Your Astro Tarot Card for Your Sign for Jupiter in Taurus

Jupiter in Taurus

 Your Astro Tarot Card for Jupiter in Taurus

Jupiter enters earthy, abundant and sensual Taurus on May 16. Serving us all a new experience when it comes to the Good Life. Of course, the house in our charts Jupiter is in, determines just how and where the Jupiter goodies of opportunity, travel, expansion and luck play out.

Jupiter always wants to give more. So, in the spirit of Jupiter in the sign of money, pleasure and earthly delights, you want more? You got it! Your Astro Tarot reading reveals that extra dimension of Jupiter’s open-handed generosity and good times for your sign. A predictive nutri-bullet that allows you to make the most of Jupiter’s time in here. Don’t forget – no limit Jupiter says you can also combine cards for your rising sign and Moon sign for additional insight. So, don’t stop at one!

Spend time with your card. Journal with it and don’t forget to write down those insights you channel around what Jupiter is about to serve you. And refer back to it throughout the 12 month cycle of Jupiter in here. It’s all about the experience with Jupiter. So whatever energy your card(s) embody, or the world it depicts, you are about to enter it and interact as a fully aware and awake participant. Live your Jupiter journey for real. That’s your juice.

ARIES – Six of Pentacles:

6 of pentacles

Hustle and flow. The Six of Pentacles is the perfect card which sums up Jupiter’s largesse in your money zone. It shows someone cashed-up and acting like Jupiter at its most generous. The person has more than enough for their own needs, they can afford to be generous to others.

The deeper soul message of the card is literally ‘currency’. Money is more than an amount in your bank account. Currency circulates. It is energy. What this tells you is that to have more you have to be in the flow. To send it out and tell the universe you have more than enough so you can afford to share. If the bottom line means money is tight, you activate the flow of the current by looking at what else you have you can give or pass on. As this is an energetic exchange, it does not have to be cash. You can be broke but share your time, your skills or expertise. You can activate flow by passing on items you no longer need to someone you know will use and appreciate them. Or donate them to charity.

Add up not just your income, but your possessions, talents and skills and all you have to offer. Chances are you are already richer than you first thought. Now, look at how you can spread your wealth. The more flow, the more flows through you.

TAURUS – Ace of Cups:

Ace of Cups

Joy, abundance, love. There is no half full/half empty mindset with this card. Cups are designed to be refilled. Once you understand that, you open up to every area of life literally overflowing with the Ace of Cups. 

It’s an emotional outpouring. A feeling of being one. With others, the world, your life. It’s telling you its time to live your emotional truth. But also that denying this blocks or diverts the potential around you. Water has no shape. It fits within the river or cup. With Jupiter in your sign this is about you expanding to fit the form or role you want to be or love out. You are not confined. You are expansion. You are limitless.

 Time to stop comparing yourself or what you have to others. That’s half-empty thinking. Jupiter’s optimism should tell you this is merely room for so much more, Taurus. More love, more creativity, more ways to express yourself. Be open to the form Jupiter wants you to take now. Being rigid, staying stuck, refusing to budge – Jupiter wants you to live your story free from confines or bending yourself out of shape to fit the stories of others. The shape of water – and love, looks like you, Taurus.

GEMINI – The Hermit


So, what was your immediate reaction at reading your card for Jupiter in your 12th is The Hermit, Gemini? Did you immediately think about your inner luminance, the wisdom of the flame within? The ability to find answers and transcend the ordinary? To recover and integrate the lost parts of your soul? To enter into complete and permanent healing?

Or alternatively – Oh no! I’m going to be all alone for the next 12 months?! The Hermit isn’t lonely. The Hermit actively chooses time out and to recharge, spend time in meditation or contemplation. To spend time in nature, with their creative process or in stillness because that is when they know the answers they seek with come to them.

With your quicksilver mind, desire to always be ‘on’, socialising, circulating, playing with ideas and being there for others, The Hermit reminds you of the need to recharge and for self-care. And also this is a key part of your process. In the stillness you will find the answers you seek. 

