Your Horoscope for Venus in Gemini May 23rd 2024

venus in gemini

Your Horoscope for Venus in Gemini May 23rd 2024

Mastery, magnetism and magic occurs as Venus enters Gemini, meets Jupiter and then trines Pluto as it arrives in duality-defining Gemini. Let’s talk love. What we say, share and send out has a touch of magical enchantment. It’s alluring, irresistible and opportunity creating if it comes from the heart. The birthday sign itself has never seen the start of a cycle like this one. Where they can think, speak and project magic spells and messages that have a powerful effect on those around them.

June 4 brings us a Venus cazimi. Cazimi derives from the Arabic word ‘kasmimi’ – which translates ‘as in the heart’. In astrology, this is an exact conjunction between the Sun and a planet (0o orb). Where the planet is positioned literally ‘in the heart of the Sun’. Where the energies of the two are fused and flooded with supernova level purity and potential. Planetary cazimis are rare. But we get a lunar cazimi occurring every 28 days with each new moon. Which is why new moons are so important for starting things as they are energised with the Sun’s limitless potential.

Project your magic. Craft that message, idea or anything you say with threads of connection in all that you communicate or visualise. Be pure in your intentions.

Everything that comes direct from the heart reaches other hearts. Gemini is ruled by Mercury – the cosmic courier, Google translate, delivery system and Cupid Direct service. All this ignites our desire to know more, to listen as well as talk. This Venus transit ignites curiosity, creativity and all our paths to true connection. If it comes from the heart it goes straight from yours to that recipients. Hearts and minds open and align, this extra special Venus transit.

weekly horoscope aries seasonARIES

You’ve got them at ‘Hello’, Aries. This Venus transit sends you right into the glowing heart of opportunity and connection creating ideas, Aries. You have a breathtaking ability to bring clarity to any dynamic. You not only fuel what you say with pure, unadulterated love, but your ability to simply burn away the BS, means that who you are communicating with ‘gets’ your message right away.

Ideas, pictures, conversations and even a trip, moves you. Venus in here also adds lightness. Not just verbiage which dilutes the purity of what you say, but those thoughts and ideas that have held you back. ‘I’m not good enough’ – and all its relatives. Venus wants you to ditch that negative baggage and pack light from here on in. If you are travelling – you may literally do this.

Pour your love into one project, plan, course of action. Elevate your online presence by infusing it with as much creativity as you can. IRL conversations are fuelled by harmony and love-talk. Even if its for business. Love for what you do, offer or promote, is what attracts money. Venus rules both.

Who will you love under this Venus? Watch for that opening line, the catch-phrase, the comedian, and anyone who can quote movie lines. That’s like a suckerpunch to your solar plexis right now. Your heart beats faster. It’s the same for the other party. That snappy opening line or come-back. You had them at that.


Venus and Jupiter exit your sign on the 23rd and 25th respectively. This could feel like the equivalent of planetary empty nest syndrome! Venus will move quickly through its ruling 2nd in your chart. Leaving Jupiter in its wake. May 25 could deliver rewards and recognition as Venus trines Pluto in your 10th of status and ambition on this day. Be ready to step up, Taurus.

This is when the long love game pays off. Be it love for something you wish to achieve to investing in a specific relationship goal. If you still need to stretch yourself into a fresh ambition, then the day of the Venus cazimi (June 4), is the time to initiate this. And also open yourself wider to receiving more than perhaps you have accepted in the past.

A no limits mindset and understanding you have worked towards and are therefore deserving of success, is all you need to attain whatever it is you want. This Venus transit is the equivalent of handing you an Access All Areas pass. There’s nowhere you can’t enter or get to. The only question remains whether or not you believe you belong there. Upping those expectations is what sees them met, Taurus. Be this the love you can back on or the recognition you deserve. Be ready to receive. That’s also a key part of the process.


Fairy Godmother or Genie of the Lamp? The Venus/Jupiter combo in your sign is like having both, Gemini. Then there’s the June 4 cazimi between the Sun and Venus. All in your 1st and creating one of the most powerful manifestation portals you have ever experienced thanks to Venus and Jupiter’s trine to Pluto in your 9th.

Time to escape whatever has held you back from manifesting your full potential. Let your ideas be the catalyst for this. The messages you send. What you create to share with others. The story you weave that enraptures your audience. Be it one, a group or a whole collective. Do not underestimate how far initiating just one dialogue can take you.

