Weekly Astrology December 26th 2022 All Signs


Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs December 26th 2022

weekly horoscope aries seasonAries

Nurture that dream

Set yourself up for success

All you need is your intention

Along with the change of calendar year as one rolls into the next, comes a change in your focus for ‘23. You’ve a new priority emerging and you’re going to be totally committed to it, Aries. This may involve you delving back into the past and unearthing some old skills, past ambitions, a path not taken or simply taking seriously a desire or dream you’ve privately and secretly nurtured for some time.

We begin the New Year in retro-facing mode. Mercury heads backwards in your 10th this week and ruler Mars remains retroactive in your 3rd of communication and commerce. Hold that thought for now. And those plans, Aries! But long held or nurtured plans and visions you have for your own success story come to the fore. What better time to dream than the New Year? To envision what you can achieve, do or claim for yourself? And to look seriously at how you can get there!

Do you still doubt you’re the right stuff? Our 10th house contains all we can be. As an individual and as part of a couple too. Despite what many astrologers lead you to believe, this house isn’t just about climbing that stairway to career attainment. It’s a fabulous treasure house of success stories in all areas. This includes personal dreams and desires. The meeting between Juno and Neptune in your 12th could reawaken a dormant one for you. Or see you commit to that ‘impossible’ dream. As Venus, Mercury and Pluto in your 10th show you that its honestly not unattainable after all. All that is needed is your intention. You have what it takes and you have your dreams for a reason. And Juno sets you up for the long haul.

The meeting between Mercury and Venus (29th) occurs the same day as Mercury retros. While the meeting between Venus and Pluto on New Year’s Day shows you that you have what it takes to totally transform your trajectory in the next 12 months. You won’t be content to settle for so-so or continue with futility when it comes to a path which simply can’t hand you the rewards you seek. Get ready of real returns for those efforts in love or outer achievement from March onwards.

In a nutshell: Spend all the time you need with those ambitions and ideas of all you can be as one year ends and a new one begins, Aries. Don’t doubt you have what it takes to bring that vision of success into reality. All you need are your intentions and desire to commit to it!

Dec 27 2022 Juno and Neptune conjunct in Pisces (12th)

Dec 28 2022 Venus in Capricorn sextile Neptune in Pisces (10th to 12th)

Dec 29 2022 Mercury stationary retrograde in Capricorn (10th)

Dec 29 2022 Mercury and Venus conjunct in Capricorn (10th)

01 Jan 2023 Venus and Pluto conjunct in Capricorn (10th)

weekly astrologyTaurus

Dare to believe in what you can achieve

Take the next step

Reawaken that vision for ‘23!

A journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step. Where are you in yours, Taurus? If the pause button or delays occur now don’t be in any hurry to push through them. Sometimes we need to stop to course correct or simply to look at how far we’ve already come. And to appreciate that.

The message of the week is that slow, steady, one step at a time approach not only wins the race but gets us where we want to be over the long haul. If you are a Taurean embarking on a literal long haul journey this week, then please check and recheck everything from the weather to delays, strikes, cancellations at both points of arrival and departure due to Mercury retrograde in your 9th.

Retro rules provide you with your next logical step when you also have Plans B thru Z in place. Now, don’t for one moment think this retro-phase may bring you a step backwards too far. This week brings you three dream realising alignments. The first (27th) between Juno and Neptune in your goals sector gives you the commitment and determination to take the next step and the one after that, when it comes to something you dare to believe you can achieve. Also this is your house of friends and connections. Teamwork makes the dream work!

Planets in your 9th (Capricorn) tell you the freedom or big dream you seek needs a launch pad, a flight plan, a solid vision to make it happen. If it all seems daunting, it is always just one step in the 1000 mile journey you need to take. And to focus on that and not the 999 you still have to make! So, a slow, considered approach which makes it easy to adjust or just slow down and appreciate where you are on that quest right now instead of being solely focussed on the future. The quest or your commitment to one, is about to shift as the day Mercury stands still it meets ruler Venus indicating a beautiful alternative route to be taken. Maybe one you missed before. Yes, you can back-track too.