Then, renewed, you are ready to engage fully with the world again. To love, laugh and connect. You cannot give to others if you are running on empty. Is there a subject that calls to you now? A mystery you need to explore? Esoteric studies, mysticism, quantum physics, investigations, research, making connections between apparently random facts – brings a bigger picture and breakthroughs. If you need to break free from your past, this card along with Jupiter lights the way. Within you lies undiscovered treasure. If you need to reclaim lost parts of it, or your soul, the light you carry shows you the way.

CANCER – The Star

the star

Notice that the figure in The Star is surrounded by a celestial constellation. One large star (Jupiter) and seven smaller ones. In your Taurus and your 11th, this is all about your circle of friends. And also wishes and dreams – hence wishing on a star.

Your future is now in motion down a new and open highway. Others will be travelling with you. Those soul connections or contacts. Jupiter tells you nobody achieves anything alone. Your 11th rules your goals. Bringing them down from the cosmos of imagination and visualisation, and watering them with the astral waters of hope and self-belief. 

Set three goals with Jupiter in your 11th. Then focus on the biggest and the one which excites and expands your soul. Imagine you are the figure in the card. What actions are you able to take to manifest your dream? Goals give us stars to aim for. They hand us hope and faith in our future. Their vision is what inspires us to discover just what we can achieve. Bring that vision down to earth and make it real now.

LEO – Ten of Pentacles


This card is about plenty and abundance. But this isn’t limited to just money. The extended family shown in the card speaks of contentment and also taking care of those we love. Think about it for a moment. The poorest person in the world is the billionaire with no-one to share what they have with.

This card is the total opposite of that. You surround yourself with plenty. Not just money but love, connection, support, and every aspect of the good life. And use what you have to build something lasting. Jupiter in your 10th hands you recognition and rewards. What you have earned you now use to create something lasting. 

The card of often called ‘The Wall Street’ card. But there are so many negative connotations attached to that nowadays. Yet is signifies success in the material realm. And Taurus and your 10th is all about that. But it also shows us money alone isn’t enough. And that there is more than one kind of success to aspire to. A loving family and friends. Time to enjoy what we have. A place to call home. The lasting, priceless prizes that are the symbols of true success. You can’t have one without the other. And this card promises you can have it all, Leo.

VIRGO – The World

the world

One cycle ends and a new one opens its doors to you. Jupiter now in your 9th is set to broaden your horizons. A new journey of adventure is about to begin.

If you look closely at this card, we have the gender neutral figure in the centre. And four figures representing the four fixed signs of the zodiac at each corner – Aquarius, Scorpio, Leo and Taurus (Scorpio is represented in its ancient form as the phoenix). You are the figure at the centre of the card, and surrounding you are the four fixed signs which represent the portals via which what exists in the spiritual realm, becomes real in ours.

Travel, learning, the law, the mass media, the great outdoors, sports, large animals (larger than a sheep), taking a chance and leaving what you know behind you to take that first step on a new journey is what Jupiter in your 9th and this card hold for you. It’s time to leave that comfort zone. You know nothing new happens there. If one door has closed, use the energy of this card to see where a new one is opening for you. Maybe even more than one, Virgo.

LIBRA – Nine of Pentacles

Nine of Pentacles

Is that a falcon that perches on the wrist of the figure in this card? Or is it a phoenix, Libra? As you look deeper into the sensual satisfaction of this card, you decide.

Jupiter is  now in your ‘other’ money house. The Nine of Pentacles shows a figure dressed in rich robes – that’s very Taurus. They are also powerful and confident. They earned or created the abundance that surrounds them. They are happy with their relationship status. If they are single, that doesn’t worry them. They have so much to enjoy. A relationship isn’t the cake. Or even the icing on it. It could be the cherry on top if the person is right. But if they are not – they are not interested.

Life is good. Look to the richness you have. Jupiter wants to add to that. Also know, you ARE enough. Just the way you are. Self-acceptance holds the key to self-love. And in getting the right kind of the other sort too. You are exploring your values and focussing on what really matters. Expect success and satisfaction to be your take-outs.

