22nd April 2019 Weekly Astrology

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Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs April 22 2019


  • Focus on the details
  • Know your value
  • Be priceless

This week is very much a week where you could be challenged about what truly matters to you, Aries. If you have been pegging your worth on anything external – from that job title, to that designer handbag, then events this week offer the opportunity to reassess what matters – and what you’re truly worth. First, take care of business and the details as Mercury and Vesta meeting in your 1st on the 24th are asking that you demonstrate that you are in charge and mean what you say. Ruler Mars in your sector of business and communication is caught up in a confusing angle with Neptune in its ruling 12th on the 27th. If you allow yourself to become distracted you could find yourself in a situation where mistakes get overlooked or people cease to take you seriously. This combo can also reveal power struggles and issues. Stay grounded and know where your boundaries are.

Knowing when to say ‘No’ is a sign of strong self-worth. And this brings me back to what truly matters and how you define yourself. The Sun collides with newly arrived Uranus in your money zone on the 22nd while up in your status situated 10th, Pluto heads backwards from the 25th. There’s a call to take a new view of your money, assets, property and also your self-worth and what the latter hinges on. Know you are more than status and ‘stuff’. It’s a time not only when you need to be flexible with your finances, but know your price and what you consider beyond price. Steer clear of big-ticket items now and also from taking out any new loans, credit cards etc. If you are thinking of this – ask why you want something and what this actually buys you. This is a week where you get to show the world – especially the business one, what you stand for. Don’t lose the opportunity to be priceless, Aries.

In a nutshell: What’s your true worth, this week Aries? It’s time to see yourself as more than just a job title or your possessions. Show the world your priceless aspect now.


  • Have a social life audit
  • Set your values system
  • Knowing what matters brings freedom

Is your social life making you broke, Taurus? Are you spending too much – not just money but possibly even time and life-force, being the life and soul of the party or else keeping up with friends when you would actually rather be home instead? This week says it’s time to be honest about this. I am not saying for one moment you should become a hermit or not be out and about enjoying yourself. But are you? Take a step back this week and maybe have a social life audit. If you’re stuck in a cycle of keeping up with friends and spending too much doing so, then time to buy out of it as Mercury bumps into Vesta in your 12th on the 24th and Mars in your money zone tells Neptune in your social life centered 11th to get real about what this is costing you. On more levels than one.

This week is part of a birthday cycle like no other as for the first time in your lifetime, the Sun encounters Uranus in your sign on the 22nd.  You’re reaching for a new value system now that is going to define and support you in the next seven years – and beyond.  What price you set on your time, your skills, your money, what you do with this and literally the ‘currency’ that fuels your life, is now up for the biggest review of your life. The price you set – especially on your time and what relationships are important – and which ones are not, will pave the way to a new freedom as Pluto retrogrades in your 5th from the 25th. Remember, Pluto gets more powerful when retrograde. You set the price this week, Taurus. So expect a change in what you value from here on in.

In a nutshell: Your birthday cycle hands you the gift of seeing what is truly important to you. And what may be costing you too much – on so many levels. Set your price – and priorities, Taurus.


  • Go for quality over quantity when it comes to time with friends
  • Impossible and never no longer belong in  your vocabulary
  • Fake it till you make it real

Get to grips with the spiritual truth around something which impacts on your on a soul level this week, Gemini. Revelations bring about the changes you need. This is your cycle of believing in the unbelievable thanks to Uranus in your 12th – which can turn on its head everything you thought was real or the truth. This is the real truth and it is designed to set you free. What you may have thought impossible or literally ‘out of this world’ is shown to be absolutely possible and very much part of yours. As the Sun and Uranus meet in your 12th on the 22nd, let go of all beliefs around what you think or even what you believe someone will do. Saying ‘I would never’ or ‘They would never . . .’ could see you eating those words. Changes could follow as Pluto goes into power-retro mode in its ruling 8th from the 25th.

