Written Weekly Astrology 4th September 2017


Majestic manifestation

Soulful happenings

Healthy habits

Several fabulous astrological events that are happening turn this week into a potentially magical experience for you. Firstly pesky Mercury retrograde is over, HOORAY! You might have felt misunderstood or tongue tied whilst Mercury was in retrograde. Has there been a flirtation or relationship that became complicated? Mercury is giving you a chance to make up and make out. You have until the 10th to shoot your creative dream out into the Universe, to indulge in an array of life’s sweet, sweet pleasures and have a conversation that can make all of your amazing inspiration a reality.

Mars your ruler is the first to make a move into your health and well-being zone on the 5th and Mercury is joining him on the 10th. How are your energy levels? Are you taking care of yourself? It’s time for an honest look at your daily routines. Strap on your Fitbit, don your old green lycra catsuit and channel your inner Paltrow. And no, adding an extra strawberry to your Prosecco does not constitute a life style change! If you are already doing all you need to do for your body, ask yourself how can you form a deeper relationship with your heart and soul?

The Full Moon is filled with enchantment and mystery. She’s also cuddled up with Neptune the lord of spirituality. On top of that, Pluto the game changer is sextile Neptune too. Your soul is switched on and the deepest parts of your psyche are stimulated. Trust your intuition, look out for magical happenings and meaningful coincidences. The shadow side of this Full Moon is to lose yourself in fantasy or debauchery, the choice is yours, but before you fall face first into a delicious distraction remember that knowledge is power, if you ignore it and you could risk adding months to finding what your spirit is looking for.


Follow your bliss

Tribe rejuvenation

Conjuring inspiration


Yay! Mercury is finally going direct from the 5th! It might take a few days for the energy to kick in but all those irritating family and home problems are being eased away. You’re finding the right words to smooth things over and if there have been contract delays, annoying home disasters or family argy bargy you will feel more at peace with it all. On another note, you’re heading into the pleasure dome and your creative, bliss time!

Mars is rebooting your energy and giving you a glamour glow, you’re confident, sparky and can reconnect to your passion. Mercury is joining him there on the 10th rebooting your inner muse. Of course, with all this energy coursing through your soul it’s easy to get carried away. If you find yourself tipping into extremes rein in your inner diva and ask her to find constructive ways to use this enthusiastic energy as you can be a bit Tally Ho about the consequences. With the Sun trine, Pluto on the 9th an extraordinarily powerful experience can catapult you into an extreme desire, handle with care! On a serious note, remember that you are connected to the source, it is your divine right to create and splash about in the Cosmos, you just need to decide what you want to do with the flurry of creativity that comes to you.

The Full Moon on the 6th is in your social zone and it is extra special as she is conjunct Neptune the spiritual. Pay careful attention to who you mix with and who you align yourself with on line. Social media, writing, publishing, groups of people and friends are all an extension of your soul path. Mama Moon is going to highlight for you who needs to stay and who needs to go. It looks like a chance meeting or social encounter is going to fling you into another level of experience. Make it a good one.#



Family values

Home & hearth

New directions


The celestial weather is changing and with it your attitude. Mercury, your ruler has been back peddling for a few weeks now and it’s been leaving you out of sorts and discombobulated. When Mercury goes direct on the 5th your mind starts to clear. If you’ve been having problems making a decision or deciding which direction you want to go in don’t panic, your Mercurial super powers are back and a string of dazzling fresh ideas and conversations will light the way.

Trust your ability to communicate, know that your thoughts are valid. You have 5 more days to harvest your vision before Mercury nips into your home and family zone. Mars is already sitting pretty in there and is giving you the energy boost you need to get stuff moving at home. Do you want to shift things around? When it comes to your tribe/family Mars brings out your inner warrior allowing you to be forceful and protective.

On the 6th the Full Moon lights up your career/work life. Perhaps you’ve been avoiding your intuition? Has your soul been whispering advice about a change of direction? In your heart do you feel there’s a better way of doing things? Allow your soul to speak, let the Cosmos show you the way. Don’t ignore your gut feelings, this Full Moon is conjunct Neptune the soul coach and he wants to put you through your paces. It’s time to stop avoiding the spotlight and go after what you know is your calling.



Blessings in finances

Practical planning

Ideas exploration


Mercury goes direct on the 5th and Holy moly this could not come quick enough. Due to all the emotional bungee jumping that you’ve been doing you might have taken your eye off practical issues. Mercury had the potential to cause chaos with your finances, perhaps promises made were broken or the figures didn’t end up the way they were meant to? Thankfully though you can be much more persuasive now.

