20th April 2020 Written Weekly Astrology

Written Astrology 20th April 2020


Start a fresh her/his-story with abundance

Rewrite your money karma

Invest in soul values

The Sun and this week’s new Moon in your 2nd promises you a radical shift in the way you relate to your money, assets, possessions and also how you view your talents, abilities and skills. This week’s new Moon in here appears just three degrees away from the planet of invention – Uranus. In fact, the Sun and Uranus will meet just three days later. It’s asking just how inventive and innovative can you be when it comes to how you make and what you do with that bread, Aries.

When it comes to money, the term ‘currency’ comes to mind and Uranus rules electricity. So, your currency hinges on the value you place on yourself. Just like the stock market in fact. Money is just paper as are stocks and shares. We assign a value to these. So, set your stock price higher as this signals your public float if you like.

Uranus often offers us new and unexpected ways to increase our value. Or a greater appreciation of what is truly valuable if you like. If this happens, then this is a sign your stock is now on the rise buoyed by intrinsic values that cannot be eroded by outside influences

Ceres is also on the move this week. The powerful dwarf planet enters your 12th of the past and where you harvest the actions of this. It trines the North Node in your 4th as it does. Time to look at what you have learned from the past about your values and what money buys you. This can also have you looking at family karma around money. It’s Rich Dad, Poor Dad on a grand karmic scale. Don’t just think in terms of cash and assets either.

Yes, there are so many valuable things that money cannot buy us. Experience, self-esteem and also relationships we can ‘bank on’. Your thoughts around money, the seeds you have planted or have been handed, could come full circle with a harvest to be reaped. If you don’t like the story you were told around money, this new Moon tells you to write a new set of values. It is one under which something for the future can be brought into being with the ideas you plant. So, invest in those this week.

In a nutshell:

Whether you know it or not, you are in a relationship with your money. So, what’s that love story you’re creating with abundance now, Aries? It’s not about what money buys you. But all the other stuff that’s valuable too.



Gratitude is your superpower!

Plant those seeds for the future

Happy birthday, Taurus

Happy birthday, Taurus. Trust you to show us what is truly valuable, precious and which is not for sale at any price. Your new cycle begins with you broadcasting all you deem valuable loud and clear! Gratitude is your superpower as your new cycle begins. The more you appreciate what you have, the more you have to appreciate. Sometimes standing still for a while is what allows us to appreciate this. Set your sights on the future path you want to tread. Strangely enough, if you have a practical plan set out, despite the present restrictions, you will see your efforts pay dividends in the next two years. This is down to the Now Age of Success happening for you in Aquarius and your 10th house. And Uranus, ruler of Aquarius in your 1st. Think different, be separate but connected now. Above all, celebrate your uniqueness.

It’s a season for planting something. An idea or even if you have a garden, literally getting close to the earth and seeing what you can sow for the future. This week’s new Moon in your sign appears very close to Uranus – three degrees in fact. So, take it that new beginnings or what you initiate now will take you in an exciting and unexpected direction. The destination whether you realise it or not is freedom as Pluto heads retrograde in your 9th this week.

You also have Ceres arriving in Uranus’s ruling house – your 11th on the 24th. As it does it will trine the North Node in your 3rd. Do not doubt you have a destiny to fulfil. News you hear or your connections, even if they are remote, are destined to influence your future path. This could involve women, female friends and women in positions of power. If you are male and heterosexual or female and lesbian, this is not about romance, but about the power of the intuitive feminine and growth. Plant something under this new Moon week as it is a Moon under which future dreams can come true. Call this a birthday gift you get to unwrap later, Taurus!

In a nutshell:

Happy birthday, Taurus. It’s more than simply a new yearly cycle. It’s the Now Age where you get to plant seeds for future success. Follow that intuition which could present you with gifts you get to unwrap later!



Predict the next big thing

Watch for signs and synchronicities pointing to the truth

Dreams bring insight and healing

Surprise revelations and enhanced intuitive abilities often go hand in hand with the soul house cleating process that occurs each year when the Sun arrives in your 12th. This year – all the more so as it joins Uranus in here. Secrets will have the habit of tumbling out of closets no matter how hard anyone tries to keep them inside. Often in unexpected ways. It’s not whether or not you want to know, Uranus says the truth will set you free. Of course, chances are you already have a sneaking suspicion or have received some hints around this in the past. You may receive another one around the 21st when the Sun angles to Saturn. Saturn is old school. It likes to prepare us. So, it may drop some clues from time to time before the big reveal asking us to pay close attention.

