Weekly Astrology March 11th 2024 Forecast for All Signs

Aries season

weekly horoscope aries seasonARIES

Follow insight, creativity and love

Explore the source

Something new springs from the past

The final week before the equinox and your birthday cycle sees Venus enhance intuition as it enters your sector of highest love and creativity (11th). Take a deep dive into your source. Let love rule the stars as they sang in the ‘60’s.

The universe gives you a ‘heads up’ this week. That nudge or recurring thought. And you are advised to listen – especially when it comes to others. If you get that niggling feeling something just isn’t ‘right’ pay attention and don’t wait to find out you’re right the hard way.

Conversely – are you being prompted to go back and re-examine something? The past – especially past loves feature and provided you are not indulging in ‘The way we were’ type fantasies, a past relationship or just something you loved to do could become newly relevant. Just ensure you examine it with the experienced eye of today rather than the rose-tinted glasses of yesterday. You have a fresh perspective thanks to the Sun fusing with Neptune (17th).

Rewards from past efforts flow your way thanks to Ceres and Saturn. Others could return to places they have visited in the past. Not out of nostalgia but because there is something to be discovered still. And if so they will seem new to you on some level. What actions you set in motion previously now pay off – or you now know what needs to be discarded to begin anew next week.

In a nutshell: Your final week before your new cycle asks you pay close attention to that nudge from your subconscious. There could be a revival if something can be renewed. Others see rewards appear for past efforts. The rest? Time for release, Aries.

11 Mar 2024 Venus enters Pisces (12th)

13 Mar 2024 Ceres in Capricorn sextile Saturn in Pisces (10th to 12th)

17 Mar 2024 Sun and Neptune conjunct in Pisces (12th)


Follow through on inspiration

Spring into a new social scene

Don’t be a hermit!

Next week spring is sprung when we reach the equinox. But with ruler Venus entering your social sector this week, it’s already time to be out and about, socialising and getting yourself noticed.

This applies both on a personal and a professional level. New and unusual friends and experiences could even open doors for you. Especially those who may share your deep spiritual beliefs or interests. It’s a week to say yes. Especially to any invitations that take you outside your usual group or circle. The fact is that whatever you are seeking to achieve can come to you now in unexpected ways and via those you know.

Do keep in mind that Venus in this house is more about the love of friends or the love a group holds for an interest, movement or cause than it is romantic love. That is not to say that along the track something could develop. But do keep the focus on friendship for now without any other expectations attached.

Its time to find your people. And honestly they are out there waiting for you. They could even be from other countries. What matters is what you have in common. Saturn also in your 11th provides the glue that binds you on the 13th. While the fusion of the Sun and Neptune on the 17th puts you and someone else exactly on the same page.

This week hold on to the belief that your people, community or just that one crazy soul who sees the world exactly like you do, are just a hello or click away. As could be taking that major step towards a goal simply by following through on an inspired thought. All you have to do is make a small effort to find them. Take a step and voila! There’s that connection you were seeking.

In a nutshell: Time to get social with ruler Venus in your 11th of friends and the future. Be willing to explore new circles, groups, clubs or go outside your usual orbit to connect. A community of like-minded souls, or maybe just the one who ‘gets’ you – is waiting.

11 Mar 2024 Venus enters Pisces (11th)

13 Mar 2024 Ceres in Capricorn sextile Saturn in Pisces (9th to 11th)

17 Mar 2024 Sun and Neptune conjunct in Pisces (11th)


Become what success looks like

No more time-wasters

The only way is UP!

We’re still in retro-free weather. Where all the major planets including ruler Mercury are flying forward in the sky. It’s a rare window under which to progress your career and ambitions. So make the most of it.

Dress for success and ensure you look the part as Venus enters your 10th this week. Also do have a very clear idea of what result you are after. This is no time to be vague, uncertain or without a goal you wish to overwhelm. It’s time to push forward with those ladder-ascending plans whether these involve a new position or just recognition in your current one. This is the area where serious results can be achieved.

Venus enhances your image and desirability as a candidate. Be it for that job or for that position in someone’s heart. Ensure you project a vibe that tells them you are to be taken seriously. There are deals to be done, dotted lines to be signed on and serious commitments made this week thanks to Ceres in your 8th and Saturn in its ruling 10th.

