Your April Monthly Written Horoscopes 2019

Daily horoscope

Monthly Forecast for All Signs April 2019


  • Have a soul update
  • Mine the past for something new
  • Work that power of attraction

New beginnings, new you. At the very least, get ready to show the world a fresh and fascinating facet of you. Update that self-confidence, image and attitude. If you feel that outside no longer matches the you that you have become, get radical if necessary. Your image is your calling card and your ticket to the future. How you feel about yourself and meet the world, how others react to you all forms part of your relaunch as the new Moon of the 5th marks a cycle of new beginnings and fresh possibilities. Start something. Be seen in a new light and make any necessary changes to your image, brand or appearance so you send out a consistent message to others about who you are and what you are about. Above all, don’t worry what others may think because those who matter are going to love it! 

You’re coming out of the dark and a period of confusion and seeing the light again now – and being seen yourself in a new one. This involves letting go of worrying about people’s opinions and perceptions. Mercury is direct again at the start of the month but meets Neptune in your 12th on the 2nd and is still in retroshadow. You are in the process of moving forward yet someone or something is still subject to delays, changes, reversals or keeping you in limbo. This goes against that focus and forthright desire you embody right now. Don’t forget – the only thing we can control is our own reaction. If you suspect there is more going on than meets the eye with a particular person or situation – you are right. But the key here is to stay focussed on your own evolution and what you want to begin and wait for the facts to emerge in their own time – which they will.

Even as you start something new, April is your month when retro-active luck, what you have begun in the past, and second-time-around opportunities surround you. This isn’t just down to that Mercury retroshadow I mentioned, but down to Fat Planet Jupiter in its ruling 9th, heading backwards from the 11th – the day after a truly cosmic love-in between Venus and Neptune in your house of the past and psychic ability. You’re heading towards some destiny making aspects now but the effect of all this can see a revival of something you had let go of or set in motion previously.

There’s an element of time travel involved here. With something or someone catching up with you in the present. Astrology can sometimes bring about the literal manifestation of a transit. For example, some of you could find yourselves travelling back somewhere you visited in the past or even feel a past life connection to as Jupiter rules long distance travel and will also angle to Mercury in your 12th on the 12th. A past lover reappears or a message quite literally comes from the past and catches up with you in the present. What has been set in motion previously, holds new potential now. Mine the past even as you launch that new you forward to create your future. When Jupiter angles to Venus on the 16th, this could see you reclaim that old dream or long lost love. Not necessarily a lover – although it could be, it could also bring back an opportunity to recapture a past success or see you doing something you used to love to do as opposed to someone. The Wheel of Destiny is spun again for you – and turns in your favour.

The 19th hands you the ability to become the music maker, not just the dreamer of dreams but the playful creator who makes the dream a reality by walking to the beat of their own soundtrack. Mercury arrived in your 1st on the 17th and on the 19th meets with Chiron in here. This links back to what I said at the start of this forecast – of being able to step free of worrying about what other people may think of your choices. Chiron is very much about doing things your way and playing by your own rules – and playing your own theme tune while you do it. This meeting says sell yourself in, this wonderful creation you’ve been so boldly and bravely putting together. The rewards of doing this are not only going to be tangible material ones, but a striking new self-confidence absolutely nobody will be able to ignore – because it is a sexy as hell!

So, with this firmly in mind, look at who draws opposite you and what they reflect back when on the 19th, a full Moon appears in your 7th. This is the second full Moon to appear in here in a lunar month – so it does qualify for ‘blue’ Moon status. Hopefully this does not see you standing alone or without a dream in your heart, as in the lyrics of the classic Sinatra song. Full Moons reflect so you are standing in the light reflected back at you – by someone else. Who or even what  is opposite you in other words. Look especially closely at what or who, you have drawn to you again. This could even be new but has a familiar feel to it. You’ve changed and what you see reflected back is different. This is a full Moon of coming together. Deals can be done or sealed with a kiss. No matter who sails to take that ‘opposite’ position to you under this blue light meeting, lover, partner, best friend, work connection or even that enemy, love ‘em or loathe ‘em, they represent a part of you. Do you like what you see? As you remain in a cycle of relaunch and new beginnings, if you don’t, adjust your wavelength accordingly. This is a time for healing and wholeness. Togetherness and partnerships begin with our relationships with ourselves.

If you are looking for that special someone, need to take care of business when it comes to an existing relationship and revive the love, heal a rift or just work that power of attraction, the 21st sees Venus planet of love arrive in your 1st. This is the day after the Sun exits your sign and arrives in Venus’s ruling 2nd in your chart. That self-worth you’ve been working on could turn out to be a fate determining factor – especially when it comes to money, rewards and your career Aries. In fact, not just professional and material success but personal success too and the 2nd house rules people who are assets to you and the 10th pretty well anything that boosts that mojo and how others see you. Take a fresh approach to how you get what you want, outcomes and compromise. Don’t get too attached to one particular outcome. The 21st sees Mars in your 3rd oppose Ceres in your 9th. Insisting on a ‘your way or the highway’ approach, refusing to collaborate or take on board the input of others, could block what is looking like an express train to career progress.

The more adaptable you become, the more likely you are going to be able to take advantage of the fast-changing situation that is going to arise when the Sun encounters Uranus in your 2nd for the first time in your lifetime. All that work you’ve done on your image, brand, profile, identity, look should now perfectly back up what you feel you’re worth. Which is more than a job title, what you earn or have. Come from this place of surety especially when it comes to negotiations or money matters now. It’s time to also apply this to your career. Those destiny driving aspects have you focussed on the path you’re walking – and the rewards this brings you. The 29th sees Saturn in its ruling 10th in your chart slow before turning retrograde in here on the 30th. As it does, it will oppose the North Node in your 4th of home, security and stability while conjunct the South Node. Saturn rules timing and karma, and the Nodes are destiny and fate. If you are unhappy with your present career, then at some point between now and September, expect to be shown a path that is simply more you. Others may be asked to assume more responsibility at work or take a leadership role. People in positions of influence and authority feature – either assisting you or, in some instances, throwing blocks to progress in your path. The South Node is very much about things going round and round without us being aware we can step out of the cycle at any time. This is karma and destiny in action. You’ve been here before no matter if you are seeing green light or red. The South Node where Saturn is, happens to be all about recognising patterns and deciding to react differently. Saturn rules authority. Not just people in authority, but the authority we have over our own lives. It’s where the word ‘author’ comes from. So, depending on what presents itself and whether or not you feel restricted, held-back or blocked, you have the authority now to step free of a cycle and author that new direction. Or just that alternative you’ve not dared to try so far. Make no mistake, you get to spin the Wheel of Destiny this April. But your advantage is, it merely points in the direction rather than drives you. And you get to head into a future that you can define, Aries.

In a nutshell:  This month sees you dealing with the new – and something familiar, Aries. But make no mistake, you get to drive your destiny in the direction you need it to go, now!


  • Leave them thunderstruck!
  • Claim that soul dream of freedom
  • Happy birthday, Taurus

Confound everyone from those critics to those who have pigeon-holed you or said ‘S/he would never . . . (insert here their preconceived notion du jour about you)’. Yes, it’s time to do whatever you or anyone else thought you would never do, try or change. Yes, I know change is usually what you resist, but a new Moon in your House of the Spirits – your 12th, on the 5th, is a harbinger of just that. And the changes you set in motion this month are set to leave everyone thunderstruck! Just throw in Ceres, planet of powerful compromises in your change sector, illuminated by the Sun also in your 12th, plus Jupiter retrograde in your 8th from the 11th and the message here is: claiming your freedom is long overdue.

You’re preparing for the Sun’s arrival in your sign on the 20th – and it will spark a cycle like no other you’ve experienced in this lifetime. That one where you confound everyone and simply nobody including yourself, will be able to predict what you will do next. Well, your friendly neighbourhood astrologer can most likely take a stab at it which is what this forecast is designed to do. Daring to do, following what you believe in may seem to result in you turning things upside down or making radical changes, but to you, it’s just you being your authentic self. Finally.

