29th April 2019 Weekly Astrology


  • Author your destiny
  • Choose a different path
  • Blend your relationship needs

Destiny is the path you are fated to walk. Especially when it comes to your career this week, Aries. There’s an opportunity to step free of a cycle. Look closely not only at your career – is this the path you have chosen for yourself? But also at authority figures you encounter now. Are they helping you or blocking your progress? Most importantly, and I cannot stress this enough – have you been in this situation before? This is the week where Saturn which rules your 10th will oppose the North Node in your 4th of family, security and tradition and also retrograde. Most of you will have automatically grasped the destiny-defining fact that if Saturn is opposing the North Node, it has to be conjunct the South. And this is all to do with karma, the past and history repeating. Do you want it to continue to do so? Taking responsibility for your life and your decisions, course altering or simply choosing to react in a mature fashion – especially if you are faced with blockages to progress and in human, authoritarian form, is your answer. The 10th and Saturn rules authority and the word comes from ‘author’. You have the ability to author a different destiny and step free of a karmic cycle. Or let it continue.  Create your destiny via your choices.

This week also sees Venus in your 1st meet Vesta. This is the intermingling of two very different energies. Love, self-love, attraction, self-expression and instant gratification with self-actualisation and determination. Looking at where you give yourself up or your power away in relationships, balancing what you need to achieve with your needs as a human being, being together, acting alone – these themes may manifest in one or more forms. Mercury is also in your 1st and makes a soul travelling angle to retro Jupiter in its ruling 9th. Travelling back to somewhere you have visited in the past or a past opportunity reappearing could also impact on that journey of destiny you’re on. Progress may be slower than usual this week. But think of it this way – a new future takes time to create.

In a nutshell: Destiny defining decisions can be made this week, Aries. Especially when it comes to your career. When it comes to the Wheel of Karma – you could get to spin again.


  • Own your dreams – don’t deny them
  • Answer the call of your heart
  • Make that move towards authentic freedom

All energy must have an outlet and be expressed. If it doesn’t it can burst out in often unexpected or sometimes even destructive ways. The same goes for our true dreams and desires. If we don’t follow them, do something about them or worse still, pretend we don’t want them, in the end our frustrations boil over. Ignoring the call of our hearts which is a reflection of our destiny, just leads to unhappiness for ourselves and in the end, fallout for others when we can no longer ignore the truth behind our dreams. This week tells you that you can no longer ignore that call and have to live your truth. Saturn in your 9th slows to a halt and as it does so, it will oppose the North Node in your 3rd – and so conjunct the South Node. This is all about being brave enough to say the time has come to live out your destiny.  Your heart knows what this is and that it is soul and personal freedom, not constraint or imprisonment.  Time to act and own this. Or continue the cycle. But with Uranus in your 1st I have to ask how long you can keep up the pretence of not being or even wanting, what makes you truly free?

The struggle to claim this may be resolved within this week thanks to Venus and Vesta conjunct in your 12th – love and responsibility vie for your attention.  But chances are you’ve burned for something or someone for far too long to ignore it now. Mercury also in your 12th makes a beneficially releasing angle to Jupiter in your 8th on the 2nd. This allows you to make that long overdue move towards that freedom. And in a way that brings you soul peace at the same time. What you want, what you dream of doing is part of you. To deny it is to deny yourself. Take a step towards living it this week, Taurus.

In a nutshell: You have your dreams for a reason.  To deny them is to deny a part of yourself. Destiny opens a door towards the life you dream of this week. Are you ready to take it?


  • What have your values bought you?
  • Time for soul living in a material world
  • If it comes back – don’t let it go a second time

This is a week where you will see cause and effect in action in your life and how this force is literally driven by your values. What you stand for, where the ‘buck’ stops and boundaries are the determining factors of your fate now. Set your  price and make this a Stand By Me week on a soul level as  Saturn in your 8th of what you share, owe, are owed in turn slows to turn retrograde and as it does, opposes the North Node in your money zone. Smart Geminis – and are there any other kind? will have already realised this means Saturn is conjunct the South Node. This is all about what you have learned in relation to your value, what adds value to your life and how you bring value to others. If you have felt powerless when it comes to your money, possessions or even making your way in the material world, this aspect sets you free. It says the books must now balance in some way. This could include you owning financial choices that were not in your own best interests in the past.  This is your chance to step free of the cycle and begin again. Because Saturn rules people in positions of authority and the ‘traditional’ professions – such as banking, finance and accountancy, don’t be afraid to seek help if needed. It could literally not just save you money – but your soul.

