Weekly Astrology March 27th 2023 for All Signs

Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs March 27th 2023

weekly horoscope aries seasonARIES

Know what is priceless

Master the art of self-awareness

So much WIN!!

That winning move can be made while others simply watch in awe at your fabulosity and scorching self-confidence this week. You’re on the cusp of a Brave New World where your money and value system will be subject to radical revolution and change. Fear not, dear Aries as this is designed to bring you a new kind of freedom and have you embracing what truly matters to you. Call this week a dress rehearsal for what’s to come that allows you to look closely at what price you put on freedom and what you are prepared to compromise on or for – and what’s a deal-breaker for you. This may involve looking deep within your soul and realising some things are simply beyond price. Certain areas where you may have unwittingly given away your power may also be revealed and if so, you will take steps – radical ones if necessary, to rectify this.

Dwarf planet Ceres is about what we are prepared to give up in order to reach that compromise but it is also about power. It’s in the background working away. While Jupiter in your sign keeps the focus firmly on you and all you do. Your fresh cycle is always about new beginnings. And this one is extra special this year. Not only with Jupiter’s presence but with not one but TWO new Moons promising bold new beginnings with a touch of brazen outrageous charm and fortune!

This week offers an opportunity to reclaim your power or to enter into talks that eventually result in a solution you can live with. Be flexible and don’t dig in. Expect some too-ing and fro-ing to occur before the final resolution is reached however. This is an art and it is the art of self-awareness as the result will be you understanding yourself a whole lot better. Freedom also lies with friends, groups, bands, clubs, contacts, associations and the Power of the People. If you’re seeking change, Venus in your 2nd says: Don’t sell out this week, Aries but count the cost of not finding that middle ground. Uranus says: That radical line may just provide the outlet you seek.

In a nutshell: What’s a non-negotiable for you, Aries? What won’t you ‘sell out’? Your value system is in focus. The art of compromise opens up new solutions – and a better understanding.

28 Mar 2023 Mercury conjunct Jupiter in Aries (1st)

30 Mar 2023 Mars in Cancer trine Saturn in Pisces (4th to 12th)

30 Mar 2023 Venus and Uranus conjunct in Taurus (2nd)

2 Apr 2023 Mercury enters Taurus (2nd)

weekly astrologyTAURUS

Werk that worth, Taurus.

Take relationships to a new dimension

Love is the evolutionary revolutionary journey you’re on

Being part of something always requires eventual compromise, Taurus. Often too, having that goal may require a similar compromise being made. Deals and negotiations may feature now and the question for you is going to be what will you be prepared to give up to get what you want? This week is a dress rehearsal for us all on some level when it comes to our values, but it concerns you most of all. Time to define what price you put on having what you want or even getting your own way. Look at compromise in a new way if it requires you to do this with friends or your personal life. You are compromising for the relationship. We see the person – or in your case perhaps even a group of people, not simply as just a relationship. But as a being – an energetic and living entity in its own right. Once we understand this distinction, defining what we are prepared to compromise over becomes easy. It’s not just about us. We either find common ground and invest in the relationship further – or not.

Looking at how reaching your goals may require you to give a little in one is another balancing act you may be engaged in, thanks to the Sun in your 12th along with Mercury and Jupiter. You become the Magician of Compromise. But also know where you need to draw the line. However, a gentler angle between Mars and Saturn gives you a confident approach when it comes to knowing whether to seek the middle ground or hold in place. Ruler Venus hands you a new take on relationships designed to evolve your soul as it meets Uranus on the 30th. There could be another compromise to be struck with your work/life balance or just by taking a diplomatic approach. Remember, people don’t know what you are thinking unless you tell them. Compromise for you could well begin by talking about it.

In a nutshell: Think of your relationships as living things in their own right. Relate to loved ones in new ways as a result. And take whatever steps are needed to enter that evolutionary state of togetherness, Taurus!

28 Mar 2023 Mercury conjunct Jupiter in Aries (12th)

30 Mar 2023 Mars in Cancer trine Saturn in Pisces (3rd to 11th)

30 Mar 2023 Venus and Uranus conjunct in Taurus (1st)

2 Apr 2023 Mercury enters Taurus (1st)


Past, present and future meet this week

Know where you need answers

Are you juggling two loves?

