Weekly Astrology August 7th 2023 Forecast for All Signs


weekly horoscope aries seasonARIES

Hold on to what matters most

Revive the past

Prepare for renewals

Retro Venus may not be to anyone’s liking, Aries. So don’t for one moment imagine you’re alone with feeling discombobulated when it comes to matters close to your heart. Or your cash.

The trick to surviving this retrograde is to be a shining beacon for your values, Aries. And don’t lose the faith. In love that is, as for some of us this can leave us feeling a little jaded. Know if you start the week in exactly that mindset, by the end of it you’ll be more upbeat that a Cher track.

Stick to your values if confronted by someone who is coming from a different set. Yes, we have two intense squares between the Sun in your 5th and Jupiter in your 2nd. And then retro-active Venus in your 5th and Uranus in your 2nd (7th -9th). Is something more off again than on again? You’re right to feel this is entering the tired phase, Aries. Maybe its time to ensure others know they’re out of time (and your patience).

Promises need to be delivered upon. That goes for the ones you make too. But what the start of the week truly asks of you is the willingness to explore and experiment. Do you really think this is the only option available to you? You are being pointed in a direction where you can discover shining alternatives and previously unrealised solutions and potentials. Sure, at the end of this you may indeed come to the conclusion that you have the best deal out there. But do use this energy to ensure that’s the case and you’re not just ‘settling’ due to perceived lack of options, Aries. The 10th could uncover some for you.

That whole vibe changed I promised you? You’ll embrace it when the Sun meets retro Venus (13th). You and another find yourselves back on the same page. Something from your past reappears repurposed and more satisfying this time around. Or you embrace that alternative discovery you made. Yes, the mehs around love vanish and you believe again. Or just now know that you are definitely too good for someone or something, Aries!

In a nutshell: Values are both your lodestone and your compass when it comes to navigating your way through the Venus retrograde. If you and another share the same it could be time to re-pledge that love. Otherwise – no more settling for less than meets those standards.

7 Aug 2023 Sun in Leo square Jupiter in Taurus (5th to 2nd)

9 Aug 2023 Retrograde Venus in Leo square Uranus in Taurus (5th to 2nd)

10 Aug 2023 Mercury in Virgo trine Jupiter in Taurus (6th to 2nd)

13 Aug 2023 Sun conjunct retrograde Venus in Leo (5th)

weekly astrologyTAURUS

Who moved your mojo?

Is it time to break a few rules?

Claim the path you were always destined to take

Ruler Venus retro is a bigger deal for you than any other sign. Aside from fellow Venus-ruled Libra that is. That feeling someone moved your mojo? Cut you off from your creative flow? Locked you out of your particular pleasure room (be this the one with handcuffs or pizza!). All of which have you giving thanks that Venus retros rarely.

The fact is, this is your love recovery period. As in reviving lost loves (including what you love doing), reinvesting in existing loves that carry your heart forward, and All retrogrades involve ‘re’ words and a Venus one is no exception.

The start of the week gets a bit Tina Turner as in Break Every Rule with two squares between Jupiter and Uranus in your sign and the Sun and retro Venus in your 4th. You may surprise yourself at this point in what you are prepared to do to re-set the love in your life. Do be aware that this is your house of property and home. So, a property matter may flip-flop, delay or even in some cases reverse as a result with someone changing their mind. Just as you may change yours about what it is you do and don’t want, Taurus.

When it comes to love you crave the heart-starter, the variety, the excitement that you feel is missing. But do stick to the retro rules if you can when it comes to going out to look for this. The up and down feel of the start of the week will be replaced by something satisfying which completes you across the 10th – 13th.

A gorgeous, generous, free-flowing, love struck angle of attraction occurs between Mercury in your 5th and Jupiter. What you’ve been searching for turns up. Or you realise you already have the solution to hand. The Sun fuses with retro Venus on the 13th, reigniting a love that’s lain dormant or simply bringing something back for you. The good thing is – you don’t have to go looking for it, Taurus. Or break too many rules to get it.

In a nutshell: What you’ve done in the past may no longer be working, Taurus. Yes, you usually steer clear of colouring too far outside the lines, Taurus. But when it comes to love, Venus retro tells you it may be time to break a few rules.

