5th February 2018 Weekly Astrology Forecast

Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs March 12


  • What surprises you may be exactly what you are looking for
  • Show yourself a little loving
  • Forgive the past, create the future

Un-looked for changes are set to benefit you and prepare you for the new cycle ahead this week, Aries. Venus in your 1st squares Saturn in his ruling achievement sector in your chart. The same day sees the Sun in your 12th open up unlooked for doors or perhaps those you thought closed, with Jupiter in your house of transformation and empowerment. Freedom and expansion are your destinations if you push through perceived limitations as ruler Mars in your 9th squares with Chiron the following day. Do now allow fear, feelings of inadequacy or past failures to hold you back. Tap into your core of spiritual integrity instead and push through towards empowerment.

This week asks us to use compassion as a healing tool towards ourselves. And to ask ourselves what we believe our spiritual destiny is? A new Moon in your 12th points to an important new cycle in your spiritual and intuitive growth. You can tap into a vast resource of knowing and healing now as following this new Moon the Sun meets Chiron. With ruler Mars arriving in your 10th on the 17th, stoking those ambitions and firing you up to pursue long term career goals and Venus in your 1st making a breath-taking angle to the North Node in your 5th, this takes us back to that destiny I mentioned earlier. What do you believe it is? You could encounter it in the form of a new love, a work opportunity or just you at last giving yourself the forgiveness and permission you need to shine. Live out your promise and potential this week by forgiving your past and loving yourself that little bit more and have the courage to explore the un-looked for path.

In a nutshell: Changes may catch you by surprise. But don’t think this is necessarily a bad thing, Aries. Something unexpectedly different may be just what you need now!


  • Repair the past
  • Search for the ‘other’
  • The world needs you!

Your soul group, friends and contacts in general feature this week. What kind of connection are you searching for now, Taurus? New friends who offer an entrée into a new and perhaps more exciting social scene? A lover? An activity partner? And how does this search involve a long desired goal of yours? Is there an obvious link happening here? Change has been a theme around you for many months. Don’t worry, this now seems to have come to completion for you or the transformation is now underway. What this week is more concerned with is pushing you out the door and into the arms of a wider experience. Now this can be one particular person’s arms or just you linking with a group in general. Above all, look to what it is you want to achieve for yourself and see who you need to support that, experience it with or take with you. This will help you make those all-important connections now.

Of course, if you are determined to be a recluse, then you will be missing out on sharing your sensual and creative brightness. Does that seem fair? This week’s new Moon in your 11th promises introductions to those who are very much on the same wavelength. Ruler Venus is in your spiritual 12th and even those from your past could feature. If there have been misunderstandings between you and someone else, this week could see bridges repaired. Mars enters your sector of expansion, travel and exploration and that couch may now lose its grip and appeal as you go out and claim a larger slice of life. Watch out however for risk-taking and the desire to walk too close to the wild side. This week could see you craving excitement and sensual expression as Venus squares Lilith the black Moon also in your 12th. There’s nothing wrong with this so long as you are clear about your motivations – and the company you are keeping.

In a nutshell: It’s not a week to be a recluse. The world is waiting for you – or one special person is. Step out and greet it with open arms, Taurus!


  • No more watching from the sidelines – it’s your game!
  • Be true to what you do
  • Write a new chapter – or a whole book, with your past

This week tells you this is no time for hesitation over career matters, Gemini. New beginnings around work and reputation are promised by the new Moon in your 10th on the 17th. Working with spiritual integrity is favoured and this begins by being true to what you do. If you want to change direction, this is one of the best new Moons under which to do that. Review your path and re-examine your progress to date. Above all, ask if you are getting the spiritual and emotional satisfaction from your career that you need. In the long term this can be more sustaining than the material rewards. Yes, of course we need those too, but if you are selling your soul just for a salary, the cost of this may outweigh the gain over the long term.

Friends, groups and networks hold the key to jump-starting your life now. Stuck in neutral? Jumpstart a few new connections rather than sitting on the sidelines of life if that’s what’s been happening of late. Venus in your 11th offers good times, hearts on fire (of the friendship kind) and friends with benefits (but perhaps not of the romantic variety although this is a possibility). Friendships can be resurrected now so reach out to people you’ve not heard from in a while. Living can be a full time occupation sometimes, It happens to us all. People can reappear this week and if so, this tells you there may be a chapter – or even a whole book, still to be lived out between you. But hey – what are friends for?

In a nutshell: Life isn’t a spectator sport. Jump in and play in the big leagues this week, Gemini. There’s success waiting if you do.


  • Don’t let a second chance slip through your fingers
  • Dare to find love
  • – and dare to dream!