Meanwhile, it’s not all serious stuff as Venus and Vesta meet up in your 11th. A friendship or connection with a practical, pragmatic and self-assured woman could prove to be highly beneficial now. There’s also the possibility of encountering someone from your past – a close friend or work colleague you lost touch with or even a past partner as Mercury also in your 11th trines Jupiter in your 7th. Take it that something becomes relevant again – that person or even that old haunt or goal. In fact you could be left wondering why you ever gave it (or them) up. Hold on to what’s valuable this week.

In a nutshell: What you valued in your past may no longer hold any for you. But some soul values remain constant.  Time to look at what your money – and what you believe in, buys you, Gemini.


  • Make love, make new karma
  • Soul contracts can be renegotiated
  • Know the outcome you want

Who is intertwined in your karma? Who are you destined to be with, entangle with or perhaps even make new karma with? In other words this week is not about what goes around but to quote Carly Simon: It’s coming around again. But you can choose to play it different this time around. If you are stuck in a cycle with someone, if something seems different yet oh so familiar, if you have patterns with relationships, then this week brings you the option of stepping out of the cycle. Old souls, old soul contracts feature and soulmates could be reunited. Saturn rules our karma and also timing and other important things like commitment, putting a ring on it (think about it), and the long haul. This week sees it turn retrograde opposing the karmic North Node in your 1st – so conjunct the South in your 7th. Holy destiny! This is the moment to step back and see if you are trapped in a time loop. Relationships repeating themselves? In ways you don’t want or like? When did all this start? This lifetime or another? You can step free now by owning your part in it all and making a different choice. Remember, you have a soul contract with yourself too.

Work it like a boss and simply beautifully when Venus and Vesta meet in your 10th on the 1st. Yes, you need an agenda to follow. Self-assurance and projecting a certain authority will get you where you need to go now. This is Saturn’s ruling house. This week also has Mercury in here making a door opening move on retro Jupiter in Mercury’s ruling 6th. Know the result you want and don’t be afraid to re-approach that old employer, client or past company you applied to in the past. This smacks of second time around works like a charm when it comes to your work. What goes around comes around again on some level this week. Look to the outcome you want to achieve – whether it’s personal or professional – or both.

In a nutshell: Soul contracts fall due when it comes to partnerships and just who you are destined to be with. Look to those long term patterns around love. This goes back a long way, Cancer.


  • Go for the lighter life option
  • Recapture joy
  • Reconnect to love and passion

Life was not meant to be hard work. So look closely at anything that has become just that this week, Leo. How is it impacting on your health and overall wellbeing? When and who gave you the message that this was meant to be tough? Or are you on a soul level punishing yourself for some shortcoming, real or imagined? Stop the madness and step off the wheel. Embrace the idea that it simply is not meant to be this way. It’s a week or in fact, a period which is going to last through until mid-September where you can practice self-forgiveness if necessary. And also look at where any beliefs around doing it tough began. Clue: maybe not just in this lifetime. Whether you know it or not now, there’s a Guardian Angel, higher aspect of you, spirit guide – whatever you feel most comfortable calling it, at your shoulder whispering answers. Saturn is our Guardian Angel planet whether we realise it or not. It asks us to  take responsibility for our choices and decisions but also to realise why we made them in the first place. Saturn retrogrades this week in your 6th while opposing the North Node in your 12th – so simultaneously conjunct the South. If there’s a pattern that simply does not work, or is hard work, you’ll begin to see just why this is – and what you can do to break it.

What’s your ultimate goal behind this? Freedom to have, do and experience something bigger and without those restrictions. This week you have help. Venus and Vesta meet in your expansive 9th allowing you to explore an escape route where you can recapture that lighter, brighter, more optimistic version of you that might have gotten lost. Mercury also in your 9th angles to retro Jupiter in your 5th reconnecting you to a past love – perhaps a lover or something you just loved to do that allowed  you to be  carefree and shine. Once you’re back in that flow, know that this is how life was meant to be. Sure, take care of your responsibilities, but you don’t have to do it so tough anymore.