So, if you have followed these, what transpires may not come as a complete surprise as the new Moon of the 23rd appears very close to Uranus. The Sun completes the expose on the 26th when they conjunct. The only surprise will be if you have ignored your intuition up until now. Watched for lucid and extra-real feeling dreams. They contain messages and also healing for you now. These combined with Pluto retrograde in your 8th on the same as the new Moon, can bring a powerful transformation to be the result.

Ceres enters your status-setting 10th this week and as it does, trines the North Node in your money zone. This may be setting you up for an important cycle of reaping the rewards of past efforts. Or thanks to those intuitive skills, prepare to set future ones in motion. Ceres favours new deals and also long-term growth and adapting to cycles out there. You are a mutable sign so are better able to do this than many others. So, follow that light-bulb moment. Ceres rules the seasons. Adapt, change, plant, grow, harvest. Then plant new seeds for the future. No matter your circumstances, you’re ready for when they change, Gemini.

In a nutshell:

Expect revelations and surprises. But has your intuition been giving you a heads-up on this, Gemini? No matter what your circumstances this week, you can plant the seeds for future growth.



What is it you really want?

How you see yourself in relation to others transforms

Keep connected at a distance

You have one of the most important new Moons of the year appearing this week in your 11th house of friends, contacts and the future. It appears very close to the ruler of this house – Uranus on the 23rd, three days after the Sun’s arrival in here. Why is this new Moon so important? Because it sets the direction for your future for quite some time. Time to ask yourself what it is you REALLY want, Cancer? Because this is your house of the future, it’s about looking forward past how things are today and envisioning how you want to be living or doing tomorrow.

This new Moon is one where dreams can begin to come true under. Provided we look past the obvious and mundane that is. So let your imagination take you off on a journey. If you can imagine it coming into being, chances are it will.

This is also your house of friends and your social life. Which is of course, now on hold. But stay connected to people in whatever socially distanced way you can as connection matters now more than ever.

The Sun’s meeting with Uranus in its ruling 11th on the 26th can have you getting inventive about how to achieve just that. And also on the importance of keeping those big dreams alive and kicking. Ceres is on the move also this week. It arrives in your 9th on the 24th when it will trine the North Node in your 1st. This is your house of big dreams and bigger ideas. Where we explore possibilities and turn them into real experiences. Call this your planning stage. And also you may feel the pull back towards someplace or something which is an important part of your destiny. Release your inner Magician. In fact, meditating on this card from the Tarot could deliver new ways to make those dreams reality or the direction you need to head in when horizons open up again.

This week also sees Pluto turn retrograde in your 7th. Pluto gets more potent in retrograde form. It’s intent on transforming your relationships or simply how you see yourself in relationships. Whether you are in one or not. This can get very intense. Especially if love cannot be expressed unless you wear a hazmat suit and stand at least six feet apart! No matter what your present circumstances, this week hands you the insight to make your future one a real experience, Cancer.

In a nutshell:

What is it you truly, madly, deeply want Cancer? One of the most favourable new Moons of the year for creating your future arrives on the 23rd. Release that inner Magician and turn dreams into reality.



Work what makes you unique

Rule the world from where you are

You own it this week, Leo.

You are a sign who takes pride in their reputation. So, the arrival of your ruler the Sun into your 10th of public and professional perception and status is your cue to work that rep like a boss, Leo. And rule the world from your couch if you are having to self-isolate. You will be all too aware of how you are coming across to others now even if not actually in person. So, pay close attention to everything you put out on social media and if video conferencing due to remote working, continue to set the standard we others aspire to.

You should also be aware that those you want to impress (be it followers or employers) are paying close attention and taking note as the Sun squares Saturn in your 7th of Now Age partnerships on the 21st. So, please be seen as someone to be taken seriously.

It’s about working what you and you alone have. Be an original and also broadcast those standards as the new Moon appears close to planet Uranus on the 23rd. Ruler the Sun and Uranus meet on the 26th which could bring about an opportunity to demonstrate all you have to offer and make your mark in some way. Distance and distinguish are similar words. What this tells you is that this new Moon offers you a way to stand out and distinguish yourself in a way that only you can.