Don’t promise more than you can deliver however. And you do need to deliver. And don’t be willing to dilute your own mojo with time wasters either. This week hands you the ability to see past the surface and discern whether the other party is serious or not thanks to the meeting of the Sun and Neptune on the 17th. They too have to deliver on what they say. If you’re both on the same page, this week is about playing for keeps. Otherwise – find the one who knows a keeper when they see them.

In a nutshell: Success-setting stars ask you to take that next big step. And dress like you have already arrived. In both your personal and professional life – know what outcome you want to achieve. Taking yourself seriously gets you serious results.

11 Mar 2024 Venus enters Pisces (10th)

13 Mar 2024 Ceres in Capricorn sextile Saturn in Pisces (8th to 10th)

17 Mar 2024 Sun and Neptune conjunct in Pisces (10th)

july horoscopesCANCER

Set sail on stranger tides!

Go to where the magic happens

Imagine a bigger dream

A little known fact is that while your sign is normally associated with home, family and security, in ancient times it was also the sign of the explorer along with Sagittarius. This is because your ruler, the moon, controls the tides. And yes, centuries ago shipping and therefore travel, was dependent on these. Hence the exploration connection.

This week you are once more in explorer mode as Venus and the planets in your 9th house, push you out of your comfort zone. Into stranger tides where the magic is waiting for you. Get ready to expand your world on some level and broaden your horizons. On search of love, freedom or the pursuit of something you love. This includes a journey towards discovering spiritual truth. Or the truth around what you want to experience thanks to a meeting between the Sun and Neptune in here (17th).

Some of you may well be travelling while others explore learning, dealing with the media or even jumping into that heady, wild, romantic adventure. Yes, what impels you may feel impulsive. But it could lead to something lasting and satisfying. That’s the promise being negotiated between Ceres in your 7th and Saturn also in your 9th. Freedom also requires structure. Just as a journey requires a chart and a compass.

This is a week to let go of your usual expectations and either replace them with bigger goals. Because only the wildest dreams will sustain you. Or else just sign on for the ultimate adventure and be open to what the universe wants to send. No matter what you can dream up for yourself, the universe can always go one better. Don’t limit your experiences by being blinkered to where new ones could take you. Embrace the spirit of exploration in love – and other areas.

In a nutshell: Reawaken your sense of adventure this week. Above all, don’t settle for what’s familiar or even the ‘safe’ choice. And don’t limit your dreams or where they could take you. A bigger vision can be lived – for real.

11 Mar 2024 Venus enters Pisces (9th)

13 Mar 2024 Ceres in Capricorn sextile Saturn in Pisces (7th to 9th)

17 Mar 2024 Sun and Neptune conjunct in Pisces (9th)

monthly horoscope augustLEO

Ignite the fire within you

Shed what holds you back

Empower your path

Shed something that has been holding you back with fearless intent. And free yourself of negative influences this week. Power moves can be made. As you take on a phoenix-like glow and transcend limitations.

Anything that holds you back is bound to be exposed now. Ruler the Sun meeting Neptune in your 8th (17th) brings enlightenment and an ‘Ah-ha!’ moment. Now you see ‘it’ for what it is, there’s no going back. Embrace your power to direct your financial destiny as Venus also lands in this house in your chart this week. And yes, you are bringing sexy back if that has been an issue for you lately. But only if the other party is the right one for you.

This week hands you the change you need to send you soaring. It’s not your problem if others cannot keep up. And it does neither you nor them any good if you allow yourself to be held back. Setting an example by spreading your own wings may inspire others to do the same.

News around work, business ventures, study or the written word could herald a watershed moment with your career where you arrive at a crossroads as Ceres in your 6th aligns to Saturn. You can head towards success but the journey may involve heading out into previously unexplored territory, or you can stick to the familiar path. Which one is it going to be? The fact is, you’ve only stuck a toe into the sea of possibilities when it comes to showcasing all you can be. The theme will intensify as of next week. But why not take a deep breath this one – and the plunge?

In a nutshell: You experience a primal shift when it comes to how you work your own power, Leo. With it comes an effortless shedding of anything that holds you back. Transcend limitations this week. You glow, Leo!

