20th April 2020 Weekly Astrology

Weekly Astrology 20th April 2020 – Unexpected Surprises

Hey Lovely,

Here are your weekly horoscope videos. Watch your rising sign in addition, as they’ll give you a fuller astrological picture.

It’s an action-packed Cosmic week. Firstly, we are now officially in Taurus season. A New Moon in Taurus launches the Taurus mood. As a result, we’re urged to find security within. In addition, the Sun is conjunct Uranus later on in the week, giving us a spicy, intriguing surprise; and giving us the confidence to try new things.

On the other hand, the Sun is Square Capricorn, creating a bit of tension. So, the best advice is to find freedom within our current situation rather than rail against what we can’t control.

The New Moon is showing us a fresh path to security, what bad habits do we need to ditch? What patterns or coping mechanisms are unhealthy? We are all going through a rebirth right now and Taurus season asks us to examine what we truly need and how we can feel safe now. Uranus is likely to show us a different approach to this.

Finally Pluto the lord of transformation is going retrograde which always packs a powerful punch.

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