7 Aug 2023 Sun in Leo square Jupiter in Taurus (4th to 1st)

9 Aug 2023 Retrograde Venus in Leo square Uranus in Taurus (4th to 1st)

10 Aug 2023 Mercury in Virgo trine Jupiter in Taurus (5th to 1st)

13 Aug 2023 Sun conjunct retrograde Venus in Leo (4th)


Embrace the beautifully unpredictable

Alternatives appear for your consideration

Get ready for Love 5.0

Peer into that crystal ball this week and you’re likely to receive a ‘Cloudy with a chance of meatballs’ message. There’s a touch of the unpredictable around you. Events could take an unexpected turn or prove to have a life of their own. Honestly, letting go of any desire to control, staying flexible and above all, keeping an open mind, will truly reveal itself to be your best tactic.

Yes, you feel the retro vibe even when your ruler isn’t directly involved. Yet. That’s something to look forward to later this month, Gemini. For now, the creator of beautiful mayhem is Venus in Mercury’s ruling 3rd in your chart. The Sun square Jupiter in your 12th (7th) while retro Venus squares Uranus in here on the 9th. Something you may have thought was happening may now show you it goes no further in its present form. You may not see this one coming. But don’t for a moment think this may be a bad thing, Gemini.

Hot on its heels comes an alternative, better option, offer or solution for you. This time courtesy of your ruler trine Jupiter (10th). It may be that an initial stop sees you reaching for a different, more inventive approach. Or simply discussing elements that were simply being glossed over before. Now you can dig deep into the details. And unearth gold as you do so.

Take it anything which initially looks as if it may stall, fall over or was consigned to the past, may suddenly re-emerge brighter, repurposed or simply more aligned to who you are now as the Sun and retro Venus meet on the 13th. It’s a window within the retrograde which opens to show you that contrary to what you might believe, the new is waiting for you to claim it. Love 5.0 is just what you have been waiting for.

In a nutshell: The unexpected could put a different spin on a relationship. Or how you see things unfolding from here on in. The fact is you’ve changed on a fundamental level, Gemini. And your needs with this. What shifts is merely bringing love into alignment with the new you.

7 Aug 2023 Sun in Leo square Jupiter in Taurus (3rd to 12th)

9 Aug 2023 Retrograde Venus in Leo square Uranus in Taurus (3rd to 12th)

10 Aug 2023 Mercury in Virgo trine Jupiter in Taurus (4th to 12th)

13 Aug 2023 Sun conjunct retrograde Venus in Leo (3rd)

july horoscopesCANCER

If it’s worth it – reclaim it

Value yourself first

Remember those promises you made in the name of love!

Venus is retrograde in its ruling house in your chart. And like all planets, when it retrogrades in a ruling sign or house, its capacity to deliver retrograde snafus or even retrograde amnesia, increases exponentially.

What kind of retrograde amnesia, Cancer? Let’s see. How about conveniently forgetting all the reasons why you and that ex broke up the first time and instead just leaping straight back in without any kind of love autopsy process first? Or those vows you made to yourself about no more impulse buys? But there it is. That ‘must have’ item with 50% off!

You need to stick to your intentions no matter what this week. As you may get tested on your resolve. The Sun also in your 2nd square Jupiter in your 11th (7th). While retro Venus makes the same high tensile angle to Uranus in here on the 9th. If someone from the past crosses your path, I’m not saying you shouldn’t give them a second chance. But do take it slowly to ensure that past issues are no longer likely to trip you up this time.

And as far as that urge to splurge goes – just what are you buying? Or who are you trying to impress by buying it? Your friends? Your followers? Is it really the bargain you think it is? And do watch out for fake websites and scammers. If it’s too good to be true then it is.

However, do expect the revival or return of something worth while. Or from someone you are delighted to hear from again. Beauty reappears in some form thanks to the fusion between the Sun and Venus on the 13th. Just prior to this Mercury’s trine to Jupiter could put a goal within reach for you. Or usher in news that marks a win or start of a new cycle of abundance. You could be amazed at what you can achieve in the present. So do take your time to ensure anything from your past measures up to that, Cancer.

In a nutshell: Did you forget the promises you made to yourself, Cancer? As in no more of what doesn’t do you good in the long term? Don’t give into impulse this week. And if something is on offer again – ensure it sits with those values before saying yes.