Big dreams are reawakened as are past big loves. Bring your staying power, ability to infuse whatever you commit to with that signature long term investment. You’ll move forward even if it means backtracking to reclaim a past vision for yourself (and perhaps another as Venus meets Pluto at the very start of the year. This is your first step on a 365 day journey, Taurus. Just keep moving – one step and day at a time!

In a nutshell: You have the determination more than any other sign, Taurus. Now, bring that self-belief and chunk down that freedom-inspiring goal with a one-step-at-a-time approach. You’ll be amazed at how far this gets you. And yes, backtracking to reclaim that dream totally allowed now!

Dec 27 2022 Juno and Neptune conjunct in Pisces (11th)

Dec 28 2022 Venus in Capricorn sextile Neptune in Pisces (9th to 11th)

Dec 29 2022 Mercury stationary retrograde in Capricorn (9th)

Dec 29 2022 Mercury and Venus conjunct in Capricorn (9th)

01 Jan 2023 Venus and Pluto conjunct in Capricorn (9th)

mars in geminiGemini

Reboot your mojo

Bring on the changes

Become the catalyst for transformation

The vibe as ‘23 begins is ring in the changes, Gemini. Especially if these are long overdue for you. Did you leave your mojo in the cosmic Lost & Found? This week allows you to not only go get it back, but also to reboot it fiercer, bolder and more blazingly brazen than ever!

Yes, ruler Mercury reverses in your 8th of empowerment, what you keep locked in your vault and searing, scorching magnetising sex appeal this week. Plus you have another two weeks of Mars acting like the ultimate demotivator in your sign. This we know. But the theme of this retrograde for you is soul reclamation and reboot, Gemini. It will see you undergo a rebirth process between now and February. And yes, retrieve that mojo intact and even shinier as a result!

Of course, you know the retro rules by heart so also know to adhere to them now. If something falls away, it is meant to. Just as if something returns or revives it’s time for that too. You will hold fast to a promise you make thanks to the meeting between Juno and Neptune in your status and rewards zone. Let go of past limitations now and along with that mojo rechrage replace them with a ‘Can do’ mentality. Putting the past behind us means no longer looking back or seeing our actions in terms of success/failure but simply the gaining of experiences and knowledge. This is how we truly transcend our past, heal our soul wounds and simply move into something new without limitations.

Can you do that? If you can, yes, that mojo is back – uninterrupted! You get a head start on the direct approach which begins in February when the planets will all be direct. Reclaim something from the shadows. That lost power, sexual self-confidence, belief in your ability to drive your destiny in the direction you want as Mercury meets Venus the day it heads backwards and then Venus entwines with Pluto on the 1st. You take a fearless, direct approach to anything left in limbo now. And realise owning that mojo and the rest of the resources in your soul empowerment vault, is your only truth – and only option for ‘23. Bring on the changes, Gemini!

In a nutshell: Hello, mojo! This week hands you any lost power, bravado, courage and fierce determination back. Indecision vanishes. And you banish any lingering self-doubt. Especially when it comes to that sexy, direct approach, Gemini.

Dec 27 2022 Juno and Neptune conjunct in Pisces (10th)

Dec 28 2022 Venus in Capricorn sextile Neptune in Pisces (8th to 10th)

Dec 29 2022 Mercury stationary retrograde in Capricorn (8th)

Dec 29 2022 Mercury and Venus conjunct in Capricorn (8th)

01 Jan 2023 Venus and Pluto conjunct in Capricorn (8th)


july horoscopesCancer

But now I find I care too much

There’s life in everything I touch

Look what love has done to me

I am not who I used to be

Patty Smyth: Look What Love Has Done

What has love done to you? We are coming to the end days of Pluto’s long term transit of your 7th house of dynamic and dramatic duos, double acts, duets and duels of all descriptions, Cancer. It’s been a long, transformational period where your ideas around coupling up, partnerships, marriage and any long term connection, may have changed and shifted. As you have internally yourself. This has been a once in a lifetime transit for you. And by 2025 it will be well and truly over.

The You + Me dynamic that is emerging from this sees you more aware of what it is you need in your closest ties. They may have shifted, you may have changed yourself, but now you come to the end days of the longest defining love cycle of your life and it’s time to take a pause. Look back at exactly how, where and around who, those definining moments brought about a change. Or was it a gradual process? Each person’s love journey is unique and theirs to live. When we share ourselves with another, when we truly open to the potential in a relationship, we are changed. And so are they.