Ruler Mercury has a lot in common with Vesta and they are hanging out in your 11th this week of friends, the collective and those goals. Peer group pressure? Too much gossiping? Going along with something that your heart’s not in just to keep the peace? One particular friend in your group always calling the shots? Is it time to look to the quality of the time you spend with friends – and those friendships, as opposed to the quantity? When it comes to your career direction – are you feeling all at sea or unsure of your next move? Mars in your 1st asks you to power through uncertainty and restores your confidence in your own abilities but this requires you to see through any confusion created by the somewhat directionless angle it makes to Neptune. What’s your best course of action? Seeing impostor syndrome or that feeling you’re just not the right stuff for what it is – an illusion. Mars says get real – and you’ve got what it takes. So let others see this, even if you have to fake it till you make it this week.

In a nutshell: What you think is improbable is possible. What you never thought you’d say or think – you now do. The same goes for others. Watch the world turn upside down this week, Gemini.


  • Destiny works its magic
  • Don’t underestimate the value of your ideas
  • Restore the passion

Spread your wings and unleash your inner social butterfly now, Cancer. The Sun meets Uranus in its ruling 11th in your chart for the first time in your lifetime this week. This is your week of soul discoveries. And perhaps one of these is a new and exciting friendship with someone who could just be destined to work a little magic on your destiny in the future. Plug yourself into universal connectivity, network and meet up this week.  Accept all invitations that come your way and please, do not say ‘This doesn’t sound like my scene’. Believe me when I say what you consider to be your ‘scene’ is changing. As is the course your future can take. Those who enter your life could see it in a direction that even you could not imagine.

Subterfuge and secrets are uncovered – especially if this involves anything keeping you stuck as Mars in your 12th angles to Neptune in your 9th. Sometimes what holds us back is of our own creation and we simply don’t realise it. What you  need to do to release yourself from a limiting situation or even thoughts, is revealed. Mercury and Vesta have aligned energy allowing you to change the balance of power or make that career-defining shift this week as they meet in your 10th. Above all, do not underestimate the power of your ideas – or fail to seek recognition and rewards for them. Guard them carefully now and speak up if someone else endeavours to take credit for something you have initiated. Pluto heads into retrograde motion in your partnership sector. Remember, Pluto becomes more potent when backwards. You’ll be examining all close connections including long term business ones for how that balance of power is distributed. Adjust as necessary and if passion is lacking or limited in any area – time to revive it.

In a nutshell:  Spread your wings. Be the vibrant social butterfly. New friends, important connections and an exciting social scene await you. Design your future this week, Cancer!


  • Move onto a brighter career path
  • Cultivate connections that resonate
  • Step into your professional power

Room to move, to express yourself, and to be recognised for your talents, abilities and skills and above all, what you and you alone bring to the table are most likely as essential as that pay cheque when it comes to career must-haves, Leo. Take it from me, if your present role does not deliver these, then this week marks the start of the journey on the path that does. Let’s face it, if you are a typical Leo you are not destined for a behind-the-scenes role. Your ruler the Sun says your role is to shine. It meets Uranus in your status-enhancing 10th this week for the first time in your lifetime and for some of you, this could illuminate that opportunity that could take you down an exciting and potentially rewarding, path that ticks all those boxes. Be ready to move with opportunity. This is echoed by a potentially releasing aspect into something bigger thanks to Mercury and Vesta meeting in your 9th. You’re being asked to grow, to expand into your potential and to increase your idea of what is possible for you now. Pluto backs up any work related move as it retrogrades in your 6th from the 25th. Pluto’s capacity to bring transformational change is increased when it is retrograde. Step into your professional power now.

Changes could occur around a friendship or particular group as Mars in your 11th makes a reality-checking angle to Neptune in your 8th on the 27th. This could literally be a Muriel’s Wedding moment. For those of you who have not seen Toni Collette’s breakthrough movie, Muriel hangs around with a bunch of mean girls led by Sophie Lee who in one cruel but memorable scene, tells Muriel she is not on their level. She isn’t. She’s so much better than them but she has yet to realise it. Now, I am not saying your revelation is as extreme, but it could be this aspect shows you that you and someone else, or even a group of people, are no longer on the same wavelength. Find your niche – and find your peeps this week.

In a nutshell: Your destiny is to shine, Leo. Is the path you are on offering you that opportunity? Time to step into the spotlight this week. And find your people as well as your niche.