The second week in April sees ruler Venus become entangled with Neptune in your house of friends, networks, bands, clubs, associations and social connections of all kinds. On the one hand, you could find yourself surrounded by people who you feel truly ‘get’ you. That ‘What on earth does s/he think they’re doing?’ judgement call is missing. But on the other – you’re faced with exactly that or just feeling that you are on one planet and everyone else is somewhere else. Watch for misunderstandings and confusion over what is said or even where to meet. Above all, please take your time with any new connection that appears. If it looks too good to be true, it probably is. Any delays you encounter now are designed to either protect you, or stall you because there’s something better just below the horizon, or else see things work out in your favour. So watch carefully around mid- month when that retro-active Jupiter squares Mercury and the Sun in your 12th does the same to Pluto in your 9th.  You also have a Grand Fire Trine on the 14th, indicating change in the air especially around home, security, living arrangements and following the call of that higher, authentic self. If agreements have yet to be reached, be assured they will be.

The thunderstruck season doesn’t just begin with your birthday, but in the days preceding it. Moments of searing insight and the steel of spiritual truth are handed to go when Mercury conjuncts Chiron in your 12th. Time to think about what you want and what you believe is possible. Time to release that secret love or secret self now. This is all about shrugging off old ideas about what you believe you can have or do – especially when it comes to relationships. Chiron in your 12th really is all about that secret you’re keeping. Possibly because you don’t think you can be open about it. Mercury’s meeting in here with it says, yes, you can – again leading to you rending others thunderstruck as you claim it. The day this meeting takes place you also have a full ‘Blue’ Moon in your 6th of wellbeing. This is the second full Moon to appear in this house of your chart in a lunar month – making this a true ‘blue’ Moon.  Being your house of health and wellness, this one once again illuminates all those hidden aspects of your life which have an impact on your energy and over all wellbeing. You realise the larger effect  across all areas of your life ignoring these can have.

Looking at what you do, what you contribute, work or creative ventures undertaken for a selfless or higher purpose – for art’s sake, for example, are also themes highlighted by this full Moon. Acknowledgement for work done in the past, behind the scenes could be yours. However, if you have given too much, as the Sun swings into your 1st asks you to make yourself your first priority. It’s going to be a birthday season like no other for you, a year of the unexpected, where all bets are off. Be prepared for breath-taking events and for what you thought impossible, to become all too real for you now.  Watch what occurs when for the first time in your lifetime, the Sun meets Uranus in your 1st on the 22nd. This could result in you and everyone else who knows you being thunderstruck as you act in new and unexpected ways or grasp the excitement of the new and undiscovered as opportunity presents itself! Get ready for a big review around what really matters to you and where your priorities lie.

It would not be your birthday season if we did not talk about love for the upcoming year. Ruler Venus arrives in your 12th on the 21st. Linking you to a past love, that secret love that demands you own it now, and much needed self-love.  If a new love is what you’re seeking, continue with the self-love approach and put the past in perspective until Venus arrives in your 1st next month. The month’s end sees fate take a hand when it comes to placing your feet on the path to freedom and experiencing so much more in the up-coming cycle. Saturn, planet of promises and putting a ring on it, slows to station and then turn retrograde in your 9th on the 30th. Just before it does it will oppose the North Node in your 3rd. Which of course means it is conjunct the South Node. Prepare for release and to commit to freedom. This may come in the form of a journey you are destined to take – real or metaphorical. It could also involve writing, publishing, the internet, learning and business – the message or idea you have or what you have to teach and share. What your soul burns to do, experience or share is part of why you are here. When you answer that call – you’ll live up to that ability to render others, yourself and your future, thunderstruck, Taurus!

In a nutshell: Welcome to a birthday cycle like no other, Taurus. All bets are off when it comes to living that dream – for real. Or for your capacity to astound yourself and others by what is possible for you now.


  • Friends play a role in your grand design
  • Changes and delays could work in your favour
  • Single? Ask who you know who they know

Who moved your cheese? More to the point, who moved those goal posts or the T&C’s – again. It’s not so much that the cheese may be moved, it’s knowing it will be this month, Gemini. Yes, this all sounds oh-so-familiar to you because you know ruler Mercury simply has to be involved. The cheese metaphor works well seeing as the original book How Moved My Cheese? Illustrated classic responses to change via the reactions of mice. Mercury rules small animals – those smaller than say a sheep, and ones in particular which squeak. Squeak up and be prepared to re-negotiate as ruler Mercury now direct but still in retroshadow, meets with Neptune in your 10th on the 2nd. It may feel you’ve been here before – maybe even last week, as there is a decided déjà vu cast to all of this. Deals may change. Goal posts get moved and people withdraw or renege. The best advice I can offer you is: get it in writing. If you are offered a contract, you need to go through it with a fine tooth comb. Find what’s hidden in the small print as there is likely to be something. Find that cheese.

It could be people just seem to be unable to reach a decision or simply chop and change. Under this influence and until Mercury fully exits retroshadow you need to stay flexible but also ensure your word is your bond. Know and show where you stand. There’s an overall call to reach a compromise now thanks to the Sun in your 11th angling to Ceres in your 7th which points to a win/win scenario – especially if it involves friends or even being seen as a team player. Your 11th lights up with new friendship possibilities or just enjoying those existing ones more at the time of the new Moon in here on the 5th. Please be aware, this is one of your important new Moons of the year as this is your house of the future. You are setting the future in motion in some way whether you realise it or not. Fresh goals can be set now and people who may be able to assist in this may appear. It also sets the tone of your social life for the next 12 months. So, please make the effort to mix and mingle. If you do, expect this to continue and for expansion. If you stay home with that boxset – expect that to stay your theme too.

Launch those future making ideas – especially if they are visionary or entrepreneurial or involve anything to do with dealing with large groups of people. Sign up and join in. You can not only attract people willing to help you but friends in high places too  as mid-month sees an opportunity-creating Grand Fire Trine ignite your 11th, 3rd and 7th houses – with an added option to rekindle that love or even a vision you share with someone close to you.  There are retros and then there are retros that just say ‘Supersize me!’ – or bring in the big cheese. Fat Planet Jupiter turns retrograde in your 7th from the 11th, promising as it does, redelivery of anything from past opportunities, places or even partners. However, do take special care if travelling especially around the period of 10th-14th as Jupiter will throw in some delay tactics of its own at that point when it makes a hard angle to Mercury in your 10th. Just bear in mind that Jupiter always wants to deliver good things and right now, any delays you may experience will most likely turn into benefits for you in the long term.

You may even see the results of this around the 16th when Jupiter will angle to Venus also in your 10th. Know that no matter what angle these two make – there is always a good outcome.  Need help? A solution? A fresh approach? Mercury’s entry into your 11th on the 17th sees it hang out with Chiron on the 19th. This is a real ‘mine your friends and contacts’ moment when what you seek can be sourced – and this includes answers, from who you know. The result could hand you what you need – an opportunity or an important introduction, as this day sees a ‘Blue full Moon in your 5th. This is the second full Moon in here in a lunar month – a true ‘Blue’ Moon. A romance that began between these two Moons could deepen now. Children, young people and relationships that could result in parenthood are also in focus. Venus is about to enter your 11th on the 21st. Usually this would place the emphasis on friendships rather than romance, but should you meet or be introduced to someone under this Moon – the power of love could rule. If you’re single, it could be time to ask the people you know who they know.

Let’s dig down deep and mine some mysteries while we simultaneously prepare for revelations. The Sun arrives in your 12th from the 20th and on the 22nd, meets Uranus in here for the first time in your lifetime. Not only is the cheese different to what you thought it was, it is in another place, from another galaxy or – gasp! there is no cheese! !12th house transits occur just before our birthday each year bringing our energy to a peak and getting us to look realistically at what we want to take forward with us into our new cycle – and what needs to be released. Determine this and also when it comes to partnerships, strike the balance between you and another when Mars in your 1st opposes Ceres in your 7th.

Major changes with lasting impact are on their way from the final week of the month. Pluto retrogrades in its ruling 8th from the 25th. Pluto is in its power position here and becomes more potent when retrograde. Those negotiations may now proceed full throttle. Ensure you enter into any knowing the outcome you want however. Yes, be prepared to compromise but also know where you are prepared to do this and what areas you need to stand firm. Know just what share of the cheese you are entitled to. Destiny plays a role as Saturn also in your 8th slows to retrograde station and as it does opposes the North Node in your money and values house while conjunct the South. Reach for a new solution and again, if you need advice as to what this is, you have the contacts to mine for it. The people in your life are being locked in to play a pivotal role now. And the path you are on is being refined and is the one you are destined to walk. Be seen as someone who knows what they want, where they are going and what they stand for.