Mighty Mars is shifting signs on the 5th also giving you the confidence and power to get your ideas out there. Having said that he also makes you a tad intolerant, so if you get the slightest whiff that someone is not taking you seriously, or is being dismissive, you could lose your cool. Instead with Mercury direct in your finance and grounded house, direct your energy into investing in your future.

Your ruler the Moon is filling you with a sense of adventure. The Full Moon encourages you to be impetuous, a wildling rediscovering the Universe. You’re opening to different ideas and experiences and as she is joined by Neptune the spiritual so look out for the deeper meaning. The Moon brings you a soul experience, your wise Goddess leader fills you with courage and bravado. Look out for an unusual love interest. As a lover you’re very sensitive, sometimes it pays to be bold!

Mercury changes signs on the 10th making you an ideas machine. USE THEM! Extraordinary conversations and leads are coming your way.



Confidence boost

Inner revolution

Kindness confetti


OMG! Yasssss! Mercury is going direct! Mercury retrograde has likely been pretty heavy for you. You have been dragged through countless intense experiences recently and it may have felt you lost your crown for a while. As challenging as the past few weeks have been, you’re going through a personal revolution. In the wheel of life, it’s a spiritual fact that what goes down, must come up, so thankfully this week you get your roar back.

Mars is leaving your sign which could make you feel more settled and secure. You’re pushing to change your finances and to get your paws back on the ground. It’s time to finalise deals, to invest in your future and gather your self-confidence, it should be hectic but satisfying!

Ok, the Full Moon in Pisces on the 5th is stirring up your primal zone. It’s a cosmic clear out of your shadow side. You have pretty intense feelings flying about as buried issues around power and powerlessness come to the surface. Not something the Leo Queen may be entirely comfortable with. Watch out for drama, especially if it’s you that’s creating it! You might feel overwhelmingly jealous or vengeful. On the other hand, you have access to a deep survival instinct which can lead you out of the shadows and back into the sunlight of happiness. Be kind, especially with yourself. Trust, but don’t give in to your instincts. You can also connect to your sacred sexuality and heal any past wounds. You’re back to your sizzling sassy self.

Mercury shifts signs on the 10th which can help nail down a project and allow others to know that you mean it.



Alchemy healing

Relationship clarity

Mojo magic


Virgo, the times they are a changing! Right from the get go you should feel that you are on firmer ground. The Celestial wisdom of the past month was ‘faith, trust and a little bit of pixie dust’. August had a supernatural flavour which might have made you uncomfortable as it was so intangible. Having said that it also offered you exceptional experiences and gifts, what did you learn? How can you use the wisdom you gained of August to heal and grow?

This week you’re slap bang in Virgo season as Mars enters your sign, Mercury goes direct (still in pixie dust/Harry Potter territory until the 10th and then in your sign!). Mars brings bravery and fearlessness as he reboots your mojo. You’re motivated and ready for action. Use the last rays of cosmic magic to sense your way forward. Listen to your inner guru and forge forward with your soul’s purpose. Now there’s less mayhem so you can channel your energy toward your dreams.

The Full Moon is in your relationship zone bringing things to ahead. The Moon is at one with Neptune the spiritual and you can understand your karmic connections with lovers and loved ones. You can merge with a lover or heal a destructive pattern although you might feel emotionally raw it could also be liberating. When we change our energy, it is impossible for joint energy not to transform. What direction the energy goes in is a different matter, but the Moon is showing you how to beam your love out into the Universe. Take some time to pat yourself on the back for how far you have come and what you’ve learnt along the way. Spend a few moments showering yourself in unconditional love, light a candle and visualise greeting your soul and celebrating your journey. When we value ourselves, it is often mirrored back in unexpected ways. Try it!

With Mercury direct, you feel clearer and at ease. Tah Dah! Mercury on the 10th enters your sign! Whoop! You have linguistic super powers and are particularly enchanting and mesmerising. Take your inspiration seriously capture your thoughts on Evernote or pull them together in an old school journal. You have valuable information to share, let it out!



Self-love baby!

Indulge your inner child

Magical moments


Libra’s time to balance your scales and recharge. You have been through a stressful few weeks. Were your insecurities triggered? Hopefully, you also had very clear messages from the Cosmos about how to change your life and who you hang out with. There’s been a flurry of celestial activity around you which has required your attention. You can finally take off your dancing shoes and plunge yourself into some down time as Mars enters your reflective 12th house.

Meditate, cosy up, sleep and take care of you. It might be tempting to ignore your energy levels and indulge in bad habits or escapist, self-destructive patterns but if you do that you’ll miss a trick. Mars and later Mercury are plugging you into magical wisdom. It takes quiet times to tune into the invaluable insights that coming your way. Mercury is direct in your social zone, so you can find your voice, and other people are impressed with what you have to say.