SCORPIO – Eight of Wands

Eight of Wands

Jupiter is now in your partnership zone. So, why has the Tarot chosen the Eight of Wands for you instead of the Two of Cups? Because this card represents movement and the end of being stuck or blocked. Especially in the realm of relationships. A traditional interpretation of this card is that the wands represent Cupid’s arrows. And yes, in your 7th, Jupiter is in full Fat Cupid guise. Firing off those arrows in every direction. But usually hitting the right target. Or a bigger and better one.

This card is also associated with Jupiter and Sagittarius. It tells you events are now in motion. But you are in charge of the direction you head in. You are not a passenger. No matter how fast events seem to be unfolding. Love and other opportunities are on their way. What you have been seeking, now seeks you. It is only a matter of cosmic timing before your orbits intersect. Someone appears who lights your fire. You blaze a trail. And you’re not travelling it alone. Time to take action, Scorpio. And to believe love really does make the world go round.

SAGITTARIUS – Three of Pentacles

3 of pentacles

In this card a craftsperson’s work is being admired by two well-dressed figures who clearly admire what they have created. Ruler Jupiter is now in your 6th of everyday satisfaction and wellness. And nothing adds to that more than working at something we enjoy and are good at. And also being rewarded for it.

There’s also a sense of collaboration contained within the meaning of this card. Either because the pair have funded the project. Or have added their own vision to it. And this has resulted in something greater. Becoming part of a team, working with others, or coming together to bring about shared vision sees the result exceed your wildest expectations. With the rewards matching this.

If you are seeking work with meaning, recognition and rewards for what you do – and do well, the energy of this card shows you who or where Jupiter’s Go Fund Me backing can be accessed. For some this may simply be a better paying job. Or more clients who love what you do. Satisfaction and recognition is on its way. 


the sun

The Sun is a card associated with Leo. And also your 5th house where Jupiter now resides. Its about unleashing your inner joy and radiance. With the open-hearted trust of a child. Babies and children often have a big role to play when Jupiter is in our 5th. Or we meet a new partner who has the ability to turn us into a parent or step-parent. Of course, it may simply be your inner child that is now set free. The Sun often appears after we have weathered a storm. Been forced to do too much adulting for instance. The storm clouds vanish. We shine again.

Your curiosity is reawakened. As is your optimism. You may be offered an opportunity to shine. A lucky break comes your way. This is a card of attraction and effortless pleasure. You engage with it simply by no longer being concerned about what others might think. The only person’s permission you need to do something is yours. Spend time with this card and ask what you have had to let go of simply because you were told you were now ‘too old’ or needed to ‘grow up’. Just what is a ‘grown up’ anyway? Just like the sunflowers in the card, someone who grows upward into the light, Capricorn. Here comes the Sun so follow its path now.

AQUARIUS – Four of Wands

4 of wands

Home, family, celebrations. This card speaks of belonging and stability. You can be stable but may not feel you belong. This card brought to you by Jupiter in your 4th tells you that both are on offer now.

Family and community often ask we go look for them. Unless we are one of those lucky souls who are born into the right ones. This card reminds us that if that’s not the case, then we need to go look for our life. And put down roots in the place which feels right for us. This card tells you that Jupiter may be delivering a new home, expanding your family, or seeing you celebrating with those you call family. Unions and reunions feature.

Where can you see yourself in the next 12 months? What do you imagine you will have to celebrate? A new home, a relationship, a job? Something which enhances your sense of being in the right place for you. That right time is now.

PISCES – Three of Wands

3 of wands

Ships set sail under Jupiter in your 3rd of ideas, commerce, communication and the internet. The figure in the card watches as what they have launched catches the tide. Now, they will wait to see what cargo they will be laden with on their return.

What you send out, launch, trade, do business with, or travel towards or with, returns with precious cargo that rewards your initiative, Pisces. Whether this is that job application, idea, project or venture. Success comes from knowing who you are intending to do business with however.  The merchant in the card isn’t just sending out ships willy-nilly. They have a clear destination in mind. And what they have in their holds, is what those at the end of their voyage, need.

Go with that big vision. Just like a ship has to wait for time and tide, this card tells you the winds are now in your favour. It’s no use thinking small. Set your course and your intentions. Fellow water sign of Cancer has the Star to steer by under Jupiter in Taurus. You have the tall ship. And as the ocean is your domain, you are in familiar waters now.

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