As well as the cazimi on the 4th, just one hour after the new Moon cazimi in your sign on the 6th, this new moon meets Venus. Love becomes your own creation. Follow that emotional truth as what you initiate on this day, sees you making it real.

Find your platform and heart-thought identity. Your words and your magic. And like The Magician in the Tarot, lay out your tools in front of you. In this case it could well be that device, app or yes, in some cases, you’ll opt for the kinesiological process and put pen to paper. It doesn’t matter how you do this. What matters is that you have so many ways to get your love out there. Hit send and watch who or what answers.

july horoscopesCANCER

It’s a revelation. A ‘Now you see it’ moment. A past love re-ignited and returning in fresh form. A release, reframing or rediscovery. You soar effortlessly – up, up and away from something that kept you earthbound. Your universe expands into a multiverse of shining potential. And you awaken to the fact it was always right under your nose from the very start.

There’s something soul-affirming about Venus in your 12th. As well as enhancing your intuitive and creative gifts, Venus in here reconnects you to your past in a way that leaves you seeing the big picture. It hands you back your belief in a higher power – especially the healing power of love. Along with Jupiter in here (and do read your Lucky Jupiter in Gemini Forecast for Water Signs), it realigns you with your true path or purpose. And you reclaim your authentic essence.

You understand you have so much love to give. And this Venus transit amplifies your compassion and empathy. However, this time – it’s different, Cancer. You see all that understanding, support and giving without judgement as a precious thing. Which it is. So, you become more discerning when it comes to who receives it. Those in true need can always call on you. Those who just thrive on creating drama – time after time, and who lack the capacity to return the support when you need it – you’ll be able to say no without the guilt, Cancer.

This Venus is the essence of our true spiritual light. No matter what, it will shine. And continues to do so even when clouds get in the way. This Venus parts them and you realise that the light within you never died. You just become disconnected from it. Also, if the past does return in one shape or form – you’ll also be able to make the right call as to whether you take it forward with you. Or leave it behind you. Time to recognise the very best parts of you. And treat them and yourself as precious. That’s not a self-care fad. That’s self-love which lasts.

monthly horoscope augustLEO

Seek the real now. True friendships. And the quickest way to discover who these are is to be your authentic self. Usually we say Venus in your 11th house is buddy up love. And please – there’s nothing silver medal about the friendzone when it comes to the validation and support of others. So, please don’t see the love of friends as second rate.

Accompanying this Venus however is the Sun your ruler in here. Along with Jupiter. Because this is your house of goals and the future – Jupiter can turn the friendzone into something else entirely. But what you need to do heading into this, is just enjoy the company you’re keeping. And the freedom to be yourself in it. Regardless of how things end up. So, go into this Venus cycle with your only expectation being to link with like-minded souls. Let the planets do the rest.

Venus in here makes you the host with the most. The life and soul of the party. The centre of that gathering. Making new friends or gathering those followers is effortless and organic. And the more you share yourself – the more gets shared with you in return. Friends and contacts are ready to do you favours. Hand you entrée. And expand your circle even more with introductions to who they know. This is networking Venus. Which may also hand you new devices to enable you to share yourself further.

One thing’s for sure, it’s what you have in common intellectually – and what you talk about, that forges the link between you. Whether it’s just friends or any other kind of benefit – those ideas you share will be what seal the deal. All the more reason to serve it unfiltered and with a beautiful touch of your truth.

weekly horoscopesVIRGO

There’s no point in working towards something if you 1): Don’t take time to appreciate it when it does manifest. And 2): Miss the beauty of the present moment because you are so fixated on your goal. This can lead us to a strange empty feeling for the former. And regrets when it comes to the latter. Either way – the success we set out to achieve always remains tantalizingly out of reach.

So, we make the mistake of thinking we can put this right either by setting ourselves another, bigger goal – which is therefore bound to fulfil us. Or simply increasing the pace. Neither of which works. And both of which keep us unfilled and always in search of more.

Venus in your 10th slows you down. Long enough to smell the roses in some cases. To realise you can take your foot off the accelerator and appreciate where you are right now. To stop chasing and get creative about what arriving looks like. You’re chasing happiness but is it chasing you? Or can it even catch up if you are constantly increasing your speed?