In a nutshell: Look at what drains you or has just turned into hard work. Know that life wasn’t meant to be this way. Get ready to reconnect to vibrancy, optimism, joy – and love, Leo.


  • Fate connects you
  • Time transcends everything
  • It’s about connection – not numbers

Forever young. Children, babies, adoptions, step children, the younger generation, friends or even lovers with big age differences. What this is all about is connection not generation or numbers. We can say we are all the stuff stars are made of – thank you Darryl Reanney, so we are all the same age – so roughly around about 13.8 billion years. Which puts those actual birth years in perspective.  So, this is not about how old you are, but how young you feel. Saturn in your 5th makes you more mature when it comes to romantic choices (you want something serious) and awakens your ability to provide guidance and ‘parenting’ if you like to the younger generation. You may feel not so much older, but wiser. And have something to pass on, teach or impart. Saturn in your 5th can see you commit to being a parent or step-parent, and can deliver a maturity to your creative projects as you channel your experiences into them. This week sees Saturn in your 5th slow to retrograde motion and as it does so, it will oppose the North Node in your 11th while conjunct the South. This can bring through a fated friendship or connection – with perhaps a big age gap between you. Others may see patterns with lovers they can now break free from and even parenting patterns they can change.

Saturn rules both karma and commitment. We can change our karmic destiny and when it comes to commitment, also realise that we have a commitment to be true to ourselves as well as others. Your 8th house is the house of rebirth – the place where we are in fact, forever young. Your ruler Mercury is associated with young people and youthful enthusiasm and optimism. This week sees it make a fabulous aspect to Jupiter retrograde in your 4th of family on the 2nd. The 1st also sees Venus in here meet up with Vesta. Look at anything where you have given your power away or where life has become ‘heavy’ or stuck. Then ask if you are being true to yourself by continuing. You can rise reborn this week and feeling forever young.  Don’t be surprised however if someone younger – or even older, reminds you of the need to do just this.

In a nutshell:  You are the stuff stars are made of, Virgo. So, when it comes to love and friendship – don’t allow age to be a barrier. Be forever young this week.


  • Get a sense of true belonging
  • You’ve got that homing instinct
  • Get a second invitation to dance with life – or someone!

Ruler Venus is in its ruling 7th in your chart and this is all about you and the person opposite you as well as your power to attract now. This week sees Venus meet up with Vesta in here. Any relationship dance involves coming together and then parting for a while – think Strictly here. With Vesta this is about autonomy vs. togetherness and you striking the balance. Sometimes you lead, sometimes the other person. Mercury is also in this house and aligns to retro Jupiter in Mercury’s ruling 3rd in your chart. A past project or business idea involving you and someone else could revive. Or that past connection or second chance opportunity reappear. Consider maybe last time it wasn’t time to tango – but this time it is.

Your roots, family and what this means to you, security, home and living arrangements have been in focus due to Saturn’s 2.5 year journey through your 4th. It’s all about establishing yourself but also where you truly do belong. Your sense of place, hometown, homeland and where you feel this is. This may be a very different place or even country to where you were born or even currently reside. But it is where you can live out your own best destiny and where you can step into truly ‘being there’. Your roots or ‘family’ – and by this I mean karmic family, call to you as Saturn in your 4th turns retrograde this week and as it does so, it opposes the North Node in your 10th so conjuncts the South. Between now and mid-September, decisions could be made that put your feet – or those roots, where they are supposed to be. Each decision you make builds on your future and adds to your sense of certainty and rightness. Know there is no more running away if that has been a pattern. Your release comes from being where you are – and doing the work to get to wherever  you belong.

In a nutshell: Get to where you need to be to live your own best life, Libra. Destiny ties you to a group of people and even a place. Discover just where you belong this week.


