Your Horoscope for Venus in Aries April 2024

venus in aries

Your Horoscope for Venus in Aries April 2024

Bold and brazen, Venus in Aries knows how to assert itself. This is about pro-active not passive love. The passion and the pursuit. Venus switches from the spiritual in Pisces. To the all conquering love of the here and now physical.

Attraction is paramount. This Venus wants what it wants. And what it wants this cycle will depend on the house in your chart it’s in. It can’t pretend or hide its feelings. It’s honest, unfiltered and direct. But warning – it hates things to get stale. Variety is the spice of life with this Venus. Keep this in mind.

This transit will see Venus meet the North Node in Aries (18th) and Chiron on the 21st. This can mark the end and a new beginning of a long term relationship cycle for many of you. This will be especially impactful for Aries and Libra. And liberating for Geminis, Sagittarians and Aquarians. No matter what your sign, no more dragging your feet over what you want. Or love itself. Find your Venus fuel for your sign below.

weekly horoscope aries seasonARIES

Action is your love language this Venus cycle. And when it comes to others, talk is cheap and what they follow through on speaks the truth about their feelings.

This Venus cycle coincides with the most powerful eclipse in your sign we’ve seen so far this century. The Great North American Eclipse (8th) represents a massive cover-up. And as Venus moves through your sign and encounters both the North Node and then Chiron, expect the truth to be revealed. You will see that someone’s actions do speak louder than words now. Expect a pivotal moment around the 18th – 21st which could send a relationship in a fresh direction. Or usher in an exciting new one.

Your image, message and the medium you use to tell people what you’re all about, will be set for an upgrade with this Venus. You’ll go bolder, brighter and more brilliant. And yes, you’ll take action on your own behalf if you feel a change of style or makeover is needed. Don’t forget, as this Venus sashays through your sign, it does so at the same time as Mercury is retrograde. So, another supporting transit for an image, brand, appearance adjustment.

Once you say it – or even think it, you’ll not stop until its done. You’ll also ensure what you do is consistent along with your intentions, wherever or how you communicate them. I’m talking at work, that social media presence, dating app, website etc. Let others know what you’re all about. And also you’ll quickly receive that quality feedback which tells you they like what they see. Be love and attraction in action. From the outer packaging, to the follow through, Aries.

weekly astrologyTAURUS

Ruler Venus joins the masked ball that’s happening in your 12th. This Venus cycle will see the Great North American Eclipse occur (8th), and happens at the same time as a Mercury retrograde in here. Venus then moves to meet the North Node, closing out one karmic cycle and beginning a new one (18th), before a close encounter with maverick Chiron on the 21st. Something is revealed to you or takes off in a surprising direction.

This all marks the end of the masquerade. Where all the attendees take off their masks. Prepare yourself to see their real identity. Of course, you could be utterly delighted that they are all you thought they were – and so much more.

Your past story which brought you to this point is triggered too. You may find yourself looking back at your shared her/history. And now see this in a new light of revelation.

Understand nobody can take away from you anything about what you are. From your astounding capacity to love to your incredible tenacity and loyalty to go the distance. Nobody but you made you who you are, Taurus. So, no matter your decision in the light of this Venus revelation, see yourself as your own creation. If your connection has evolved with you – then you’ll continue with so much gratitude and assured devotion. If not – make that decision without fearing that you will somehow be diminished if you do.

You’ll see very clearly if someone matches your capacity to be all in. Or if they have no intentions of being there – no matter what they may have been telling you. One thing about masks off, Taurus – you look in the face of love even if it’s just self-love.


Are you all in this together, Gemini? Or going it alone? Friends, groups, clubs, movements, associations, bands and parties fall under the rulership of your 11th house. Plus you have Pluto in your 9th now. Venus in your 11th is about your wider social circles, your community, the collective and yes, your goals.

You are also experiencing ruler Mercury retrograde in this house the same time as Venus transits it. And then there’s the Great North American Eclipse in here on the 8th. All this adds up to a powerful shift taking place. Where allies and allegiances will undergo a shift. And who is on your wavelength and who isn’t, revealed.