  • State your intentions
  • Big up those dreams
  • It’s a whole new world, baby!

Don’t just embrace change. BE the change you want to see in your life this week, Virgo. Don’t just talk about it – do it. This is your week to set yourself free, to give yourself permission to dare to live those dreams, to think big and to plunge into wild, soul-awakening possibilities. The only person who can prevent this from occurring is you. And this is by hanging on to routines that no longer support you and limited beliefs around exactly what is possible for you to have, seen, do or experience.  The Sun and Uranus make a soul releasing aspect in your 9th of opportunity, expansion and adventure for the first time in your adult life. Something exciting, new and unexpected could send your life spinning in a breath-taking new direction if you are willing to answer its call. Ruler Mercury is also meeting Vesta in your house of transformation and powerful changes on the 24th asking you to take the reins of your life and ride it in the direction of your choosing. Time to walk to the beat of your own music – not anybody else’s.

Pluto retro in your 5th stirs your creativity and passion. Look to where this has been lost in certain areas. Pluto is far more powerful when in backwards motion – stirring your desire for self-expression and romance. Just be aware when it comes to love this is more about flings to be flung and sexual alchemy. An astrologer can tell you if anything long lasting is promised. Mars in your 10th is also firing up ambition and when it comes to working relationships, you may be looking at whether it may be time to part company if your idea of success no longer aligns with those you are working with. You need to be on the same page now whether this is with what the company you work for stands for, or the individuals you work with. Deep down inside you’ll know whether you are on the same page – or not due to Mars’s angle to Neptune. Take note – and then take action. Setting yourself free could include the freedom to work it your way this week, baby!

In a nutshell:  Enter into one of the most breathtaking cycles of expansion you have ever experienced. Let nothing hold you back. It’s time to aim high. Your dreams are waiting, Virgo.


  • Take a vacation to the real world
  • No more guessing games around love
  • Drive your destiny

All those guessing games around love, all that uncertainty around intentions, relationships, your past, present or potential partner, the art of the rejection dance – all this should now be behind you since Uranus left your 7th last month. This week sees the Sun meet it in your 8th for the first time in your adult lifetime. Decisions, negotiations and deals could be made and yes, for some of you this may involve a partner as your 8th rules connections where sex is important. This is also your house of shared resources, your salary and other people’s money – what you owe or are owed. In other words, this week there’s a new deal on the table unlike any other you’ve been offered before. And you are the one in the negotiating position, Libra. Especially as you have a fabulous Mercury/Vesta conjunction in your 7th which hands you the ability to negotiate T&C’s to your benefit – but without the other party feeling they have had to give anything away.

Property, your living arrangements, landlords, landladies, tenants, roommates, house shares, Airbnb – moves or putting down roots and security matters have been in focus for some time. This week sees Pluto retrograde in your 4th. Pluto’s ability to transform and bring about rebirth and resurrection is amplified in retro motion. If moving or changing anything to do with your living arrangements has been on your mind – relocation, renovation, redecoration,  regenerating in a new environment may be just the rebirth you need now. Energy levels may benefit from the great outdoors, exercise or shaking up that routine. Mars in your 9th pulls against the tide of Neptune in your 6th. The antidote to that lacklustre feeling that may have plagued you lately begins with a diving into the real world rather than just escapism. Plunge in, participate, get that heart pumping. You don’t have to be an adrenalin junkie – a brisk walk in the park will do it. However, if you feel more daring, broadening those horizons could boost wellbeing.  Neptune is all about taking a holiday from reality, but Mars in your sector of long distance travel wants you to experience the real thing. So, participate and join the human race again. The opportunity for change is very real this week. So take it.

In a nutshell:  Put guessing games around partnerships behind you. Time for a new deal and one where you get to set the T&C’s. Enjoy being back in the driver’s seat when it comes to destiny.