In a nutshell: Prepare for a future like no other. Destiny plays a role but really, it is yours to craft. Those you know have a pivotal role to play in its design. Make those connections, Gemini.


  • You write the book of love
  • Compromise  opens doors
  • Feel more alive

Cloudy with a chance of confusion is your forecast as April begins, cancer. Don’t worry, the fog will eventually lift and certainty restored. Before that occurs, be aware that Mercury in your 9th may be headed direct but remains in retroshadow and gets shipwrecked by an encounter with Neptune in here on the 2nd. This is your house of long distance travel and foreign affairs and with the ruler of this house, Jupiter, retrograde from the 11th, sorry to say, this could leave you all at sea or washed up. If you are travelling – especially overseas, I would urge you to have Plans B thru to C, D, E or even F in place especially if your travel occurs mid-month. Also, check weather reports both at your point of departure as well as your destination. There is a real risk under these influences of floods, storms or phenomena which affect visibility – fog etc. and even strikes and outages. With Jupiter retrograde revisiting places you have been in the past is favoured however – especially if this is work related.

You are headed for a major decision which may involve a compromise in a few weeks and this could involve your work or even your wellbeing. You could get a taste of what this may entail – and please don’t worry as it will involve beneficial changes which lead to you feeling freer and more alive than you have been for a very long time. Watch what this may involve especially around the 4th when the Sun in your status sector opens doors for you will Ceres in your 6th on the 4th and a new Moon brings in a fresh career opportunity and a direction from the 5th. You are being asked to make your move now and some of you could be looking at the financial or other rewards from your efforts between the 14th – 16th when a Grand Fire Trine across your entire money/work/career zone snares in not only the Sun in your 10th and Jupiter in your 6th, but ruler the Moon in your 2nd. There’s a sense here of not only material, but self-satisfaction you’ve earned in the process that is simply priceless.

A break in the weather could occur on the 10th when Venus and Neptune align in your 9th. This is a voyage into the dreamtime. Some of you may literally take a journey that feels ‘out of this world’. This is a real aspect of higher love, spiritual resonance and also inspired creativity. The realms of fantasy, storytelling and weaving a magical dream are yours to explore. As with all transits which involve Neptune, you need to ensure that you keep your feet on the ground no matter where you are being transported to. If you are travelling, no matter how beautiful or mind-expanding your experience is, please remain aware of your surroundings, the people around you and where you are. A romantic encounter with someone who has overseas or foreign connections, you feel an instant connection to or just comes across as plain ‘dreamy’ in every sense of that word, is another possibility. Again, don’t rush things. Get to know the real them before going in deeper.  Otherwise there is a real possibility of wrapping them up in a package of projection and illusion that doesn’t actually exist and the bump back to reality could occur as early as the second week if so. Save yourself the freefall. Stay grounded.

April brings you the ability to make future conscious decisions which add to both your prestige and your long term security. The 17th marks the start of this cycle as Mercury arrives in your 10th and encounters wild teacher Chiron in here on the 19th – the self-same day as a ‘blue’ full Moon appears in its ruling 4th. This is the second ‘blue’ Moon to strike this house in a lunar as opposed to calendar month. As such this makes it a true ‘blue’ Moon. Of all signs, you appreciate the emotional resonance and intuition a full Moon in its ruling house brings you. You had a taste of this four weeks ago. The question now is; are you prepared to follow through on what your intuition is telling you to do or go towards to ensure your future security?  What have you learned about this? This is the emotional story. It’s about your needs both on an emotional and a material level. The worldly success story interweaves with this and is about to follow. As is a story concerning you and someone else. Your soul path and soul contracts form an integral part of your story – and your destiny. New people and radical ideas will feature as will a release into a world where all the previous rules get thrown out of the window as the Sun enters your 11th from the 20th and meets Uranus in this its ruling house, on the 22nd. This is the first time this has occurred during your adult lifetime. Watch who appears now as they have a major role to play in shaping the direction your life is heading. As well as influencing your beliefs around what you though it was possible for you to do or experience.

All this occurs as Venus enhances your professional reputation and career outlook when it enters your 10th from the 21st. Looking at where the power lies in both professional and personal relationships places you in a position where you need to stand by your ideas or your intentions when Mercury and Vesta meet in here on the 24th. The real action takes place in your 7th where it’s all about a past, present or future double act you’ve made, are making or will commit to. Pluto heads retrograde in here from the 25th while Saturn is about to follow on the 30th. Pluto becomes more powerful in retrograde phase so the capacity to bring changes in partnerships – both the professional and the personal variety, just increases. The North Node, that spinning wheel of destiny, is in your 1st house and as Saturn slows to a stop before heading backwards, it will oppose this while lying conjunct the South Node. This is all about who you are supposed to be with – or be free from. What double act is written in the book of destiny for you. Saturn says time’s up – one way or another. You get serious and ‘put a ring on it’ – and this can mean sealing the deal on a long term professional relationship. Or you realise there is no future there and you walk away.

Changes are that blue Moon alerted you to not just what you need, but what you need to do. That was your heart talking but now your head takes whatever action is necessary. Single? Again, it’s about what contract was written in that book of souls before you got here. Between now and September singles could experience that fated encounter. You can let the right one in now whether this is your career decision or that person. And if you’re with the wrong one, open the door wide to let in the new.

In a nutshell: When it comes to love this April, destiny lets the right one in, Cancer. Fate is at work for all of us, but especially for you. What’s written in the book of love? Get ready to find out!


  • You can’t hurry love
  • The journey is a goal in itself
  • Be in a relationship with life

There’s some soul-defining aspects arriving this April, Leo. And while they contain a polarity of potentials, each and every one of them allows you to step into your full golden, glowing power. As always, with soul-centered astrology – it’s very much about how we interact with and use the energy that defines both our outcomes – and ourselves.

In the Tarot, you’re both The Sun and the card of Strength. You shine and when you are radiating, this is when you not so much bend events and people to your will, but that life simply wants to co-operate with you. We are in a relationship with all of life – not just people but with the energy flow. Being one is your superpower this April.

We’ve got some Mercury retro-shadow residue to start the soul work at the beginning of April. It is direct once more in your 8th but re-encounters Neptune in here on the 2nd. Discoveries, information coming to light, and negotiations rocking to and fro with nothing decided perhaps until the third week. This is your house of shared resources and other people’s cash. So, unless it is unavoidable, please don’t borrow money or take out a new loan or credit card. And don’t loan money yourself unless you can afford to kiss it goodbye. Venus and Neptune also meet in here on the 10th. Watch your spending and avoid extravagance. There could be a tendency to be lured into the fantasy that the money will turn up when the bill falls due which is common under this transit. This is your house of passion, sex, power and transformation. Venus and Neptune in here can lead to cosmic out-of-this-world entanglements. However, putting that lover up on that white charger is also a bad idea as over time they may be revealed to be less like Prince or Princess Charming and more like Lord Farquaad on a pantomime horse.

Having said that, the vibe across the sky wants you to have an experience more this month – led by your ruler the Sun in your 9th until the 20th.  Along with the new Moon in here on the 5th, it’s time to initiate something for yourself. A new learning opportunity which comes about via expansion into a fresh area. But there’s no rush. The bold new beginnings this new Moon promises are tempered with staying power and your ability to go the distance thanks to the Sun’s angles to Saturn and Pluto in our 6th on the 10th and the 13th respectively. If you have a dream (the bigger the better!), you’re now willing to not only look at what needs to be done to achieve it, but also commit to however long it takes. You are up for the long haul when it comes to turning goals into reality. And as such are unlikely to get lost in the fantasy of having them rather than the actual experience of living them for real. Go the distance now. And also take time to smell the flowers on your journey.

You’re further helped in this by your ability to strike a compromise when it comes to getting what you want. What lies between the dream and having it? Very often that middle ground is a compromise. Sometimes this takes the form of having to allocate more time from one area of your life to another. Or simply reshuffling your priorities. Goals and dreams are important for a reason. Whatever solution you arrive at, this forms your manifestation groundwork as the Sun in your 9th trines Ceres in your 5th on the 4th.