Enticing, enchanting and even powerful new friendships can be forged this cycle. Just keep at the front of your ever-questing mind, that you need people who stimulate it! Those who bang on about just one subject – especially if that subject is them, won’t hold your attention for long. You may also discover you have simply outgrown some connections. And this may be the catalyst that propels you out in search of new ones.

That being said, do watch the period of the 18th – 21st, when a series of Venus alignments, including one with your ruler, may see an old friend get back in touch. Or you reach out in a spirit of revival. There could be a reboot of your connection. And if so, there is a reason for this. A goal you let go of may take on fresh meaning as well. This Venus cycle is about friendship and collaborations. As well as crafting your future. Wait for love until next month, Gemini.

july horoscopesCANCER

This is a Cardinal Venus transit. A Cardinal Mercury retrograde. And don’t forget – a Cardinal eclipse cycle. So, being a Cardinal sign, you feel the pull of Venus steering you towards something sustaining, lasting and satisfying.

This is all taking place in your 10th of path, purpose and public domain. Your reputation and status. This encompasses your relationship status – single, married, taken, divorced, as well as the status of your partner. Their job title, what they have achieved, how they are seen and regarded. How you are seen as a result of your relationship with them. We are not just what we eat. But we are judged by the company we keep, date or marry.

This of course, also extends to the company you work for. How they are seen and regarded. All this impacts on your image too. That is why this Venus cycle asks you choose wisely before going into anything permanent. And to look at the bigger picture. Not that we should necessarily be driven in our choices by what others think. But we do need to ensure that who we are involved with both personally and professionally, adds to our cred.

Upward love mobility is what propels you this Venus transit. Love for that career, your ambitions, what you can contribute. And yes, you are allowed to love the success this brings you. Single? You’ll be attracted to someone who is ambitious in their own way. Yes, they may have earned all the material trappings of success. But the main attraction for you is that they are not willing to sacrifice what really matters. Others may benefit from your partner’s promotion and know that you have made your own invaluable contribution to their rising star.

Have that acceptance speech ready. In response to that offer. Do show your gratitude for any opportunities that come your way. And do ensure the outer you says everything about where you are going, who you are, and what you bring to the table. That includes that consort, Cancer.

monthly horoscope augustLEO

Keep in mind this Venus transit through your 9th, that you will experience the most powerful eclipse of the century so far while Venus is in here. A total eclipse of your ruler on the 8th and the day of the new Supermoon. Not only that, Mercury is retrograde while all this is going on. This is your house of travel (Mercury rules this), mass media, the law, learning, big plans and big loves. You embody the bold, the breathtaking, the barrier-breaking – but do have a map, plan or destination in mind!

When it comes to big, breathless love – you now have Pluto unpacking its black bags in your partnership zone for the next 20 years. This tells you that you don’t need go rushing off in hot pursuit of the next best thing right away. And the eclipse shadows do warn you it may not be the best thing anyway.

If travelling, especially long distance, you do need to have a Plan B. If love appears from far away, use all due diligence. If something or someone appears too good to be true – from that person who slides into your DM’s to that bargain on the internet – it probably is. Venus in this house is about love freedom. Not being fenced in but in a union which expands your soul. Or even captivated by a place or subject which opens your mind to new possibilities. You are ready and filled with fire to undertake a great quest once the eclipse shadows disperse. Venus can hand you a big opportunity around the 18th. Removing barriers that stand between you and the big, wide wonder out there.

weekly horoscopesVIRGO

You’ve got the passion, the magnetism and the mojo, Virgo. But are you feeling it? Venus in your 8th hands you the trifecta of transformative intent. But with ruler Mercury retrograde in the same house along with the eclipse, are you feeling a little like Thor in his pizza-eating dad-bod stage? Discombobulated from your own power and sweet, sexy self?

Have no fear. It actually is all in the mind, Virgo. Or in how you see it. Venus in your 8th links you back to your core reactor. The place within you that constantly generates limitless, unshakeable self-belief and burns away fears and self-doubts. You can only be temporarily disconnected from it. It is always on. Always available to access.