Ceres is also on the move this week into your 8th of powerful changes. As it arrives it trines the North Node in your 12th. Something comes full circle now. You could be in a position where you have been before. There is a decision to be made and you need to choose carefully and if you are getting that feeling of déjà vu around this, look back to when you were in a similar position and how you dealt with it then. Do you need to make a different choice this time around? Pluto retrograde in your work and wellbeing sector is set to transform your everyday routine and health priorities. Owning your reputation, taking pride in what you have to offer begins with taking care of you the best way you can.

In a nutshell:

Your image and how you come across to others is always all-important to you, Leo. But never more so than this week. Want to rule the world from your couch? Entirely possible if you work that message, Leo!



Destiny is a signpost to your future

Does lockdown love need a new deal?

You don’t have to leave home to explore possibilities

This week’s new Moon in your 9th is always one that marks the start of a journey. Now, this may be difficult to imagine in lockdown and with borders closed. But there is more to travelling than simply packing your bags and heading for the airport. This new Moon grounds you to the importance of seeing life as a journey of interconnected experiences. All of which are learning opportunities.

This is also your house of big dreams. As this is an earth sign (Taurus) this means your future dreams and plans are grounded in reality. Yet the proximity of this new Moon to Uranus in here (which also rules goals and also the future) means that you can come up with new ways to head down that future path once it opens up once more. Armchair travel, study (especially subjects like astrology which Uranus also rules) are favoured now. Some of you may decide to commit to a new direction which represents a radical departure from what you have been doing so far. The future is telling you be flexible and adaptable.

Go with any new desires to delve into previously unexplored topics and use this period to research and plan as the Sun and Uranus meet in this house on the 26th. Ceres arrives in your 7th this week which could see those settleds amongst you coming up with a new deal with your lockdown love relationship. As it does, it will trine the North Node in your 11th.

Ceres rules the seasons and right now this is the season of staying close to home rather than exploring the world except via Uranus and 11th house ruled methods – the internet, television for instance. Something you watch, read, connect or click on now could turn out to be the missing piece of the puzzle, inspire a new direction or open up a new way of seeing the world. You could suddenly realise that it is not our circumstances but our own thoughts around what is or isn’t possible for us which limit us. Free your mind this week, Virgo. And revise those possibilities upwards.

In a nutshell:

Your higher self is ready for a journey. No matter where you are, this week wants to break you free from the mundane and sent you exploring the enchantment of pure imaginative possibility, Virgo!



Know what’s not for sale – like your soul

Create the perfect life/work balancing act

Time is your most precious asset – conserve it for what matters

You won’t be able to escape the focus on your work, routine and wellbeing this week now Ceres arrives in your 6th. Your path or purpose – whether you are a CEO or engaged in unpaid work, and the effect this has on how you feel, what you spend your day doing and that all-important finite resource – time, is going to be judged, assessed, reborn or realigned. This puts you in the best possible position to come up with new ways to make the most of the highly unusual and challenging circumstances are all face right now. Take this opportunity to look closely at what you may have thought important in the past. But is now revealed to be not important at all in the grand scheme of things. Yes, it’s about that signature balance you are famous for, Libra.

Ceres arrival in your 6th focusses on the element of wellbeing, reaping what you sow and creating that balance that is necessary so you have the time in the future to do what you love to do as well as what you need to. Ceres rules the seasons so think timing and routines. It also rules compromise and trade-offs. You’ll see what you are prepared to trade or give up – and what is not negotiable at any price now.

The Sun’s entry into your 8th has you looking at what you have at your disposal to attain this. This is your house of empowerment and also power money. Recognition and negotiations may form part of this but the goal is not tying yourself down but freedom. Not just of the financial kind but that work/life balance kind. So, you’re keenly aware of the hidden costs that can come with material success as the new Moon appears in here on the 23rd. It cosies up to Uranus which means you are holding on to those values and despite material benefits which may be on offer, you are not about prepared to make a radical shift in favour of what truly sustains you over what doesn’t. Your wellbeing and that of those around you are what matters. As are the things that feed your soul growth.

This new Moon can set you off on a new direction and realign you to what forms the bedrock of your long-term happiness thanks also to Pluto retrograde in your 4th. There’s a grand design to your life and all areas interlock and support one another. Go for the long term solutions this week, Libra.

In a nutshell:

Success at any cost just isn’t your jam now, Libra. The past two years have seen you define what is truly important for you. Like that perfect life/work balance. It’s within reach this week.



Love appears in the form to evolve your soul

Open your mind to something (or someone) new

Knowing what you need makes it so much easier to find!

