Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs June 8th 2020

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Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs June 8th 2020

With our astrologer Elena


Flashes of insight hand you fresh solutions

She who dares ask gets a different result

Get a different outcome on love

Don’t be afraid to suggest or try something different or even daring this week. Especially when it comes to anything you may be renegotiating. The fact is, if you are to go forward, it can’t be on the same terms as it was before. And be aware that this applies to love and also your money.

Give a little to get more

Venus which rules both remains retrograde in your house of contracts, news, business, and communication. You’ve also got important aspects in your 12th of the past and hidden truths happening too. Ceres is the planet that rules seasons but also power and new deals. It can bring about a compromise or win/win scenario.

Yes, you may have to concede something but you walk away with what you want. Venus angles to both Ceres in here on the 8th and also Chiron in your 1st on the 9th. Which is where daring to ask for something you may not have had the chutzpah to in the past comes in. Whether this is from a lover or partner or an outcome of pay negotiation.

Bring the changes on home

Your 3rd is ruled by Mercury which sits in your 4th of home and long-term security. It too makes an offer to Ceres on the 8th. Don’t be afraid to make an offer or negotiate. But know your price. The Sun in Mercury’s ruling 3rd asks that you consider all the alternatives out there as it tightly shines on Neptune on the 11th. You may not have been able to see this up until now. But now you do, don’t be afraid to put it on the table.

In a nutshell:

Reaching for a radically different solution or daring to suggest something you would have shied away from in the past could just get your what you want, Aries. You’ll never know unless you ask.



Who is truly on your team?

Who you can rely on may surprise you

Go for soul resonance

Ruler Venus remains retrograde in its ruling 2nd. Re-evaluating your relationship with your cash may feature as well as looking at those connections which you feel are ‘assets’ to you.

Who and what can you count on?

This week sees Venus align with both Ceres in your friendship zone and Chiron in your 12th of hidden truths. The Sun also in your 2nd makes a revealing angle to the ruler of your 12th – Neptune, which is also in your 11th. Mercury in its ruling 3rd of news, business and getting about makes a deal or no deal angle to Ceres also on the 8th.

The upshot of this people showing you their true colours. True and fake friends will be exposed for who they truly are. And this may actually surprise you as to which category people fall in to. You’ll also see you delivers on what they promise and who is simply all talk and not much else.

Slytherin or Gryffindor?

If you like, this is the cosmic equivalent of Hogwart’s Sorting Hat that is sifting through your social contacts. There are just two houses – the people who are true to their words and who you can rely on – and those you clearly can’t. Be aware this could even apply to groups, bands, clubs, associations, parties and organisations. You only want the genuine kind now, Taurus. You know which to choose.

In a nutshell:

Ruler Venus may be backwards still. But it is also intent on showing you which people you can rely on – and those you can’t. Time to sort the true friends from the fake this week, Taurus.



Be business-like

State your terms

Delve into the details

Outstanding career matters or something which impacts on your status, success or even public image could feature this week. There are bargains to be struck and deals to be done. But you need to ensure you understand the T&C’s – and not be afraid to table a few of your own.

Pay attention to the details

Don’t assume anything in any kind of business or even personal deal now. It’s all too easy to fall into the ‘not wanting to spoil it by asking questions’ trap. By there is a call to be business-like and pragmatic even if you are discussing a reconciliation or a new deal is on the table with your career. Venus remains retrograde in your 1st angling to Ceres broker of compromises and deals in your 10th. The Sun in your 1st also puts Neptune in here in the spotlight on the 11th telling you to look carefully at hidden details, clauses and what is not being discussed.

Outrageous fortune favours the bold

Don’t be afraid to suggest alternatives or put in a few terms and conditions of your own. It’s about being confident in both professional and personal matters now. And not being afraid to put your own terms on the table. Ruler Mercury in your money zone makes an angle of attraction to Ceres also on the 8th. While retro Venus in your 1st on the 9th dares you to suggest something new which could be linked to your future path when it impacts on Chiron. This is an angle of outrageous fortune. So, suggest something you might not have dared to ask for in the past. Don’t ignore the details this week. And state your terms, Gemini.

In a nutshell:

A career matter or something that impacts on your public image or status could be back on the table this week, Gemini. Ensure you are clear about the details. And suggest a few of your own.



Yes, you CAN

Dare to do it different

Step free of the past once and for all

Breaking free of the past or being able to step into something bigger features this week for you, Cancer.