Jupiter retrograde in your 5th from the 11th may on the surface seem like this puts the brakes on romance, fun, pleasure and passion. In other words, all those things close to that beating Leo heart of yours! But only if you insist on thinking of it that way. Think of this instead as an opportunity to still experience all this and more. But to take a more scenic route and slow down. What did I say about taking the time to smell the flowers? Of course, with Jupiter planet of long distance travel in your house of holidays retrograde, and Mercury ruler of short journeys and transportation remaining in retroshadow a while longer, you still need to keep those retro rules in place if travelling especially around the 14th when Jupiter and Mercury make a delay tactic angle which could result in just that.

Everything else ruled by your 5th however – what’s your hurry now? Especially when it comes to love. Re-read what I had to say about the Venus/Neptune conjunction at the beginning of this forecast. Especially around mid-month when Jupiter squares Venus on the 16th. Thanks to a Grand Fire Trine on the 14th, you’re in full, golden, glowing, passionate form and wanting to express this. But see romance as a journey you can afford to take your time over. Besides, why not enjoy all the sparkle and anticipation of the early stages. Also, when it comes to those big goals, Jupiter retro in your house of attraction slows you down so you can see other routes to get there or even alternatives which you may have missed if you were rushing. It’s not so much about slowing down as allowing those opportunities to catch up with you!

And as for these – there may be more than you can possibly imagine or believe possible. Mercury arrives in your 9th from the 17th. It meets Chiron in here the same day as a ‘blue’ Moon shines out from your 3rd. This is a true ‘blue’ Moon as it is the second to appear in the same house in your chart in a lunar month. The result could be an unbelievable pieces of news or an opportunity you never thought would come to pass.  Venus also arrives in your 9th from the 21st while passionate Mars in your social sector opposes Ceres in your 5th.  You’re being asked to compromise ad again, this could be as simple as slowing down instead of rushing. Prioritise your time and your connections. The upshot of this sees you grasping freedom by the 24th when Mercury and Vesta meet in your 9th.

Career directions are your other focus as we head towards the month’s end. Your ruler enters your 10th on the 20th and then on the 22nd meets Uranus in here for the first time in your adult life. Yes, this is big. At the same time, we have both Saturn (which rules this house) and Pluto slowing to station. Both will retrograde in your 6th – Pluto on the 25th and Saturn on the 30th. As Saturn does so it will opposes the North Node in your 12th. This is your house of hidden mysteries, secrets, the past and yes, past lives. Fate takes a hand – perhaps nudging you in a fresh direction. If you are unhappy in your present role, this line-up could see you heading in a fresh, exciting and more satisfying direction. This is the path you are destined to tread. For all of you right now professionally, success comes from being yourself, not imitating anyone else and being very open when it comes to what opportunity looks like. Or even which path will get you to the top. Take the scenic route when it comes to love – or any success journey this April, Leo.

In a nutshell: What’s your hurry when it comes to love or even any goal you’ve set for yourself, Leo? Or why let anyone hurry you? Take your time when it comes to any goal – success will waiting.


  • Ride the perfect wave in towards desire
  • Is love from a galaxy far, far away?
  • You own it, so work it this April, Virgo!

Great galloping galaxies! Which planets is love beaming in from? The start of April may have you feeling you’ve been cast in a re-make of Earth Girls Are Easy. Or should I say Earth Beings Are Easy. Forget Venus and Mars. The interstellar message to all alien life forms appears to have been to hand our your number to any passing flying saucer. At least that may be the only logical conclusion when taking into account the behaviour of lovers and other cosmic attraction this month.

Partners – past, present of potential, may be confused or simply confusing. Mixed signals, messages, mind changes and indecision may have left you questioning whether partners were temporarily off the planet or else from another one entirely. This continues as April begins despite ruler Mercury direct once more in your 7th. Lovers or others – and this includes working and business partnerships, are mystifying, just seem to be unable to make up their minds, are off in a galaxy far, far away or simply from there as Mercury re-encounters Neptune as it heads forward on the 2nd. Despite the fact that Venus which rules this house and your love life, is also in here, this is not the time to begin a new love affair or any other relationship where you are seeking a long term connection. Despite my saying this, I am not playing Sith Lord to your Love Jedi. This only applies until your ruler exits retroshadow mid-month. And up until that point, this cycle offers you the ability to channel heaven-sent inspiration into ideas and creative and artistic projects of all descriptions as well as lending a guiding and angelic hand to reconciliations and reconnecting to long lost loves.

This month also hands you a new, fearless quality that you may have been lacking of late. Others may not be able to make up their minds but you not only know your own, you know what you want! Confidence and renewed determination mean you can look those fears in the eye – and cut them down to size.  All thanks to powerful aspects in your 8th, especially around the 4th -5th when the Sun in here trines Ceres in your emotional sector and a new Moon in here on the 5th. This puts you in a place of empowerment – especially if you find yourself dealing with ‘difficult’ people. Your 7th rules opponents and open enemies as well as the people you love. One possible outcome of the retroshadow and 7th Neptune transits is that someone may literally ‘cross the line’. You now have the power of right response if this happens. As well as the ability to show them where the boundaries lie. And without losing your cool.

That renewed self-confidence is sexy, Virgo. You’re a little bolder having exercised it and ready to take a walk on the wild side. Settleds spice things up as a result and playing with fire is a distinct possibility from mid-month for singles. Mercury is about to come back out into the light and a Grand Fire Trine sends those back-on-the-menu romantic prospects sizzling – without the side order of confusion you experienced earlier. Power moves, sexting, hot talk and power moves feature once Mercury arrives in your 8th on the 17th. Your ruler may emerge from the shadows by mid-month but Jupier which rules amongst other things, long distance travel, airlines, mass transportation and mass media, is heading retro from the 11th. So, exercise the usual retro rules on long journeys. Homeward bound – and these caveats may not apply, as Jupiter is in your 4th. If you have emigrated or grown up far from the ‘mother’ country, this could signify a trip home. Jupiter always wants to expand and in our 4th this includes our family and our living space. However, moving experiences , plans to extend, remodel or renovate your home may slow now. Keep a close eye on contractors as this is when mistakes can be made. If buying and selling, you could be caught in a chain that refuses to budge or sales fall through. However, don’t lose track of the fact Jupiter always wants to bring benefits. Delays if they are encountered, will work in your favour in the end.

Changes you never thought possible are n the air and you may be the one to initiate them. Especially if you have come to believe you never would. Whatever you think you could not do or say, you can and probably will when Mercury meets Chiron in your 8th on the 19th. This daring vibe goes hand-in-hand with that sexy surge of self-worth you’re mainlining on now. Make that first move? You bet you will. This is further bolstered by an emotionally validating full ‘blue’ Moon in your 2nd the same day. This is a true ‘blue’ Moon as it occurs in the same house of your chart within a lunar month. If you are involved in any kind of financial or business dealings, this hands you both determination and diplomacy with the results being literally, something you can bank on.

Goals, friends, people you know – isn’t it strange how all these things are so often intertwined? The Sun’s entry into your 9th from the 20th awakens a need within you for freedom. You want to go out and discover more of what life has to offer. You’re also propelled by a personal philosophy which tells you that you make your own luck.  The Sun in here will meet Uranus on the 22nd for the first time in your adult life. Getting out and about, connecting with others, travel – all these themes open doors and could bring you an electrifying and out-of-the-blue ‘lucky’ break perhaps presented by someone unusual, entrepreneurial and with overseas connections. This might not look exactly how you thought it would so keep your mind open.

Venus enters your 8th on the 21st adding to that sense of sexy empowerment. You’re both attractor and initiator now. Flings get flung, and you follow your impulses when it comes to passion.  In fact, when it comes to love, who you know and being in the right place at the right rime – this is where fate takes a hand. Think of yourself as a soul surfer. Waiting to catch the perfect wave. Pluto  and Saturn will both retrograde in your 5th of romance and children – or relationships where parenthood is a possible outcome, in the final week of April. As well as lovers who may be older or younger than you, babies children and the younger generation may feature now. Pluto’s influence becomes more potent when retro and in your 5th, hands you even more intense sexiness and ability to attract. A transformative love affair and one that is predestined is one possible outcome. Saturn rules your karma and also time. What is it time to commit to? As it slows to station it will oppose the North Node in your 11th. Cosmic and destiny-defining choices and meetings could take place. Accept all invitations and pay extra attention to older connections or the opportunity to make friends with others where there is a significant age difference between you. This also applies to potential lovers. It is only a number and destiny has yours. The people you meet towards the end of the month could be destined to influence your future in a major way. This could be that wave you have been waiting to catch but you are not riding it alone now.