The Full Moon is giving you a helping hand in straightening out your act. Have you been drunk on the pleasures of life recently? Have troublesome bad habits been sneaking into your routine? The Moon is giving you a tapestry of insights to put yourself back on track. Sort out the details in your life and focus on your health and habits.

Mercury changes signs on the 10th and is drawing you further into a reflective space. You’re especially enlightened as your psychic powers are all aquiver, listen to what they are telling you. Take time out, indulge your child within by watching Netflix old favs like ‘Sabrina the teenage witch’ or ‘Charmed’ and escape into your inner wonderland. You might get a romantic text or have strange coincidences this week use your instincts to navigate through.



Heart tribe

Inspiration in the crowd

Visions and dreams

Mars your old ruler and warrior friend is moving into your social zone the same day as Mercury goes direct (HOORAY!) Are you feeling impatient and peed off with your tribe? Is a group venture not moving as quickly as you would like it to? You have the energy and the powerful command to pull it all together. Having said that you are much more forceful than usual so take time to listen or you could rub people up the wrong way. Mercury is making magic in your work zone and you find the right words to press on with it. Remember “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader”. – John Quincy Adams

When Mercury joins Mars here in the 10th you can be part of a community with heart. When the Cosmos is rocking this energy it makes you infinitely connected to the whole. Now is the perfect time to throw your dreams out to the Universe. Create a vision board https://www.micheleknight.com/articles/quantum/cosmic-ordering/cosmic-ordering-vision-board/ and know you are an irreplaceable part of the whole.

With the Sun trine Pluto on the 9th your words have exceptional power. Look out for an opportunity and speak from your heart. The Full Moon on the same day is filled with pleasure. You’re feeling decadent, creative and hot, hot, hot! Neptune is joining the party to bring a spiritual awakening, could a soul mate be on the horizon or could a relationship become what you always knew it could be? Happy days!



Magical spells

Authentic expression

Strong foundations


Hello, wild one! My, it’s been quite the journey! After a crazy few weeks, it’s now the time to get down and serious. Mars is entering your work zone as Mercury goes direct. You still have your fierce maverick streak but you can channel it towards your career, trust your inner genius! How do you feel about your work? Are you on the right track? Your energy levels are boosted by Mars, and you finally get stuck in without being distracted by random adventures. There’s been a lot of arguments flying about recently, and perhaps you felt misunderstood? If you were fighting over a situation and there’s been a standoff, it didn’t mean you weren’t right but did you present it in the right way? One of my favourite quotes in the world is

‘Be impeccable with your word. Speak with integrity. Say only what you mean. Avoid using the word to speak against yourself or to gossip about others. Use the power of your word in the direction of truth and love.’ – Don Miguel Ruiz

Words are your spells, expressing yourself is your super power, and if you hone it right the world is your lobster! You’re maverick, and original streak has got you where you are today, you’re eccentric and unique way of seeing things is your soul’s treasure. Over the coming weeks, your originality is recognised. Stress is drifting away, and you can be your beautiful self.

The Full Moon on the 6th is trine Neptune the spiritual. It’s time to hang with your clan, to snuggle up and get comfy. Surrender to cosy times at home and bond with loved ones. Expect a cosmic revelation about where you are living or the meaning of a close relationship. Funnily enough, you might discover you’re ready to lay some roots down.

You’re entering a time where you want to build structure and confidence. The Sun trine Pluto on the 9th shows you how to do it. You’re exuding power on that day and can secure an opportunity. With Mercury falling into your career zone on the 10th it might all be work, work, work, work but you do it with the sassiness of Rhianna, and it soon becomes KA-CHING!



Powerful insights

Serendipity surprise

Exploration freedom

Capricorn the mountain top approaches! After a long hard slog through the underworld, you are coming back into the light. Blimey, that was tough, but Mercury is lightening the load as he finally goes direct on the 10th. You can complete a transformation, the truth is coming out, and you feel liberated from the doom and gloom of last month. Did you come into your power though? The next cosmic trip is one of adventure, and you have the opportunity to become an intrepid explorer of ideas, travel and unusual friendships. Mighty and fearless Mars is entering your expansion zone. You’re wild and free and releasing yourself from any self-imposed isolation. What do you want to explore? How can you overcome your limits? What have you always wanted to do or see and how can you make it happen?

