24th February 2020 Weekly Horoscope Video

Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs November 11 2019 by our Astrologer and Psychic Elen


  • Step past the gender gap
  • Determine your self-worth
  • Be a warrior – for equality!

It’s all about your values with a full Moon in your 2nd this week, Aries. Specifically, your self-worth and the value you put on yourself. This full Moon falls conjunct Vesta in here. Vesta rules gender issues. Remember the full Moon rule? That their light is reflected back and illuminates the house opposite to the one they appear in? That’s your 8th of power and also what you share with others and is shared by you in return. Are you being treated equally or not based on the gender you identify with? This full Moon can also highlight gender bias within families or family life where the dynamic is skewed in one direction. For example, a man in a household with a wife and several daughters. Is there one rule for one and a totally different set for others based simply on their sex? Another example would be one rule for a son and another for daughters. Does your value system tell you that you are entitled to equal treatment whether this is over pay, chores or simply how you are expected to behave?

Hidden issues around these themes may surface now as retroactive Mercury in your8th trines Neptune in its ruling 12th on the 14th. The 16th could see you in a mood to demand equal treatment if it has been lacking and a better deal all round as Ceres enters your 10th of career and status. You’re ready to strike a fresh bargain based on who you are as a person, not your gender now. Break free of any bias and know your worth as a human being.

In a nutshell: This week’s full Moon asks you to look closely at how you are valued or treated. Is this determined by your gender? Time to ask for equal treatment whether it’s at work or at home, Aries.



  • Is that reflection equal or skewed?
  • Bring balance back to your relationships
  • Set your values based on who you are

This week’s full Moon in your 1st is shining on someone opposite you, Taurus. That’s because if you recall the full Moon rule, they shine their light into the house opposite to the one they appear in. In this case your 7th of partners, long term loves, close working relationships and friendships. And yes, enemies, rivals and that person you simply cannot stand too. This full Moon also happens to fall conjunct Vesta in your 1st. Vesta rules gender issues, sexism and basically people being assigned roles based solely on their sex. Be aware at this time this cuts both ways. You can identify with the male sex and burdened with expectations around what you should be doing that smacks of gender bias and runs contrary to who you as a human being. We all have an emotion need to be treated equally and this full Moon is about fulfilling that. Or taking steps to reset the balance.

The person opposite you is holding up that mirror which tells you whether or not you are seen and treated as an equal based solely on your gender. You have assistance from retroactive Mercury also in your partnership sector trineing Neptune in your house of the future on the 14th. Along with Ceres in your 9th of higher ideals and freedom from the 16th, you can successfully talk through and renegotiate any terms and conditions around connections that simply require better balance. The net result is a new sense of freedom, escape from confining ideas around roles or simply changing up someone’s out-dated ideas of who you are and how you should be treated. Feels powerful, doesn’t it, Taurus?

In a nutshell: The full Moon in your sign shows you how someone sees you. Is it as an equal or not? Time to reflect on how you are treated now. And what you’re worth in the future, Taurus.



  • True colours are laid bare
  • Balance = wellbeing
  • Compromise and equality create a better world for you

Soul-worthy secrets could come tumbling out of the closet this week. Especially in relation to how someone sees you, Gemini. Or how you are treated at work, what chores you are assigned at home or expected to do based simply on your gender. If someone around you harbours secret sexism, expect their true feelings to be laid bare this week. The full Moon in your 12th offers an expose as it falls conjunct Vesta in here which rules gender issues and equality. Because full Moons shine their light into the house opposite the one they appear in – in this case your 6th, for some this could mean discovering there is a gender pay gap at your workplace. Others could simply become more aware they are expected to take on more than their fair share of domestic tasks based on their gender despite both parties holding down full-time jobs.

Another example of what is exposed could also be outdated attitudes in healthcare – again based on gender as this is your house of wellbeing. Don’t be afraid to make changes if this is what you discover such as second opinions or changing practitioners. Ruler Mercury flies to your aid in retroactive form also in its ruling 6th allowing you to renegotiate any disparity as it trines Neptune the ruler of your 12th on the 14th. Ceres which rules power and new and equal compromises moves into your 8th on the 16th. You won’t shy away from addressing any imbalances now. If a fresh and more equal arrangement cannot be struck, Ceres in here is pointing you towards taking action to create a better one for you. Equality is the new world that awaits you, Gemini.

In a nutshell: get ready for revelations, Gemini. The full Moon in your 12th shines on what someone really thinks. Attitudes around gender issues and equality may surprise you. React accordingly.