History vs. Her-story

It’s time to re-frame history– not repeat it. And if someone from it returns now, what you need to do is explore whether things have truly changed between you before recommitting to jumping back in. How do you do that? By taking your time and also being unafraid to put a new deal on the table. Venus in your 12th links you to past people and also past loves – especially when retrograde.

Plus, you have Mercury, planet of news, communication and ideas in your 1st now. Both of these planets make angles of expectation and freedom with Ceres in your 9th on the 8th. There’s a new deal or new world to be explored which sets you free of a past pattern or limitation. But you are going to have to compromise in some way to have it or bring it about.

Open to a stand-out deal

Don’t be afraid to ask for more than you have simply settled for in the past as part of this. The element of daring comes in on the 9th as Venus aligns to out-of-the-box Chiron in your career zone.

This also tells you that success won’t come from following the crowd but from showcasing your own unique ideas or perspective on things. It’s also about taking a chance – possibly on yourself. And seeing clearly how you may have allowed the ideas or others, fear of failing or even of standing out, hold you back.

Dare to be you

The Sun in your 12th aligns to the ruler of your 12th – Neptune, in your 9th. The only person who can hold you back this week is you and your take on things. Set your thinking free – and do it again – but daringly different this time around.

In a nutshell:

Time to be daring. And dare to stand out, Cancer. Those who succeed aren’t afraid to blaze their own trail. Ditch all the critics this week. The outer ones and above all, the voice telling you that you can’t.



Explore the Power of Choice

Say yes to something new

Don’t settle for the same again

There’s an invitation being extended this week to initiate a major change, Leo. One that has a lasting impact on your future. This could just as easily involve saying no as it could to saying yes. Often the biggest changes result from us taking a stand or deciding that something that was once good enough no longer is.

Simply don’t settle

So, don’t be afraid to do just that if required, Leo. The effects may not be felt immediately – or they could be. This applies across the board. People from your past may continue to feature due to Venus retrograde in your 11th and Mercury in your 12th. Both of these are impacting on Ceres in your 8th this week. Ceres rules deals, seasons and also power. And your 8th is where your power resides. That includes the power to say no if you need to. Or alternatively, yes if you truly believe a new and better deal is on the table.

Accept that change can mean more

The idea this week is to step boldly forward and leave the comfortable choice and instead take a chance as opposed to opting for the usual one as Venus and Chiron – that ruler of the outrageous and outrageous fortune, make a daring angle on the 9th.

Spotlight on choices

Do you want something different and exciting – or are you signing on for more of the same? Ruler the Sun also occupies your house of the future. It brashly illuminates Neptune in your 8th on the 11th, showing you whether the choice or decision before you represents something new or simply the past on repeat. Have the courage of your convictions this week, and your right to expect something better, Leo.

In a nutshell:

The Power to Choose is yours this week, Leo. By opting for a different choice than the ones you’ve made in the past, you set your future on a new course. Dare to make that radical choice.



Revive the magic

Talk terms

Incredible, impossible? – Highly probable!

Venus remains retrograde in your 10th meaning that despite both Ceres and Neptune in your 7th having starring roles in this week’s line-up for you, it’s still not a good time to go looking for love, Virgo.

Nobody expects the love inquisition!

Hearing from or bumping into that old lover and perhaps reviving that connection but on fresh terms is very much favoured however. Especially if you believe that’s the last thing that could ever happen. Ruler Mercury in your 11th trines Ceres in your 7th this week.

While that Venus retro also squares Ceres on the same day (8th). This could see you looking at the opportunity to renegotiating something. The more improbable or impossible you thought it likely to revive – ever – the more the possibility it will increases as Venus sextiles Chiron in your 8th on the 9th.

New deals – new outcomes

This could also apply to a past career opportunity or offer as someone could show you they are willing to come back to the table and talk new terms. However, if this is the case you need to be very clear about what they are offering and also your expectations in turn.

Ensure you have clarity and complete understanding between you whether you are discussing business, joint or personal matters as the Sun also in your 10th, squares Neptune in your 7th on the 11th. Don’t gloss over the details or if this is strictly personal, avoid discussing potential pitfalls or the past for fear of spoiling things in the present. A little transparency and straight talking today avoids disappointment tomorrow, Virgo.

In a nutshell:

Don’t shy away from the details, this week Virgo. Or what you expect from the future. A new agreement could be on the table this week. But you need to be upfront about what you expect from it.



Love enters improbable territory

Show those daily tasks some TLC

New ways of working appear

Ruler Venus remains retrograde in your 9th of big loves, freedom and learning. Things may feel restrictive but they don’t need to be when it comes to reviving that big goal or something you loved to do.

