13th April 2020 Weekly Astrology

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Weekly Astrology 13th April 2020 – Deep Soul Healing

Hello Lovely One,

Firstly, this week we have a profound Mercury/Chiron conjunction that brings an opportunity to heal, clear out, and tend to old wounds. What wounds happened in the past that changed the way you express yourself as a result? We can all be crushed when we are shamed, shouted at, or rejected due to being our authentic selves. Past soul pains are rising to the surface so that we can see them with fresh eyes. There’s enlightenment in the air and a commitment to healing. In addition, Jupiter and the Sun are squaring giving us the confidence to express ourselves and reclaim our unique voice. Look out for a profound conversation and a personal revelation this week.

Sending love to you

M xx

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20th April 2020. SUN ENTERS TAURUS (Taurus)

21st April 2020. SUN IN TAURUS SQUARE SATURN IN AQUARIUS (Taurus to Aquarius)

23rd April 2020. NEW MOON IN TAURUS (Taurus) nb: Falls three degrees of Uranus

April 23rd  2020. CERES ENTERS PISCES (Pisces)

24th April 2020. CERES IN PISCES TRINE THE NORTH NODE IN CANCER (Pisces to Cancer)


April 26th 2020. PLUTO RETROGRADE IN CAPRICORN (Capricorn)


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