Admitting we don’t know the answer is usually the first step towards finding it. You’re at the start of a long discovery process which will reveal just what you do need to know in order to evolve your soul. Your soul path or purpose is in focus this week thanks to Saturn now in its ruling 10th in its ruling house – your career zone. Extra responsibilities may be on their way, and you may need to perform a juggling act in order to meet these. This may feel somewhat restrictive and some of you may literally feel pulled in two directions. One scenario could be you being offered a big project just as a romance begins to take off.

Or the demands on your time increase on both the work and the home front simultaneously. When it comes to you career, one thing I can tell you is that there is more going on than meets the eye right now due to Venus and Uranus in your 12th. This could have you potentially working behind the scenes for rewards to be reaped at a later date. Or on something you want to keep under wraps for now. Be mindful no matter what your role right now, that those in positions of power and authority may be taking an interest in what you are doing – perhaps without you realising it. And this attention may add up to something beneficial in the long term.

So, juggle away if you need to. The energy is the positive side of the Two of Pentacles. You are not being stretched. You are in control of the flow. Something unexpected lands possibly via who you knew or know. Not just because that Venus/Uranus conjunction may serve surprises. But thanks to Mercury and Jupiter in your 11th. One of the best days for advancing towards a future goal.

That conflict could simply be between what you have to do and what your heart desires to be doing (or I could say who!). As the sign of duality are you juggling two loves of a different kind? What you may be seeking answers to this week could quite literally be how to achieve both. If you don’t know, ask others or seek answers on-line around time management.

Ruler Mercury’s meeting with Jupiter (28th) puts the resources you need within reach while simultaneously sending your future in a new direction. There truly is a compromise to be struck now between your responsibilities and what you love. Without you having to give up on either. Watch what inspiration around this appears once Mercury moves into your 12th. But keep in mind that intuition nudges and whispers. It never shoves or shouts. Don’t ignore what needs to be done or look for distractions. Take it that your rewards may not appear immediately. But some things are quite literally worth the effort – and the wait.

In a nutshell: You may have to achieve a balancing act between what you have to do and what you love doing, Gemini. There is a sweet spot to be found this week that brings rewards and freedom. Do the work for the first. The latter simply flows from that.

28 Mar 2023 Mercury conjunct Jupiter in Aries (11th)

30 Mar 2023 Mars in Cancer trine Saturn in Pisces (2nd to 10th)

30 Mar 2023 Venus and Uranus conjunct in Taurus (12th)

2 Apr 2023 Mercury enters Taurus (12th)

july horoscopesCancer

Be open to something new

Adjust your daily routine

Enter a different world

Shifts around your goals and also your social life could have wider reaching implications than you first imagine, Cancer. Prepare for the new, exciting and innovating to enter your life. If that social scene has become so-so then this week could usher in the first of many far-reaching changes. You may be the one to instigate this. You’ve a desire for more stimulation and excitement now. There’s a curiosity and a real need to see who or what else may be ‘out there’. We tend to get stuck in a rut – not just in our daily routine but also in our social circle. This week could see the opportunity to enter a different world and meet people who would not normally cross your path as Venus and Uranus meet in your 11th.

Not only that, Mercury and Jupiter (28th) along with Mars in your sign, push you out into something bigger, wider and more exciting this week. The results are what you were waiting for! Even as your horizons expand, it’s important not to neglect the soul component of success. That satisfaction of discovering what you can do when you try. Achievement, ambition and winning moves push you ahead. Structured freedom proves to be the sweetest kind now Saturn is in your 9th. The win may have required some effort. But it releases you from limitations.

Don’t whatever you do now have a ‘That’s just the way it is’ mindset. Hanging on to the way things were or closing yourself off to fresh possibilities blocks the flow of potential to you. Take ownership. Once Venus and Uranus and joined by Mercury, this promises release from stagnation, encounters which challenge your ideas, passion and even access to financial or other benefits. Its encounter with Uranus could be game-changing if you are prepared to walk your talk rather than go with the crowd. Venus in here asks if you’ve been settling for something less than you’re worth. Allow yourself to see potentials you never knew existed and adjust your goals accordingly.