Wild hearts, run free

And yes, even that wild hearted past love could feature now. But of all the signs, you should not need me to tell you this is not the time to explore anything new. Reunions, reconciliations and returns however are highly likely. The more impossible the more likely. Or if there is something you have held back from doing or experiencing in the past, simply because you thought you couldn’t or it was beyond you, again, the odds are in your favour. This week sees Venus sextile Chiron the improbable in your 7th on the 9th. This may have you saying never say never again when it comes to possibilities between you and a past or present partner. All bets are off this week.

Get that feelgood factor

Work and career matters are also in focus. As well as your wellbeing thanks to alignments between Venus, Mercury in your career zone and Ceres in your 6th. You may chance up your routine to incorporate diet or lifestyle changes for instance. Others could see a new project, job offer or business opportunity on the table.

Despite restrictions around new love, there are feelgood opportunities with your name on them – especially when it comes to wellbeing and work. Maybe what’s been lacking on the love front is loving what you do every day whether you are engaged in paid work or not. Being you is a full-time occupation after all. So, show yourself and your daily path the love this week and reveal your higher purpose.

In a nutshell:

Past or present love could take an incredible turn this week. But then it comes to your work, day job, routine or how you feel – time to show your daily business some love, Libra.



Head into unknown territory

Try a little fearlessness

Rise up from the past like a phoenix!

You’re the sign prepared to go where other signs fear to tread. And the phoenix of reinvention and rebirth. Out of the ashes of the past comes something bright and new this week.

Get ready for a rebirth

This could be a financial opportunity, a new deal or understanding between you and someone close to you, or the seeds of a new beginning. Venus remains retrograde in your change sector challenging Ceres in your romantic 5th to come up with something new and more workable on the 8th when it comes to love – or what you love to do!

This same day sees Mercury in your sector of opportunity also make an angle to Ceres. But this one is simply charged with fresh potential. There’s an agreement to be reached with someone that puts both of you in new territory. One that is to both your benefits in fact as Venus also aligns to Chiron in your 6th. That better choice is probably one you would not have contemplated before. But now you see it’s obvious. So, don’t be afraid to suggest something out of the box now.

Laser surgery for the heart and soul

The Sun also in your change sector shows you more solutions or ways forward as it puts Neptune also in your 5th under the spotlight. This could hand you real solutions to something long standing.

You can delve deeply into the heart of the matter now and not be distracted by the things that truly don’t. Call this laser surgery for the soul as what is between you and love is exposed and excised for good. And yes, all this may involve delving deeply into the heart of the matter. But the ability to soar upwards afterwards is well worth the probing for the truth, Scorpio.

In a nutshell:

Going deeper and fearlessly into the past brings about new possibilities for your future this week, Scorpio. Angels and others may fear to tread – but if you want a fresh start, don’t be afraid to go there this week!



Your love revival takes many forms

Win with compromise

This week’s spotlight: What you truly need

Venus remains retrograde in its ruling 7th still meaning new love ventures are still on hold, Sag. Of course, the doors to reviving past loves remain open wide. So, don’t limit yourself when it comes to the form this love revival could take this week.

Win/win is your superpower

Compromise is your key to opportunity now as Venus and Ceres ask you to find the middle path on the 8th. The same day as Mercury in your sector of power money, change and sharing, could put a new deal on the table for you as it also makes a flowing alignment to Ceres in your 4th. As well as love of the personal and embracing kind, this could also see you entering into a new agreement around money or living arrangements too.

Get ready for your close-up

Venus also sextiles Chiron in your pleasure and romance zone on the 9th which could not only lead to a reconciliation but simply reviving something you love to do or shine at. Are you afraid to showcase yourself and your talents? Can you in fact be too outrageous and confident? This angle tells you there is no such thing for you now. Don’t be afraid to stand out or try what you thought was impossible.

It’s all about the love whether it’s for someone or simply something. The truth around what this is if you are still waiting for insight, could be exposed on the 11th. The day when the Sun in your 7th asks Neptune for a revelation in your 4th. Head towards those true needs when it comes to love and bring it on home this week, Sag!

In a nutshell:

You may be a free-spirit. But you need love and the pursuit of it as an essential ingredient for your happiness, Sag. So, don’t be afraid to suggest or try something new to get that this week.



Don’t take yourself for granted

Show those everyday details the love

Only take back what makes you feel good!

Show that everyday routine and especially that body the love as Venus continues its retro-cycle in your 6th, Capricorn. If you’ve been neglecting yourself lately, now is the time to put major adjustments in motion.