Come and get your love this week, Cancer. However, it may have a decidedly past flavour to it. Is it a second-time around? Or just someone you have that spooky feeling you’ve known before? Or perhaps this was a missed connection. Love is a lot like a divine comedy – or even stand-up. For it to work, the timing has to be right.  The Sun and Jupiter are in mutual reception by house in your chart right now as are Venus and Saturn. Some of you may well be looking at taking a relationship to the next stage. Others could find the timing is now right for love – either to meet that someone with serious potential or even reconnect. Mars is poised to enter your partnership sector this week. Now, Mars in here can fire up passion or give you the confidence to go look for love if you’re tired of being single. When it comes to any kind of partnership including the business variety, Mars dares you to do. But Mars’s energy in your 7th can also amplify any disagreements and set the temperature to boil. Channel your energy into business or other areas if you want to stay out of the hot zone. Fabulous angles between Venus and the North Node in Venus’s ruling house could just see that energy result in tangible rewards and recognition when it comes to your career.

This week’s new Moon occurs in your house of freedom, travel and learning. Plus you have the Sun and Chiron meeting in here. This is all about now being ready to do something or go somewhere you thought was beyond you in some way. That impossible dream? This Moon tells you it’s not impossible at all. It’s all about having a vision now and following it. So, pick a star to aim for and head out there. 

In a nutshell: Whatever you can dream you can do this week, Cancer. An opportunity could appear that has second-chance elements attached. Don’t hesitate this time around.


  • Confidence is sexy
  • How powerful do you think you are?
  • Explore the past, present and future of love

There’s more going on between you and others this week than meets the eye, Leo. Yes, your ruler is in your house of all things shared for just over another week. During which time the Sun makes major aspects to Jupiter in your home sector and meets Chiron also in your 8th. Fearlessly examine any wounds around your sexuality or boundary issues. Your 8th holds the key to your most primal creative self-expression and of course, how confident you are with your sexual self. This is also where, as adults, some of our deepest wounds can be buried. The new Moon in here promises an emotional transformation, opening a door to fearlessness. Take a deep dive into a bold new sexiness and confidence that may have eluded you until now. Others could channel reserves of undiscovered self-worth as they negotiate anything from a salary or close a deal. What all this says is you are a force to be reckoned with now.

Of course, all this involves you and others on one level or another. But with the North Node in your 1st receiving Venus’s particular brand of love infusion on the 17th, this could also involve past, present or potential partners too. Someone may come from long ago or far away – or even both. One more reason to ensure your confidence in you as a sexy, passionate soul is intact. The feeling you take away from this, whether it’s deep desire, sexual healing or just unshakable belief in every aspect of yourself, could just be the aphrodisiac you’ve been looking for. It’s called freedom. Explore it.

In a nutshell: Change can be a heady aphrodisiac this week, Leo. That rush you get as desire falls within your grasp boosts your confidence. And your ability to attract!


  • What do you desire?
  • Play with passion
  • Love transforms

Deep feelings and hidden desires could just sneak up on you this week, Virgo.  Secret loves or sudden passions, chance encounters, love at first sight – or lust depending on your perspective, could send you spinning in an unexpected direction or caught up in something bigger than you would ever have dreamed possible. Do you have a secret love or a love secret? It could demand you name it this week. Your heart is beating to a deeper rhythm now due to Venus in your sexy and passionate 8th. With a new Moon in your partnership zone new beginnings in relationships are possible. But you want the depth and the passion now. All that’s needed is Mars’s arrival in your romance zone and the fuse is lit! And Black Moon Lilith means you demand an outlet for all those desires now.

If love’s not your outlet then your creativity or self-expression could provide an alternative one. Inspiration is yours to play with now. And play is the optimum word. As the Sun moves to meet Chiron in your 7th on the 18th, old wounds around being loved, loving or loveable could be healed. Also while it’s depth you seek, love that looks like a one-way street just isn’t your thing now. You’re willing to jump right in and passionately play now whether it’s in romance or doing what you love.

In a nutshell: Expect a shift around a love connection or something you have invested your passion in. And it doesn’t have to be serious now. Play with potential this week.


  • Put yourself where love can find you
  • Get proactive
  • What do your social life and heart’s desire have in common?

Scales out of balance, Libra? No love? Or the wrong kind of love? By now you know that your ruler in Venus’s ruling house in your chart (7th) is always your opportunity to re-balance the scales. So, which way are those scales tilting? Or are they perfectly aligned? If it’s the latter then lucky Libra. If not, time to look at what needs to be done to bring back the balance. Now, if it’s love your seeking you might need to do more than swipe now. You’ll get more green lights one the Sun moves in here in just over a week. For now, you might like to start to put yourself where love can really find you. Venus links to the North Node in your 11th of social life and heart’s desires. The two are often so closely intertwined. It’s so often it’s people who make dreams happen and we who have to take that first step towards our future. So, make love happen by getting out there – and talking to others about their dreams. Who knows what else you may share?