In a nutshell: Step into a new, broader experience. Your ideas about what you can have or experience are set to change. As could what you can achieve when you set your mind to it. Whatever is on offer – there’s no staying put this week!

monthly horoscope augustLEO

Luck Happens

The cosmos has its own timing

Be prepared to play the waiting game

Here’s the thing with Jupiter’s lucky streaks, Leo. They can arrive on time, months before or months later just when you’ve been left wondering what all the fuss those astrologers were going on about a particular Jupiter transit was. All any astrologer can tell you when Jupiter is about and when it is in a fellow fire sign like Aries and its ruling 9th in your chart is: Be ready.

A bit like a benevolent Jeremy Beadle (himself an Aries), knowing Jupiter is about puts us in a state of anticipation. But even the best astrologer may not be able to tell you when Jupiter will deliver. Yes, we can give you the timing but what we need to remember is that Jupiter rules gambling and taking a chance. Chances are, what goodies come our way are entirely on Jupiter’s schedule.

Do bear this in mind this week as Mercury and Jupiter meet in your 9th (28th). Followed by Venus and Uranus in your 10th. The latter adds to the element of surprise and quirky timing. You may be expecting big news. Or opportunity to come knocking. But then – nothing. Don’t think for one moment you’ve been forgotten however. The moment you forget about it is when Jupiter releases its largesse.

Of course, you could be that lucky Leo who is taking that trip of a lifetime, receives that golden opportunity or is given a heaven-sent solution right on schedule. But yes, I do understand, Leo. Fire signs simply don’t do patience. Instant gratification takes too long.

Mercury is on the move this week into your 10th. Again, this promises news around a career matter, a major project or plan. Or certainly you entering the next stage of the process. The conclusion? If its not forthcoming this week as you may have hoped, simply see this as just another stage in the journey. The waiting game. If life’s an airport, you could find out you’ve been upgraded if you wait to board, Leo.

In a nutshell: Luck happens and often when we stop waiting for it to arrive. However, the chances of you being in the right place at the right time to take advantage of some big benefits Jupiter style – extremely likely this week, Leo!

28 Mar 2023 Mercury conjunct Jupiter in Aries (9th)

30 Mar 2023 Mars in Cancer trine Saturn in Pisces (12th to 8th)

30 Mar 2023 Venus and Uranus conjunct in Taurus (10th)

2 Apr 2023 Mercury enters Taurus (10th)

weekly horoscopesVIRGO

Serving: Simply the best

All aboard the Starlight Express

Ride the rollercoaster of love and discovery!

Just by being yourself, anyone can tell whatever you’re serving – you’re the best there is this week, Virgo. Like Tina Turner – all you have to do is show up.

You are one of the signs who is most probably in the best position to benefit from this week’s two mega-conjunctions. The first (28th) sees ruler Mars collide with Fat Boy Jupiter in your 8th. Weapon of choice? Whatever is yours, again, whether its those smarts or fierce, unadulterated sexiness, everyone knows you own it, Virgo.

How you use it is up to you. But with Mars in your 11th angling to Saturn in your partnership zone, the results are going to be lasting. Mercury will move into your 9th on the 2nd which points to doors opening, a release or you powering forward unimpeded from this point onwards. You are serving it all with a side order of win.

The second major collision occurs between love planet Venus and revolutionary Uranus again in your 9th (30th). Uranus wants our freedom. To hand us the opportunities and experiences which evolve our soul and awaken us. Venus simply wants us to enjoy it. The two together can send us spinning on starlight in a new, exciting and totally unexpected direction. That cosmic roller-coaster of love or discovery. This week asks: Are you up for the ride? Strap yourself in, Virgo. Feel a little G-Force when it comes to that sudden turn or switch. When it happens, you’ll see its exactly what you were waiting for!

In a nutshell: You’re serving extra this week when it comes to all round confidence, sexiness and sheer, compelling star quality, Virgo. All you have to do to become a headline act in your own right is show up. And just be you. That’s the essential ingredient.

