20th April 2020 Written Astrology

Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs February 24 2020 – A past life


Lock it down for the long term

Promises are for keeps

Can you make a different choice?

You’ve promises to make or keep this week, Aries. Plus if you were 18 or over 19 years ago, this could involve choices or even non-decisions you made 19 years ago as ruler Mars opposes the North Node in your 4th on the 25th. The same day Venus in your 1st opposes Juno which rules commitments, marriages and the kind of promises we enter into that cannot be easily undone.

For some, this could see the arrival of a commitment decision that eerily reflects one that was presented to you all those years ago. If due to your age back then (or you not even being here yet!), then know anything you enter into now is for the long term if this is the first time you re looking at this kind of opportunity. For an opportunity it certainly is. It has the capacity to re-set your status in some way as Venus and Pluto in your 10th interact on the 28th. This is just as likely to be your professional status or reputation as it is your personal status as in how you are seen or your title as in your marriage or partnership status. Decision time could well have arrived this week and yours will be binding now whichever way you choose. It’s Leap Year after all – so go on, jump in.

In a nutshell: Decisions await you this week, aries. Know that whatever choices or promises you make, they are for the long term now. If they come with a sense of déjà vu, look back. You can make a fresh choice now.



Make choices based on what you need

Past decisions show you the path ahead

Leave what’s outgrown behind you

What you thought you wanted, what you want and what you need are all in focus this week. Chances are experience or simply you getting more in touch with your soul, have shown you that what once worked or was wanted by you, simply doesn’t cut it any more. I am trying to avoid using that ‘c’ word here, Taurus. I am talking about change of course. Instead, I am going to replace it with choice. You have new, different or simply more choice available to you now than you did before. Especially when it comes to what you do, your personal life and freedom this week.

Choose carefully and from a place of enhanced wisdom and inner knowledge. Deep down inside you know what you need. And chances are this is now very different to what you thought you previously wanted. Perhaps you have even discovered that what you wanted turned out not to be so good for you. This week says: Choose again and better this time. Options for long term love and satisfaction swirl around you. Perhaps some you were not aware existed until now thanks to ruler Venus in your 12th. If you were 18 or over 19 years ago this could relate to a choice or a decision you made back then. It could be the best one you ever made or you may now be aware that while it worked back then, you need to choose again now. Venus will oppose Juno in your 6th on the 25th and square Pluto in your freedom zone on the 28th. The choice you make today transforms you and your life and comes from a place of knowing what you need – not just what you want. This Leap Year shows you just how far you’ve come, Taurus.

In a nutshell: Your ‘c’ word of the moment is Choice, Taurus. You have more and different ones on offer than ever before. Yes, the ones you make now will have long term implications. But they are about to fulfil those needs.



Long term commitments and promises can be made now

Make a decision based on your heart’s direction

Play it for keeps or let it go

What begins or ends now is for keeps so despite the fact that ruler Mercury retrograde usually means nothing is finalised, this week removes that caveat. The reason being Mars in its ruling 8th opposite the North Node in your 2nd and Venus which rules your 2nd but is in your 8th, opposing Juno in Venus’s ruling sign of Libra and your 5th. So, decisions, decisions which fair reaching consequences. If you begin something now, you may be in for the long haul. Also, it may take the form of a commitment that you cannot easily exit. Not that you may want to but it is important to know this before saying ‘I do’ to anything.

Venus also tightly angles to Pluto which is also in your 8th. The past month has brought you shifts, changes and transformations. Or at the very least, alerted you to where these need to take place. This could be linked to people you know, your career or income or even those future goals. Some of you could enter into a binding financial contract for a loan or mortgage for instance. Others could now be looking at exiting an agreement they made sometime ago. You thought it was forever but now see it is no longer working. This can also apply to that loan as in refinancing or that relationship or job. Consciously uncoupling yourself is the other side of the coin. And this is only done after much soul searching and the realisation your heart is no longer in it. Playing for keeps is your anthem this week, Gemini.

In a nutshell: Long term commitments can be entered into this week despite the usual retro rules. If you need to exit one agreement in favour of another, this is likely to follow intense soul searching first. It’s a time of promises – one way or another.