  • State your true value
  • It’s not what you have but your soul worth that matters
  • Love yourself – just the way you are

Keeping up with the Joneses? Your friends? Feeling inadequate or unequal? Wondering just what that lover sees in you, Cancer? Once upon a time when dinosaurs roamed the earth – in other words before social media, the only people we compared ourselves to were our friends we actually had physical contact with and our neighbours. Now of course it’s our contacts carefully edited Instagram lives or even Kylie Jenner’s. Feeling you can’t keep up? Defining yourself by what you have rather than who you are? Or worse, being told something is unattainable for you based solely on your gender identification? Are you taking on other people’s values rather than your own? This week’s full Moon in your 11th shines on all of this and more as it falls conjunct Vesta in here.

As the Moon rules your sign, you of all people understand how full Moons reflect their light into the house opposite the one they appear in. In this case your 5th of fun, frivolity and romance. Retro Mercury is also in here revealing a few home truths as it aligns to Neptune in your 9th on the 14th. This frees you of the need to keep up with someone else’s value system and live your own. And if that lover doesn’t see you as an equal in the relationship, you’ll be fearless in tackling that too. This also goes for long term partnerships. Are you feeling taken for granted? Ceres in your partnership sector from the 16th says a new and fairer deal needs to be on the table now. That also begins within. Who are you in competition with? Yourself or the people you know? Valuing yourself means you don’t have to compete with anyone. Know you are enough – just the way you are, Cancer.

In a nutshell: Owning your worth means knowing you ARE enough. Just the way you are, Cancer. Ditch the comparisons with others.This week’s full Moon frees you of the need to be anything else.



  • Are you equal to the company you keep?
  • Act with intention
  • Professional you and private you deserve equal treatment

You are one of the signs which is all too aware of their public image and reputation. Dignity is your by-word. How you are seen matters to you – especially by those in positions of influence, power and VIP’s. You strive to be seen as someone to be taken seriously. Your public face is on show this week thanks to a full Moon in your status-setting 10th of career and recognition. Playing for keeps and being taken seriously will be themes now. Especially as this full Moon falls conjunct Vesta in this house. Vesta rules equality and gender issues. Are you getting equal treatment and the recognition you deserve? Even if you do unpaid work you may be looking at this via a partner’s experience.

Full Moons shine their light into the house opposite to the one they appear in. In this instance the Moon’s ruling 4th and your house of home, family and security. Are you treated one way professionally but expected to slip seamlessly into another role when at home? Based solely on gender? Equal pay, equal division of responsibilities and your lifestyle may be thrown into sharp focus this week. Mercury is retrograde in your 4th asking you to look closely at your role at home and within the family. Don’t allow yourself to drift along with any imbalances here as it aligns to Neptune in your 8th on the 14th. You have the ability to make changes now for a fairer daily routine which again impacts on how you are seen thanks to Ceres entry into your 6th on the 16th. A fairer workload results in an enhanced wellbeing. Don’t be afraid to ask for this now, Leo.

In a nutshell: How you are seen by the people that matter has fresh soul importance this week, Leo. Your reputation says a lot about how you are valued. Know where you belong – at the top.



  • Who sets the rules of the game?
  • Nothing is set in stone when it comes to you and another
  • Get a new deal on love

Ruler Mercury remains retrograde in its ruling 3rd this week and trines Neptune in your partnership zone on the 14th. I should not need to tell you that work or partnership matters may rock back and forth for a bit – especially when it comes to answering the question: Where do we go from here? Remember, nothing during a Mercury retro is written in stone or decided. This even includes those lover’s tiffs. Break-ups can be followed by make-ups – especially when Ceres enters your romance zone on the 16th as Ceres always brings in compromises and a new and better deal.

This week sees a full Moon appear in your 9th of learning, travel and freedom. It falls conjunct Vesta in here and of course, shines its light back into Mercury’s ruling 3rd. This may throw up terms and conditions to be dealt with around a work matter or even your relationship. Again, please remember with Mercury retro in here this will be subject to chance right up until early December. Vesta rules gender issues, equality and situations where we feel we may have to unfairly compete with others – under rules which are set by one person in a position of power. And not our own. Avoid any situation where you feel you have to compete for that lover’s attention – whether it is with another or even with their job. Feeling in a competitive situation at work? Aside from the healthy competition of a pitch or knowing there are other candidates for that promotion, again, look closely at whether on the job rivalry is being encouraged by someone at the top. If so, it may be time to dust off that CV. This week tells you that freedom comes from not having to compete in a game where the rules aren’t designed to be equal. May the odds be ever in your favour, Virgo.

In a nutshell: This week offers learning and freedom. Especially when it comes to situations where other people set the rules. Ensure you’re playing on a level field. Or change the game you play, Virgo.