In a nutshell: What you cannot imagine happening could be all too attainable and real now, Virgo. This month sees you projecting a sexy intensity that others cannot fail to notice.  Work it, baby!


  • There’s  no place like home
  • Wait for work matters to resolve
  • Long live love!

Look back to what was happening mid-to-late February, Libra. Chances are something began and then stalled or has been going back and forth ever since. Indecision may have reigned with no clear outcome in sight. The good news is you are almost done with trying to feel your way through the confusion of this kind of limbo. The start of April sees this issue re-emerge. It may rock back and forth for a short while longer before finally being resolved mid-month when Mercury finally exits retroshadow. Mercury is direct again in its ruling 6th of your work and routine. But it re-encounters nebulous Neptune in here on the 2nd, which is the cause of continuing stalls and delay tactics, especially related to your work. Writing, publishing, presenting, interviews, the internet, travel, getting about – outcomes may have disappeared from view. Wait as they will all come back into focus by the third week of the month.

Jupiter, planet of opportunity and expansion, will also turn retro-active from the 11th. It does this in Mercury’s ruling 3rd. So, once again we have double-Mercury retro ruled themes emerging. So, I should not need to remind you of the important of following the Retrograde Rules if planning to travel now – especially long distances. Jupiter rules big journeys and mass transportation. Mercury rules short trips – either in distance or duration and also the means by which we get around – trains, planes, automobiles. And yes, even ships. If you are travelling especially around the 12th, pay close attention to the weather as Jupiter and Mercury square on this day. Delays, strikes, cancellations, breakdowns and outages are also possible so check before departure and also check what is happening at your destination before setting out too. Remember, when you travel under retrograde influences, it’s not like the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland. So, embrace the spirit of adventure – and have a Plan B just in case.

Ruler Venus is set to assist you with any work related matters left in limbo by the Mercury retro as it moves through your 6th. Venus’s encounter with Neptune on the 10th asks that you don’t lose touch with reality and what needs to be done. Resist any desire for escapism and please, deal with any wellbeing or health related issue with professional advice. Have a structure and a routine in place that supports your wider goals and dreams. If you can resist getting lost in a fantasy world, you can tap into incredible inspiration, creativity and insight now. You will know intuitively what people want when it comes to work and business. All while projecting an indefinable aura of glamour and mystique! Provided you have your facts to hand, this could turn you into the most desirable candidate for that job or project, or alternatively, see you winning clients and customers. Others could simply have their most inspired ideas. But please, stay grounded to channel this potential.

The past seven years may have brought you guessing games and rollercoaster rides when it comes to partnerships of all descriptions. It’s been about the person ‘opposite’ you – that past,, present or potential partner or even in some cases, that enemy. Or a mixture of these. Last month saw you leave this cycle behind for good. Hopefully with an evolved understanding of just what (or who) you are seeking in any kind of double act. Now, new beginnings in partnership matters beckon you forward into an exciting future where the old rules simply no longer apply.

It all begins with the siren call of a new Moon in your 7th on the 5th. This signals the start of a fresh era in relationships and your ability to attract. The Sun remains in here until the 20th and while it does, your mind is going to be very firmly fixed on the future potential contained in all connections  both present and emerging. What (or again, who) you do attract now, could be locked in for the long haul so bear this in mind. You enter full radiate mode on the 14th, your confidence and desires ignited by a passionate Grand Fire Trine triggered by that Sun in your 7th. The 16th sees Jupiter in your 3rd align with Venus indicating extra effort on your part around something you want, especially to do with working relationships, pays off now.

Mercury is free of retroshadow and arrives in your 7th on  the 17th. Two days later, it meets Chiron. Get your rock star on now, Libra. What outcome in love or dynamic duos have you secretly filed away under ‘Impossible dream’? As the full Moon peaks in your 1st on this day – a true ‘blue’ Moon as it is the second to appear in your sign within a lunar month, look at who is ‘opposite’ you and reflecting back,, or what future partnership potential you have drawn to you. And prepare to ditch ‘impossible’. Venus’s arrival in its ruling 7th from the 21st could just seal the deal and also see you in a position to negotiate one in your favour – especially around the 24th. How powerful do you feel now when it comes to love and having what you want?

The end to the guessing games and love rollercoaster – or even dealing with that ‘in your face’ personality, occurred in March when Uranus exited your 7th for good. This month sees the Sun meet it in your 8th on the 22nd.  You’ve entered a cycle where your values and self-worth redefine your financial future and security. Remain flexible when it comes to negotiations, contracts and money matters but at the same time, know your price, what is priceless – or in other words, what you would never ‘sell out’ for. How you make your bread could take an unexpected turn. Mars in your 9th opposing Ceres in your commerce zone points to unshackling yourself and making a trade-off. But this points to you having more freedom with how or where you work – and how you are rewarded. Above all, remained focussed on the outcome you want to achieve and know your worth.

Security, home matters and long term decisions, moving, stay vs. go, your homeland and your roots and changes to living arrangements may follow on from this process. Where do you feel you belong? How do you want to be living? Just where is ‘home’ for you? Pluto retro in your 4th brings an intense desire to answer these questions or a pull towards that sense of place. Saturn is also about to turn retrograde in here. As it does it will oppose the North Node in your 10th asking you what you want to establish or where you want to be. What you are destined to do, who you  are destined to do it with, where your destiny lies, your sense of home and family – all are calling. There’s no place like home and this is calling you. Take the right path towards this and make those long term decisions that take you out of April and see you so much more happier and secure in the future, Libra.

In a nutshell: Long live love, Libra! Clarity and intention replace confusion and uncertainly when it comes to partnerships of all descriptions. Time for a new era of relating. And knowing –and having, what you want.


  • Care for the Temple of the Everyday
  • Clear energy blocks
  • Welcome to the love revolution

Love lost at sea? Lover drifted away into the mist leaving you ghosted? Or are they flip-flopping with indecision? Other phoenixes could have seen the start of something promising. But instead of fireworks all you got was a damp fizzle. Your creativity however may truly be the stuff angels weave their dreams from. So, while Mercury remains in retroshadow, I would  advise channelling inspiration rather than the pursuit of that elusive lover.

The other problem may be your incredible depth of passion and ability to see someone’s potential, leads you to believe they are able to live up to that. So, please don’t put someone up on that pedestal just yet to avoid disappointment. Mercury is now direct once more in your romance sector but it re-encounters Neptune in here as it heads forward on the 2nd. You also have Venus and Neptune meeting in here on the 10th. This is truly fabulous for that creative muse and psychic ability, but less so when it comes to looking at love realistically. If that lover cannot make up their mind, or has simply gone AWOL – leave them be. Whatever you do – don’t chase. Adopt a ‘wait and see’ approach as revelations around love and partnerships – present and potential, are due to occur later this month.

Time to refine, trim, define and focus on your daily routine, wellbeing regimen, work and that temple, Scorpio, as the new Moon appears in your 6th on the 5th. When I say temple, I am nor just referring to that body, but also the temple of the everyday – your immediate environment.  This does not require you to go to Marie Kondo extremes if this is not your thing – although decluttering is favoured under this new Moon. But certainly, this is a good time to look at where energy may be ‘trapped’ in your home and workpace, and keeping you trapped, de-energised and stagnant. So, ruthlessly weed out those energy traps now. That pile of junk mail you’ve not bothered to open but sits in your hallway, that computer desktop, the food with the expired use-by date in your cupboard, that closet into which you toss stuff rather than tidy or deal with it. That closet may also be a metaphorical one! All these cause energy to stop flowing in your life and keep you stuck. Best days to tackle these kinds of blockages are the 10th when the Sun in your 6th makes a down-sizing angle to Saturn in your 3rd. And the 13th when it males a similar but much more definitive angle to ruler Pluto. You’ve extra help with tasks like this from the 17th when Mercury arrives in this its ruling 6th and Venus follows on the 21st.

