Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs July 25th 2021 – Expansion

Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs July 25th 2021


Fire up those everyday changes

Do it just for fun!

Is love the idea to flirt with?

Ruler Mars is on the move into your sign of day job, studies, health, habits and routine. What can I say but pace yourself, Aries. And above all, don’t neglect the details in your haste to get things done. Take the time to get it right first time and save yourself a load of it in the process.

If you have been over-doing it or rush, you could find yourself on an enforced time out. Which would be a shame as you’d miss out on all the good stuff. Mercury in your 5th wants to get you noticed for your ideas, what you say or share. It shines a light on one interaction, message, email or conversation when it meets the Sun in here on the 1st. Jupiter re-enters your 11th of friends, networks, contacts and goals this week and will now remain in here until the end of the year. Look to who you hear from, connect or interact with. They could usher in love, new experiences or other benefits yet to be discovered.

Flirt with ideas and your future

Ceres is also on the move into Mercury’s ruling sign of Gemini on the 31st. Some of you could be looking at a new deal or offer around work, that client or even that side hustle. Writing, speaking, design, photography or how you share your ideas plays a huge role in your process now. It’s also about speaking up or starting that conversation. Maybe just for the hell of it to see where it leads. Don’t be shy now, Aries. Talk up your future this week.

In a nutshell: Mars hands you the ability to get the job done and make the everyday kind of changes that inject excitement into the mundane. While Mercury and the Sun in your 5th dare you to try something – just for fun!



What’s the new deal on the table?

Look to long term success and sustenance

Unleash that inner love warrior!

Money talks now Ceres enters your 2nd this week, but your values are your gold-standard, Taurus. So, know what these are especially when it comes to what sustains and supports you. It’s important to be very clear on this as Mercury arrives in your 4th of home, family, security and nurturing and Jupiter returns to your 10th of success and status on the 28th where it will remain for the rest of the year.

This is a fabulous week for decision making. But again, you need to know what you will or won’t ‘sell out’ over or the result you want to achieve. Property matters and career will be highlighted on the 1st when the Sun and Mercury meet. Don’t forget – Ceres rules the art of the deal and in your house of money, possession and assets, simply wants you to come out ahead. Without selling out in the process. Bring surety not uncertainty to the table in any kind of negotiation now.

Get Your Glam On!

We are now on the cusp of a change in the Astro weather as Mars enters mutable Virgo and your 5th on the 29th. This could see you with something to celebrate but also set you off actively seeking change which is unusual for you as you like the status quo. This is your house of lovers, children, fun, holidays, indulgence and attraction. Mars in your 5th always unleashes that inner rock star or desire to be noticed in some way. It puts you in glam mode and wanting to stand out. And also sees you no longer willing to wait around for things to happen but actively setting them in motion.

If things are vanilla, tepid or so-so, Mars will see you change all that and turn up the heat – Saturday Night Fever style. It’s a glitterball and you’ve got all the right moves going on. Don’t keep these to yourself either personally or professionally this week, Taurus. And dress for success.

In a nutshell: Home matters and what you need to sustain you for the long term give way to a desire for excitement, fun and some hot, disco style love. You CAN have both, Taurus!



Explore a new world of ideas

Meet the future with an open mind

Time to share your truth

Ceres in your 1st is all about ideas, speaking and sharing your truth, and also entitlement. As in you are entitled to your ideas and others are entitled to theirs.

Come from a place of curiosity which your sign is the boss of, Gemini. As in, you are not threatened by a difference of opinion or point of view, but find it interesting. Ceres rules new days and new deals. So, expect negotiations, contracts and agreements too.

Ceres wants us to speak, write, send out or share our ideas, truth and perspectives. And to discover where we agree or at least are open as opposed to on opposite sides.

You are both the message – and the messenger

Ruler Mercury gives all this a boost as it lands in its ruling 3rd om the 28th and illuminates one message, contact or communication when it meets the Sun on the 1st. You also have Jupiter moving back into its ruling 9th on the 28th where it will spend the rest of the year. Change your ideas, your mind, your thoughts and what follows is opportunity and freedom. One more reason to be open to what others have to say.

Mars in your 4th from the 28th doesn’t do inaction or confinement. It’s a restless houseguest in here that needs a job to do or else it ends up frustrated and looking for ways to let off steam. Unleash your desire to renovate your crib or lifestyle. Mars puts passion and muscle behind your path – not only home matters. This house is about health and ownership. It says live for today but do it your way. Change rooms, change ideas, change your mind and change everything.

In a nutshell: Ceres arrives in your sign asking you to open up to new ideas. Jupiter returns to its ruling 9th promising to widen your horizons. What you say or communicate sends opportunity your way.