Time to say ‘I do’ to your future

Expect status defining decisions

Keep your promise to yourself

For some time it’s been about you and one particular person or partnership situation, Cancer. Or even that opponent, enemy or rival. By now, it should be abundantly clear who or what this is. This week continues that theme with ripples extending out into the past and your future. Mars in your 7th now opposes the North Mode in your 1st on the 25th. The same day as Venus which rules your partnerships and long term lovers house, opposes Juno which rules commitments, lasting promises and ‘I do’s’ in your 4th. The status of your relationship or your own title may shift and change now. For some, this could reflect an ‘I do’ you made 19 years ago if you were old enough to be in charge of your own destiny back then. (In other words over 18). The decision may bring up feelings of déjà vu or else be directly connected to a commitment you made back then.

Venus also tightly angles to Pluto in its ruling 7th on the 28th. Pluto rules transformation. So, making or breaking a promise or commitment brings about a change. Possibly in how the world or others see you as well as how you see yourself. You could take up a new role for instance which boosts your professional earning power and reputation and your achievement makes others look at you in a new light. Others could see not only their job title change but their status go from single to settled – or even settled back to single. These are all examples of commitments for the long term that we make with another or with ourselves. It’s Leap Year after all. So, time to say ‘I do’.

In a nutshell: One particular person or relationship has been centre stage for you for a while, Cancer. This week brings decisions and commitments to the future. One way or another, you’re about to say ‘I do’ to a new love dynamic.



Make a commitment to what your heart wants

A different choice releases you onto a new path

Life was not meant to be hard work – take the easy way

Is there a better agreement you can make now Leo? One more true to yourself as well as to another? More heart-centered in fact? Venus in your 9th of freedom opposes Juno in your 3rd on the 25th. The same day Mars in your 6th opposes the cosmic North Node in your 12th. Have you been here before? Faced a similar choice even if the players have changed? Destiny is at work now and with the Node in your 12th it is important to realise that you may have been in this position before not just in this lifetime, but in others. If you were 18 or over 19 years ago this may feel strangely familiar or could be linked to an actual choice back then. You’ve been here time after time in fact even if you don’t know is as the theme stretches behind you. You have the power to choose again – and differently if you like simply by heeding what you heart (which your sign rules) is telling you.

What you choose is all about being true to yourself and your feeling and also essential to your wellbeing too. Have you been bending yourself out of shape over something to please someone else? Pretending to be someone we’re simply not in order to gain anything from success to love or approval actually feels pretty hollow. And also turns into very hard work. So, as Venus squares with Pluto in your 6th on the 28th, it’s pretty well time to make a statement if only to yourself: that life was not meant to be hard work but easy. This begins by possibly making a difficult choice to go with your gut. It’s Leap Year week. Make a proposal to yourself and promise to be who you are from here on in. It just gets easier from here on in.

In a nutshell: Sometimes following your heart can seem like a hard decision. One loaded with fear over what others might think. This week hands you the courage to overcome this. Being true to yourself takes the hard work out of life. It’s an easy choice after all.



Experience the power of love to change your life

You’ve met before – and its coming around again

Don’t hold back with sharing yourself

Children, lovers, young people, babies, teenagers, millennials, passion and permission to pursue that – that’s quite a mix you’ve had going on in your 5th since January, Virgo. Changes around your parental status or even that of your adult children could be just one of the effects of this week’s line-up which impacts your 5th. As could changes around your romantic status or even crossing paths with friends (or potential contacts) that have a dusting of destiny about them. Mars in your 5th propels you out of that comfort zone and out in search of passion. Seek and your heat will attract what you are looking for. Others could claim a new confidence and zing when it comes to that creative passion – showcasing yourself and your talents fearlessly. There’s a touch of fate and destiny here due to Mars opposing the North Node in your 11th. People who cross your path have a role to play in your future. As lovers, friends or helpers. If this week brings news of a pregnancy – this is a soul you have known previously returning.

Big decisions around money or love could also feature for some that lock you into something beautiful for the long term. All thanks to Venus in your shared assets sector opposing Juno in Venus’s ruling 2nd. This could have a lasting effect on your bank account, self-worth or both. Pluto is the natural ruler of your 8th where Venus resides right now. Venus snags it in your 5th on the 28th pointing to a powerful transformation set in motion by something you love – or someone. Leap Year could just hand you a success story you can bank on for some time to come, Virgo.

In a nutshell: Time to release yourself back into passion and creativity, Virgo. This week could provide you with proof that love changes everything. Connections form part of this new direction. Leap in to a new cycle of the power of love!