  • Find the way out of the forest
  • Stop the struggle
  • Rewards that take longer to arrive – so worth the wait

Sometimes we can feel stuck, trapped or restricted in some way. This is usually a sign of Saturn slowing us down. It wants us to stop, look, listen and above all, become aware of the long term implications of what we say and do. The thing about Saturn is first you have to understand that it really is too big to push around. If we try to resist or persist, we only create more restrictions and more delays. Saturn keeps us in place until we ‘get’ the lesson. The thing is however, we may feel stuck or blocked, but we never actually are. We just cannot see the alternatives that are there but are focussed on one way – usually the difficult one, of changing things. So, as Saturn in your 3rd slows to retrograde, and as it does opposes the North Node in your 9th (so is conjunct the South), if you feel there are blockages or restrictions, you need to stop struggling and let go. Create order in your daily life and routine.  As you do this, those alternative paths away from what you’re seeking to escape or change, will magically reveal themselves and you see, Saturn had your back after all.

Vesta brings Venus down to earth as they meet in your 6th this week. Reminding the planet of glamour, pleasure and indulgence that you don’t get to experience those things until you do the work, girlfriend! Beautify and streamline yourself, your routine and focus on what’s necessary to get the job done. Lucky for you, you have Mercury assisting you in this its ruling house and making a fabulous aspect to Jupiter (retrograde) in Venus’s ruling 2nd. What does this tell you? That gratification may be delayed but will be oh-so-worth-it when it arrives. Which it will. Plus – you’ve earned it. Those alternatives can feel so good this week.

In a nutshell: Let go of struggle against blockages or restrictions. This allows alternatives to reveal themselves. This week – see past the trees to the path through the woods – and out the other side.


  • What’s meant for you returns to you
  • How would living the dream change you?
  • At long last love!

Just when you have given up on something – it (or they) turn up. This can be anything from success or that long lost lover, Sag.  You’re in a powerful cycle of attraction now but there’s a link to the past in play due to ruler Jupiter retrograde in your 1st. Jupiter always wants to deliver good things. Venus in your 5th adds glamour, indulgence, pleasure, creativity, passion and a splash of romance as well as boosting your capacity to attract. Attracting something back from the past, or which you had given up on ever having, seeing or experiencing is a distinct possibility now as Venus and Vesta meet in your 5th. If you did all you could, then let go and let be, content to carry on and let the universe work its magic, you may just be surprised at what comes  back to you. The truth is in the saying: Your blessings have your name on them as Mercury also in your 5th makes a fabulous trine to Jupiter. The news you hear is meant specifically for you now.

Having what we want – or dreams come true, involves a change. Think about this. If you want to be in a relationship with someone, you are going to have to be prepared to change certain aspects of your life to accommodate them.  If success is what you crave, things will not be the same when you attain it. Think about what it is you have been aiming for or desiring. We get so caught up in the dream itself we forget to imagine what that ‘happily ever after’ actually looks like. As Saturn heads backwards in your 2nd of money and values, it will oppose the North Node in your 8th of sex, other people’s resources and transformation. Which means it conjuncts the South Node of course. This is your moment to look seriously at what changes having what you want – or what you want to relive, actually mean. What needs to transform? Because if fate has decided something has your name on it, chances are you’ll get it. So be ready for the changes that need to be made when it arrives.

In a nutshell: This week shows you that your blessings truly do have your name on them, Sag. What returns proves to be worth the wait. Make the changes to welcome it (or them) in.


  • What does your living space tell you about loving?
  • Whose karma is it anyway?
  • Time’s up when it comes to soul contracts

Ruler Saturn turns back time this week as it heads retrograde in your 1st.  As it does, it will oppose the North Node in your 7th while conjunct the South – again in your 1st. Saturn lets us know when it is time to get serious – or conversely, when time’s up. If you have secretly known deep down that something has been lived out but you have kept hanging on, be aware that the clock is now ticking and if not this week, then at some point between now and mid-September, Saturn will call it quits. Don’t forget that your 7th rules long term friends, business partners and close working relationships, collaborations and even that ‘opponent’. The North Node in your 7th links you to karmic contracts between yourself and someone close to you. So, they can begin, end or get more serious now. One aspect of this is living out the same story time after time with someone. Or with different people but in a similar way. The South Node is where we can step free of any patterns once we see them. So, if this all feels familiar but cast has changed, then ask yourself just whose karma this is anyway?