7 Aug 2023 Sun in Leo square Jupiter in Taurus (2nd to 11th)

9 Aug 2023 Retrograde Venus in Leo square Uranus in Taurus (2nd to 11th)

10 Aug 2023 Mercury in Virgo trine Jupiter in Taurus (3rd to 11th)

13 Aug 2023 Sun conjunct retrograde Venus in Leo (2nd)

monthly horoscope augustLEO

Receive the gift of knowing exactly what you want

New beginnings replace endings

Listen to your heart

Like Taurus, the Venus retro could be causing you to ask: Who moved my mojo? – then the good news for you this birthday week is that you get it back. It’s pretty well a birthday cycle like no other, Leo. You feeling one step removed from being your usual life and soul of the party. An audience member instead of the star of the show. If anything is happening, it does so in slow stages. And then pauses. With no indication of when it may re-start again.

The meeting between your ruler the Sun and retro Venus on the 13th is a heartstarter moment in what may look like a flatline cycle. Right when you may be thinking nothing is moving. Or that if it is, its not in the direction you wanted it to go.

Time to get your dazzle fired back up, Leo. Something that’s had the pause button pushed on it or has been on the back burner is lit and glowing. It is however linked to your intention. How much do you truly, madly, deeply want it? You see, Venus retro in your 1st is all about you discovering exactly how much your heart is still in something. And often, the only way we discover that is to slow down. Retrogrades are in fact, clarification tools in disguise. They allow us to review what we want. And stop us time wasting when it comes to what we no longer do. We can release it instead and having lightened the load, leap off in a fresh direction once retro time is over.

If your intention hasn’t wavered and your feelings have not changed, then a birthday re-delivery around love or even a career matter is likely this week. Something represents itself for you. And do understand, this is a gift but one you can refuse if it no longer seems right for you. Knowing that is a gift in itself, Leo. No matter what form it takes, or what you decide, you see that bold, brazen, brilliant new beginnings surround you or are swirling into being. Despite all appearances to the contrary. Between now and next month, you’re on your way towards something beautifully affirming and satisfying, Leo.

In a nutshell: The heart wants what the heart wants. But sometimes we stop listening, Leo. Venus retro this birthday cycle shows you if you’ve been ignoring the beat of that true desire. Get ready for a heart-starting moment. That’s your best birthday gift.

7 Aug 2023 Sun in Leo square Jupiter in Taurus (1st to 10th)

9 Aug 2023 Retrograde Venus in Leo square Uranus in Taurus (1st to 10th)

10 Aug 2023 Mercury in Virgo trine Jupiter in Taurus (2nd to 10th)

13 Aug 2023 Sun conjunct retrograde Venus in Leo (1st)

weekly horoscopesVIRGO

Different doesn’t mean not what you wanted (or need!)

Enter into the cosmic timing slipstream

Back to the Future love comes calling

Back to the future love or the return of an opportunity shows you something still has a heartbeat, Virgo. Ruler Mercury in your sign trines Jupiter in its ruling 9th in your chart (10th). The news or way forward for you is pretty well unmissable. But the tighty-flighty square of the week with the Sun, retro Venus and Jupiter and Uranus in your 9th promise a different spin on things this time around.

Can you look past the obvious to see opportunity in disguise, Virgo? Yes, something can be rebooted for you. Or for some, an even better deal may be on offer. This tests you as to how attached you may be on one particular result or outcome. Or even the path you believe you need to take to succeed. Be willing to open your mind and explore alternatives if they are held out to you.

Back to the future love could involve a familiar feel, but a different packaging this time around. Think of this as updated, repurposed love. Love 5.0. Love which has perfect timing. Some of you may end up contemplating this as the Sun and retro Venus meet in your 12th on the 13th. This is of course, your house of the past. But it is also your house of cosmic timing and yes – mysterious ways. That delivery could well involve someone or something you wanted or tried to bring about in the past. But somehow, the timing just wasn’t right.

Now, those cosmic cogs in that big karmic clock align. And it happens without you having to intervene or do anything untoward to bring it about. It’s a lesson if so, Virgo. Everything happens in its own time. Including love and other opportunities.

In a nutshell: The Venus retrograde shows you that you can’t hurry love to quote the song. But also that everything in the universe has its own timing. When the timing is right, it happens. Do surrender to this now, Virgo.