11 Mar 2024 Venus enters Pisces (8th)

13 Mar 2024 Ceres in Capricorn sextile Saturn in Pisces (6th to 8th)

17 Mar 2024 Sun and Neptune conjunct in Pisces (8th)

weekly horoscopesVIRGO

Go for the real thing

Deal or no deal?

Love doesn’t need to be perfect – just perfect for you!

All the major planets – including ruler Mercury continue their retro-free phase into this week. In other words – seize it, Virgo!

Venus is set to extend your yearly partnership peak even when the Sun exits your 7th next week as it lands in its ruling 7th (11th). You could reach a ‘put a ring on it’ moment as Ceres in your 5th asks Saturn in your 7th – ‘Deal or no deal?’ on the 13th. Don’t forget this applies to work and business relationships as well as personal ones.

Certainly one particular duo, duet or double act is highlighted as the Sun and Neptune also meet in your 7th on the 17th. You’re looking at whether or not this is the real deal or the longevity of a union. Plus there’s no more placing love on a pedestal. It demands you get real about it. Or get real about the fact it’s not the real thing after all.

No matter what, get ready to love it up, Virgo. And this includes self-love if you have to act on that. But there’s no denying the stars could be in your eyes and even reflected back at you in the eyes of another. Settleds return to those heady days of first passion while potential ones sparkle with mutual attraction on both a mental and a physical level. Which you know only too well, is a must for you!

What occurs now could leave you breathless and wanting more and the good news is that more could just be forthcoming! All kinds of joint ventures are favoured now – whether it’s a romantic twosome, holidaying with a close friend or a joint business venture. If it’s real – it’s right for you. But you’ll also know if it’s not. That’s the real love the week wants to deliver.

In a nutshell: Deal yourself in to a new partnership dynamic. Based on the real thing rather than the fantasy. You’ll be under no illusions of which is which this week. And love yourself enough to choose what’s really right for you now.

11 Mar 2024 Venus enters Pisces (7th)

13 Mar 2024 Ceres in Capricorn sextile Saturn in Pisces (5th to 7th)

17 Mar 2024 Sun and Neptune conjunct in Pisces (7th)

weekly astrologyLIBRA

Clear out the clutter

Adjust that work/life balance

Get it DONE!

Work and property matters enter a new phase this week. Agreements can be reached and deals can be done. It’s all time to put the finishing touches to those outstanding tasks and to crush that To Do list before the Sun arrives in your 7th next week bringing you your yearly partnership and love peak.

Ruler Venus enters your 6th and along with Ceres angle to Saturn (also in your 6th), asks you do the work and refuse to allow yourself to be distracted. Keep your focus. And do remember, that every job – no matter how ‘glamourous’ it may appear to be, has its mundane aspects. As you tick yet another completed task off that list, hold fast to the knowledge that by next week you will be freed from the everyday drudgery and focussed on your favourite Libran pastime – love and romance. During which time for singles, destiny could take a hand – or forces someone else’s and you have an encounter that can only be called ‘fated’. Isn’t that worth doing the work?

This week favours job searches and applications, changing up that routine, signing contracts or anything that enhances your security or your path. It’s also about finding creativity, joy and meaning in what you do every day or your surroundings. Or doing whatever needs to be done to create that. Adjust this and also declutter yourself of anything you no longer need by the 17th. Those old habits, negative thoughts, dead-end routines and yes, that old outworn, no longer needed stuff. Clearing the way for the new means making space. Get it done, Libra.

In a nutshell: Ruler Venus moves into your 6th of day job and wellbeing. Is clutter dragging you down or preventing the new from entering? Resolve to do whatever it takes to bring the new in. A fresh phase ushers in a new way of living and working.

11 Mar 2024 Venus enters Pisces (6th)

13 Mar 2024 Ceres in Capricorn sextile Saturn in Pisces (4th to 6th)

17 Mar 2024 Sun and Neptune conjunct in Pisces (6th)


No more so-so love

Get serious about fun

The beat is on!

Expect an extension of your yearly pleasure cycle courtesy of Venus arriving in your 5th. Time to seriously commit to bringing more joy, romance and fun into your life. News, an enticing DM or an invitation opens the door to this on the 13th. It may seem frivolous on the surface but it could in fact lead to something far more lasting.