Yes, this Venus can hand you rewards, praise, accolades. It’s now your job to take the time to enjoy them. You have an entire year ahead of you to write another trail blazing success story thanks to Jupiter also in here. For now, understand success looks like appreciating love and abundance right in this moment. And allow the rest to catch up, Virgo.

weekly astrologyLIBRA

With big backing from Jupiter, this Venus transit gives you love freedom. Clingy, restrictive, flatline love? So no. What makes your heart beat faster, draws you to the edge and into the unexplored, or yes, up where you belong is the love you’ll dare for, dream about and desire now.

It could be a what or a where just as easily as a who. This Venus knows you need something breathtaking and expansive. To grow and stretch yourself in the name of love. This is your house of mass communications, big business, long distance travel, sports and studies. So, the love you’d walk a thousand miles and a thousand more for, to preface The Proclaimers.

Sometimes the freedom to find this means leaving a past or existing love behind. As simple as leaving home to go to another city to study. As complex as a divorce. But with a Venus in your 9th cycle always propels you towards the promise of the new.

This is free flowing, forward moving, unstuck Venus if you’ve been spinning your wheels over a matter close to your heart. Watch how things suddenly shift into high gear again. You’re back in the flow. Your two travelling companions are Mojo and Momentum. And yes, heading to the airport passport in hand, will feature for some of you.

This Venus enhances your luck factor, expands the potential of an emerging relationship, infuses an existing one with fresh meaning, and turns the world into your oyster. And maybe the key is your own mind-set, Libra. You’re no longer content to wait around for things to happen or for what you want to find you. You’ll kickstart the process all in the name of a big love, this Venus.


You of all signs know not to fear 8th house transits. And Venus in here is no exception. Depth defining, deep delving, soul diving. You crave transcendence in your intimate ties. Alchemical connection. If it’s not there you’ll go in search of someone who is equally fearless and who shuns the superficial like you.

Existing connections deepen as you remove any remaining barriers to exposing your feelings. And provided the other party is willing to do the same, you’ll enter a place together where there’s no more pretence and nothing hidden between you. If you have no significant other right now, you’ll enter into this process on your own. Confronting wounds and your limitations. And in doing so, stop sabotage and restriction from recurring. If you’ve been placing someone on a pedestal – that will also come to an end. Realness between you and another is your goal. And this stems from getting real about yourself.

Being real means no longer undervaluing yourself. Venus rules your bank account and this is your ‘other’ money house. Embracing our value means surrendering our limitations. Especially the ones we place on ourselves. We’re back to that word ‘sabotage’. And that’s how we unwittingly do it. By telling ourselves that we’re not worthy. And comparing ourselves unfavourably to others. Therefore – they are and we’re not. Think of it this way. Venus rules love and money – two sides of the same coin. The coin is also called Surrender and Sabotage. Surrender to your power. Or continue to deny it and sabotage yourself. You decide which way the coin lands now, Scorpio. You don’t need to flip it. Surrender to vulnerability and greatness.

mercury and venus in sagittariusSAGITTARIUS

Connection and communication are the keys to compatibility now Venus is in Gemini and your 7th (which it rules along with Mercury). Love talks in here. You and someone else find yourselves on the same page. Cemented by a shared worldview once ruler Jupiter joins Venus. No matter what the type of double act under discussion – and this can vary, it’s like minds which seal the deal for you.

Venus in here enhances what is your biggest cycle of attraction you’ve experienced in 12 years. One which lasts long after Venus exits. Craft that love spell, Sag. And this includes that messaging, project, profile, pitch, visual and verbal identity and what you share via the internet. Its infused with extra special allure and resonance now.

Yes, this is merely the start of a year long journey of discovery of just what two can do. But Venus is the wind beneath those wings so do make the most of it. It will hand you the perfect opening line be this IRL or that application. It wraps you and what you say in Once Upon a Time enchantment. In other words, others want to know more.

But it’s the mutuality of interests and intentions that is going to provide the glue. You both want the same things. See something the same way. Stimulate one another’s frontal cortex. And if this is a potential romantic union in the making – take it from me, without the latter, nothing else will be stimulated. Venus tells you to fall in love with your own ideas. Or pour love into them. To say it with love – and not say it unless you truly mean it. Be it a heart-starting working relationship, friendship, collaboration, activity or yes, your current or potential partner. Whatever outcome you want, whatever kind of union you want to create or enhance – get talking.