Truth telling leads to healing and freedom

Work that value system

Claim something priceless – your own empowerment

No more secrets, just the truth now Ceres lands in your 12th, Cancer. And no more holding back your truth from others either. Ceres says speak up and speak out. Above all, ask questions. If there is a middle path to be found if you and someone are having disagreements or discussions, Ceres opens this up to you.

Not speaking out or sharing can come out in other, negative ways so watch this now especially as Mars enters your house of communication from the 29th telling you its time to speak up. And also, to take action on what you say.

Matters of the heart and work

Just prior to Mercury leaving your sign it will oppose Pluto in your 7th on the 25th. Discussions this week may involve a partner – past, present or potential – professional or personal. The outcome of which could well usher in a change around your status or your income.

Money, assets, income, joint accounts, mortgages, loans and shares, benefits and bonuses – finances could play a role in what’s tabled as Jupiter moonwalks back into your 8th on the 28th where it will spend the rest of the year. This coincides with Mercury leaving your sign and entering your 2nd of money and also self-worth.

Asking for what you feel you are entitled to and also even setting some boundaries with others leaves you feeling pricelessly empowered. And this could be the biggest change that results from this and the most lasting when it comes to love or money, Cancer. So worth speaking out over.

In a nutshell: Repress any worries over truth telling and share away this week, Cancer. Especially if holding something back hurts you more than you think it would the other party. Talk leads to new beginnings. And that priceless feeling that lasts long after the conversation is over.



Go straight to the point

What are you really saying?

Make that pitch and package too good to say no to

You are now in a position where you should know exactly what you want, Leo. And are unafraid to state it and go after it. Time for straight talk and to walk that talk with that signature confidence and open heartedness your sign is famed for.

Mercury lands in your 1st on the 28th and will meet your ruler the Sun in here on the 1st. If you are a Leo with your birthday on August 1, this is truly a time to be upfront about what you want for the coming year and to state your terms around anything from that job to that relationship. It’s also about your personal message, image and intentions. Communication has so many layers and I’m not just talking about your social media feed. But the non-verbal messages we send which can be even more impactful than the verbal ones. Look at how your entire ‘brand’ fits together and what this says about you.

This is all important work this week as Mars leaves you sign and powers up your desire for gain and glory when it lands in your 2nd. This transit is all about working your relationship with the material world. Mars gives you the confidence to go for more – usually in here the folding stuff. But also injects your bloodstream with a shot of searing self-worth.

Too good to refuse

Just at the right time as retrograde Jupiter lands back in your 7th of partnerships, potentials and possibilities involving others. It will stay in here until the end of the year. Even better, Ceres arrives in your friendship and goals zone on the 31st pointing to entrée into fresh circles and fresh paths to take to goals. So, if what you want involves a duo or double act of any description, you’ll have no hesitation to start that conversation with them. Ensure you come across exactly how you need to, Leo. That pitch is irresistible.

In a nutshell: You know what you own. Or should do during your birthday season, Leo. So, with Mercury now in your sign its time to look at how you convey this. Who could possibly refuse you if you do?



The truth sets you free – from confusion and not knowing

Seek out a fresh path to what you want

Get a dose of everyday miracle revelation

The truth is out there this week, Virgo. And you are determined to out it. Ruler Mercury lands in your 12th and meets the Sun in here on the 1st while Mars blazes a trial into your 1st from the 29th.

If you are seeking the facts, this week is when you will find them via a combination of intuition and information. Your capacity for looking closely at the details shows you where there may be discrepancies and if found, you won’t let these go until you arrive at the truth.

It may be that you have had a feeling for sometime something was going on behind the scenes. If so, this is the week where it is revealed. Your talent for discovery and details is supersized now Jupiter returns to your 6th where your superpowers reside on the 28th. It will be working everyday miracles in here for you from now until the end of the year. But if someone or something is no longer serving you, you’ll be able to see it (or them) for what this is and deal with it – once and for all.

Power moves

Time to explore new pathways and potentials around your career too as Ceres arrives in your 10th on the 31st. This could see many of you looking at what you are getting out of your current position. Whether the work you have done, the seeds you have planted and that all-important sense of satisfaction is being fulfilled? If the take-out hasn’t been equal to the effort you’ve put in or something is simply missing when it comes to fulfilment, you may now think seriously about a change of direction.

Powerful women in positions of authority may feature or act as role models, mentors or hold open doors for you. Time to honour the strong feminine who may appear in person as often happens when we have an important transit. Look to the deal you can make or what you can create with them. The truth leads to something fresh to discover.

In a nutshell: Trust and truth feature this week, Virgo. If you follow your instincts, then you can trust you’ll discover what you need to know. Fresh paths to career satisfaction and success open up. Time to explore.