As you reconnect and reopen the flow of soul power, what this Venus transit can hand you can take the form of a major shift in your intimate relationships – or you being handed more resources to work with. You may step into a more powerful role at work for instance. Because this is your ‘other’ money house and Venus rules your cash, income, possessions etc, you could pay off debts or a loan. Or even take on a new one. How powerful and in control you feel in areas from the bedroom to the bank vault – or even reckoning the sum of any residual fears about shaking up a situation which confines you, is in fact the fuel for change.

That lover that crosses your path could be the answer to your unexpressed yearning to take a walk on the wild side. Or break free of what binds or confines. You will come to see you make it happen. And were always able to do so. Time to suit up and grasp that hammer again.

weekly astrologyLIBRA

Ruler Venus is in its ruling 7th this cycle. Along with a powerful eclipse and a Mercury retrograde. This tells you that it may take you some time to decide the future of a key union. Or you should take your time when it comes to the one you form next.

You can afford to do this now Pluto has moved into your 5th. And next month sees Jupiter barrel into its ruling 9th in your chart. Which also rules big loves. No matter what, take it that one long term relating cycle is closing and a new one beginning. Even if this isn’t obvious at the time. All thanks to the Venus opposition to the South Node in your sign on the 18th.

There’s nothing wrong with having a plan or a pathway you want to take in the name of love. And to know that it may take up to 12 months to reach your destination. The journey does begin this Venus transit however. Also keep in mind that what your ruler wants you to do is not fall for just anything to preface Katy Perry. Bring a new discernment into your partnerships. And don’t be afraid to say no. And do be secure that this cycle will bring you an opposite number to rhumba with – even if this turns out to be collaboration, professional union or even that four legged one.

Watch the 21st when love could present you with something that doesn’t just tick boxes, but is out of the box different. This tells you that love is the greatest experiment in self-awareness and growth we can undertake. Don’t be afraid to try something different.


Venus always wants the glamour, the glitz and all the sparkly, flirty, rom-com stuff. And that’s not what your 6th house is about. This is where the work happens. Where romance has to adapt to the everyday realness of chores, your day job and taking out the trash. Venus wants none of that. However – what it does want is for you to live a live filled with every day kind of loving. Here is where Venus excels.

It’s worth mentioning that Mercury which rules this house in your chart is retrograde during this Venus transit. And we have the biggest eclipse of the century so far in here while all this is going on. This is your invitation to look to what energises and elevates you. In the areas of work, wellbeing, studies and routine. To understand that your body and your energy levels are your barometer and your compass. And that you can opt for life enhancing choices now.

Harness Venus’s capacity for beauty, creativity and love and apply this to the mundane. Of course, nobody ‘loves’ putting out the bins. Or making the decision to cut those nom-noms from their diet. But you CAN simply focus on what works and shedding more of what doesn’t. It doesn’t have to be a clean sweep purge. Venus says: Let me see if I like it. So, baby steps. How you feel after the adjustment sees you making more feel-good choices.

When it comes to work that feeds more than just your back account, wait until Mercury is direct in here before applying for the new if you can. Venus however adds that touch of originality to that idea, your CV, your current position. Break those habits that do you no good. If your job drains you – look for something new.

Venus in your 6th delivers a daily dose of the divine. It works best when you ditch what doesn’t have the capacity to ever be joyful, uplifting or nourishing. Use the mind/body/spirit litmus test. To stay in your life it needs to boost at least one of these. Venus in Aries has you clearing out the clutter. It’s the ultimate spring clean. As for love – love the everyday and the body you inhabit. The rest will just fall into place organically after that.

mercury and venus in sagittariusSAGITTARIUS

Venus in your 5th sets that dial to dazzle, Sag. You’re in a show-stopping mood. This Venus cycle doesn’t just see you serve retina-searing radiance, but sees you asking yourself how you have been preventing from shining at your brightest lately. Or by what or whom?

Venus in your 5th is about to send you on a vacation. This is your house of holidays after all. But see this as a vacation from the dull whether you are travelling or not. Because of the Venus/North Node conjunction in here on the 18th, this Venus cycle may also feature children, parenting, conception, your adult children, grandchildren or simply the younger generations in general. You may begin a romance with someone who already has children for instance. Or with whom you may have a child. Your children may fly the nest. Your work with other people’s children brings you that chance to stand out, shine and be noticed. Your own child succeeds. Your sense of childlike wonder is restored.

