Weekly Horoscope Video Forecast 31/07/2017

Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs December 3rd 2018


  • Opportunity lies on the unexplored path
  • Pick your moment to act
  • Travel to a new emotional experience

Soul warrior – arise! That’s you this week Aries. Ruler Mars in your 12th hands you the intuition of a seer with the fearless courage of a Jedi knight! There’s something you need to take action on now and this should be clearly illuminated thanks to the Sun in your freedom inspired 9th. Adventure?  Excitement? Sorry, Master Yoda, but this Jedi does crave these things. Changes are set in motion this week as Mercury heads direct once more in your 8th of empowered transformation. Just remember, Mercury will remain in what is known as ‘Retrograde shadow’ – or should I say the Dark Side, until Dec 24. You may know the changes you need to make between now and then, but may have to wait for the right moment to set them in motion. Discipline is the horse you ride.

Your creative and intuitive powers are set to peak this week as ruler Mars meets Neptune. Inspiration and solutions that you simply could not see before now come into focus. Neptune send you the ideas while Mars asks if you are willing to act on them? These are gifts so do use them. This combined with the new Moon in your 9th this week asks you to first focus on what you have learned from your past experiences.

This new Moon sets in motion a cycle of learning, travel and expansion. Now Mercury is direct it’s time to begin something new and to expect something bigger to enter your life. Hold that caveat in your mind about the retro shadow however. But all shadows eventually fade in the sunlight. The Moon is asking you to travel to a place where there is a new emotional experience awaiting you. And it’s in a direction you’ve not been before. Travel the untried and unexplored new path you can now see quite clearly as its where opportunity lies waiting. The Force is with you this week, Aries.

In a nutshell: The Force is with you this week Aries. In the form of creative ideas and inspiration.  You’re about to embark on a new emotional journey towards something bigger and more fulfilling.


  • The conversation about love isn’t over
  • How your seen by others undergoes a change
  • Leave what no longer works behind you

Partnership matters move forward again now Mercury is direct in your 7th once more. Be aware however that it remains in retrograde shadow until Dec 24. This is not to say that love and especially new love, can’t begin or progress now as Venus your ruler is direct. Just bear in mind however that there may be one more important conversation to be had around a connection even if you think all is now done and dusted.

You are probably tired of all references to change being in the air for you. It’s been an on-going theme for you for some time. More change may not be welcome especially as you are a sign who enjoys stability. This week’s new Moon in your 8th marks a point of transformation. This could even be around a friendship or group, or your goals as it impacts on Mars and Neptune conjunct in your 11th house.  Don’t fear any shifts this month as anything you make or transpires for you under this new Moon results in something better. There’s a ‘departure’ happening for you now and this involves departing a period where something just wasn’t working or quite right for you. Because of your 11th house being involved, this new Moon can also hand you recognition and achievement which has everyone sitting up and taking notice! Change could just have you being seen in a whole new light now.

In a nutshell: There could be one more important conversation  around love to be had. Changes occur for your benefit now. And have everyone looking at you in a whole new light!


  • Have a back-up plan when it comes to work
  • Set your love future in motion
  • Magic happens when you relate to yourself

Ruler Mercury finally heads direct once more this week and in its ruling 6th. Be aware that it remains in ‘retrograde shadow’ so still has the ability to inflict work-related snafus until Dec 24. Watch for typos, missed deadlines, missing information or lost files. Communications may go astray. Take the necessary attitude that anything that can go wrong, still has the capacity to do so –and have a back-up plan in place. 

However, bright new beginnings in your love life or relationship lighten the load as a new Moon appears in your 7th this week. This also has the ability to impact a key working relationship perhaps bringing in a career opportunity or working partnership. However, you are the one who has to put yourself out there whether it’s a partner or a promotion you are after. Mars and Neptune are conjunct in your status driven 10th. It’s time to be seen as someone who knows what they want both in terms of a relationship and career path. This is your ‘relating’ new Moon. Harness its energy by first relating to yourself in a new way and then what you want to achieve. In doing so this Moon in combination with the Sun and Jupiter in here, will give the ability to attract new people including potential lovers and employers, and a whole new set of circumstances in for you to play with!  Above all, don’t be vague when it comes to any goal under this new Moon. There’s no room for ‘I think I want’ – there’s only room for knowing what it is you need. And this Moon can put that person – or opportunity, in your path as if by magic once you do.  Set your love and success future in motion.

In a nutshell: New beginnings around career, working partnerships and love are possible this week. Get relating to yourself in new ways. And set the magical force in motion, Gemini!


  • Dare to believe in yourself
  • Changes made now have long term impact
  • Romance and passion are back on the menu again!