What else do you need to shed? Thoughts or ideas that weigh you down. Literal ‘weight’? The idea that there’s only one way of doing something? There’s a call towards the pristine, the simple, refined and more eternal solution for you as Mercury meets Vesta on the 24th.  Refine and define your priorities. And as you remove those blockages, step back into full flow and more satisfaction. There’s a balance to be struck and it’s called less is more.  This process actually begins when the Sun in your 6th trines Ceres in your 2nd on the 4th. Bring this entire process to a close and do whatever still needs to be done with your soul clear out process when a full ‘blue’ Moon appears in your 12th on the 19th. This is a true ‘blue’ Moon as it is the second full Moon to appear in this house of your chart in a lunar as opposed to a calendar month. This Moon is about your true needs – going way back. Not that ‘clutter’ or what is weighing you down. Time to prepare now for your come-back, Scorpio. Your relaunch begins next month. In the interim – trim accordingly.

Jupiter retrograde in your 2nd from the 11th isn’t about slowing down the flow of cash and other benefits your way. But it is about focussing on what really matters and adds true value to your life. These are your talents, ideas, and your experiences. So, during this phase, focus on these rather than how much actual cash you have at your disposal. Develop a rich mindset and please, avoid indulging in a ‘glass half full’ way of thinking. Or even glass is empty. The glass is designed to be re-filled. Chances are if you think back on all you have experienced, that glass is overflowing with fantastic memories. This is your key to keeping in the flow this Jupiter retro. Project gratitude for what you already have as opposed to what you don’t. Watch for something that revives or that glass being topped up for you when Jupiter angles to Mercury in your 5th on the 12th, the 14th when a Grand Fire Trine ignites work and career potential, and the 10th when Jupiter aligns to Venus also in your 5th. Chances are you’ll have even more to be grateful for then.

Mercury enters its ruling 6th from the 17th, bringing you opportunities you never dreamed were available to you with regards to work or even working that routine. Venus follows enhancing your work image and allowing you to make your best impression on bosses (current or potential) as well as create serious beauty when it comes to your overall wellbeing.

Changes arise when ancient ruler Mars in its ruling 8th, opposes Ceres in your 2nd on the 21st. Again, this touches on how empty/full you believe that glass to be. Change your perspective and if necessary, compromise over finances or something you share with someone. The T&C’s are changing. How powerful you feel when it comes to negotiations or knowing when to stick out for what you know is fair determines your outcome. Vesta as well as Ceres is associated with power and also competition. Mercury meets Vesta on the 24th – asking that you withstand any feeling of being unfairly pressured or placed in a position where you feel you have to compete – for anything including someone’s love, time or attention. Your task is to buy out of any situation that smacks of this now if it falls outside of the normal competition we expect to engage in with regards to jobs, work or business.

Partnerships of all kinds and long term loves – past, present, prospective, are up for revolutionary changes thanks to Uranus’s arrival in your 7th last month. The 22nd sees the Sun in here meet it for the first time. This is your love revolution and when it comes to all forms of togetherness, your needs are changing. You’re becoming more aware of this now allowing you to not only bring about a very different outcome between you and someone else, but if single expect to attract potential partners who are totally different to those you have in the past.

Modern day ruler Pluto retrogrades in your 3rd from the 25th, with Saturn in here retrograde from the 30th. As Saturn heads backwards, it will oppose the North Node in your 9th. Observant phoenixes (is there any other kind?!), will immediately grasp that this places the planet of karma conjunct the karmic South Node. What does this tell you? You’ve been at this point before. What you hear, say, communicate, who you do business with, any issues with siblings or neighbours – this has all been said and done previously. Whether in this lifetime or another. What’s different now is you can apply what you have learned to your present situation. And in doing so, change it for good. Look back at what worked and what didn’t in similar situations in your past. This is karmic decluttering. And once completed, any empty space in that glass is just waiting to be filled, Scorpio.

In a nutshell: The Love Revolution asks if your glass half empty or half full? It doesn’t matter as the glass is designed to be re-filled! Change your perspective on love this April, Scorpio.


  • Project the very best version of you out into the universe
  • Be ready for outrageous fortune
  • Take a fearless approach when it comes to love – or what you want

As ruler Jupiter retrogrades in your 1st from the 11th, see any slowing down in your momentum as an opportunity to course correct. What have you seen, achieved, learned or experienced since it entered your sign in November last year? Also think back 12 years to when it was last in here. Are you looking at similar opportunities and themes emerging? Or do they go further back than that? 19, 20 years perhaps? I’ll have more to say on this later. Above all, what have you been doing to turn goals into reality? Jupiter is the ‘heaven helps those who help themselves’ planet. It generates luck around us. But we must buy a lottery ticket to win the jackpot. Just as we have to take action on our own behalf to activate Jupiter’s full winning potential.

Your image, appearance, profile, brand, what you say and put out there, the impression you create and what you project is now more important than ever. Look to the outer you as Jupiter slows and goes retroactive. Does your appearance need an adjustment or update? Are you being ‘seen’ or coming across as you want to be? Does the outer ‘you’ match how you feel inside? Expansion may slow but as always, Jupiter only wishes to hand you benefits. So, if something is delayed now around a personal goal or project, this will end up being to your benefit in some way. Jupiter says: winner, winner. Something may return – again, this may be something you were involved in or began years ago.

With Mercury direct but still in retroshadow in your 4th, and conjunct Neptune at the start of the month, you need to proceed with caution if you are engaged in that favourite of all Sag activities – travelling. Especially around mid-month when Jupiter and Mercury square off. Check all travel arrangements before departing and also weather reports or the likelihood of industrial action at both your point of departure and arrival. Also worth mentioning for Sagittarians who are engaged in that other very Sag pursuit of horses – retroshadow Mercury conjunct Neptune adds up to being a bad time to buy that four legged partner unless it is one you lost out on previously. Also property matters may be undecided or experience delays until Mercury is clear of the retroshadow pathway.

The new Moon in your 5th – on the 5th whispers something far more positive. It brings the promise of new romantic beginnings or you being noticed for all the right reasons – another reason for you to be looking your best. It is a new Moon of conception – both literally and figuratively. Seeds can be planted for your future. Feel-good situations abound – and if you feel good, you supercharge Jupiter’s lucky break factor! Dates when your ability to active this, effortlessly attract and make those moves are the day of the Grand Fire Trine between the Sun in your 5th, Jupiter and the Moon in your 9th – on the 14th. The Jupiter and Venus alignment of the 16th and any time following Mercury’s entry into your 5th on the 17th – especially the 19th which is a day of outrageous fortune for you when it meets Chiron in here. This is also the day of the ‘blue’ Moon in your 11th – a true blue Mon as it is the second one to appear in this house within a lunar month. What or who do you want to attract for your future? This is your day to take a chance on something, to be daring, bold and fearless in your approach. And to do it in a way that only you can. Venus is also about to enhance your ability to attract when it follows Mercury in here on the 21st. Suspend all thoughts around what you cannot possibly have and focus on your desires instead. What you cannot imagine – you can have now.

Sag homecoming themes are our other big areas for you to explore. Even the philosopher adventurer of the zodiac needs somewhere to return to – or to have the security that allows them to aim for the stars in the first place. Your work, which in most cases is what underpins this, is going through a revolution now thanks to Uranus in your 6th. The world could turn into your office or you discover a way of working where you can combine your lifestyle and your desire for freedom. The 22nd sees the Sun in your 6th meet Uranus in here for the first time in your lifetime. Unleash your innovative, entrepreneurial side. Be adaptive and take a pro-active approach to how you make your bread, your daily routine and work projects in general. Take a chance on your ideas. You’ve not just entered a period where you’re in Fast Company – you are Fast Company so live this promise.

The retroactive phase now extends to your money. But doesn’t money touch on issues like self-worth – all of which are tied in to how you look and feel? You may well transform your relationship to and how you earn that cash and what you do with it as Pluto heads retrograde in your 2nd from the 25th. The price you set on your talents, skills, abilities and experience may transform and with this your self-esteem. Pluto gets more powerful in retro phase and wants you to feel just that when it comes to handling wealth, money and assets in general.

You also have Saturn slowing to retrograde in the same house. As it does, it will oppose the cosmic North Node in your 8th (Pluto’s ruling house in your chart). Which puts it conjunct the South Node in your 2nd. Are you facing a similar financial situation or even opportunity that you have done in the past? You’ve the ability to re-write your financial her-story or his-story now. Or even a wider family one. Yes, you have a karma when it comes to your cash. Look at your relationship with money in the past. This is your very own Financial Times. What are your ideas around money? Are they yours or did you inherit them? Does what is happening now feel familiar? The South Node is very much ‘what goes around comes around’ and repeats until we learn from it. Saturn rule karma and time. It doesn’t matter whether you are facing rewards or restrictions. If your personal money market is bullish or like a bear with a sore head. This Saturn retro combined with the Nodes offers you the opportunity to rewrite that money his-or-her-story and step free of that cash-strapped karma if necessary. Jupiter says you’ve got more than just luck going for you this April, you’ve got renewed self-belief and that’s often better than cash in the bank.