7 Aug 2023 Sun in Leo square Jupiter in Taurus (12th to 9th)

9 Aug 2023 Retrograde Venus in Leo square Uranus in Taurus (12th to 9th)

10 Aug 2023 Mercury in Virgo trine Jupiter in Taurus (1st to 9th)

13 Aug 2023 Sun conjunct retrograde Venus in Leo (12th)

libra mainLIBRA

A door is held open. Walk through it head high

A reversal is revealed to be a forward move

Change and rebirth? Effortless, Libra!

Someone could be offering you serious entrée this week, Libra. This could be someone you already know or who are connected to. This could relate to a goal, a group or even in some cases, VIP access. The doors they can potentially open for you could give you access to the people or resources you need. Or they have the ability to act as your advocate and make things happen.

Yes, this is all courtesy of ruler Venus retrograde in your 11th and conjunct the Sun in here on the 13th. But do take it that you will be in the spotlight in some way all week, Libra. And it’s important that whatever circles you orbit in, you project the right image and show you’re a good fit. This is of course, a very different matter to being someone you are not simply to fit in and be liked. Think social or goal mobility. That’s what’s on offer here.

It’s change and a positive one. A situation that may have been stagnant for far too long is shifting. Hold your head high, walk tall. Your moment to showcase your talents or smarts could arrive. No matter the company you find yourself with – know you belong there. Also, keep in mind this isn’t about how much money you have right now. It’s about what you and you alone can add to a group or bring to the table. There’s a feeling of having had to sustain an effort you now effortlessly soar away. If so, you’ve earned now being up where you belong, Libra.

In a nutshell: Venus retro isn’t all about delays and reversals. This week hands you an opportunity to make a positive move upwards. As well as the ability to make a different kind of move – effortless transcendence.

7 Aug 2023 Sun in Leo square Jupiter in Taurus (11th to 8th)

9 Aug 2023 Retrograde Venus in Leo square Uranus in Taurus (11th to 8th)

10 Aug 2023 Mercury in Virgo trine Jupiter in Taurus (12th to 8th)

13 Aug 2023 Sun conjunct retrograde Venus in Leo (11th)


Change up that dynamic

Know when to take action – and when to release

Only investments of the heart and soul continue

Pivotal status moves which revolve around at least one other party occur this week. Do push through any resistance you may have to stepping up into a leadership or more prominent role. Impostor syndrome has no place in your psychological lexicon this week.

Big retrograde energy may have been holding something up. We have Venus retro in your 10th. This is the house that doesn’t just rule your career, rewards and public image, but also your relationship status too. The Sun and retro Venus in here are engaged in a tug-of-war between Jupiter and Uranus in your 7th. So, you may be waiting for the other party to make their move. Or their intentions clear. That boss (present or prospective), that official, client, gatekeeper, decisions maker. And yes, even that romantic partner.

Know there’s nothing you can now do to push things ahead and you may be stuck playing the waiting game. Things start to shift around the 10th thanks to Mercury’s angle to Jupiter. Radio silence ends. Movement occurs.

But also there’s an alchemical shift happening within YOU, phoenix. You have been using this Venus retro energy to get very, very clear on the kind of outcome you want. Yes, you’ve been working on demolishing inner barriers between you and that key outcome. But also holding up those personal and professional ambitions and re-examining them. So, when the Sun meets retro Venus on the 13th and burns through retro stasis and uncertainty, as things move ahead you know for certain whether you are still in fact invested – heart and soul. You have your answer. And your total certainty about what’s right for you. That’s success in itself, Scorpio.

In a nutshell: If you know deep down you’ve done all you can do, then its now time to let go. And experience the power of change that comes from release. Often no more effort is required to bring about the transformation we were seeking. Make an investment of the heart and soul, Scorpio.

7 Aug 2023 Sun in Leo square Jupiter in Taurus (10th to 7th)

9 Aug 2023 Retrograde Venus in Leo square Uranus in Taurus (10th to 7th)

10 Aug 2023 Mercury in Virgo trine Jupiter in Taurus (11th to 7th)

13 Aug 2023 Sun conjunct retrograde Venus in Leo (10th)

sagittarius bannerSAGITTARIUS

After work comes freedom

Love revisits

Game face on!

Do the work and then embrace the freedom! Being present, attending to what needs to be done and above all, attention to detail and mindfulness of the moment are setting you up for a breakthrough this week. And this despite the heavy Venus retro energy in your all-important 9th house, Sag!