Attraction and abundance – note the latter includes the word ‘dance’ – are your fuel. Time to dance to a new rhythm. The beat is on – house, hip-hop, rap, rock, country, classical – whatever has you tapping your feet. If you have been asking ‘Should I stay or should I go?’ when it comes to a connection, the answer to that should be forthcoming as the Sun and Neptune show you whether this is just superficial or something more. Please follow through with whichever one it turns out to be. You’re either in 100% – or out. Ambivalence is not a decision.

If you hesitate then you are going to stall a process that just wants to deliver you something better. Whether it’s in the realm of romance or recognition for what makes you sparkle and stand out. Children – yours or other people’s – could feature or else show you what you need to recapture.

Hanging on to the so-so means there is no room for the new. You of all signs know when you have the best that there is out there. If you don’t already think that, then you have your answer. Claim your joy, Scorpio.

In a nutshell: Venus enhances attraction and abundance. Your personal rhythm sets the speed for how fast it flows your way this week. Is it time to move to the beat of a different tune? You’ll know is something is so-so. Or so right this week.

11 Mar 2024 Venus enters Pisces (5th)

13 Mar 2024 Ceres in Capricorn sextile Saturn in Pisces (3rd to 5th)

17 Mar 2024 Sun and Neptune conjunct in Pisces (5th)

mercury and venus in sagittariusSAGITTARIUS

Make all the right moves

Unlock your next phase

Home, family and your path feature

Moves, keys and doors are your theme this week, Sag. Openings and closing. New paths and potentials. You have a crowded 4th house in your chart with the Sun, Venus, Saturn and Neptune in here. Those astro-seeker Sagis know that these planets are squaring your Sag factors. So, an effort needs to be made to ‘push’ towards potential. But also to look seriously at where you may be stopped or stalled.

Ahead of the Sun’s move into your 5th next week, attend to home, family and property matters. Yes, I did mention keys. And also what they unlock. This doesn’t just apply to where you live. But also portals that progress your pathway as well. One may open wide on the 13th leading to financial benefits as Ceres in your 2nd angles to Saturn. Don’t be afraid to be upfront about whatever you need or expect. Especially if negotiating anything financial.

If however, doors are remaining closed to you – no matter how long and loud you knock, or you are just not getting the results you hoped for despite all your efforts, there is a deeper message here and that is to stop and knock on a different door. The Sun’s meeting to Neptune also in your 4th (17th), illuminates whether this is necessary now. Seeing how your choices influence your results is an illuminating moment. And often all we need in order to adjust our path accordingly. If your trajectory is the right one – you’ll have the right moves to match it.

In a nutshell: The path ahead is illuminated for you this week. Venus in your 4th enhances home, living and property matters. And Saturn also in your 4th demonstrates clearly if you’ve made the right moves up until this point. If not – there’s a new path ahead.

11 Mar 2024 Venus enters Pisces (4th)

13 Mar 2024 Ceres in Capricorn sextile Saturn in Pisces (2nd to 4th)

17 Mar 2024 Sun and Neptune conjunct in Pisces (4th)


Say what you mean to say

Ask those important questions

Find the win/win sweet spot!

You’re on a fact finding mission this week. And also flirting. With fresh ideas, opportunities and yes, even that swipe or connection. All thanks to the slew of planets including ruler Saturn in your 3rd.

Writing, teaching, publishing, contracts, paperwork, ideas and the internet all feature. The week continues the momentum generated by all the major planets direct. While Venus in your 3rd simply wants to deliver positive news and enhances anything you say, share or send out. You do however need to know that what is said or agreed upon will be delivered. And asking all the right questions in any situation. This hands you a killer advantage in any interaction. Be it that date, that interview or that negotiation.

You are aiming for that deal, agreement or win/win. But you also know that to get to this means uncovering the facts and asking the right questions. And looking closely at the answers you are given in return. Do know what you are getting into. If signing important documents or contracts, please read the small print and if you are uncertain, get a professional opinion.