That’s the alchemy of love, sweet Cancer! Is your shell hardened by it or have you realised you don’t in fact need it? That your inner strength comes from being vulnerable? That good defences are all very well but put up too many barriers and you end up with nothing worth defending. This week hands you three defining transits to see how far you have come. And shows you where between now and ‘25 and the end of Pluto in Capricorn (which begins in ‘23), you now are when it comes to long term partnerships. Love should offer freedom to express yourself, be yourself and to enter into a two-way pact around this with another party. Juno’s meeting with Neptune in your 9th tells you love is letting go as much as it is coming together. This will top your togetherness wishlist now. Stopping and looking back to head forward, having a love stocktake, being in the moment when it comes to the love that surrounds you and experincing the power of self-love are emotions to explore as Mercury heads backwards in your 7th on the 29th and simultaneously meets Venus.

Venus conjunct Pluto (1st) awakens the need within you for more depth, connection and to go way below surface interactions with that boo, bae, buddy, collaborator or consort. You want soul alchemy, nothing superficial. You are willing to bare your kind, gentle soul and you’re seeking the same in return. Or that person who can interact with you on this kind of level. Togetherness adds up to depth, bravery, honesty and trust. If you pause now, you’ll see clearly if you have this or the way forward to making this happen. It’s true togetherness or nothing now, Cancer. It still takes two for you in ‘23. But you’ve come so far and done so much already.

In a nutshell: You’ve been forged in the fires of transformation during Pluto’s transit of your 7th, Cancer. As we enter the end days of this soul defining cycle, do pause and look at what love has done to you. And to your relationships. And complete that beautiful transformation.

Dec 27 2022 Juno and Neptune conjunct in Pisces (9th)

Dec 28 2022 Venus in Capricorn sextile Neptune in Pisces (7th to 9th)

Dec 29 2022 Mercury stationary retrograde in Capricorn (7th)

Dec 29 2022 Mercury and Venus conjunct in Capricorn (7th)

01 Jan 2023 Venus and Pluto conjunct in Capricorn (7th)

monthly horoscope augustLeo

If it’s worth it – work it!

Magic is in the details

Make that lasting change

There’s more going on in your everyday working life, or with those habits, studies and that routine that meets the eye, Leo. What you do each day has to have meaning. You need a tangible take-out that’s about more than just the mundane one but hands you that feeling of satisfaction that you achieved something or what you do benefits yourself and others in some way.

There’s a deep commitment happening to changing up something permanently this week. Now, this may take a few weeks to manifest or to appear fully-formed. Take this time as a rehearsal or experiment when it comes to health, work (paid or unpaid), habits, studies, exercise, self-improvement and even your pets due to the big line up of planets in your 6th. And change factors happening in your 8th.

And do take all the time you need. Bearing in mind you’ve a fine line to tread between over-thinking something to the point you end up getting nowhere and missing an important detail entirely. Mercury heads retrograde in what is its ruling house in your chart from the 29th. It’s capacity to create mayhem is increased in a ruling house. And this is your house where the devil is in the details.You can’t afford to get sloppy and think you can avoid them. If you do, you will be caught out and left with a mess to clear up. Just remember – magic is also in the details too. Focus on them for the results you seek.

Adjustments and revisions lead to better outcomes as the day Mercury reverses it meets Venus in here. You will also see if you have been working something to the point where it is over-worked. Perhaps out of fear of letting it go or it not being ‘good’ enough.The devil is literally in this house. Pluto has been in here since 2008 and is now ending its time in here. It’s meeting with Venus (1st) marks a big release or point of empowerment on your part as you banish hesitation and just do the damn thing, Leo! If you are certain you have done the work then now let go.

Beneficial changes to that work or routine could see 2023 set to bring you something more energising, productive and rewarding. The meeting between Juno and Neptune in your sector of change, may be linked to a big switch around your income, borrowing, mortgages, your home, shared assets, investments, legacies, grants, benefits. Changes to what you do, how you do it and even where, open up fresh resources on a material and energetic level. And this week sets these up for the long term. It’s a dress rehearsal for what’s coming your way in March, Leo.