In a nutshell: Time to feel your best and look your best. Your image matters when it comes to tapping into a rare lucky streak this month. Be outrageous – and audacious and experience a change in fortunes, Sag!


  • The heart wants what the heart wants
  • Ditch the dullness
  • Don’t try to fake it – you need the real thing

This month is going to be all about YOUR story. Who gets to author this? Whether you realise it or not, you are in a collaborative partnership with your heart. It has to be in it. So take it that it’s no longer any use pretending something is still what you want when you don’t, or that you can continue to ‘go through the motions’ or settle for ‘okay’. Your heart says you can’t continue to live or lie or life that is anything other than authentic and passionate. And if you try – well, the fact is you simply won’t get the results you were after or could even unconsciously sabotage things. Or else the universe will just step in and release you from the situation – possibly in an unexpected or even shocking way, just to free you of the pretence.  One way or another, get ready to live your passionate truth this April, Capricorn.

As the month begins, prepare to repeat yourself if necessary. Mercury may be direct again in its ruling 3rd in your chart but will remain in retroshadow until mid-month. It also re-encounters Neptune in here on the 2nd. When it comes to business, contracts, deals, agreements – everything is up in the air and subject to change. People may not keep their word. Get it in writing. Yes, you have the keys to the Palace of Insight & Inspiration on the shores of the Sea of Epiphany when it comes to hose ideas when Venus and Neptune meet in here on the 10th. But when it comes to sealing that deal – even with a kiss, nothing may be decided until Mercury arrives in your 4th. Expect mind changes, delays, missed connections, cross purposes, vanishing acts. flip-flopping and general indecisiveness to rule until then. Until then, try to ensure others have fully understand what you are saying but be prepared for your meaning to fly right past them nonetheless.

April’s new Mon appears in its ruling 4th on the 5th. Many astrologers focus on the home/family/security aspects on the 4th. And I am not suggesting they are wrong as these are the main 4th house rulerships. But it’s easy to forget when we are focussed on our roots, that this is one of the houses where we create our future. That acorn grows into the mighty oak. Yes, its roots go deep but the branches reach towards the sky. So, this new Moon is also about planting something that will eventually grow to become that oak. This new Moon is telling you to take action and begin something. The heart knows what this is and it represents part of your karmic lineage or destiny. What is it that is calling you to start, pursue or achieve? Push towards making this real especially around the second week when the Sun also in your 4th throws a destiny-illuminating angle to ruler Saturn in your sign and then another on the 13th to Pluto. This has the power to bring lasting changes. Send those roots deep and those branches high.

It’s important now for you to remain attuned to what that heart or higher self is you prefer, is telling you. Jupiter heads retrograde in your mysterious 12th from the 11th. Past choices, past people and decisions could literally return especially when Jupiter angles to Mercury and Venus in your 3rd on the 12th and 16th respectively. In between – there could be an ‘Ah-ha!’ moment heading your way, and again, this is all about your truth, on the 14th. A Grand Fire Trine provides searing insight into a situation concerning you and someone else – or something you want. Trying to ignore this is futile – it’s too big! Once you see it, you need to act on it and follow through.

Some things are just fated to return or cross your path now. Or start or finish depending on what your heart wants. The litmus test which governs your decisions is: Does this give me freedom, beauty, truth and love? Yes, your revolution began last month with Uranus’s entry into your 5th. The 22nd takes you on the next step of this evolutionary journey of embracing the brilliant, the unexpected and the electric (this could be that lover, job, generation spanning connection, creative project or even a pregnancy!). For the first time in your adult life, you’ll experience the freedom this cycle offers as the Sun meets Uranus in here. Unusual, unpredictable, surprising. Whatever form this takes, it will shock you awake and charge you with passion. This cycle can make you feel alive like no other. It may sometimes deliver the shocking and unexpected. But it will never be boring.

This is why your heart must be engaged now for anything to go the distance. You cannot fake it. You’re all in – or you’re out. There is no middle ‘meh’ ground. Tepid won’t  cut it. You’ll feel the truth of these words in the final week of April as first Pluto turns retrograde on the 25th bringing another cycle of deep personal transformation. Ruler  Saturn is also slowing to head backwards on the 30th. You of all signs now your ruler demands authenticity and accountability. As it retrogrades, it will oppose the North Node in your 7th of partnerships. Which means it is conjunct the South Node in your 1st. Have you or anyone close to you – now this can be your marriage or long term romantic partner, a close friend, a business partner or close working relationship, been going ‘round and round’ with an issue. Or are going over old ground but with a new and different player this time? The South Node is very much linked to karmic cycles which repeat until we learn the lesson. And Saturn rules karma. So, this is your opportunity to change that. The heart has the key.

Your heart knows the action you need to take. It is hard-wired to evolve us. So don’t settle for anything you know will not change or which does not ignite the fire within. If it’s right – you’ll know it with all your Capricorn serious certainty now. So, continue with your story. If not, time to co-author a new one.

In a nutshell: Get ready for heart-starting April. Time to listen to your heart when it comes to what you truly want. And follow its guidance. It’s all in – or out towards something real and authentic this April.


  • Love is feeling you belong
  • Look after your money and it will look after you
  • Evolve your lifestyle for truly living

Keep a close eye on the bottom line as April begins, Aquarius. Your mantra should be if you look after your money, it will look after you. Unexpected expenses and bills could occur or else there may be a tendency to spend more than you have coming in, buoyed by the false optimism that the money will magically appear when the bill falls due.  Mercury is now heading direct once more in your money zone and also intangible assets like your self-worth. But it will remain in retroshadow until mid-month. It also meets with Neptune once more on the 2nd. Again, this can see you going over-budget and splurging. Especially when Venus meets Neptune in here on the 10th. Yes, this is Venus’s ruling house in your chart. On the upside, this conjunction can see you coming up with inspired money-making ideas. You will need to do your due diligence and test them to make the most of them however. On the other – these two together have you spending money on escapism and fantasy via splurging on big-ticket but beautiful items or sensual indulgences. Have a budget and stick to it and try to buy only what you need until this cycle is over. Just bear in mind that once it is, you may be less enamoured with your purchases and be stuck with the bill for something which has now lost its enchantment.

The new Moon in your 3rd on the 5th, has a link to Jupiter presently in your 11th and heading retrograde on the 11th. Ideas, increased work and business opportunities, writing, the internet, buying, selling, publishing and presentations feature. But so will friends in a very particular way. You want to feel you ‘belong’ with the people or group you socialise with. They are your greatest asset now and your greatest strength. This new Moon combined with the upcoming Jupiter retrograde, could see old friends and contacts reconnect, bringing with them renewed resonance. Going back – to places you visited in the past, old haunts, school friends and neighbours could come door knocking. It’s revival time and this also applies to your goals. You may recommit to one or else be propelled back in time mid-month. Watch for what or who revives or re-emerges from the 13th to the 16th. Friendships can be rekindled. When the Sun in your 3rd squares Pluto in your 12th on the 13th, a Grand Fire Trine impacts on that moonwalking Jupiter as well as the Moon in your long tern love zone (14th) and then Jupiter’s born again angle to Venus on the 16th – an element of your past could become beautifully relevant again.

Mercury is in forward gear as it arrives in its ruling 3rd on the 17th. You could be about to receive news of something you never thought to hear or come up with the totally impossible solution or idea. Whatever you thought you would never say, do or try – prepare for the inconceivable as Mercury meets Chiron in here on the 19th. This is also the day of the ‘blue’ full Moon in your freedom inspired 9th. This is a true ‘blue’ Moon as it is the second to appear in the same house of your chart in a lunar month. So, look back 28 days at what was peaking then. Chances are it was a desire within you to experience or have something more in your life on some level. And you were receiving a soul calling to take a step towards it. Did you? Only its calling again. If you think of your life in mythic terms – and believe me, we all lead mythic lives, on the Hero’s Journey, this is your call to adventure – the second time. You’re being asked to travel – out of your comfort zone and into the unknown – which is where the magic happens. Claim yours when Venus arrives in your 3rd from the 21st adding a captivating magic to everything you say and do.