Insights into this and the path forward come to light as Mercury in your 4th trines to Jupiter retro in your 12th. Who or what you need for the long term and what those soul connections actually are, may be revealed now. Remember, you can change the contract and the karma at any point. Venus meets Vesta in your 4th too this week and has you looking at how your home, space or living arrangement reflects not only you, but where you are at with your relationships. What does this say about you and who you are with or how you love? Your environment is broadcasting loud and clear about the state of your unions. Are you all in or do you want out? Look around you as your environment is likely to provide a big give-away as to the state of your mind, soul and relationships. Karma begins at home this week.

In a nutshell: You’re either all-in or all-out now,  Capricorn. Deep down you know where your true commitment lies. And also where your heart’s no longer truly in it.


  • What feels familiar has come around before
  • Heal that karma
  • Step into a social circle which puts you at its centre

Ruler Uranus rules radical ideas – and astrology. One radical idea is that we can throw out all the outer planets – in other words, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, and astrology still works fine without them. Which is did for thousands of years before they were discovered of course.  So, this week for you it’s all about how the old rulerships still apply. Not new (Uranus loves to innovate), but radical for modern astrology perhaps. Saturn rules tradition and it is your traditional ruler. This week sees it turn backwards in your mysterious 12th while opposing the cosmic and karmic North Node in your 6th. Brilliant Aquarians will already be one step ahead and realise this means Saturn is also conjunct the South Node when it does this. Saturn rules karma and timing and the Nodes are linked to our karma while the 12th is associated with past lives. The Nodes are our fate and what we cannot escape. Being an ancient Saturn-ruled sign look closely now at who or what feels familiar or returns. Yes, you’ve done this before – and with them. This realisation can bring you healing and a chance to re-set that karmic cycle if need be.

Elsewhere in the sky, what you say, communicate or even hear puts you in a position where you can interact with more people than ever before. Venus meeting Vesta in your 3rd not only enhances what you want to convey, but has you owning it too. You are fully prepared with the follow-through whether this is answers to those tricky interview questions, a presentation, taking those ideas from concept to reality or even that flirtation. Mercury which rules this house is also in here and is intent on gatecrashing that party Jupiter (now retrograde) is hosting in your 11th. Friends bring benefits and could even put you front and centre at a large event or in front of a bigger audience when it comes to that message. Be on the lookout for anyone who pops up on your radar born under the sign of Sagittarius or who just seems larger than life in some way. Opportunity knocks now and possibly from out there in the big wide world.

In a nutshell: Karmic healing takes place releasing you and possibly someone else, from a long term cycle. Friends or contacts give you entrée to a wider audience or social network.


  • Friends play a part in your destiny
  • Right people, right place, right time for synchronicity to happen
  • Doors open wider the second time you knock

The North and South nodes are the axis on which our karma spins. They work in tandem and you can’t just focus on one – you have to look at both. Saturn is the planet which rules our karma and this week it heads backwards in your 11th while opposing the North Node in your 5th. So, it is conjunct the South Node at the same time. The Nodes are the fate, the destiny we can’t escape and in your case, your friends, groups, networks, team, band, the collective and also your goals. Who you know therefore has a huge part to play in your destiny now. With the North Node in your 5th, we are talking about possibly encountering a pre-destined romantic partner or friends who can assist you towards a goal or with whom you can express yourself, be yourself and shine. No matter what form they take, they are destined to influence you in some way – and you do the same in return.

Venus is in its ruling 2nd in your chart now and although this house rules money, assets and possessions, it also rules those people who are assets to us and on who we can rely on. Hence, this also boosts your likelihood of attracting a lover or just those special friends. Your money making acumen is increased this week as Venus meets careful Vesta in here. You’re unlikely to splurge that extra cash faster than you make it. You also have Mercury in this house boosting business, commerce and opening up  channels to not just more cash, but real career progress as it trines retro Jupiter in your career zone. A second chance at that dream job, project, promotion, client or just an opportunity to impress could come about. Success and your future doesn’t just lie in what you know or can do. But in who you know – and being in the right, pre-destined place at the right time now.

In a nutshell: Friends, groups, networks, teams, bands. It’s a week where who you know may be more important that what. Destiny entwines you – and puts you in the right place, at the right time.

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