It’s all about what hands you meaning with Venus in your 6th. Those habits, that routine, that system you’ve created for getting things done. And the love you ration out on self-care and wellbeing. Notice I use the term ‘ration’. It’s an interesting word for a couple of reasons. The first one being that we can ignore our own needs or allow them to slide down our list of priorities. We put what we have to do and our responsibilities ahead of taking care of the business of taking care of ourselves. Hence, we end up with the smallest portion of our time and attention. We’re on short rations.

Rationale – and this is your house of organised, rational thinking, is about how we justify this to ourselves. Or to put it bluntly – make excuses. We’re too busy/tired to eat properly so we exist on junk food and energy drinks. And then wonder why we feel even more drained. We wonder where the joy went from our lives when we ignore that work/life balance. We tell ourselves we’ll carve out time tomorrow – to meditate, to exercise, to search for a better job. But tomorrow rolls around and we stay stuck in the rut. But then there’s always tomorrow . . .

Venus in here resets those priorities. Along with Jupiter’s presence for the next year, you’ll divert your time, attention and resources into creating a lifestyle where you don’t just live to work. Or allow your time to be taken up by the things you need to do rather than making time for what you should or want to. If you are imprisoned by bad habits, filled with resentment over that workload what shifts first is your attitude. You suddenly see true self care and living requires you to work at making things better for yourself. Once you do – you no longer have to life your life or do a job which requires stoic endurance, drains you or leaves you permanently waiting for the weekend. Open yourself to Venus’s inspiration and creativity. Get a dose of beautiful, sweet, healthy living.


What vision are you trying to bring into being, Aquarius? You are now in your biggest cycle of attraction for this lifetime. One where the stars all align thanks to Venus in your 5th and Pluto in your 1st. These two trine as Venus moves into this house. This is the power of creation and manifestation at your fingertips. So, time to get very clear on what you want it to bring you. And also to understand you can attract with almost effortless ease.

Venus is backed by Jupiter which also arrives in this house two days after it. So we can say the stars and luck have aligned in your favour in a way you’ve not seen before. It tells you all you need is love to engage with this energy. And the more you feel and have to give – literally the more you get back. So, you need to feel it big. Don’t waste that precious energy on something you’re not genuinely invested in having, seeing or even becoming now as this is a house where you can receive recognition, attention and even fame.

This is your house of conception. Believe it and you can conceive it. Creativity, babies, children and the younger generations. Holidays, those hobbies and pastimes you can totally lose yourself in, and also those you can turn into a profession. As well of course, as your house of romance and lovers.

Putting yourself out there in some way, showcasing what you have to offer in a way which seems effortless and natural, is what sets the magnetism of manifestation in motion. And this process itself should be fun. What you’re seeking is seeking you because its on the same wavelength. If you really know what it is. And truly want to have it now.

full moon in piscesPISCES

Next level nurturing love is yours. What are you going to choose to grow with it, Pisces? Venus, along with your ancient ruler Jupiter two days later, is in your house of roots. So, what do you choose to plant or encourage into a more fertile cycle?

This is your house of people and place. Home and security. Family and traditions. Path and hearth. And with this all that brought you to where you are right now. Are you happy with where you are living or discontent? Are you the black sheep or the white? What do you feel was ‘chosen’ for you by your family and have you been living up to their expectations rather than yours?

Venus in here wants you to create a lifestyle you love. It blesses real estate decisions and can also bring you help and assistance across both home and career areas from women or those who identify as female. Venus along with Jupiter in here is the ultimate life renovator. Replacing what no longer nurtures and keeps you pearl safe in your little oyster, with what does. It shows you where you can find those who feel like family if those you share DNA or your upbringing with don’t share your soul DNA. It can see you get more bang for you buck on a new home whether you’re buying or renting. Or land that better paying job which now makes those future plans possible. Or even simply gives you the self-love to leave a path that simply isn’t working.

Look forward to creating a life that you not only fall in love with, but which nurtures and supports you in return. Want to move but don’t know how you’ll manage it? Here’s an old magic tip for you especially as you now have Jupiter in here for a year long stay. Buy something specifically for your new home. Don’t use it in your current one. And you don’t have to know what that home will look like or where it will be – yet. Just that this is something you want to have. Watch how it turns into the small but significant catalyst that brings about the circumstances that make it happen. Venus loves set decoration and this is what you’re doing. You’ll unpack it in its new place by the time Jupiter’s finished with its moving experience.

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