What’s worth having is worth the effort, Cancer. This especially applies to your career this week. Success isn’t about to fall into your lap but if you make that extra effort, the rewards will now follow. This could involve reaching for the novel, untried solution or just you demonstrating your unique skillset. There’s something you and only you can bring to the table to promote this and use a touch of theatricality if you dare! The North Node now in your 1st is driving your destiny now. Mercury the planet of business, commerce and communication is direct again in your 5th. Your spark and confidence returns when it comes to meeting new people whether for work or friendship, romance sparkles again and you infuse your ideas with passion and creativity. Just be aware we are still in retrograde shadow until the 24th but the doors to the VIP lounge at the astro club are open to you once more.

This week’s new Moon in your 6th impacts on both Mars and Neptune conjunct in your house of freedom. Again, this relates to making that extra effort especially when it comes to work and wellbeing matters. Impetus is yours to harness however as the Moon impacts on a meeting between Mars and Neptune in your 9th. Simply put, you know you can do better and what’s more, you’re taking any opportunity that arises to do just that.  All new Moons are important and they also all contain secret potentials which go far beyond the meaning of the house they appear in. This one sets in motion not just the upcoming phase but the one after that, and the one after that, and the one after that . . . So, your actions undertaken under this new Moon will have long term consequences which you may not be aware of yet. Look to where you know improvements can be made, harness inspiration and action and know that as you do, you’ll benefit from the changes you set in motion for a long time to come.

In a nutshell: Be a little daring and a lot bolder when it comes to work and career this week, Cancer. What’s having is worth taking a risk. The changes set in motion have long term benefits for you now.


  • Listen to higher wisdom
  • Go with that ‘gut’ feeling
  • Romance or a money situation transforms

Dreams and intuition take you into uncharted territory this week and its important you stay connected to your gut feeling and inner truth. Your ruler the Sun makes an illuminating angle to Neptune in your 8th and this may be showing you something you may not want to see, but which  your higher self is telling you is correct. What thought has kept recurring? What direction do you keep being nudged to go in or explore? Above all, what’s your ‘gut’ telling you about a certain person or situation? Mercury now direct in your 4th also has messages for you.  No matter the evidence of your eyes, what someone is telling you or what you would like to believe, go with what you believe within. If you follow this simple rule you can’t go wrong this week.

Use caution when it comes to love and romance as this week’s new Moon in your 5th will impact on a Mars/Neptune conjunction in your 8th. Remember, this is Mars’s ancient ruling house in your chart. Passions get stirred up one way or another now. Either you find your passion was one-sided or misplaced, or you and a partner explore incredible depths of feeling. You’ll be drawn to a partner who can offer you sex with that alchemical promise of transcendence now. Superficial lovers just won’t figure (not that they ever did with you). But please be aware, there is the possibility of deception around you. This week could transform your love life or even your money situation for the better or set an intense cycle of creativity in motion. Just stay connected to your higher truth.

In a nutshell: Enter a new world of dreams, insight and intuition. You’re being guided by your inner voice towards the truth now, Leo. When it comes to love – don’t ignore it!


  • Ensure your message is correctly received
  • Future proof those relationships
  • Life shifts into forward motion

Ruler Mercury heads direct once more in its ruling 3rd house but please remember it will remain in Retrograde Shadow until the 24th. Expect glitches, snafus, delays and backtracking to continue to wreak havoc with work and business. Plus there is still every chance you will be misunderstood or have to continue to repeat yourself until then. This especially applies to love and close connections as Mars and Neptune are meeting this week in your partnership sector. In fact, the closer we are to someone, the more likely we take for granted that they ‘get’ what we mean. This may not be the case and further explanation or clarification may be necessary if misunderstandings are to be avoided.

The fact is, if you’re feeling in any way restricted by responsibilities, you may be over-sensitive around the time of the new Moon in your 4th. If you’ve been feeling that a particular area of your life is at a standstill – especially if it concerns home, family or career, then the good news is this new Moon could well mark the point things move forward again. But if you are feeling misunderstood or taken for granted, do an inner weather check to ensure your reactions are not based on frustrations around these areas rather than what someone has said or done. This Moon says don’t bring your work home with you. Its secret superpower is to allow you to look at who is with you now for the long haul. Connections get locked in under this new Moon. And whether you know it or not the people around you will have a profound effect on your future. Ensure you surround yourself with those who encourage and support you rather than hold you back. You’re moving forward again so choose who goes with you wisely.

In a nutshell: Ruler Mercury heads direct again. There’s still the potential for glitches and snafus. But if life has felt ‘stuck’ lately, this week sees you shift to forward motion again, Virgo.