Leap in and say ‘I do’

Lasting decisions open up a new path

You are known for your actions now

Put a ring on it this week, Libra. Especially when it comes to lasting promises and commitments. You have Juno, the powerful asteroid which rules commitments, marriages and lasting agreements in your 1st this week. Ruler Venus remains in its ruling 7th in your chart of partners and duos of all descriptions. When these two oppose on the 25th, you are on the brink of saying ‘I do’ to someone or something that is for the long term now. Remember that this can be a situation – as in a job or working arrangement, as well as love relationships. It can also involve you committing to a path, place or to something you want to do or pursue. It’s a lasting promise you are making now and one that cannot be broken or exited lightly. Chances are this has been on your mind or looming for some time. You now have to go all in and throw not just your hat but your heart in the ring. It’s all or nothing, leap in or walk away. There are no half measures or sitting on the fence. What you decide could alter how you are seen and also your karmic path.

Mars is in your 4th where we have to say it is not most comfortable. However, it opposes the North Node in your 10th on the 25th. This is all about setting your status and owning that path you know you were born to walk. Pluto remains in your 4th and is impacted by Venus on the 28th. It’s about a move on up for you. About taking action to climb or reach for something better. Perhaps even something that gets you noticed in a big way. If you were 18 or over 19 years ago think back then to what opportunities were around to move or elevate your status. What decision did you make? You’ve lived with that for some time no matter what it was. This week tells you that the choice you make now is also one you will live with. You need to leap in this Leap Year week. What you choose changes you, another and how the world sees you for a long time to come.

In a nutshell: It’s a week to leap into a big commitment, Libra. This could be between you and another, you and a situation or you and your heart’s desire. No matter what form it takes – you’re definitely playing for keeps now!



Ditch that soul drain

Make a feelgood commitment

Leap into a Me First Year

Soul promises feature this week due to Juno the astral body of commitment in your 12th opposing Venus planet of partnerships in your 6th. This can take the form of you simply committing to a healthier choice now in lifestyle, work or love. Or perhaps even all three. Relationships however do have to pass the litmus test of whether or not they are actually good for you. If anything is toxic, you will not just see that but commit to leaving it behind now. Actually, if this is the case this will probably turn out to be no revelation but something you have known on an inner level for quite some time.

Venus in your 6th is all about what enhances your wellbeing and makes you feel good about yourself on pretty much every level. Soul vampires, energy drains and emotional black holes certainly don’t fall under this category. Are you the one doing all the work in a relationship? Is someone so needy that all your time is spent running around trying to ‘fix’ them. You have both your rulers ancient and modern in your 3rd urging you to change things so that you become the priority. Is there a pattern to your relationships or even your work choices for instance? Do they keep you stuck or are they formed of different players but the same story which goes round and round and constantly repeats? Mars opposition the North Node this week points to the EXIT from this. Venus squares modern ruler Pluto on the 28th. News could arrive which requires you to make a decision or commitment which not only changes the dynamic but puts you first. If there’s a leap to be made this week, it’s away from what you know needs to be left behind, Scorpio.

In a nutshell: Choices transform your path to feeling good about yourself. And ditch any relationships that simply don’t. There’s a feelgood commitment waiting for you this week, Scorpio. And it’s all about leaping free of anything that holds you stuck.



What you truly value is beyond price

Karma pays interest and balances the books

People pay it forward

What you truly value is stamped like a hallmark on your soul, Sag. These are the priceless things, the non-negotiables which define you and which you carry with you from lifetime to lifetime. They are who you are and are not for sale. Stand by these and what you know is right this week and you could be looking at some quite serious validation or even rewards for doing so. Mars and Pluto are in your money zone along with ruler Jupiter. This week sees Mars oppose the North Node in your 8th. This is all about the karmic balance sheet. What you are owed or owe in turn. Rewards are given but also debts must be settled as this week tells you the books are balancing.

Pluto is the planet which rules power money and the treasures of the underworld. Hence the term ‘Plutocrat’. Venus is however, the natural ruler of your 2nd house and sitting in your 5th right now of lucky breaks, lovers and creative ventures. So, when Venus squares Pluto on the 28th, we say that Venus rules this one. It also opposes Juno in your house of the future on the 25th. This is your house of goals, wishes and dreams too. Standing by those values and committing to them could literally translate into material benefits or a reward of some kind being paid forward to you in the present. This could relate to actions you have set in motion in the past. Maybe more than once in more than one lifetime. This could come via someone you know or meet who opens the door to that vault wide. You did the same for them a long time ago if so. Take the golden key they offer you because simply, you’ve earned it by sticking to what defines you.

In a nutshell: Stand by – those values this week, Sag. Some things simply aren’t for sale. By defining what is priceless you could just receive validation you can bank on. The price is right when it comes to karmic rewards.