In a nutshell: No shirking – just working this week, Leo. Look to what you do everyday. And how it adds value to other areas of your life. Above all, keep an eye on the fine print and those details. And don’t be tempted to cut corners. Mercury retro this week says: Just do it, Leo!

Dec 27 2022 Juno and Neptune conjunct in Pisces (8th)

Dec 28 2022 Venus in Capricorn sextile Neptune in Pisces (6th to 8th)

Dec 29 2022 Mercury stationary retrograde in Capricorn (6th)

Dec 29 2022 Mercury and Venus conjunct in Capricorn (6th)

01 Jan 2023 Venus and Pluto conjunct in Capricorn (6th)


Follow that bliss

No more so-so

Long live love

Ruler Mercury slams on the brakes this week in your loaded 5th house of lovers, ‘It’s complicated’, children, creativity, conception and bedroom antics. Is it time to de-complicate something or take that next step in a relationship? The planets are asking you what you want? Are you in or are you out? Has something been simmering away for you but not reaching boiling point? If so, the heat is on one way or the other to decide where you go from here. Just remember, sometimes delays or that back and forth, works in our favour.

Juno and Neptune meet in your 7th of serious long term loves, your spouse, business and professional partners and collaborators, that bestie and that frenemy or opponent. Something gets locked down for the long term. Or appears with that kind of long term promise. The day Mercury stops before reversing, sees it meet Venus and there’s a feeling of no going back to the way things were in love. Or the way you may have settled for in the past.

Transformational love choices can be made, revivals and reconciliations can feature now. But even these have to be on a new footing. And again, have that future pledge attached. This may ask you to make a choice. Around not just who but also how, Virgo. There’s a beautiful result on offer if you do. But don’t necessarily think this may be around a person – although it can be. Obvious ones are saying yes or no. Then less obvious include reshuffling your time and priorities – more time for your relationship, your children and less for work for instance. The same for a creative project. You know the drill for Mercury retro in this house as this is your house of holidays. Plans B thru Z if travelling. Don’t leave home without them.

You’ve had Pluto in your 5th since 2008 and it is now reaching its end times in here. The meeting between Venus and Pluto on Jan 1 is a watershed moment when you get to decide how you live love from this point on. It’s a culmination of a 14 year journey for you. So so flaky lovers – so not. The real thing – so hot. You won’t settle for less. And when it comes to your devotion to anything you love to do – you are all in. No distractions. No hesitation. And certain zero tolerance towards critics. Long live love, Virgo.

In a nutshell: Has love or what you love to do been a rollercoaster or a grand experiment for you these past years, Virgo? Mercury retro in your love zone presses pause, but allows you to define where you go from here.

Dec 27 2022 Juno and Neptune conjunct in Pisces (7th)

Dec 28 2022 Venus in Capricorn sextile Neptune in Pisces (5th to 7th)

Dec 29 2022 Mercury stationary retrograde in Capricorn (5th)

Dec 29 2022 Mercury and Venus conjunct in Capricorn (5th)

01 Jan 2023 Venus and Pluto conjunct in Capricorn (5th)


weekly astrologyLibra

Free to grow or simply stuck?

Get moving towards higher ground

Click those heels together: There’s no place like home!

Your home, village, town, community, roots, living arrangements, property investments, family, ancestors and what supports and sustains you continue to be ind focus and will remain a big sub-theme for you into February, Libra. Property decisions may stall as could that building work, repair or renovation. However, there is treasure from the past, or linked to what sustains you to be unearthed as Mercury retrograde in your 4th from the 29th falls conjunct your ruler Venus in here.

Some could see a property they missed out on miraculously pop back onto the market. If so, that returns free of Mercury retro reversals. An opportunity courtesy of Venus, hands you that homecoming feeling. Perhaps not even around a place but around people – whether related by blood or not. A new path opens up which is more sustaining for you over the long term. And it is a week for long term planning. Not for instant gratification or solutions, Libra.

Since 2008, Pluto in your 4th has been transforming your lifestyle, living arrangements, family dynamics and home. Many of you will have relocated, seen changes within your family or around people you share your home with, or even struck out on a new career path. Pluto is now entering its end days in this house and will be gone for good by 2025. Never to come door knocking on this house again. This final chapter may result in the most powerful changes to rooms, who you live with and the emotional/material bedrock of your life yet.