  • Chart those financial ebbs and flows
  • Business as unusual
  • You’re right on the money

Mercury heads direct in your money zone again this week and at the same time changes impact on your entire business, work and study sectors. You still need to observe those retrograde rules for a while longer. When it comes to finances, unexpected expenses, late payments and cancelled orders can and will happen right up until Mercury moves out of retrograde shadow which occurs on the 24th. Do not rely on money arriving on time if you are waiting for it to. And don’t spend it ahead of it showing up as cleared funds in your account. Shortfalls and robbing Peter to pay Paul are possible. If you want to tune into this energy so you can anticipate any fluctuations, meditate on the Two of Pentacles card in the Tarot which perfectly encapsulates this cycle.

This week’s new Moon in your 3rd (Mercury’s ruling house) squares a meeting between Mars and Neptune in Mercury’s other ruling house – your 6th. It’s not so much business as usual, but unusual business this week. Ensure that you get everything in writing now, guard those ideas as people may have a tendency to steal them and above all, do your due diligence before embarking on anything new. Yes, this new Moon sets something on the work or business front in motion. A new job, launch, order, project could appear. Your workload is likely to increase as could your bank account along with it. All forms of commercial transactions and business are favoured as is travel and study. Focus your energy into what you say, communicate and have to sell (including your ideas and expertise). You have the competitive edge this week – but know who you are doing business with. You’re in the business of success and back on the money if you do.

In a nutshell: You’re the business this week Libra, so mean it. Work opportunities increase and your bank account along with them. Time to focus on what you have to bring to the table – success.


  • Plant seeds for your financial future
  • A new relationship reflects your values
  • Own it this week, Scorpio!

Everyone is back on your frequency this week thanks to Mercury heading direct again in your 1st, Scorpio. Mercury retro in our first always seems to design its retrograde mayhem purely to inconvenience us personally. As it if has access to our diary, our plans, our ideas – and knows it all before we do. People may appear to be deliberately going out of their way to misunderstand us no matter how we explain things. Delays and cancellations are designed for maximum disruption of our plans. I would like to tell you that this is all over but Mercury will not be out of retrograde shadow until the 24th. So, until then proceed with caution and keep those back-up plans in place. You may still have to repeat yourself on occasion but major misunderstandings should be behind you now.

There’s a wonderful new Moon appearing in your money and self-worth sector now. Just keep an eye on your spending as it angles to ancient ruler Mars conjunct Neptune in your pleasure zone! This can have you eyeing off those expensive, indulgent and oh-so-beautiful purchases with no thought of how you will pay for them. Or give you a false sense of optimism that the money will arrive when the bill comes in. Yes, it may eventually but remember new Moons are the seeds of new beginnings and not the harvest! This new Moon says OWN IT, Scorpio. Own what belongs to you and be confident and authentic. Opportunities to boost your net worth and self-worth are there for the upcoming month if you follow this advice. This new Moon can also bring a new relationship into your life. If not a romantic one then certainly a valuable connection which reflects your awakened worth and credibility. Look around you, chances are you already have what you need. Save now and spend another day.

In a nutshell: Get talking this week, Scorpio as people are now more receptive to those ideas. Above all, know your worth. Opportunities that come your way will reflect how you value yourself.


  • Have a cosmic declutter
  • Envision a new lifestyle
  • Expand those goals

Secrets and mysteries which may have eluded you could have been uncovered by retrograde Mercury in your 12th house. This has been a time of shedding. Of looking at what truly serves and supports your spiritual growth. Don’t be afraid to discard the debris and clutter no matter what area of life it has been clogging up. This week sees Mercury power forward again, so let go of whatever you need to now and don’t look back.

New beginnings lighten your horizons thanks to a new Moon in your 1st on the 7th. No matter what date your birthday falls on, this marks the start of your new cycle. It will ensnare a Mars/Neptune conjunction in your 4th, so some long term planning and lifestyle changes may form part of your plans for the upcoming year. Stay connected to these. This is your time of preparation. Due to Mercury being in what we call ‘retrograde shadow’ until Dec 24, for now prepare but wait to launch those plans. This is the start of a cycle like no other you’ve experienced for 12 years thanks to your ruler Jupiter in your sign. You can design your own destiny and make your own luck for the upcoming year by believing in yourself and your dreams. Imagine where you want to be and what you want to have experienced, achieved, seen or done in 12 months’ time. As you do, remove those thoughts around why this may not be possible as this too is part of that shedding process. If it is your birthday this week – you have a green light to go for goal.

In a nutshell: Step into the light of a new beginning. Shed what is holding you back, Sag. You’re entering a true ‘No limits’ cycle. Set your direction – and drive your destiny for the coming year.