This week has the Sun entering your 7th throwing a spotlight either on one particular partnership or the empty space in your life that needs filling. Of course, if it’s the latter then this is rather difficult at present unless you have access to hazmat suits and are okay with adoration from afar and socially distanced close encounters of the isolation kind. But the Sun along with a new Moon peeping out close to Uranus in here, promises a new understanding of the kind of partnership dynamic you need to evolve your soul. Due to Uranus in here your needs are changing.

So, if you are on lockdown with your boo, what better time is there than now to talk about what you both needs from one another? Yes, what the world needs now is love, but this transit may not automatically deliver that right now. But simply being open to love in the time of coronavirus and what this might look like, is also love the Uranus way too!

You have help from Ceres entering your 5th not just of romance but of children, younger generations and also your inner child on the 24th. As it does it trines the North Node in your 9th. So take it fate is at work and any insights into love and all the many splendid forms it can take, are set to open your eyes, heart and world wide open. Yes, even from the comfort of your lounge room or for those of you isolating with your boo, the bedroom.

It’s a different world and a different way of expressing, seeking or keeping love and this is the message with the Sun and Uranus’s meeting on the 26th. The 26th also sees ruler Pluto head backwards in your communication zone. Need to talk about this? This house also rules communication and the internet. The next love to evolve your soul could be a click away, Scorpio.

In a nutshell:

As we evolve so does our understanding of love, Scorpio. Whether you are settled or single, this week brings insights into how you can grow the love in your life. It’s what you and the world needs now!



Innovation is the mother of variety

Charge up that routine to bring in change

Harness the ripple effect

Time for some innovation when it comes to that routine or day job, Sag. You were never designed to operate in a rut. Yet, as you may have discovered, it is all too easy to fall into one. Or have one’s wings clipped by external circumstances. However, that does not mean you cannot turn the mundane into something magic. The Sun’s arrival into your 6th shines on the impact this has on you – physically and spiritually. Does the thought of a new day drain or excite you? You are about to see your daily life undergo a reinvention and reinvigoration thanks to a new Moon close to Uranus in here on the 23rd. Make changes, shake up the way or order in which you do things.

This new Moon is more powerful than you first may think. It can show you how the smallest adjustment to that routine – especially around eating well, supporting your body, meditation, yoga, fitness can lead to bigger changes in other areas you would not have thought possible. So, innovate and change in any way you can now. – anything from the order in which they are done to exploring a new route to work, where you buy your coffee, fresh diet or exercise regimen. It all signals you are ready for innovation and change.

Many of you may already be grappling with a new way of working. And surprisingly may ask yourselves if in fact, this is freedom and not a rut after all? If so, start to look at ways you can sustain this dynamic for the future. The Sun and Uranus meeting in your 6th on the 26th can hand you fresh ideas around making that routine less so.

The 24th marks the entrance of Ceres into your 4th. As it arrives it sets off the North Node in your change sector. The power to make these, to transform areas of your life or lifestyle which hold you back rather than support you, is yours now. Look closely at how your every day life can be transformed – from how you earn your money to what you eat, think, exercise and do as Pluto also heads backwards in your 2nd on the 26th. If you’ve had that ‘is that it?’ feeling of late, the answer is – no, there is so much more. So, discover what this can be now Sag. Small changes lead to a bigger world.

In a nutshell:

You’re the sign of the soul traveller. But even explorers can get snagged in a rut. Looking for an escape route? There’s one opening up that could lead to more freedom in the future, Sag!



Be an original

Activate the Law of Attraction

The feelgood factor is the best medicine!

This week has the Sun in its ruling 5th. Children, babies, young people, any generation that is younger than yours, are set to feature now. As could that lover. No matter if you are at home cocooning with Netflix – make sure that tracksuit or those PJ’s are clean and flattering as this is also the house where you get noticed. Yes, you are lounging on the couch with wine and Pringles when that unexpected Zoom meeting comes in with your boss or worse – that prospective lover wants a virtual date. So, don’t get caught looking anything other than totally lockdown fabulising! Your social media profile also needs to reflect this. And quite frankly, looking and feeling good about yourself is a great way to boost that immune system.

Strangely, this is one of the major cycles of attraction of the year for you as the new Moon appears in here on the 23rd – and you need to be ready to work it for all it is worth within your current circumstances. The secret is simple. To activate it, you just need to be yourself and shine. And let go of worries around what others may think. Uranus is the planet which rules our individual self-expression. It wants us to be ourselves and to rock our individuality. We’re all unique so why be like someone else? This new Moon appears close to Uranus and the Sun will meet it on the 26th. So, how you feel about yourself determines what you will attract back in kind.