  • Move matters forward
  • Who calls the shots when it comes to how and where you live?
  • Reset the concept of sharing

If you’ve been feeling stuck when it comes to a home matter or living arrangements, this week could bring in the changes you’ve been seeking, Libra. It’s a time of defining those values and this week could ask you to state your fresh terms and conditions. A powerful full Moon strikes your salary, shared assets and resources sector. It also falls conjunct Vesta in here. As you know, full Moons always shine a spotlight into the house opposite to the one they actually appear in. In this instance – your money and self-worth. This naturally has a big impact on how you live – or want to be living and has a direct connection to your day job too. Vesta is all about equality and its flip side – gender bias. Not just your pay may come up now but who makes the decisions about how and where you live in your household too. Is someone making unilateral ones or assigning tasks based on gender or feeling they are entitled to? As the sign which strives for balance, you may become all too aware of this.

Mercury is retrograde in your 2nd right now, promising the opportunity to renegotiate anything from your pay to who does what or decides what at home. Be aware however that discussions may go back and forth until early December when it exits retroshadow. But it makes an inspired angle to Neptune in your 6th pointing to a more intuitive way forward on the 14th. Ceres arrival in the Moon’s ruling 4th could literally hand you the tools you need to move forward when it comes to those stuck in place living arrangements. Ceres is all about the art of compromise – something you resonate with. How the domestic arrangements are dealt with or simply you having more say when it comes to where you live or how, can be renegotiated for a better deal for all parties. Remember, if you are planning on moving house or apartment, unless dates dictate otherwise, wait until after Mercury exits retroshadow early December before signing that lease or contract. Redefine something you share this week, Libra. Anything from that home to that source of income.

In a nutshell: Home, living arrangements and your lifestyle can be renegotiated now, Libra. A better way of living – or working, can be yours. You simply need to bring that balance back to the table.



  • Whoever holds up the mirror gives you insight beyond price
  • Don’t take yourself for granted
  • Your values set the price on the love you give – and get

It’s not how you see others, but how someone sees you this week, Scorpio. Is this in alignment with how you see yourself? Or expect to be treated for that matter? The full Moon in your 7th this week falls conjunct Vesta which is all about equality – or its reverse which is sexism or gender bias. Full Moons reflect their light back into the house opposite to the one they appear in. In this case – your 1st. So take it someone holds up a mirror so you can see all too clearly how they see or value you. Remember that your 7th rules marriage partners and long-term lovers, long term working relationships and friendships as well as that enemy, rival or opponent. No matter who holds this mirror, what you are being given is valuable feedback on how you value yourself.

Mercury retro in your 1st aligning to Neptune in your 5th allows you to change the image if this is needed. Have you neglected yourself of late? Or allowed someone to simply take you for granted? We can slip into these traps unawares. This week allows you to change the rules or escape if this has happened. Very often we find ourselves in a routine which neither party has consciously assigned, but is nonetheless unbalanced or simply unfair. If you discover this is suddenly highlighted, you have the ability to discuss this with the other party and come up with a solution that is fair for both sides. This could include taking on more than your fair share at work or within a relationship. Ceres in your 3rd opens up diplomatic solutions that result in a win/win. And you being treated in a way consistent with how you want to be valued and appreciated, Scorpio.

In a nutshell: How you are treated by in others reflects your self-worth. Who holds up that mirror this week provides you with valuable insight. Adjust your values and vision accordingly, Scorpio.



  • Secrets come tumbling out of that closet
  • Are you living a role assigned by you – or someone else?
  • Who gets to paddle that canoe?

Someone’s attitudes may shock or surprise you this week Sag. Closet sexism for instance. You have a full Moon in your 6th of work, daily responsibilities and wellness. As you know, full Moons reflect back into the house opposite to the one they appear in. In this instance your 12th of all things mysterious and hidden. Someone’s attitudes may belong in the past – as in previous centuries. The fact they harbour them may confirm some suspicions you have had for a while. Others may just be left gob-smacked as this full Moon falls conjunct Vesta. Equal pay and gender issues in your workplace may surface or someone simply speaks their mind without thinking.

Neptune sits in the Moon’s ruling 4th in your chart possibly clouding home and family issues around who does what simply based on their gender. Let’s face it – keeping the home fires burning isn’t your style. We all know you’d rather be working for National Geographic and paddling solo up the Orinoco rather than arguing about who takes out the trash. But even explorers need somewhere to return to after the adventure ends. And we all need to attend to responsibilities and routines. It’s only when these are unfairly assigned simply because of the gender we identify with that we need to ask for equality. Ceres leaves your 1st this week and arrives in your 2nd of money and also self-worth. As well as big issues like equal pay, a little equality when it comes to who does what closer to home may have to be negotiated. You can table a new solution this week, Sag. And a better deal all round. Let someone else paddle for once.

In a nutshell: Does someone’s beliefs about gender roles have you thinking they belong in the dark ages, Sag? You may have to take a stand based on your value system. Bring them up to date if so.