28 Mar 2023 Mercury conjunct Jupiter in Aries (8th)

30 Mar 2023 Mars in Cancer trine Saturn in Pisces (11th to 7th)

30 Mar 2023 Venus and Uranus conjunct in Taurus (9th)

2 Apr 2023 Mercury enters Taurus (9th)

weekly astrologyLIBRA

No pale imitations. Just the real thing

It’s more fun with two

Lovers, mischief makers and collaborators – arise and join forces!

Lovers, collaborators, partners in mischief, that person who acts as a mentor, a lobbyist on your behalf, that simmering attraction that has had you thinking: Do they? Don’t they? All feature in a big way this week. And yes, if you were wanting answers, to be part of a dynamic duo, to embark on a joint vision or quest – the wait could be over as Mercury and Jupiter meet in your 7th.

You’ve just under two months left of Jupiter’s Big Love effect in this sector of your chart. And chances are you want to feel that wind beneath your wings. If you have no boo right now, do focus on your friendships and all other variants of double acts and duets. Be mindful that if you try to go it alone right now, you will feel strangely unplugged and deflated. That’s not what the universe and Jupiter itself wants for you. Patsy needs Edie. Ant needs Dec. Tina Fey needs Amy Poehler. I could go on and on, but you get the idea. You need that +1. So, go get them. Or get seeking.

I reminded the Leos in the other part of the sky that Jupiter doesn’t always deliver on its promise on schedule. If you are still waiting for Jupiter to make good on its meeting with your ruler Venus at the start of the month, do keep this in mind. That’s because Jupiter takes a relaxed or scenic route.

This week also has Venus meet with Uranus in your 8th and Mercury arrive in here. There’s something about waiting for the real deal around this. No fakery allowed. Someone had better be offering you exactly that. Be it that job offer, a relationship or that Birkin, Libra. If what’s being held out doesn’t have that air of genuine quality, you’re unafraid to hold out for what does. A pale imitation of the real thing? There’s not a hope in hell you’d fall for it this week. The surprise element of this is that all of a sudden, something new and better miraculously appears. You sort of knew it would, Libra.

In a nutshell: Ruler Venus has a surprise in store. While Jupiter in your love zone wants you to experience a new take on what two can do. Whatever form this takes, don’t go it alone. Or fall for pale imitations of the real thing, Libra.

28 Mar 2023 Mercury conjunct Jupiter in Aries (7th)

30 Mar 2023 Mars in Cancer trine Saturn in Pisces (10th to 6th)

30 Mar 2023 Venus and Uranus conjunct in Taurus (8th)

2 Apr 2023 Mercury enters Taurus (8th)


Scorching? Or just a load of hot air?!

Love doesn’t do labels

Be better. Here comes You 2.0

Ancient ruler Mars in your 9th has you looking at whether something is actually hot – or not, as it aligns to Saturn in your 5th this week. Just remember, it can get steamy but that doesn’t actually mean there’s any real heat. Just a lot of hot air blowing about.

Venus in its ruling 7th meets up with Uranus on the same day as that Mars/Saturn alignment. So, take it this illustrates perfectly whether something has staying power or not. Certainly you won’t be in the mood for anyone who keeps blowing hot and cold. If it’s just a flash in the pan you won’t want to reheat it either. Uranus combined with Venus in here serves up honesty because nothing else will do, Scorpio. Uranus is the ultimate believer in ‘The truth will set you free’.

Of course the truth may well be the kind you put that ring on. Lusciously lucky in love you in which case. That lover like no other you’ve ever encountered may turn out to be the ‘one’. Ditch any ‘types’ you may have fallen for in the past. Especially if you’re seeking a different outcome this time around.

Don’t forget, Jupiter is on its way towards your 7th and from May onwards delivers your best partnership experience in 12 years. So, you can relax. This week also has Mercury in its ruling 6th collaborate with Jupiter (28th). You’ve used this transit to up your standards in so many areas, Scorpio. In work, what you deliver on and above all, how you care for and look after yourself.

This meeting of the two planets could offer up something so much more aligned to this new way of operating or being You 2.0. That better job, a healthier routine, way of working or living. You’ve had the philosophy: Do the Work ever since Jupiter arrives in here last year. The perfection you’ve poured into each task and willingness to see it through, now pays off. Jupiter always rewards and Mercury delivers the good news.