Ceres arrives in your 3rd of what you communicate and send out there on the 24th, and as it does, trines the North Node in your 7th. This could indicate a soul contract connection coming full circle between you and someone else. Or mark the beginning of a pay-the-love-forward cycle. All the more reason show yourself some star treatment and dust the Hobnob crumbs off that hoodie.

Looking at ways to update your image, on line profile, message, appearance or brand should be easy now to be seen for who you are and to radiate and stand out so they can find you. Updating that look, appearance or image could be easier than you think thanks to Pluto’s retrograde in your 1st also from the 26th. By now you should know Pluto gets more powerful when backwards. This is your cue for rebirth. Right from your couch, Capricorn!

In a nutshell:

Time to look at what you put ‘out there’ Capricorn in terms of your image or brand. In doing so, you’ll activate the Law of Attraction. Be a magnet for your desires direct from your couch this week.



Create a lifestyle which supports that dream

Home is where you create that future

Get living for the Now Age

Warriors of Love for the Now Age need a heart-centered base from which to be effective. Your role is to inspire others now. So, you need that Fortress of Solitude, that lifestyle which supports you or that Ivory Tower from which to dream up ways to create a better world. This week your ruler Uranus is offering ways to create just that. And in a way that uniquely supports you too. Some of you may be looking at how you can design a lifestyle which truly supports you for the future. And inspired by the present. What this looks like may be very different to other people’s idea of home. All that matters is it works for you and the way you want to be living.

The Sun arrives in your 4th and its time to ground both yourself and your ideas and establish a base and sense of place. Being where you are right now and seeing what works – and what doesn’t. If the one you are in is working – fine. If not, time to change, innovate and even plan what changes you need to make as the new Moon in here appears close to your ruler. You of all signs know Uranus can deliver events which release you from restriction and free you. No matter what something looks like, Uranus tells you there is a plan, a reason and yes, a season behind what is happening right now.

Watch for what occurs around the 26th when the Sun and Uranus meet as this could mark the start of a new cycle of living. Ceres, the ruler of seasons, leaves your sign this week and enters your 2nd and as it does so, trines the North Node in your 6th of wellbeing and work. A new way of living could go hand in hand with a new routine. Ceres is asking you what you truly need – not what you want. You may engage in a declutter as a result.

Revamp your living space. And also choose to focus your resources on what truly matters to you on a soul level. Your energy is peaking now thanks to Pluto retrograde in your 12th also from the 26th. What needs to go and what needs to stay – all part of the process. You’ll know which is which.

In a nutshell:

You can’t change your world or pursue that big dream without a solid base to support you. This week offers the chance to design just that. The experience moves you in more than one new direction, Aquarius.



Find new ways to get your message out there

Young hearts run free no matter how old you are!

Fall in love with life again

Hearing from someone from your past is a distinct possibility this week as the Sun arrives in your 3rd and angles to Saturn in your 12th. Whether or not you welcome this news is another matter. Just bear in mind that you need to be focussing on the future now so please, listen to that higher self when it comes to guidance about what to do. Also bear in mind, this may mark the closing of a chapter between you. In other words, they come back in only to exit again – this time for good. If this involves a lover with whom you feel you have unfinished business, again, please keep this in mind. There are more ways than one to get closure.

New projects, news, launches, publishing, sending that website or blog live, writing, communication and ideas are what form the basis of the new as the new Moon appears in here on the 23rd. You need to innovate and experiment now as this Moon is close to Uranus. The Sun and Uranus will meet in here on the 26th and this could bring exciting, unexpected and surprising news which even if you cannot act on it right away, sends you off on a fresh path. Again, it’s all about looking forward – not back.

Ceres arrives in your 1st this week handing you a sense of renewal and fresh potential. It aligns with the North Node in your 5th. Again, this could be about lovers but it could also be about children, babies, pregnancy, relationships which could make you a parent or even your adult children or the younger generation. There’s a Peter Pan element behind all this that is telling you that you are never too old to be young again. Or fall in love. So, look closely at anything which returns and simply doesn’t feel brand new this week, Pisces.

In a nutshell:

If the past returns look at what has changed and what hasn’t. It’s time to plant new seeds for the future – not a repeat performance. This week tells you you’re never too old to be young again – or fall in love with your own life once more!

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