  • Is love a level playing field?
  • Rise above the competition
  • Play by your own rules – not those imposed by others

Whatever you do this week, don’t get drawn into romantic game-playing, rivalry or jealousy, Capricorn. This week asks you to rise above this or simply walk away. Competition between you and female friends? You simply don’t need this. Neither do you need a lover whose ego requires a constant massage or who makes you feel inadequate by comparing you to others or putting you down subtly or even overtly. If someone reveals they are not as single as you thought they were – this is your cue to get up and take the door marked EXIT. You are worth more than this Capricorn, and this week may call on you to own this as an undeniable fact. The full Moon in your 5th is conjunct Vesta in here. So, equality and ego may feature.

That lover could be single but you discover you are not their one and only. Are they worth keeping that flame burning for? Because full Moons shine into the house opposite to the one they appear in, you may suddenly be aware of competitive dynamics amongst friends of the same sex. Or just their attitudes to the opposite one that simply don’t dovetail with yours. Don’t get drawn in to this if so. Mercury retro in your 11th trines Neptune in Mercury’s ruling 3rd. State your position with honesty and compassion, then walk away if necessary. You are more than someone’s ego trip. Ceres arrival in your 1st on the 16th says it’s time to balance any extremes with fair play and a sense of equality now. This is all about playing by a fairer set of rules. Restore the balance of love this week, Capricorn by insisting on some rules of your own.

In a nutshell: Show others you are above game playing – especially when it comes to love. If someone is making this a competition – why play by their rules when you can write your own?



  • Emotions are part of being human
  • Weave some fresh family karma
  • Express who you are

The full Moon in its ruling house shines on your vulnerabilities and emotions this week. Do you feel you need to keep these hidden depending on your gender identification? Made to feel either over-emotional or else lacking in empathy? It’s time for emotional honesty now and to know that in your vulnerabilities, lie your strengths. This full Moon falls conjunct Vesta in here. This is the house of families, roots and traditions. You may find yourself looking at the messages handed down about how a particular gender is supposed to act or behave. This includes those out-dated beliefs that one gender has a monopoly on empathy, nurturing and understanding more than another. These are human traits not gender traits. This is a conjunction of being human and expressing human emotions.

Compassion in business may be another issue you encounter now as could be gender politics in the workplace. Full Moons always shine their light into the house opposite to the one they appear in. Highlighting those emotional hot buttons in it. This is your 10th of career, status and reputation. You may find that glass ceiling is still intact for instance. Or an unfair bias in your workplace. The saying ‘There’s no emotion in business’ simply doesn’t ring true. If we don’t feel an emotional connection to what we do then why do it? Retro Mercury also in your 10th aligns with the planet of compassion, Neptune in your 2nd. Some of you may no longer be able to put those feelings before profit. There’s a higher path to tread now if you discover you are being forced to wear a mask either in the workplace or at home. Ceres in your 12th from the 16th offers a new deal on family karma and the chance to create something more equal by your example for the future. When it comes to your career, keep some things to yourself. Such as plans for your future if change is needed. Do it with feeling this week.

In a nutshell: Break free of ideas that you are supposed to feel a certain way based solely on your gender. You are feeling the human experience. All emotions are equal. This includes yours.



  • Step free of other’s ideas around who you should be
  • Revisiting the past brings release
  • Reconnect for new relevance

Speaking up and saying what is on your mind – especially when it comes to equal treatment, may have been something you have been putting off, Pisces. You strive for peace and even if your sensitive soul recoils at anything unfair, you will still go out of your way to avoid making waves. However, some things need to be said this week especially if you find yourself embroiled in someone else’s game playing or gender politics. The full Moon in your 3rd falls conjunct Vesta in here which rules issues such as sexism or even competitiveness between members of the same sex – and those who may encourage this. Equality is your watch-word now as is stepping free of any situation where this is not present. Full Moons always shine their light into the house opposite to the one they appear in. In this case your house of freedom and higher learning. It’s an opportunity to break free of attitudes designed by others to confine you to a stereotype now.

There’s also more that one kind of freedom on offer this week as retro Mercury makes a wonderful angle to ruler Neptune in your 1st on the 14th. As well as releasing you from anything that confines or restricts you. Revisiting the past – either in returning to places you have been before or contact with people from this is likely. There’s the promise of updating something here too. A connection to a person, place or even a belief system which you now see as having fresh relevance. Old ties and friendships could be renegotiated and sparkle with fresh relevance thanks to Ceres’ entry into your 11th on the 16th. This could add up to a future pact with a friend, group, club, organisation, band or network that has nothing to do with stereotypes and everything to do with equality and freedom to be yourself. Go towards those who allow you to be who you are. And ditch those who would pigeon hole you, Pisces.

In a nutshell: Ensure all deals and even conversations, place you on an equal footing this week. A connection from the past could take on new relevance. Don’t allow the past to stereotype you, Pisces.



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