Stand by for a big new beginning

Decisions and commitments bring a cycle to a close

Long live the new you!

You may have come to believe that the intense astrological weather you have been experiencing will never ease up. It’s all been due to Pluto in your 1st since November 2008 and of course, your ruler Saturn since the end of 2017. The meeting between these two in your 1st last month will not happen again in your lifetime. Lasting and powerful transformations will have been the result. This week could see the final stages of this process take place. The ‘weather’ is breaking up as Saturn will exit your 1st next month. So, call this week final decision making time as Mars in your 1st opposes the North Node in your 7th while Venus in your 4th opposes Juno in your 10th. The choice you make will be for the long term now and could even involve a decision you made around a relationship or your path 19 years ago.

Your living arrangements and long term security, earnings and sense of place may change now but these are likely to be beneficial changes. Putting you in a place that simply feels like a homecoming. Perhaps just to yourself as there is an element around your decision now of ‘To thine own self be true’. True to your path and your calling. And also to what you know is the heart-centered commitment choice. Venus will also tightly align with Pluto on the 28th. This points to a change around how you are seen, living arrangements or your family dynamic. Your sense of place and belonging. You don’t need to be actually moving now (remember Mercury is retrograde) to commit to that move ahead. Take a deep breath to make that final, all defining leap, Capricorn.

In a nutshell: You’re almost at the end of a huge cycle of personal transformation. It will have changed you and how others see you forever. This week marks the final decision or choice that brings a cycle to a close. Commit to new beginnings now.



Weave a little sex magic healing

Work that messaging mojo

Commit to that big love

How are you working your sex magic mojo, Aquarius? I’ve got your attention now, haven’t I? Hopefully you are embracing your sexiness as a way to wellbeing and soul healing thanks to mars in the deeply hidden recesses of your 12th house opposing the North Node in your 6th. Desire is healthy. Passion too. Provided of course it is in healthy doses. Repression and denial – totally unhealthy. Perhaps you have received negative messages around this growing up. Or made to feel your particular brand of sexy wasn’t what people wanted. Mars opposing the North Node in your house of health and welling is telling you it’s time for a new dialogue around this. And to shame any shamers who have made you feel undesirable or just plain wrong.

Polish up that mojo and get it working again for you not just on a deeply intimate level but also in what you have to offer the world in terms of business, messages and ideas now. These can come across as pretty desirable too this week. Venus is in your 3rd of commerce and communication, enhancing your ideas and messages with creativity and allure. Feeling passionate about something, wanting to create something also stems from the same source as that sexiness. You could be committing to a fresh cycle of experience – a job, learning opportunity or even travelling as Venus opposes Juno in your 9th. This could even be committing to a big love – a secret one perhaps as Venus also squares Pluto in your 12th on the 28th. That big love or desire may not be so much a secret anymore but something you are upfront about wanting – and having. Bring sexy back now, Aquarius.

In a Nutshell: Leap into a new kind of sexiness, Aquarius. Yes, passion and desire are soul healthy choices. No matter what you have been led to believe in the past. Working that mojo means committing to going after what you want. Leap on after it!



Who has your back is beyond price

Make lasting new connections

Your people are waiting for you

Venus in its ruling 2nd is not just about money – it is of course, but there is far more to abundance and riches than just your cash, assets and possessions. There’s your self-worth, your talents, skills, ability and those relationships you can completely and utterly bank on to be there for you. This week could just hand you one of those. Or see you commit more completely to an existing one. Now, this could be a friend or even a work set-up as well as a love or marriage partnership. But you know you have each other’s backs and are in it for the long haul now. If this is the kind of relationship you are seeking then time to be seen and active seek it. Know that whoever this may turn out to be is seeking you in turn. Mars in your 11th powers your confidence to put yourself out there while the North Node in Cancer promises fated encounters on the 25th.

This is the same day as Venus in your 2nd opposes Juno in your 8th which could bring in a permanent decision around a sharing or collaborative partnership dynamic. Venus also squares Pluto in your 11th on the 28th. Don’t forget this is the house of your future and your goals. Venus rules this one as it is in its ruling house. Powerful friends or allies whose support you can rely on could play a massive role in turning those dreams into goals and those goals into reality. You’ll never know unless you go looking and leap into fresh circles in search of the people who can make your future happen. They are waiting for you to find them. Simply bank on it.

In a nutshell: Get connecting, Pisces. This week is all about those friendships and connections that have your back. The ones you know are there for you – no matter what. You could even commit to a new one now. Your people are your greatest asset. Go find them.





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