Changes to your home, living arrangement, flatmates if you have them, buying and selling property, renting, leasing, Airbnb-ing and who you define as ‘family’ provide soul moving experiences now ruler Uranus is in your 4th. And this is why I mentioned friends and connections earlier. There is often more to family than the one we share genes with. There are soul genetics too. Defining your idea of ‘family’ and a lifestyle that is yours to live is what Uranus in here wants you to do. Sea changes, tree changes, changing rooms and views will also feature as part of this process over the next seven years and quite possibly on the 22nd when the Sun and Uranus meet in here for the first time.

You are being shown a destiny driven path that is linked to connections to who this ‘soul’ family truly is now. These are souls you have journeyed with lifetime after lifetime. Karmic debts will be collected and paid and you need to look back approximately 19 years if you were over 18 at the time. Who or what featured then? It, or they, may return or a situation or person which mimics this in uncanny ways as first Pluto retrogrades in your 12th of mysteries and your past on the 25th. The 29th sees Saturn prepare to do the same on the 30th. As it does it will oppose the North Node in your 6th while conjunct the South Node in your 12th.  The South Node is your point of destiny activation – what comes around goes around, or again, who. Rewards fall due. Debts must be paid and the books must balance on some level. Soul contracts are collected, honoured or fall due. Something could come spinning out of your past – again, from years ago, like stardust. Or else you get handed the gift of seeing beyond a cycle you’ve been trapped in to its true meaning. And when you see it – you step free. If this involves you and another, know that you don’t this before and agreed to do it this time around. Time after time sometimes means agreeing to another go-around or saying that this time, the time is up. Don’t worry if it’s the latter. You are free – and now so are they. Family – and this includes soul family, means freedom now.

In a nutshell: Your true family – your ‘soul’ family is the one where you are free to be yourself. This can be the one you were born into, one you create – or a combination. Find your people this month, Aquarius.


  • Don’t get lost in translation
  • Get your glamazon on
  • Rendezvous with karma!

Make certain others understand where you are coming from as April begins. Mercury retrograde in your 1st can see you lost in translation. It is direct once more but on the 2nd, encounters your ruler Neptune. You may feel your meaning is perfectly clear, but others just seem intent on grasping the wrong end of the stick. Phrases such as ‘Do you need me to go over that again?’ ‘Am I making this clear? And ‘Can you confirm that please?’ may be your best friends – at least until Mercury is out of retroshadow at the middle of the month.

Venus in your 1t until the 21st, when it enters its ruling 2nd, swathes you in an allure of indefinable glamour and attraction. Strangely enough, while it sets you to attract, it may also contribute to misunderstandings especially around the 10th when it too meets Neptune. I know, I know – don’t hate you because you’re beautiful. It’s not your fault for being so ethereally cosmically enchanting.  The problem is people may choose to interpret what you say in their own way or else just see what they want to see. You know you’re making yourself perfectly clear. As in ‘All I am interested in is friendship’- except this is received by the other party as ‘You are my Sun and stars’. I am not saying something this extremely distorted may happen but yes, it is a possibility. You are not responsible for anyone else’s misinterpretation however. All you can do is communicate as clearly as possible and stay grounded. Especially when it comes to those ideas which I can tell you are simply inspiring and awesome right now. Take practical steps to make them real and you’ll experience real progress.

Above all, resist the urge to drop out, tune out or escape. Especially in the literal sense. While Mercury works its way through your 1st, travel needs to be approached with caution. Especially when combined with ancient ruler Jupiter retro in your 10th from the 12th. However, Jupiter retro can bring back a missed career opportunity. Or even – dare I say it? That one that got away. Watch for second chances mid-month as a Grand Fire Trine spreads like wildfire across your money/work./ status sectors. If you are looking at interviews,, important meetings, launches, presentations or pitches, try to schedule for this window. The 16th – 19th could just deliver the result you hoped for or worked towards – but did not expect nonetheless.  This is also your moment to showcase those smarts and unique gifts. Work it not so much like a boss but like a rock star as Mercury meets Chiron in your 2nd on the 19th and a ‘blue’ full Moon calls for you to take a fearless approach. This is a true ‘blue’ Moon as it is the second to appear in this house in a lunar month – a rare event. Fortune favours the brave.

That glamazon aura gets a boost o the 16th when Jupiter angles to Venus in your 1st. As well as perhaps bringing you the return of something you wanted, this also hands you the ability to see so many ways of manifesting what you want that you simply were unaware existed or could not access before. You’re opening the vault to abundance here. Not only that,, you come across as charming and diplomatic. This could well see you bring something to fruition that you have wanted for a very long time.

Last month saw Uranus arrive in your 3rd where it will remain for the next seven years. Unpack those ideas – the more edgy and ‘out there’ the better, and be an original. Uranus in here contains incredible potential when it comes to how you communicate, get around or work. New ideas and people who carry these may open up your mind and challenge you to question yours. This is Mercury’s house so think of these as having wings – just like Mercury’s sandals. The people you meet may also bring ways to send your ideas ‘winging’ out there. However, rigid thinking, hanging on to one worldview or old ideologies will only hamper the flow and block your potential. Keep an open, flexible and above all, enquiring mind.

This is your house of neighbours, siblings if you have them, early education, publishing, writing, speaking and communicating. It is also linked to your work as it rules business and commerce. A word of warning: you will not last working at any job where the company mindset is ‘That’s the way it’s always been done around here’. If this is the kind of culture you find yourself in, please, take the initiative when it comes to seeking employment in a more open, dynamic environment. You need variety, stimulation and above all, a certain freedom in any role now. Being your own boss or setting up that side-hustle is favoured under Uranus in here as Uranus rules entrepreneurs and innovation. News could arrive on the 22nd when the Sun meets Uranus which shows you the direction freedom lies in or here your ideas can possibly take you. Taking a chance on yourself, being prepared to ‘go your own way’ to quote Fleetwood Mac, could prove your best tactic. Venus enters its ruling 2nd on the 21st and Mercury which arrived in here on the 17th, encounters Vesta in here on the 24th. Remember what I said about you taking practical steps with those inspired ideas? This hands you the ability to do that. You could turn out to be your own, best investment now

However, it’s one thing to have the competitive edge. But another thing to be made to feel you are having to compete unfairly – and possibly on someone else’s terms. We accept some competition is healthy and necessary even. If we want that job, business, project, promotion or order – or even to win in a sporting situation, we must compete. Without healthy competition we would not experience that sense of achievement when we do succeed. It would be worthless. But there is a big difference between this and being made to feel we have to compete on a personal or emotional level for someone’s time, attention, affection or love. Mercury conjunct Vesta in our 2nd which is our house of people and connections that are ‘assets’ to us, can sometimes make us aware of relationships that are anything but.  If you come to realise you are in competition with someone’s job, family or worse – another lover, then the time may have come to weight up the cost of this and invest your own precious assets of time, love or anything else for that matter, elsewhere.

Friends, associates, contacts, networks, groups, clubs and goals are set for a continued resonance test as Pluto retrogrades in your 11th on the 25tth. You also have Saturn in here slowing to head retrograde which it will on the 30th. As it does, it will oppose the North Node in your 5th while conjunct the South. Rendezvous with karma. Friendships with powerful or influential people can be made now. Someone may enter your life who wants to offer you the benefit of their experience with no apparent motivation in mind except friendship. If this occurs, know you have done the same for them a long time ago. The Nodes rule our karma (as does Saturn). Pluto rules power, Saturn rules authority. If anyone appears from your past – especially an old lover, and there were issues left unresolved between you, please think carefully about getting re-involved. Chances are what caused you to break up the first time, will again. As for that new friend, in some instances it may lead to more than just friendship but it will be up to you if it does. Otherwise take it for what it is.

This cycle is all about thinking different, believing in the power of your ideas, and in doing things differently than you have done in the past. Some connections will stand the test of time, but those which survive will be with you for the long haul now. After all – who wouldn’t want to be friends with you?

In a nutshell: April sees you projecting a mystical and almost irresistible glamour. But don’t get carried away. Ensure that everyone knows where you’re coming from – and what you want. Friendship or love now, Pisces?

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