  • Love feeds your soul
  • Design a partnership for evolution
  • Less is more

Relationships, your marriage partner, potential partners, double acts, your opposite number, that close friend or working partnership – all of these need to offer you freedom to grow and evolve now that Uranus is in your 7th. It takes two baby, but in a new form and a new way. Your needs in a relationship are evolving and changing – but at an exponential rate. We can say that we change and grow in any long term connection. And hopefully our partner evolves with us. This week sees the Sun meet Uranus in here for the first time in your adult lifetime and throws the light on who or what is opposite you – maybe even that opponent. How you love, think and react is now up for grabs. The point of this cycle is to design a partnership situation that offers freedom and evolution and which is a true reflection of your heart and soul path. This is a highly individual process so refuse to be constrained by your past (Uranus rules your future) or what works for someone else. Love it you way, Scorpio.

Mercury in its ruling 6th meets Marie Kondo asteroid Vesta in here giving you the opportunity to streamline everything from that work routine to your wellbeing one. Shed, declutter and above all, simplify your life. Less IS more. Ruler Pluto heads retrograde in your house of what you hear, say and communicate. Pluto as you know is more potent when retrograde. This is now the time to play with the power of ideas and your ability to influence. Your other ruler – Mars, in its ruling 8th pushes against Neptune in your 5th. Time for that lover to make it real – or you’ll forget about it when tuned into that evolutionary love vibe being generated by Uranus. Join the love revolution this week, Scorpio.

In a nutshell:  Love means freedom, soul evolution and above all, needs to be real this week, Scorpio. Design a plan for loving your way. The heart wants what the heart wants – and that’s growth.


  • Get a radical new work ethic
  • Weave a compelling soul sales pitch
  • Prepare for a Wizard of Oz moment!

Work That this week, Sag. Your anthem now Uranus is in your 6th is Mary J. Blige telling you not to run from what you are capable of becoming. Uranus rules storms and also the future, and these lyrics are so applicable: You can look at my palm and see the storm coming. It’s all about designing a work life, routine and wellbeing regimen that works – for you individually. Take radical steps to  free yourself from any counter-productive rut you may be in now as for the first time in your adult life, the Sun meets Uranus in here on the 22nd.  This can be anything from that dead-end day job you know serves neither your growth nor your bank account, that routine which has turned into a rut or fuelling your body with things that no longer support it. Or perhaps all three. If it doesn’t work – ditch it or take steps to do so. I am not for one minute suggesting you quit your day job without having first lined up something new and better. You have ideas and the ability to sell yourself, to enchant and move people with what you say thanks to Mercury meeting Vesta in your 5th. This is more about restoring balance in beautiful ways than romance however.

Pluto retrograde in your money zone supports any moves you make now to improve your financial situation via job changes or side hustles. Pluto is simply more potent when moving backwards. So, don’t procrastinate. Mars in your 7th is more about action than relating and makes a Wizard of Oz move on Neptune in your 4th. This is a real ‘Take no notice of that man behind the curtain’ moment. Something is swept aside – perhaps relating to your living arrangements, the place you live, your security (which relates to your career) or someone you live with. Now you’ve seen it, you can no longer look away but must follow through with action. Work that, Sag!

In a nutshell: A life that works is a life that frees you from what holds you back. And one that energies you and evolves your soul. This week offers you an opportunity to create that, Sag.


  • Attract something or someone – different
  • Express yourself in new ways
  • Take your time when it comes to work matters

Children, babies, step-children, surrogacy, adoptions or simply the next generation are all in focus for you now Uranus is in your 5th. This is in other words all about the next generation on some level as Uranus is all about the future. Taking a different approach to parenting may be one aspect of this transit as could be welcoming a highly individual child into your life. Of course, this is also your house of lovers and creativity. The Sun’s first meeting with Uranus in here for the first time I your adult life could see you express yourself in a radically different way via a creative project – or suddenly fall for someone totally different to anyone you have been attracted to before. In fact, vive la difference when it comes to romance now. That’s all part of the attraction.

Property matters are  favoured especially moves,, signing contracts or leases or just streamlining your living space thanks to Mercury conjunct Vesta who keeps those home fires burning, in your 4th on the 25th. The following day sees Pluto send personal transformations into high gear as it retrogrades in your 1st.  Be the mother – or creator of your own reinvention. Remember – unlike many other planets, Pluto’s powerful alchemy increases in retrograde phase! Mars in your work and wellbeing sector makes a confusing angle to Neptune in your 3rd this week. The result of this could be an accident through rushing or overlooking something because your mind is elsewhere. Mistakes can be made if you do not stay focussed. The other outcome is misunderstanding can result with either you being misunderstood or someone misunderstanding you in return. Cut through any circles of confusion by taking your time – and repeating yourself or things back at people if necessary. Your intentions are good so don’t leave room for misunderstanding.