Own what it is you really want

Like the Virgos next door, you may be on a truth-seeking mission this week now Mars is in your 12th. However, this may take a slightly different form or impact on a different area of your life.

Without going all Lucifer on you – what is it you desire, Libra? I mean really, really want? How about just admitting it and owning it and then going for it? And not worrying about what others may think or whose apple cart may just get upset if you do?

This may be something you shove aside, don’t want to admit to wanting or have labelled ‘unrealistic’ or even ‘scary’ because deep down you know having it or simply going for it, involves change. But the fact is not acknowledging it leaves you with this empty feeling inside that nothing fills and which returns to haunt you every now and then.

It you don’t desire it, you can’t own it

Fill the need but setting off in search of ways to make it real. Jupiter is returning to your 5th of fabulosity this week where its going to stay until the end of the year. You have Mercury entering your 11th of goals and dreams from the 28th and meeting the Sun in here on the 1st – highlighting people who could form part of your dream team or ways to make it happen.

Now, throw into the mix Ceres, the ultimate sensual powerhouse, in your 9th of expansion, opportunity and freedom. Ceres puts a new way to get where you want to go on the table and opens up new pathways. This is your green light, Libra. Take that dream out of neutral, into first and pedal to the metal as we head into August!

In a nutshell: Determine what goals really matter and commit. Discard the rest, Libra. The same goes for people and situations. You can’t fake it this week. You either feel it – or else allow it to fall away.



Choose your company with care

Reputation is your calling card

Changes around resources open new portals of potential

Push forward with anything connected to career now Mercury alights in your 10th. You and your smarts are on show this week especially on the 1st when the Sun and Mercury meet in here. Ensure you guard your public image and remain aware at all times of how you come across. The impression you make and also the company you keep counts in ways that may not be immediately obvious now.

Ancient ruler Mars is on the move into your 11th of goals and friendships. This house also rules contacts of all kinds and this includes the professional ones and your larger networks. Mars in here powers up your desire to go for those goals. But it also has you looking at who you align yourself to or with. Hence you being judged by the company you keep. Who you are seen with. Mars in here hands wallflowers confidence to get out there and mix and mingle.

However, the downside of it is that it can fire up long standing dissatisfaction with others and lead to confrontations. It can also put you in situations where you are dealing with people who are unstable or amp up that desire to walk on the wild side to such an extent you find yourself in the wrong place with the wrong person at the wrong time. So, be mindful of this and also what you post on social media.

Get a dose of long-term satisfaction

Elsewhere in the sky, Jupiter returns to your 4th of home and lifestyle on the 28th where it stays until December. Property, home matters, security and what sustains you is back in focus. Ceres also shifts into your 8th this week. This is your house of transformation. Powerful changes around your salary, income, assets, benefits or payouts could stem from strategic career moves or new negotiations. It’s both who and what you know now.

In a nutshell: You’re on show in some way this week, Scorpio. So, ensure you remain aware of your public image and reputation at all times. You’ll be judged on how you come across – and the company you keep. Choose and share with care.



Reach higher

Love shows fresh growth

One direction – up

Ain’t no stoppin’ you now, Sag. You’re on the move now ruler Jupiter lands back in your house of communication, commuting and commerce from the 3rd. This coincides this week with Mercury arriving in Jupiter’s ruling 9th on the 28th and a meeting between it and the Sun on the 1st.

Time to power forward with those ideas. That screenplay, application, pitch, thesis, manuscript, social media feed, vlog, side hustle. Others may be looking at how they get around and upgrading their main method of transport. Moving around literally as in travel is back on the cards even if it is just the local variety.

Double your love in a double act

Love is your other area up for negotiation. Desert or oasis, Sag? Time to revisit partnership matters of all descriptions now Ceres arrives in your 7th on the final day of July. Ceres always puts a new deal on the table for us. Opens up a new world to explore. In this case – via someone else. This could be a long-term love – past, present or potential. Or just as easily be a working partnership or collaboration.

You have Mars bigging up those ambitions in your 10th this week. It gives you the confidence to climb higher or reach for that prize that’s remained tantalizing out of reach. You won’t hesitate if it falls within your grasp now – pushing aside self-doubt or any feelings of unworthiness. Love of what you do or for someone or something lifts you up where you belong. Non-stop now, Sag.

In a nutshell: Time for expansion in all areas. Ruler Jupiter returns to your sector of ideas, communication and commerce while Ceres promises new beginnings or a fresh start across double acts of all descriptions.



Don’t put off what needs to be said

Cash in on enhanced self-worth

Break free into opportunity

Long overdue conversations between you and someone else could bring about a much-needed shift this week. Prepare for change, Capricorn. Everything from the ground-breaking to the mundane. But what changes sets you free from something that has ceased to serve you.