Show your routine the love

Taking care of yourself, eating better, listening to what your body is telling you are all ways to show yourself and yes, the world in general, that you are worth it. Get creative when it comes to that day job whether paid or unpaid. We all have daily tasks we need to attend to. Are they ways you can enhance yours to lessen their mundane aspect and add sparkle?

And lastly, how’s that work/life balance? Does that need some love too? Ceres is all about new deals, win/win and compromise. That compromise could be struck between what you know you have to do and what you want to do this week thanks to Venus and Mercury both impacting on Ceres in Mercury’s ruling 3rd on the 8th.

Get ready for a revival

Mercury is in Venus’s ruling 7th while Venus is in Mercury’s ruling 6th. It’s the perfect opportunity to find the middle ground between duty and desire. Please bear in mind however that Venus retro means it is not a good time to embark on a new love affair no matter which house of your chart it is in.

Hearing from a past love or going back to one – especially if you considered this impossible is highly likely due to Venus’s angle to Chiron in your 4th on the 9th. The Sun in your 6th angling to Neptune in your 3rd – both Mercury houses, also points to news or an activity of the past-tense on the 11th.

Look at whether reviving something enhances your wellbeing or daily life before accepting it (or them) back in again. This week is all about creating a new balance by channelling love into those areas you’ve overlooked.

In a nutshell:

Your everyday life and your wellbeing asks that you show them the love this week, Capricorn. It’s so easy to overlook. But this week reminds you not to take these areas – or yourself, for granted.



Invest in a fresh sense of self-worth

Impossible? Improbable? News could arrive you never thought to receive

Is it time for some re-fabulisation?!

Re-fabulise yourself this week, Aquarius. Venus is still retro in your 5th of romance and glamour. Yes, the bad news is this makes it a bad time to begin that new love affair.

Revive the flow

The good news however is that this could either bring back an old lover. Or see you reconnecting to the lost art of getting your glam on or reviving a hobby or creative gift you have let lapse. Don’t go overboard with the spending however as Venus rules your bank account. But spoiling yourself a little if you’ve not been doing this lately and have ended up feeling dull and overlooked as a result, could stand you in good stead for when Venus heads direct once more.

Channelling your financial and other resources into these areas or even reviving an old income stream to make it shiny and productively new could be the result of Venus retro and Mercury impacting on Ceres in Venus’s ruling 2nd on the 8th.

Dare to be fabulous

The 9th puts Venus at an angle to Chiron in your 3rd daring you to say what needs to be said. And if you do, to be prepared for an unexpected result. You could even hear from someone you never expected to again. All bets are off now. The Sun remains in your 5th this week, angling to Neptune in your 2nd on the 11th. This could highlight how or even where, you have not been valuing yourself of late. Time to update that inner worth as well as maybe how you show yourself the love, Aquarius.

In a nutshell:

Just how fabulous do you feel, Aquarius? Time to look at how you feel affects what you attract into your life. Invest in an upgrade that showcases just how valuable you are – to yourself and others.



Discover what you really need

Follow where insight flows

Ditch the negative and head towards the positive!

Ceres and your ruler Neptune in your 1st are connecting you to a new way to fulfil your most basic needs for love, nurturing and security this week. This is about what you truly need as opposed to what you want. And there’s a big difference between the two in many cases.

Go directly to what your heart needs

You need to use heart-centered wisdom and insight to discern the difference between the two now. Venus retrograde in your 4th of home, family, security and living arrangements puts you back in touch with something or somewhere that is essential to that feeling of stability and a place to call your own. It angles to Ceres in your 1st on the 8th which is all about checks and balances.

Mercury in your 5th of romance, children and good times also makes an enhanced angle to Ceres on the same day. Please remember with the planet of love retrograde this is not a good time to embark on a new love affair to fill any need. This is about looking at your past and roots and perhaps reviving or reclaiming that feeling of coming home and filling those long-term needs.

Just flow!

The 9th has Venus angle to Chiron in Venus’s ruling 2nd which could literally hand you the unlooked for means to bring this about. The 11th sees the Sun, also still in your 4th, put your ruler Neptune in the spotlight. This could show you the perfect way to ditch past negativity and move forward into a fresh sense of enlightenment. Especially when it comes to identifying those real needs you’re trying so hard to fill. If you feel the pull towards spending time near water – or even a relaxing bath, heed this. Insight flows to you this way, Pisces.

In a nutshell:

This week puts you in touch with what you truly need as opposed to what you think you do. Insight flows to you so you can stop wasting time on what doesn’t work. And flow with what does, Pisces.


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