The Sun is also in your 9th and along with that retroactive Venus intensifies their angle to ruler Jupiter (7th) and then Uranus (9th), in your day job 6th house. So, do take care of business on these dates, be open to initiating new ways of tackling stuff and don’t leave any loose ends. Procrastination is not your friend. If you can finish it, send it out, toss it or complete it, get it done. Just do the damn thing, Sag! Honestly, you will feel the energy around you lighten as you do. That frustrating wheel-spinning feeling starts to be replaced by a sense of movement again.

You may also have to work at creating the right impression at work or with someone whose opinion matters. Again, this can revolve around you showing you can get something done. Or simply being extra mindful about what you need to be bringing to the table to succeed. The 10th hands you all the tools you need to bring about that outcome you’re seeking. Your success star is on the rise thanks to the trine between Mercury in your 10th and ruler Jupiter. That work? So worth the result now.

But the real boost comes on the 13th when the Sun dispels all those shadows around love or what you love to do – at least temporarily. As it meets retro Venus in your 9th. If you are old enough, do think back to July-Sept 2015, July-Sept 2007 and July-Sept 1999. Why? Because these periods coincide with Venus retrograde in here in the past. Expect themes to repeat, love to be either revisited (literally as in places) or else released to make way for the new. Expect the past to make way for something bigger now. Love captures you again and takes you forward into something far more fitting this time around, Sag.

In a nutshell: If you can do it today, don’t put it off until tomorrow. The more tasks you crush, the more than sense of going nowhere is replaced by forward motion. Love takes you on a trip to the past. But perfected for the present. And yours for the future.

7 Aug 2023 Sun in Leo square Jupiter in Taurus (9th to 6th)

9 Aug 2023 Retrograde Venus in Leo square Uranus in Taurus (9th to 6th)

10 Aug 2023 Mercury in Virgo trine Jupiter in Taurus (10th to 6th)

13 Aug 2023 Sun conjunct retrograde Venus in Leo (9th)


Direct your focus

Look to joy – not to loss

Find the heartbeat

Who’s afraid of the big, bad retro weather, Cappy? It’s pushing you towards a change this week. Do abandon yourself to the process. What you resist, persists.

The Venus retro in your 8th takes place as Pluto is in its endgame in your sign. So this truly is a soul call to transform. Perhaps your attitude towards transformation itself. This week holds the energy of the card of the 5 of Cups. It’s all about the focus if you like.

The Sun also in your 8th along with retro Venus squares both Jupiter (7th) and Uranus (9th) in your romance and pleasure zone. Take care not to over-focus on the past or what may be moving into the past for you. If we go back to the 5 of Cups for a moment, we see three cups on the ground, their contents spilled. But two remain upright. Yet the figure in the card is focussed on the empty cups.

Are you over-focussed on the negative and missing the joy that is still available to you? Or are you unwittingly increasing your suffering by desperately holding on to something that needs you to let go? By the 10th you’ll see positivity and also release take place. Options reveal themselves. You emerge shining and stronger. And also focussed on all you have – not what is behind you.

Change and rebirth follow. Yes, for some of you there may be a revival of something from your past as the Sun and retro Venus meet on the 13th. If there’s a heartbeat there, you’ll know it. If not, you now let go and soar, fiery and free towards all that potential that you now know awaits you. Yes, those cups are overflowing once more. All you had to do was see them, Cappy.

In a nutshell: Be mindful where you direct that focus. Glass totally empty? Glasses are designed to be refilled. It could be by focussing on lack or loss you’re missing all the good stuff that surrounds you. Shift that perspective back to what flows.

7 Aug 2023 Sun in Leo square Jupiter in Taurus (8th to 5th)

9 Aug 2023 Retrograde Venus in Leo square Uranus in Taurus (8th to 5th)

10 Aug 2023 Mercury in Virgo trine Jupiter in Taurus (9th to 5th)

13 Aug 2023 Sun conjunct retrograde Venus in Leo (8th)


Is history repeating itself?

Opportunity reappears

Change direction for the better

Is herstory/history/theirstory repeating itself this week? Perhaps this is a theme which runs in your family history? It’s all very Shirley Bassey/Propellerheads repeating itself this week as retro Venus in its ruling 7th in your chart squares repeats a theme as it triggers ruler Uranus in your 4th (9th). This occurs just two days after the Sun also in your 7th performs the same manoeuvrer to Jupiter also in your 4th (7th).