  • Old connections feel like new
  • Ditch those limitations
  • Connect to your truth

Take those wonderful reconnections into the future with you now, Capricorn. Mercury retrograde in your 11th should have delivered old friends and the recommitment to a goal or dream you may have abandoned. New ways to achieve old goals with continue to occur to you now Mercury shifts to forward motion again from the 6th. And past contacts could continue to come calling right up to the point when Mercury passes out on retrograde shadow in your 12th on the 24th. By then, the Sun will have arrived in your 1st and you should enter your new cycle with a sense of renewed purpose.

This week also sees a new Moon in your 12th. Before your birthday cycle begins it is now time to look at what holds you back. Usually these are our fears and insecurities. If so, consider the source. This is your house of the past so travel back in time to when these ideas were first planted in your head. And by who. Are you still allowing them to influence you? This is your house of psychic ability and intuition as well as soul secrets. You can harness these for additional insight into not only why you may have taken these ideas on as your own, by why the person they originated with had them too. Because it’s time now to focus on the information your higher self is sending you and to accept this as your truth – not anyone else’s version of it. If you do this, you will suddenly begin to see ahead of your birthday, doors to opportunity swing open. Mars planet of action meets Neptune ruler of your 12th in your 3rd, asking you to follow through on what you hear, say, do or even intuit. Bring your future into harmony with your thoughts now – and create it as you go.

In a nutshell: Step away from negativity and into possibility this week, Capricorn. This week’s new Moon lets you create a future free of old limitations. Recommit to that goal now.


  • Changes around work pave the way for something better
  • Mine that network
  • How good a friend are you?

News this week could open up a fresh direction when it comes to your work or daily routine. Ruler Uranus is pushing for changes that allow for soul expression and just a better way of working for you as it impacts on the North Node in your 6th. Allow yourself to see your way of working or even your wellbeing as a great experiment where you get to design the best outcome for yourself. Don’t be afraid to try something new or untried. A sudden offer or opportunity could come your way. Any changes that occur no matter what they may look like initially, are designed to make way for something better, so bear this in mind!

This week brings you a new Moon in your 11th and this is all about friendships, contacts, connections, groups, clubs, associations and networks. New people can enter your life now and the thing to remember under this new Moon is that it is through your wider links that you will discover your best opportunities or access to almost anything you want or need now. Connection is your key word as is friendship. Being a good friend and having others show their friendship to you in turn is what this new Moon wants you to experience. Above all, please don’t stay home in the coming month and make an extra effort to be out and about. Whatever you are seeking – mine that network. This especially applies to anything to do with your work and income. If you need a new job – ask around those you know. If you’re seeking ways to make extra money – again, ask. Mercury heads direct one again in your career zone this week and this new Moon impacts on Mars and Neptune in your money house. Career and money matters can move forward once more. This week says it’s not what you know so much as who you know now but if asking for help or advice, approach people you know you can rely on. If friends or contacts were money, you should be feeling rich this week.

In a nutshell: See your friends and your wider network as your greatest resource. This week offers you the chance to make new friends. And to see just how rich you are in friendship and support.


  • Know where you’re going
  • Ambitions are fuelled by insight and confidence
  • You’re set to impress this week

What are you aiming to achieve this week? The Sun shines on those professional ambitions this week Pisces and also angles to ruler Neptune in your 1st. This is a week to be seen as someone who knows what they want and above all, where they are going. Mercury the planet of commerce and communication heads direct this week in your 9th. Continue to have back-up plans if travelling as Mercury will not leave its retrograde shadow phase until the 24th. Knowing where you’re going includes having alternative routes planned if necessary. And this applies to travel as it does your career now.

This week’s new Moon in your 10th puts you and your smarts centre stage. You are in a position to show others what you can do and also be seen with or be assisted by, those in positions of authority, power or influence. It’s time to take yourself seriously because unless you do, nobody else will. Don’t sell yourself short . This is why it is important to know what you want and where you are going now as this Moon puts you in a position where you can drive your future in the direction you want it to go. Now Mercury is direct you can apply for that promotion or better position, make your pitch or launch that product, business or service. You can make people sit up and take notice of you now especially as the new Moon angles to Neptune conjunct powerful Mars in your 1st. You have the insight plus the competitive edge this week. Mars gives you the energy plus the confidence to succeed while Neptune brings you a touch of creativity and the ability to tune in to what others want. You’re set to deliver the results this week, Pisces.

In a nutshell:  Time to make that career move, Pisces. You and your talents are in the spotlight this week. Bring those smarts to the table and don’t sell yourself or your talents short now.

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