In a nutshell: Mars brings the heat. But also shows you if something is just hot air. You’re on the brink of your most loved-up cycle for 12 years, phoenix. You need it real and if its not – you can chillax knowing its heading your way.

28 Mar 2023 Mercury conjunct Jupiter in Aries (6th)

30 Mar 2023 Mars in Cancer trine Saturn in Pisces (9th to 5th)

30 Mar 2023 Venus and Uranus conjunct in Taurus (7th)

2 Apr 2023 Mercury enters Taurus (7th)

mercury and venus in sagittariusSAGITTARIUS

No wish is too outrageous

No star too far

No move is too bold!

Fatso planet is at its most disco in your 5th. Know that there is no such thing as too big an ask with Jupiter in this position. In fact, if you have asked but are still waiting for the answer, that’s because you’ve not given your ruler enough to work with. So, as it meets Mercury on the 28th, you might just want to add that gimme me more, more, more! And then jump like a classic ‘80’s track when it arrives.

Harness your most bold, inventive streak when it comes to wishlisting. There are two major conjunctions occurring this week. The second two days after the Merc/Jupiter meeting when Venus and Uranus collide in your 6th. Also include the kind of wish that would deliver everyday benefits. And yes, you can make more than one. The mother of love meets the hipster of invention. Allow your creativity free rein when it comes to how you can disco up your day job, studies, self-care or routine. A new job perhaps? A successful side hustle? Enhanced wellness? Wanna turn freelance? Be your own CEO? Venus says: Look at all that talent. While Uranus tells you to work it like only you can – with a touch of genius.

Mercury rules this house and lands on the 2nd. Mercury in here is super smart – and it knows it. Plus, it’s not about to allow you to let any of your resources go to waste. You end up using them in divergently different ways. And as your ruler always helps those who help themselves, you just end up making inroads to having more anyway. Jump in, Sag!

In a nutshell: Go disco or go home when it comes to those big wishes and dreams, Sag. Demand that your ruler deliver. If your dream isn’t manifesting – could it be you simply need a bigger one? Go ahead, jump in and feel the love.

28 Mar 2023 Mercury conjunct Jupiter in Aries (5th)

30 Mar 2023 Mars in Cancer trine Saturn in Pisces (8th to 4th)

30 Mar 2023 Venus and Uranus conjunct in Taurus (6th)

2 Apr 2023 Mercury enters Taurus (6th)


Make that home centered choice

Think in the long term

Serving R-E-S-P-E-C-T

Someone is saying something that needs to be taken seriously this week. Either you or else someone else is laying down the law. There’s a feeling of ‘The buck stops here’ with the trine between Saturn your ruler and Mars in your 7th. There’s a line drawn and it cannot be crossed. Certainly, you will be determined to ensure others know you mean what you say. These are the house rules. They are not flexible. Don’t break them.

If there has been a history of stepping over the mark, you will have the confidence to hold your position. And in doing so you (and potentially they), know where they stand, feel more secure and also respect each other more. If tough love is called for, bring it, Cappy. R-E-S-P-E-C-T is a key component of long term love. It’s like trust. Without it you got nothin’. Keep this in mind.

This week favours property matters, decisions around home, family and your security, your roots and long term path as Mercury which rules commerce and contracts joins Jupiter in your 4th. Something is designed for living larger.

Then there’s love matters. Who and how including your children as well as those lovers. Again, sometimes love needs fences to grow stronger. Uranus innovates while Venus enhances. These two meet in your 5th on the 30th. Singles could find love looks different or comes with a different set of rules. That may be no bad thing provided of course, those rules don’t go against your core values. If you are the one setting those boundaries, chances are it is those values you are protecting. Getting your point across is easy thanks to Mercury’s arrival in here from the 2nd. Those standards you have are what make you worth loving, Capricorn. So, don’t be afraid to stand by them.

In a nutshell: The talk turns to where the lines are drawn in love. The ones you simply don’t cross. Either you or someone else is saying: Here and no further. Respect is a key component to longevity and love of the lasting kind.