Being a show-stopper means looking and acting the part. You’ll dress to express and stand out. The more you feel you can express your feelings, joie de vive and creativity – the more effortlessly you attract in the attention, success, bliss and freedom you know fuels you, Sag. No more dull. All dazzle this Venus cycle.


Bring it on home, baby! Venus in your 4th turns you into a domestic deity. You’ll love to entertain, decorate, splash out on cook ware, splurge on gourmet delights and turn your home into the ultimate temple of the senses! You’ll ply loved ones with culinary indulgences. Create a home that feels like a beautiful refuge where you can escape the world.

Family, in-laws and outlaws – whether you’re birds of a feather or the apple fell far from the tree, Venus in this house not only connects you to your roots and all those branches, but smooths over family tensions.

Need to fly the nest? Or a bigger one for that egg? Venus wants to enhance your space. And it does favour property dealings, renovations or any endeavour which adds beauty to where you call home. This can occur now but if moving, buying, selling, leasing or renting property, keep in mind Mercury (which rules contracts), is retrograde in here. And also you have an eclipse in this house of your chart as well. There may be delays around a move, something you have yet to discover around where you are going or the home itself. A family member may be sitting on news they are not yet ready to share.

This is one of those very protective Venus transits. You want to take care of those you love, feel a sense of security and belonging. And commit to what sustains you for the long term. You’ll find up close and personal ways to create this. It’s all about the lasting, even inter-generational interconnectedness. If not your own family, then the one you married into. Or the one you have created for yourself from friends and your community. It’s more than bricks and mortar – although you can expect these to feature. It’s about a home for your heart. Which will be with the people who warm it.


Your emotional vocabulary just got an upgrade. Just how many ways can you express the love? Venus in your 3rd of ideas and communication opens up so many ways to get the love across. And also could just hand you a smitten audience or rapt followers. Of course, your message may be focussed on keeping one follower rapt! Or influencing many. No matter, you’ve got their attention this Venus cycle.

Expressing your feelings requires no effort. You’re not self-censoring for one thing. Mercury is the ruler of this house and do keep in mind that it is retrograde at the same time as this Venus transit occurs. You also have an extremely powerful eclipse in here. This can create temporary confusion or breaks in transmission. You can however avoid any misunderstandings but keeping your own lines of communication open. And sharing candidly.

Not only are you more open and also creative in what you say, share or send out, you have a mouth closed, mind open approach to what others have to say as well. There’s nothing sexier than someone who really listens. This could just make you a double-threat when it comes to dating, Aquarius. In business, your social media, one-on-one conversations, your words are magic spells. Or a story where others want to be part of your ‘once upon a time’ saga. If you have been looking for that extra special quality to elevate that idea, application or your on line profile above the white noise of everyone else, the 18th-21st hands you that ingredient. Knowing what to say is just half the story. Being open to hearing the other.

full moon in piscesPISCES

Venus in Aries places it in one of its ruling houses in your chart. Your 2nd of count on it – self worth, Pisces. You will be counting the cost of not valuing yourself as much as you should this Venus cycle. As it takes place against the backdrop of a Mercury retrograde and a powerful eclipse in the same house.

Get ready for a big reveal this Venus cycle. As in who shares your values. And thinks you are valuable too. And that feeling of finding you both on the same page – priceless. Hopefully you used Venus in your sign to look at how you show the world your worth. Via your image and personal message. Now, with this Venus cycle, you get to see how the world reacts to that.

It’s pay day in more ways than one. Yes, this is your money zone and along with the Mercury retro, Venus can offer you that raise, better paying job or money which has been held up or owed. But what is your most valuable take-out this Venus transit, is the game-changing feeling of having that person who believes in you, uplifts you and has your back.

Talking of love, this Venus can bring in that hot prospect who offers all the above. Allow time for your bond to form. See this as an investment in yourself as well. Let anyone knew earn the right to have you in their life. The benefits? All in your favour. The process? So worth it.

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