This week’s new Moon is in your 6th of work and wellbeing. Initiate a fresh routine, new job or way of working. Time to get a fresh perspective, You’re feeling more productive, more proactive, more energised. Your powers of concentration sharpen. You could find yourself immersing yourself for hours in the task at hand, unaware of time passing. You can channel this focus into getting the job done or landing a new one. Mars is on the move this week into your 4th. You also have Black Moon Lilith in here. Are you also seeking a castle to rule and a throne? This too is all about bringing the scales back into balance. Aim for equilibrium in every area of your life now. You rule, Libra.

In a nutshell: Stuck in a rut? You know that creates imbalance, Libra. Dig yourself out with a fresh routine and launch some fresh opportunities now.


  • If you radiate, you attract
  • Heal yourself soul and spirit
  • Get fabulous!

Make a date with fabulousness now, Scorpio. You’ve got just over a week remaining to bathe yourself in glamour, romance, sparkle and be noticed. A new love affair or a return to you operating on full radiate/attract mode is heralded by this week’s New Moon in your 5th. Has your soul been hiding a deep wound – perhaps around your attractiveness or just beliefs about you being able to have what you want? Have you been thinking that all the ‘good stuff’ happens to other people and not to you? If so, get ready for some deep healing. Just like our physical bodies, it’s no use just slapping a psychic Band-Aid on wounds to our emotional/soul bodies and just expecting them to get better. Or that the wound is no longer there. This week sees the Sun meet Chiron in your 5th and remember, this is the Sun’s ruling house in your chart. That Band-Aid can now be ripped off and the wound exposed to healing rays. Don’t shy away from doing this. The alternative is to continue to walk round like the walking wounded – which we are when we don’t acknowledge the hurt in the first place. The Sun trine retro Jupiter in your 1st allows you to tackle this task with fearlessness and then head into a pain-free future.

Your work, money and career remains in focus too and news could arrive which impacts on your long term path. Venus trines the North Node in your 10th of status and career. If you have been working towards a career milestone you could reach it now. Watch what doors swing wide for you and which remain closed. It’s either time to go further down your chosen path or adjust your course accordingly. Your work and career is another area you need to adjust your beliefs around your right to shine or just be seen as someone who has something valuable to contribute. What this week wants to tell you is that self-doubt on any level, has no place in your future.

In a nutshell: Transform yourself with romance and glamour. And in doing so bring about a deep, freeing new healing. No more soul-wounds – just wholeness now, Scorpio!


  • Fast-track yourself to love and pleasure
  • What do you need to fund?
  • Work your destiny – not just a job

Next door sign of Scorpio’s cycle of fabulousness of planets in their 5th is winding down – right when yours is gearing up, Sag. You have the Love Mojo in your grasp now. Of course, it’s easy to focus just on romance as after all, this is what your 5th rules. But don’t forget there is so much more to this house in your chart than just love. Venus in here enhances your chances of attracting a new lover if that is what you desire. And her influence will be amplified next week when the Sun enters what is the Sun’s ruling house in your chart.

As well as romance, your 5th rules children, play, fun, what gives you pleasure, your passions, attraction and attention, your creative ventures and lucky breaks. So, don’t just focus on romance but on all areas where you 5th wants you to just express yourself and feel alive! This week also sees a new Moon in the Moon’s ruling house in your chart (4th) and a week where there are major implications for your long term security and money. Don’t forget – Venus rules your bank account as she wants us to experience the pleasures of the material and sensual world. To do this we often need money as not all the best things in life are free. Mars’s entry into your 2nd house could see you on a mission towards improving your finances. Probably because you want to fund something specific and very Sag-related – that trip, that horse, that big dream. Push forward and tap into ways of making money that allow you to express yourself in your own unique way rather than pursuing money for its own sake or ‘just a job’ as this week supports that. Venus trines the North Node in your 9th so this is all about destiny-driving love in one form or another which sets you free. Go deeper into what you love this week – and the universe could just go fund you.

In a nutshell: Get ready for romance, creativity and fun, Sag. But first, do whatever it takes to bankroll your future. And that party the universe just wants you to attend now!