The Full Moon on the 6th is in your communication house, and she’s joined forces with spiritual Neptune. At some point, this week crucial information is coming your way, look out for it, it might be via Facebook, text or bumping into someone unexpectedly. Pluto in your sign is dancing with the Moon and Neptune to shift old ideas and baggage. Open yourself up to chatting with strangers, expressing your thoughts and believing in new inspirations. You have a slew of wisdom that others want to connect with.

With Mercury entering your maverick zone expect plenty of far out conversations that make you think. If you’re invited on a trip to Kathmandu, consider it, if an eccentric but compelling soul crosses your path take time to chat. This week is all about freeing yourself and exploring new possibilities. With the Sun trine Pluto in your sign on the 9th there are no limits. Become a flying goat and take that leap of faith!



Peace is the way

Deep healing

Money magnet

August was a fairground ride complete with ghost train! How did it go? Did you find your way down the yellow brick road and back home? This week things get intense as you have the chance to come into your power and slay any final pesky demons. Firstly, Mercury is going direct! Hooray! Mercury has been messing with your relationships and partnerships. There has probably been misunderstandings and confusion whizzing about, but now things can settle. Suddenly you have an amazing ability to bring peace and harmony to your loved ones. You’re also seductive, mesmerising and charming. Expect more clarity and ease in your personal and love connections. (apart from that love triangle temptation that might pop up!)

Mars the brave is entering your primal zone, issues to do with joint resources, sexuality, life, death and rebirth are all very close to the surface. On a positive note, it makes you sexy as hell, and you can experience a deeper sense of intimacy as you exude charisma. Hawt!

Having said that Mars doesn’t mess about here, you can feel vengeful (remember what they say – when seeking revenge dig two graves, one for yourself..) obsessional and super fierce. If you balance this right it gives you the chance to dive deep into your unconscious and to heal old wounds. Mars is powerful and quite at home here and he could show you a way to draw abundance and money to you. Monitor any out of control feelings and bring them into the light. You are helped with old grief or in dealing with raw situations.

Talking of light, the Full Moon is also helping you with a financial shift, and this week can be pivotal when it comes to your cash flow. As the Full Moon is conjunct spiritual Neptune, you can see any emotional blocks stopping you from reaching your full potential and transform them. There’s also an opportunity to feast on life but avoid extravagant impulses.

As Mercury slides into your primal zone on the 10th, there’s a sense of mystery in the air. You’re quite the psychic detective as you instantly see what others motivations are and can stay one step ahead. All in all, it’s a week of money, sex and power. How do you feel about these things and how can you elevate the energy to align with your soul’s goals? It’s electric, but you got this.



Sharing is caring

Health is your wealth

Love Love Love

Get ready Pisces its fiesta time and it’s got your name on it! This week quivers with possibility. Firstly, have your wits about you on the 5th. Mercury, the planet of communication, has been messing with your mojo as he’s been going backwards in your house or order. It has probably been impossible to pin things down, sort things out and stick to a routine. Every time you went on a health kick did you end up with a mojito or triple Unicorn cappuccino? Were promises made and broken? Fear not! You can now enter a new cycle where you can get things done. In all seriousness, you can now curate your life in a new way that works for you. Your spirit is longing to have space to truly be you, to do this it is time for a clear out and to reboot those healthy habits.

Having said that this is also a week of love, partnerships and potentially wild lustful shenanigans. The radiant Sun is opposing your ruler on the 5th which can make you overly giving or confused about your role in a partnership, BUT Mars is helping you as he is also nipping into your love zone heating things up. Your soul has been on a long journey finding herself and within your sensitive fishy heart lays a warrior within. Mars is helping you to be assertive and also confident about your sensuality.

The Full Moon on the 6th is in your sign! Yay! It’s time to celebrate you! You’re tuned in and there’s a touch of enchantment in the air. The Full Moon whispers that you are more than enough, that you are lovable, let yourself embrace that and feel it. It might feel like an emotional Moonbeam ride as you’re super psychic and intuitive and feel not only your own hidden emotions but also others. Some people like extreme sports and hurl themselves off mountains with nothing but a pair of chopsticks and a tea tray, you do something equally brave and potentially foolhardy, you practice extreme empathy, and can feel the vulnerability hidden in the depths of others. The Moon is reminding you to take care of your needs first just like on the plane where they tell you to put on your oxygen mask before helping others!

Mercury is also entering your relationship zone, the coming week is all about dealing with love, close bonds and intimate relationships and on that note, I shall end with this

“If you’re not willing to let your partner see your cellulite or know your biggest fears, then you aren’t really ready to share yourself.” – Iyanla Vanzant

YOU have the right to be seen and loved. YOU are as beautiful as every single person on this earth. The Universe wants you to know that!

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