The meeting between Juno and Neptune in your everyday work and responsibilities sector is asking you to commit to a way of working/living that truly energises, elevates and gives you room for growth. Look to the difference between putting down roots and simply being pot bound. One gives you freedom through being grounded. The other simply restricts. Ruler Venus’s meeting with Pluto at the very start of the new year shows you very clearly the differnce. And offers many of you a better choice. And you’ll be able to see whether you need to commit to where you are and the lifestyle you’ve chosen– or simply uproot and transplant yourself where you can send those roots deeper – and grow upwards at the same time.

In a nutshell: Look to what sustains you – body, mind and soul this week. You’ll know if it’s time to send those roots deeper. Or pull them up now and transplant them somewhere new. Homecoming aspects in the stars point you towards your true path – and what family really means to you.

Dec 27 2022 Juno and Neptune conjunct in Pisces (6th)

Dec 28 2022 Venus in Capricorn sextile Neptune in Pisces (4th to 6th)

Dec 29 2022 Mercury stationary retrograde in Capricorn (4th)

Dec 29 2022 Mercury and Venus conjunct in Capricorn (4th)

01 Jan 2023 Venus and Pluto conjunct in Capricorn (4th)



Say it and mean it

Intention is the magic element

You’ve the power – and the passion!

There’s never anything superficial about transits which involve Pluto your ruler. Your words are magic spells with which you can conjure up connections, ideas which take you onto into ‘23 and opportunity. What you say, you mean now, Scorpio. What activates this is the power of your intention. In other words, say it and mean it. No matter what medium you choose to say it over.

You are at your most compelling this week and what you send out, speak or share can have a far-reaching effect. Not just on you, but on others too. That flirt factor? Again, don’t engage just for the feelgood sake of it. It comes with more than just that surface sparkle. Only engage if you seriously mean to follow through if the other party engages back. Talk or discussions can enter a compelling stage. That interview process, pitch, message thread, dialogue, plan, online presence, your design, screenplay, exam – you have a result in mind or are seeking an answer. And will push to bring that about.

This week sees a beautiful entanglement between Juno which rules long term promises, and Neptune in your 5th of lovers, children, creativity and what’s sets your soul soaring. This is your house of lucky breaks too. If your answer is yes, this is set for the long term now.

Mercury turns retrograde in its ruling 3rd in your chart on the 29th. As it stations, it meets Venus in here. Of course, from here on in you would expect the usual back-and-forth, all bets are off, Mercury shily-shallying for a while. With nothing finalised or decided. So, aim for this date when it comes to having that conversation or putting the finishing touches to something. Then, let it go for now.

What makes the start of this retrocycle different for you is that Venus moves to meet Pluto your ruler in here on the 1st. The very start of ‘23 sees you weave a spell of intention either via a face to face talk with someone, or else a big shift in your perspective results in a new plan going forward. Even if this is a personal project you have been mulling over – and may continue to while Mercury is backwards, you now know what you need to do. And more importantly, what to say and how to make it happen. Which it will do by March. People are about to sit up and listen to what you have to say and the way you say it. You mean every magical word this week.

In a nutshell: You’ve the power and the passion behind what you say this week, Scorpio. ,Words are spells which we activate with our truth and intention. So, say it and mean it this week as conversations lead to transformations.

Dec 27 2022 Juno and Neptune conjunct in Pisces (5th)

Dec 28 2022 Venus in Capricorn sextile Neptune in Pisces (3rd to 5th)

Dec 29 2022 Mercury stationary retrograde in Capricorn (3rd)

Dec 29 2022 Mercury and Venus conjunct in Capricorn (3rd)

01 Jan 2023 Venus and Pluto conjunct in Capricorn (3rd)

mercury and venus in sagittariusSagittarius

Try a little tenderness!

Find your home on the range

What you value take on fresh significance

You’re searching for a different way of living or a new lifestyle as the old year gives way to the new, Sag. Hold those purse strings however! Plus its important to channel your energy and not get caught up by stuff that in the grand scheme of things, doesn’t really matter. Changes and decisions lie ahead for you in ‘23. And the good times flow thanks to ruler Jupiter back in your 5th right up until May.