I am not saying you will be misled but this is one of those weeks when someone may just try to pull the wool over your eyes. Certainly, if someone comes to you with a tall tale of the ‘pity me’ variety, you should take it with a pinch of salt until the facts can be verified. If someone has been misleading you, they will be exposed. Not everyone has your sense of integrity. You only say it if you mean it. The truth behind what is being said, or the subtext of it – is revealed.

In a nutshell: Asking all the right questions leads to all the right moves. Whatever you say – you mean it. This week sees you discover whether someone else does too. While Venus hands you Olympic level flirting skills.

11 Mar 2024 Venus enters Pisces (3rd)

13 Mar 2024 Ceres in Capricorn sextile Saturn in Pisces (1st to 3rd)

17 Mar 2024 Sun and Neptune conjunct in Pisces (3rd)


Know your value

Watch where the money goes

Anything left behind is yours by fate

Venus enters its ruling 2nd in your chart. And the focus is money – yours and what you owe or are owed in return, Aquarius.

Debts from the past may be repaid. But that doesn’t mean if someone has gone off with something that belongs to you that they will necessary return it. I would also say – don’t lend money this week unless you can afford to simply write it off. Yes, someone may assure you they WILL pay you back by a certain date. Just take it this may not happen. If you cannot afford it, you need to say no.

Funny as the angle between Ceres in your 12th and Saturn in your 2nd could see you the recipient of a legacy. Or someone ‘leaves you’ something as in they leave it behind them. Anything from a book to a clock. This could leave you feeling this is oh-so-karmic somehow.

Do get a grip on your finances this week. And know what to charge if you work for yourself or are involved in negotiating salary or your rates. Venus in here usually sees an increase in the flow of abundance around you. It can also offer you a fresh source of income. But if you are not careful and watching where the money goes – it can have you spending it faster than it flows in. Usually on something beautiful and soul-enhancing. But it’s a question of want vs. need now. The 17th delivers the truth about a financial situation. Accept that’s the bottom line of that balance sheet now. And work from that.

In a nutshell: Money features this week. It’s important you know where it goes. And to spend on what you need – as opposed to what you want. If something is left to you or behind, there’s a karmic twist to this. What you owed – and owe in return, falls due.

11 Mar 2024 Venus enters Pisces (2nd)

13 Mar 2024 Ceres in Capricorn sextile Saturn in Pisces (12th to 2nd)

17 Mar 2024 Sun and Neptune conjunct in Pisces (2nd)

full moon in piscesPISCES

Let’s get this after-party started!

Adjust your image – beautifully

Be it to bring it into being

Venus joins the Sun, Saturn and ruler Neptune in your sign this week. Which adds up to your fresh cycle continuing past the Sun’s exit from your 1st which will happen next week. You had the party – now start the after-party, Pisces!

Of course, Venus wants to enhance your image in some way. And yes, you are allowed to spoil yourself within certain constraints. As in, not blowing your budget for instance. Saturn keeps a check on this. And you should be perfectly happen to work with what you have. You should be at your most social now. And able to break down barriers which exist between you and others thanks to Ceres in your 11th.

Your ability to come up with creative solutions hits an all-time high this week, Pisces. Work that magic and look to what enters your world as it is going to be based solely on what you are putting out there in turn. The 17th has the Sun and ruler Neptune casting a special kind of glamour and enchantment about you. So, if you radiate you will attract back in kind. If you are a glass half-full person then the glass may now overflow.

However, that glass may end up empty if you persist in dwelling on negative outcomes. I’m not saying the planets are acting as your Fairy Godmother right now. And even those who appear to be on a roll may have to deal with some challenges. But it’s all down to how you approach these. Knowing you have the skills to deal with them and emerge is all it takes – as does knowing that next good thing is just around the corner. If that’s your belief, that’s exactly what you’ll find. Become it to attract it, Pisces. It all begins with you.

In a nutshell: There’s an aura of allure and enchantment surrounding you this week, Pisces. Do put yourself out there. And remember, like responds to like. So, whatever you’re seeking to attract – broadcast on the same wavelength.

11 Mar 2024 Venus enters Pisces (1st)

13 Mar 2024 Ceres in Capricorn sextile Saturn in Pisces (11th to 1st)

17 Mar 2024 Sun and Neptune conjunct in Pisces (1st)

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