  • Stop, look, listen
  • The message is everywhere
  • Follow that impulse

Messages are all around you this week, Capricorn. Not just in the form of calls, texts or emails you receive, but in the messages ‘out there’ that are in newspapers, books, magazine, the internet, movies and TV shows. Set your antenna to a wide frequency and be ready to receive as you are going to stumble across many examples now where the ‘message’ or what a character in a book, show or film is experiencing, just seems written especially for you and your situation. The media is acting in the role of your shamanic storyteller this week and any messages you receive are sent to guide you or help you deal with a specific issue in your life now. You don’t have to do anything particularly different or go out of your way to find these while the Sun is in your 3rd and also a new Moon appears in here this week. However, if you feel ‘drawn’ towards buying a different magazine, newspaper or book than you would usually choose or opt to watch a TV show or film that is outside your usual genre, follow this impulse as you may be surprised what insights they contain. A healing message or an answer to a question you have been asking could be discovered as the Sun meets Chiron in here on the 18th. And with Venus in your 4th impacting on the North Node in your 8th this could bring about a long term transformation that turns out to be highly beneficial for you in terms of healing any issues around personal empowerment.

Add to this fiery Mars the planet of fearless action, arrives in your 1st on the 17th. Mars in our 1st fires up our energy, increases boldness and repairs our confidence if it’s taken a dive of late. You’ll be seen as someone who knows what they want and where they are going now – so ensure that you do. It’s time to take control of your life and steer it in the direction you want it to go in. No more excuses. Focus your energy like a laser beam and you can make the most of Mars in here. Begin something new. And be prepared for increased libido and possibly even temptation. But it’s time to take a chance – on a goal, a job, a relationship or even just yourself. Use that energy and express yourself free of doubts this week.

In a nutshell: You’ve got an open connection to universal wisdom this week. Message come in many forms. But they are all designed to change your outlook – and your life.


  • Love gets real – or no deal
  • Tap into a fresh source of abundance
  • Bankroll your ideas

Something you hear could bring you down to earth with a bump this week, Aquarius. It’s a time to test those dreams or even fantasies, and see how they measure up to reality. Saturn in your 12th is all about bringing dreams down to earth and seeing if they are just ‘castles in the air’ or offer you something to build on. This could revolve around a key connection or a relationship. Remember the story of Psyche and Eros? In mythology Psyche falls in love with and marries the son of Aphrodite, the god who has fun with us mere mortals piercing us with his arrows of love. She’s not allowed to look at him so he remains a mystery. Jealous sisters tell her the reason for this is the fact her husband is a monster. So, Psyche can’t help but take a peek. Eros flees as he feels she has betrayed him. But the crux of the story actually revolves around the fact that we have to fall in love with the real person (god or not!) and let others see us as we truly are. Otherwise – it ain’t love – it’s fantasy. If the fantasy does not live up to reality however, take heart. Mars entering into this house and then afterwards on into your 1st will see you taking action to replace the fantasy with the real deal.

This week’s New Moon promises real improvements in your finances or a new source of income opening up for you, but again, you have to keep it real. Set a budget – and stick to it and don’t be tempted when more money appears to spend it as fast as it does. In terms of how you generate more, this Moon is telling you it’s all about how you express your intellect and your creativity. So, well yourself more effectively and follow through with your ideas. This week allows healing around issues of abundance and for setting new goals with income and your career. Ground yourself in reality and you’ll find it exceeds any fantasy you can come up with.

In a nutshell: Do you believe you are lovable – just the way you are, Aquarius? If you want the real thing, love the real you. Romance could just get real as a result.


  • Set your intentions
  • Be ready to act
  • Aim high

Have you set your direction for the next 12 months, Pisces? You have just over one more week for the Sun in your 1st. Pisces with birthdays this week are getting an extra ray of healing energy if this is needed due to the Sun meeting Chiron in here. This could relate to a long-standing, deeply personal wound on your psyche. What surfaces requires you to direct all the compassion and empathy for which your sign is known for, towards yourself now. This puts you in a state of readiness to head out into a future which supports those goals. No matter when your birthday actually falls, the new Moon in your 1st always officially marks the start of your new cycle and this happens on the 17th.  This is your most powerful Moon of the year so time to be ready to initiate something new for yourself when it appears.

It’s also time to aim high and aim true. To shrug off ideas around limitation and what you can achieve. You’ve horizon expanding energy around you this week thanks to the Sun in your sign making a releasing angle to Jupiter in his ruling 9th in your chart. Mars enters your 11th giving you the energy and confidence to go for your goals while Venus in her ruling 2nd trine the North Node in your work sector could see not just your workload increase but your bank account too. This week is the ‘unofficial’ astrological start to your New Year. Make a resolution of where you want to go – and stick to it.

In a nutshell: Set your intentions for the next 12 months, Pisces. This week marks a fresh start for you. Be ready to initiate something new that takes you forward into the future.

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