In a nutshell: Get ready for a different kind of love if you’re seeking romance, Capricorn. What you attract now not only sets your soul free – but the child within. Play with possibilities now.


  • Live life your way
  • Get a new design for living
  • The truth will be revealed

Ruler Uranus in your 4th is all about a design for living. See yourself as the architect of your life – or rather lifestyle and living arrangements.  Creating something that supports and sustains you for the long term but at the same time allows you freedom to move and grow. What this is, will vary from person to person. If there’s anything you know about your ruler is that it is all about being individual. The Sun’s meeting with Uranus in here on the 22nd, kick-starts this process. Some of you may decide to move to somewhere remarkably and radically different – upsizing, downsizing, sharing, living in a shepherd’s hut in the  Orkneys – it’s what living with soul means to you now. Mercury in your 3rd favours business, contracts, paperwork and communications – this is Mercury’s ruling house after all. This week it meets with gal pal Vesta and as housemates, these two have so much in common. Deals can be done, ideas can be sold in, papers signed on the dotted line when it comes to those decisions. Don’t forget, Vesta rules the home fires as it was all about the sacred flame. Where does yours burn to take you?

Uncover secrets, pave your path to a new, searing truth as Pluto retrogrades in your 12th from the 25th. Nothing is hidden from you now. Hopefully you are not sitting on secrets you would rather not escape from that closet as be warned – they will. But if you want or need answers, expect them to arrive if you ask for them. What you learn will transform your view on something, someone or maybe just reality! This week also sees Mars in your 5th angle to Neptune in your money zone. Look closely at what you are spending that money on – or who for that matter. Is that romantic connection an escape room or a higher love? Know the difference now just as you know where you need to belong, Aquarius.

In a nutshell: Where does that home fire burn for you, Aquarius? Where you are or somewhere else entirely? Design a life worth living and living arrangements that sustain your soul, now.


  • Say it loud – and clear
  • Yours is the idea whose time could have come
  • Go deeper to avoid misunderstandings

Saying it different – in unique and original ways, that idea whose time has come, letting your inner entrepreneur out of play or perhaps just upgrading how you communicate in general are all hallmarks for Uranus now broadcasting loud and clear from your 3rd. You’ll  feel a need to talk, to share, to publish, to launch those ideas out on the world as the Sun meets Uranus in here on the 22nd. Buying new technology, spending money or investing in yourself and your talents, acumen and abilities as well as taking a future focussed approach are other hallmarks of this cycle manifesting. As is Mercury which rules your 3rd, meeting with Vesta in your 2nd. Investing in the power of your ideas is one aspect of this as is buying that new phone, computer, tablet or even paying for that website. Don’t keep what you have to say to yourself. And say it in your unique voice. Uranus in your 3rd says this is no time to regurgitate the ‘party’ line but to launch that manifesto. Sell yourself but determine your USP (unique selling point).

Pluto retrograde in your 11th may not only deliver past connections but put you in a position where you draw powerful new friends in high places to you. It also hands you renewed faith in your ability to manifest those long term goals. Mars in your 4th is not a happy camper. The reason being that Mars is action-centered, masculine energy and this is a feminine, relating, nurturing house. It makes a hard angle to ruler Neptune in your 1st which may result in your feelings being hurt when nothing of the sort was intended. Yes, someone may have been insensitive but don’t think they are uncaring. Don’t jump to conclusions or play the blame game. Above all, don’t withdraw. Instead just tell them how their actions made you feel. No matter how close they may be to you, they are not a mindreader. Believe me, their reaction will most probably be to make amends. If you need a particular response or for someone to do something for you, just ask them directly. You have the ability to cut through confusion – and avoid unnecessary hurt feelings this week, Pisces.

In a nutshell: Say what you need to say – in a radical new way. Ideas whose time has come liberate you and send you hurtling towards success. Communicate to loved ones what you need, Pisces.





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