28 Mar 2023 Mercury conjunct Jupiter in Aries (4th)

30 Mar 2023 Mars in Cancer trine Saturn in Pisces (7th to 3rd)

30 Mar 2023 Venus and Uranus conjunct in Taurus (5th)

2 Apr 2023 Mercury enters Taurus (5th)


Know when the price is right

Be ready with your answer

What’s moving in to your life?

You know what’s worth it and what’s not for sale this week, Aquarius. This can be an intangible such as your time, love or a principle. Or an actual commodity. Whichever one it is, you know if the price is right as Mars in your 6th aligns to your ancient ruler Saturn in your money zone.

If you have been engaged in work or even habits, that have had a detrimental effect on your wellbeing – either physical, mental or spiritual, you may decide this simply isn’t worth it. And cash in those chips. Others could actually be looking a rewards which are bankable. Such as a raise or return on their investment in their work, talents or even that self-care regimen.

This week promises deals and satisfaction. It’s a good news week one way or another. Just bear in mind that sometimes the best news we can give ourselves is our ability to say no. However, many of you may be saying yes to an offer or opportunity as Mercury and Jupiter meet in your 3rd on the 28th.

Ruler Uranus has plans for you as it also meets Venus in your 4th two days later. The good news could very well relate to your home, your children, your living arrangements or something which enhances your long term security. Running your business from home. A new home. Making money from home. Love in some way, shape or form moving in. There’s an escape from restriction theme across the entire week for you, Aquarius. It stems from saying yes or no to what you know is priceless, not for sale and ultimately, enhances your life.

IN a nutshell: Love, wellbeing, abundance, prosperity. What’s knocking on your door this week, Aquarius and asking to move in? Opt for something life enhancing which simply adds to your betterment. And know some things are simply not for sale.

28 Mar 2023 Mercury conjunct Jupiter in Aries (3rd)

30 Mar 2023 Mars in Cancer trine Saturn in Pisces (6th to 2nd)

30 Mar 2023 Venus and Uranus conjunct in Taurus (4th)

2 Apr 2023 Mercury enters Taurus (4th)

full moon in piscesPISCES

Get those answers in love

No drifting, set your direction

Bring the fire – and the passion!

No more blowing hot and cold or not knowing where you stand this week, Pisces. Yes, ruler Neptune in your sign has made you open, free flowing, compassionate and empathetic. You see the other party’s point of view so clearly you can lose sight of your own however. Saturn is here to correct that and provide a reality check if needed.

You won’t be content to just drift any longer. Neither will you be willing to continue to make excuses for someone’s behaviour. Especially if this has been going on for a while now. Mars in your 5th of lovers and significant others, links to Saturn in your 1st and this could see you reach the point where you have heard all this too many times before. Your BS detector sounds off. You call the other party out over it.

I’m not saying they may like you putting them on the spot, Pisces. And I know this isn’t you usual style. There’s an element of ‘shape up or ship out’ occurring. A tough soul call. Either they prove they can be the person you believe they can be. Or you sail in another direction.

The upside is this week you bring huge passion and creativity to anything you undertake. Tangible rewards and recognition are on offer thanks to the alignment between Mercury and Jupiter in your 2nd. The universe could just have a delivery for you that boosts your bank account or worth in other ways.

Venus and Uranus co-joined in your 3rd brings surprising and exciting news. Or else infuses you with ideas which innovate. You won’t be afraid to take a chance when it comes to what you say, apply for, send out, share, swipe. And once Mercury also arrives in what is its ruling house, there’s a feeling of being on your way or headed in a new direction as April begins. You’re no fool this week, Pisces. So don’t be afraid to insist others meet those deliverables.

In a nutshell: You’re the bringer of fire this week, Pisces. With your creativity and your beliefs. You aren’t afraid to ask others do the same and stand by their word and match your integrity. Just thank Saturn in your sign. Now you know what it truly means to serve realness!

28 Mar 2023 Mercury conjunct Jupiter in Aries (2nd)

30 Mar 2023 Mars in Cancer trine Saturn in Pisces (5th to 1st)

30 Mar 2023 Venus and Uranus conjunct in Taurus (3rd)

2 Apr 2023 Mercury enters Taurus (3rd)


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