This week can see a permanent shift in priorities, an opportunity to lay the foundation for a new future path, and surprisingly, you in tender-hearted form thanks to a fusion of Juno/Neptune energy in your 4th of home, family and roots. Yes, you are the free spirited wild mustang, the run-free, don’t fence me in explorer of the cosmos. But this meeting brings out your deeply concealed side of needing that home of the range or simple emotional refuelling. You’ll focus on where and how to get this. And also, your wild heart is ready to be tamed provided you can still retain your sense of freedom. You’re open to something long term. But also the surprising thing is that tenderness, trust, kindness and permancy on some level now top your list of must-haves – in any kind of arrangement.

Your generous nature allows you to offer the same back in return. But while we’re on the subject of that generosity – remember what I said at the beginning of this forecast about keeping a tight grip on those purse strings. Time to only spend on what you need, have a resource audit or set yourself new financial goals for the coming year as Mercury heads backwards in your 2nd. The day it stations – as in stands still, it encounters Venus in here which rules this house. So, its a time to pause for thought on what you spend, save, earn or invest. And not for for impulse buys. Or for throwing your most precious resources – heart, time, freedom, away on the undeserving.

Pluto in this house will have shown you the power of money – or the power money has over you or what you want to do, have or experience, since 2008. This is also your house of self-worth and values and these will have transformed too. The 1st sees Venus and Pluto meet on what could be a beautiful payday or pay off for you. Just bear in mind that finding your rich is, as the campaign tells us, often nothing to do with money after all.

In a nutshell: The qualities you value, the things that money can’t buy, take on a bigger significance for you this week. There’s something about your work, home, lifestyle which supports and nourishes you. Your take-out – priceless, Sag.

Dec 27 2022 Juno and Neptune conjunct in Pisces (4th)

Dec 28 2022 Venus in Capricorn sextile Neptune in Pisces (2nd to 4th)

Dec 29 2022 Mercury stationary retrograde in Capricorn (2nd)

Dec 29 2022 Mercury and Venus conjunct in Capricorn (2nd)

01 Jan 2023 Venus and Pluto conjunct in Capricorn (2nd)


moon capCapricorn

New Year, New You?

Evolve yourself into your next stage

Are you the next big idea?!

Ready for a relaunch, Capricorn? To show the world a hidden or undiscovered side of you? Or just an update or evolutionary change? Pluto begins the end of its transformational saga in your sign in ‘23. But as with all things cosmic, the final touches can often be the most profound. Combined with Mercury retro in your sign from the 29th, if you feel there is still work to be done around your look, face, style, appearance, persona or brand, you’ll not only embark on this, you’ll be delighted with the results thanks to Mercury’s encounter with Venus the day it stops in the sky.

Bringing how you feel or who you see yourself to be inside in alignement with how you come across to others also plays a key role in you going after those New Year goals. So, look at ways the outer you can communicate this. Yes, it could be simple like a new ‘do’ or wardrobe upgrade. Or more radical like a cosmetic procedure. Venus’s meeting with Pluto on the 1st points to a bold, unmissable decision that puts you back into your power, Capricorn. And yes, anyone who says how you look doesn’t affect your confidence, doesn’t know what they are talking about!

This week also sees a key conjunction between Juno and Neptune in your 3rd. You’ll get behind an idea, project or plan. Plus there’s the promise of a lasting agreement or connection here. For some, this could even herald the arrival of a karmic connection – a life-long friend or long term working connection or partner. Destinies meet and become intertwined, promises are meant to be kept and soul contracts fall due. All in alignment to who you are and project. Become that and put yourself out there as ‘23 begins.

In a nutshell: Is it time to showcase the next stage of evolutionary you, Capricorn? Your look is your calling card this week. When it comes to lasting agreements – someone may have a major role to play in your next direction. Say ‘Yes’.

Dec 27 2022 Juno and Neptune conjunct in Pisces (3rd)

Dec 28 2022 Venus in Capricorn sextile Neptune in Pisces (1st to 3rd)

Dec 29 2022 Mercury stationary retrograde in Capricorn (1st)

Dec 29 2022 Mercury and Venus conjunct in Capricorn (1st)

01 Jan 2023 Venus and Pluto conjunct in Capricorn (1st)


Follow where the feeling wants to take you

Revive your soul purpose

You won’t compromise over what really matters

You’re still feeling all the feels after last week’s new supermoon in your 12th. That process within you now intensifies and you may be looking at ‘23 from a fresh perspective. And a desire to join up, be part of something, join in, be two – or more. There’s a movement happening within you which is about to trigger a equal movement of you exanding into the outside world too.