It’s all just a little bit of history repeating. But the outcome doesn’t have to be the same this time around. You are in what should be your yearly love and partnership peak. But this time around its all about only repeating what works, Aquarius. Not what doesn’t. Venus cycles are longer than we imagine. A complete Venus cycle lasts eight years. So, take a history lesson and if you are old enough jump back to these dates when Venus was last retrograde in your 7th: July-Sept 2015, July-Sept 2007 and July-Sept 1999. What is repeating from any of these times?

Is anything repeating? Better yet – what have you learned from past relationships or cycles in love? The 10th brings you the opportunity to bring in self-directed positive change as Mercury in your 8th aligns to Jupiter. Did you know that in any given century, Venus can only retrograde in certain signs? That is so we are given so many chances to understand our needs around love and what we love. The universe offers us again and again, opportunities to escape history repeating if we no longer want it to!

Your love life or a key area of your life can change direction for the better as the Sun punches through retro-darkness showing you the way forward in a key union – or your potential for one in the future. This occurs on the 13th when it meets Venus. You replace confusion with clarity and the patterns of the past are laid out for you to see. Taking you towards a better future or outcome. If you choose not to allow history to repeat itself, Aquarius.

In a nutshell: History repeats but that doesn’t mean the outcome always has to be the same, Aquarius. You can choose to keep what works. And opt out of what doesn’t. This applies not just to love. But in all other areas.

7 Aug 2023 Sun in Leo square Jupiter in Taurus (7th to 4th)

9 Aug 2023 Retrograde Venus in Leo square Uranus in Taurus (7th to 4th)

10 Aug 2023 Mercury in Virgo trine Jupiter in Taurus (8th to 4th)

13 Aug 2023 Sun conjunct retrograde Venus in Leo (7th)

full moon in piscesPISCES

Are you on a 40 Day Love Fast?!

You won’t see things the same way from here on in

Get good love medicine

Spiritually, it is no coincidence that a Venus retrograde lasts for 40 days. In the Bible, God made it rain for 40 days and 40 nights. Jesus spent 40 days of temptation in the wilderness. Buddha spent 40 days fasting and meditating to achieve enlightenment. 40 days is the length of a spiritual journey towards transformation. That’s what you are on, Pisces during this Venus retrograde.

Yours revolves around the work you do, how you love and care for your body and in general, the love that does you good as opposed to one that causes pain or creates negativity in your life. So, this is a healing time for you. One that you can escape from into wholeness next month creating new, lasting and yes, healthy love outcomes once Venus is direct again and reaches your 7th.

This week brings not just a change of direction for you. But a change of mind and heart as well. The Sun remains in your 6th along with that Venus. It increases your desire to get to the bottom of something or brings you news which has you shifting your perspective or seeing things very differently as it squares Jupiter in your 3rd. While retro Venus also squares Uranus also in your 3rd. If you needed that final shift or piece of the puzzle – this is it.

The way forward opens up thanks to Mercury in your 7th opening a fresh path to Jupiter in Mercury’s house. It may not be your mind and/or heart that moves in a new direction, but someone else’s. They may be the one offering that healthier alternative. In love, life and work. You may make the choice together. This is also about your beliefs around having your heart’s desire. Whether you have settled for less than that because you have been led to believe it is not realistic or possible. Venus retro in here wants to first heal wounds around this. And then disabuse you of that notion. For good. You’ll see how ‘settling’ – be in with your job, your lifestyle, your choices, simply leads to unhappiness and a sense of living life in the shadows. You’re shown the way forward and out of any issues which keep you stuck on the 13th. Ahead – simply good for you love, Pisces.

In a nutshell: Think of Venus retrograde as a 40 Day Detox. From what simply does you no good at all, Pisces. If you are uncertain what that is, this week shows you the long term impact of a particular choice, situation or relationship. That’s a habit you’re done with now.

7 Aug 2023 Sun in Leo square Jupiter in Taurus (6th to 3rd)

9 Aug 2023 Retrograde Venus in Leo square Uranus in Taurus (6th to 3rd)

10 Aug 2023 Mercury in Virgo trine Jupiter in Taurus (7th to 3rd)

13 Aug 2023 Sun conjunct retrograde Venus in Leo (6th)


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