can also be temperamental and say the wrong thing at the wrong time – particularly in an intimate situation! The mother is likely to be slightly eccentric/wild or excessively religious.

Positive – Expansive, generous, affectionate, loving

Shadow – insensitive, loud, unpredictable

Moon in Capricorn

People born with Moon in Capricorn are usually an old soul. They are born with an innate sense of responsibility and find it very hard to let go. Even as a kid they felt they had to behave in a certain way. Often those with Moon in Capricorn have had some kind of emotional trauma in childhood and have learned to protect themselves emotionally. They detest vulnerability but will always be protective of those they love. Sometimes it may feel hard to get close to someone with Moon in Capricorn (unless they have Pisces or water in their chart to compensate) as they prefer to give than to receive. There is usually a complicated relationship to the mother and an old wound.

Positive – Loyal, hard working, responsible, committed

Shadow – Stubborn, pig headed, obstinate, distant

Moon in Aquarius

Aquarius Moon people need more emotional freedom than any other sign. They will never judge you and will always believe in you but they also need to be able to express exactly who they are. Moon Aquarius will be creative and forward-thinking. These free spirits have the knack of knowing what is coming next and being one step ahead. In love, they tend to intellectualize and think about love rather than get lost in the emotion but are also quite experimental. Moon in Aquarius probably accepts their mother unconditionally but possibly never had traditional closeness or nurturing. The mother could be emotionally distant or very intellectual.

Positive – Visionary, creative, freedom loving, non judgmental.

Shadow – Distant, cold, unreachable.

Moon in Pisces

Pisces Moon is the most romantic of all the moons. Moon in Pisces lovers feel what you’re feeling and can give you what you need even at their own expense. Romance, cuddles and dreamy love are all easy for the poetic Pisces Moon. Psychic and intuitive, a danger for a Pisces moon is becoming deluded about other people’s intentions. They also have a tendency to see the best in people and getting lost in illusion. The mother of Pisces moon probably had these aspects too. She is likely to have been a dreamer who was too emotional or possibly had an addiction. Drinking too much is also a Moon Pisces vice…

Positive – Warm, kind, sensual, loving, intuitive.

Shadow– Hedonist, flirt, no boundaries.



2 thoughts on “Your Moon Sign and your emotional karma

  1. Moons in Fire signs probably aren’t sensitive enough for me (I’m a Pisces Moon), although Moon in Sagittarius does seem to have this natural resilient, somewhat lucky, and logical tendency. Moon in Leo people just expect to be waited on – it’s all about them!
    Moon in Taurus are almost excessively lucky in that they never have to work too hard, but are attractive, and usually manage to get someone to look after them.
    Moon in Aquarius are slightly autistic, whereas Moon in Libra will always try to do the right thing. The biggest crushes of my life have been Moon in Virgo. Good looks, character, intelligence, and naughtiness combined!

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