You’re just three months away from Pluto’s arrival in your sign. This will trigger a peronsal transformation cycle like no other you have experienced to date. I could say this week is the start of that preparation time. Where you go deeper within you, readying yourself for a phoenix-like rise starting when the Sun arrives in your sign later in January.

For now, explore the limitless landscape of your inner world. Delve into imagination, creative play, inspiration, the Tarot, meditation, your psychic skills, bodywork, art, music and inspirational films and books. Spend time in nature. There’s a voice within you asking you to return to something – a dream, a place, a dormant inner talent or gift. Take full advantage of Mercury retrograde in your 12th conjunct Venus to revive your soul or any past pleasures. And yes, the past can come door-knocking now. This is one of those times you can let it back in.

Something may quite literally be reborn as Venus and Pluto meet in here on the 1st. This can be you reviving a past direction or simply the renewal of an intention for the coming year. Promises are meant to be kept this week. If you vow to follow a path, renew or revive a dream, you’ll stick to it now. The same goes for what you do with your resources. Anything and everyhing from money to the intangibles like time, your talents and love. The key meeting between Juno and Neptune in your 2nd says those values won’t be compromised and there’s no more selling out. Or selling yourself short, Aquarius. You’ll set and stick to those intentions from here on in.

In a nutshell: Time to attend to soul matters and look to what needs to be revived. It can be something as simple as optimism or a dream you may have let go. You won’t be willing to do so again, Aquarius. Rewind, review, revive.

Dec 27 2022 Juno and Neptune conjunct in Pisces (2nd)

Dec 28 2022 Venus in Capricorn sextile Neptune in Pisces (12th to 2nd)

Dec 29 2022 Mercury stationary retrograde in Capricorn (12th)

Dec 29 2022 Mercury and Venus conjunct in Capricorn (12th)

01 Jan 2023 Venus and Pluto conjunct in Capricorn (12th)


full moon in piscesPisces

Give your dreams fresh priority

Set your destiny in motion

Revive those connections

You end the year with Juno and ruler Neptune conjunct in your sign. This is about a promise you make to yourself and your intentions for the coming year. It ges far deeper than simple New Year resolutions. Juno is all about the commitment. And in your 1st, the ones your make to yourself. Especially if in typical Pisces form you put others first. What this tells you is that it may be time to reshuffle your priorities a little (or a lot!). And once you have, there’s no going back.

Seeing your wants and needs as just as important and valid as others is an important step in this process. Ahead of Saturn’s arrival in your sign in March its time to reshuffle those priroities and also to get serious about them. You begin ‘23 with Mercury retrograde in your 11th of friends and the future. Who we know are the co-creators of our future path. Just as we perform the same function for them. Use this time to give your social life some TLC and revive old friendships and contacts.

Mercury begins its retrograde conjunct Venus so this can point to the return of a past connection or as Venus moves to meet Pluto on the 1st, the rebirth of an past goal. Something gets reinjected with new life and if so, it’s now sticking around for the long term. However, unreliable and flaky friends will no longer have a place in your circle. As ‘23 begins, don’t stay in hermit mode or worse, feel you have nothing to offer. And if that social life has been lacking lately, don’t doubt that your people are out there waiting. Make your move and put yourself out there and find them, Pisces. Don’t keep all you have to share to yourself.

In a nutshell: Get co-creating your future with your connections and communities. There’s an opportunity on offer to head down the path not taken this week. It could just begin with making a fresh pledge to yourself. Yes, you ARE a priority, Pisces!

Dec 27 2022 Juno and Neptune conjunct in Pisces (1st)

Dec 28 2022 Venus in Capricorn sextile Neptune in Pisces (11th to 1st)

Dec 29 2022 Mercury stationary retrograde in Capricorn (11th)

Dec 29 2022 Mercury and Venus conjunct in Capricorn (11th)

01 Jan 2023 Venus and Pluto conjunct in Capricorn (11th)





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