It begins with the Mercury/Pluto opposition on the 25th. this could see an important discussion take place between you and that other half – that bae or even that bestie or boss. Mercury enters your 8th on the 28th and meets the Sun in here on the 1st pointing to a key communication or negotiation being brought to a decision or conclusion.

In all of this, you’re not afraid to state your terms or shy away rom stating what you want. That doesn’t mean you’re being dogmatic about it. Just that your sense of self-worth and enhanced self-empowerment tells you where there is wiggle room and when you need to make it clear the buck stops here. Retro Jupiter has your back as it re-enters your 2nd on the 28th where it will stay until December.

Break free of the rut!

Mars in your 9th from the 29th brings breakthroughs and freedom as a direct result of all this. The changes could create a ripple effect which impacts on your every day life. Your day job whether this is paid or unpaid, your studies, your routine, your habits. Ceres in your 6th arrives to plant seeds of everyday benefits and wellbeing. It will allow you to re-work or renegotiate that work/life balance. To create a better, fairer division of chores if this is needed. Or to free up your time so you get to do what you want to do as opposed to being consumed by what you need to do. Sound like a good deal, Capricorn? Embrace the win/win of change.

In a nutshell: Tired of the same old, same old, Capricorn? This week could hand you the means to break free of that rut. Or simply see you reclaiming your lost confidence. The result either way changes the everyday for the better.



Big up what makes you extra specially you

That hot ticket? That’s you now, Aquarius

It’s all about you and me, baby!

This week focusses your attention on you and someone else. That emerging relationship or that existing one. You have the Sun and Mercury meeting in your 7th this week indicating there’s love talk or an important conversation occurring with an important person now. The topic could be love or something else entirely. But its all about where you can go from here.

Jupiter is back in your 1st from the 28th and will now stay with you until the end of the year. Jupiter in our 1st often brings an even bigger love or partnership goodie bag with it than it does in our 7th. Why? Because it bigs up our image, our confidence, our attraction factor. People respond positively. Basically they want what you’re selling and that’s you, Aquarius.

You’re brining sexy back!

Mars in its ruling 8th injects desire, passion, confidence and yes, sex appeal. It puts you in pro-active mode. You won’t let any opportunity pass you by now. What is more, you’ll create them if needed. Things been vanilla between you and your bae? Mars hands you whatever is needed to turn the flava into dark, spicy chocolate instead.

Romance, pleasure, turning that passion into a profession, hobbies, holidays, fun and children, babies, young people or adult children if you have them feature now Ceres lands in your 5th. ceres brings new dawns and new deals. A word to the wise – don’t be a mother, be a lover when it comes to that partner or romantic prospect. That’s not your role and certainly should never be one if you want to keep the fires of passion burning. If you are guilty of being a helicopter parent – stop the hover now. Time to be a little more hands off. A lot more relaxed, sensual and fun. Love flows when we stop taking it oh so seriously.

In a nutshell: Past, present and potential partnerships feature. And you are the starting point of all this togetherness, Aquarius. Time to rock out every little thing that makes you well – irresistibly you. Others want what you got, baby!



Weave that everyday magic

Leverage your intuition to live your best life

Turn up the heat on love!

Ancient ruler Jupiter exits your sign this week returning to your depth-defining 12th. Don’t worry – it will be back in December. For now it supersizes your superpower – your intuition.

This coincides with Mercury’s arrival in its ruling 6th (28th). Take the time now to look at those everyday needs and how they are being met. By you. This is your grand design and you need to be aware of how all the small stuff clicks together to make a far bigger picture than you think. Small adjustments bring big changes. This isn’t about living your best life ‘someday’ or during the times you go on holiday. But every day. What do you need to change to arrive at this? Your intuition – always your superpower – knows.

Begin close to home. Your living space, house, apartment, flat. Your family, sharers, Airbnb even. What supports and ultimately replenishes and sustains you on a daily basis. Does there need to be a move, a rearrangement, a declutter or simply a fresh set of priorities? Ceres now in your 4th from the 31st opens the doors to all this.

Know where to find love – or let it find you

Take that va-va-voom and strut it. Mars in your 7th puts purpose back into the pursuit of passion. If it’s missing – you either reignite it with your current bae or if you have no special someone, Mars could send you off in search of it. If you are waiting for love to appear, don’t go looking in all the wrong places. You should have learned by now where these are, Pisces. If it didn’t work in the past, it won’t in the present. Instead get a new tactic which could literally be pouring that creative force into something you love to do. And love could just find you as you do.

In a nutshell: Jupiter leaves you sign this week but turns up the volume on your intuition and creative skills. Meanwhile, Mars turns up the heat when it comes to love. Know what you’re looking for. And where to find it.




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