Your Full Moon in Sagittarius Moonscope June 3rd 2023

Your Full Moon in Sagittarius Moonscope June 3rd 2023

Whatever the events are out there in the big wide world or whatever we hear that affects us personally under the massive attack full Moon in universal, no boundaries Sagittarius – it’s big. Sagittarius and its ruler Jupiter doesn’t do anything by half-measures. Go big or go home, is Sagittarius’ philosophy. It rules long distance travel, mass media and transportation, foreign affairs of all kinds, higher education, the law, religion and philosophy, borders (as in none), the great outdoors, sports, luck and large animals, especially horses. 

This full Moon is known as the Rose or Dyad Moon. It appears at 13o 18’ Sagittarius. What’s uncharted territory or off the map, below the horizon is where this Moon wants to take us. But it occurs the same day as Mercury and Uranus meet in Taurus. Hence, all bets are quite possibly off due to Uranus’s ability to bring shocks and surprises. Nothing that happens will be small. And whatever happens, no matter where we are in the world, we won’t miss it. Or our own personal world or horizon, opens up as the world itself comes calling.

This is the card of the Wheel of Fortune in the Tarot at work. The Wheel turns and spins again. We go up or down with it. It turns in our favour when we venture outside our comfort zones. Check your chart for factors at 13o especially if you are a fire sign (Aries, Leo or Sag) or Air Sign (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius). 


Aries season

Shrug off restriction and embrace a more limitless mindset. Even if its just for a day, Aries. With Mercury now clear of retroshadow, the full Moon in your 9th is a green light for travel and exploration. As well as pushing the launch button on those big plans and ideas.

If you have Aries factors at the magic lucky for some 13o – time to take a chance and banish self-doubt and hesitation. Have you taken on board someone else’s limitations lately? Found yourself applying too much caution? (Not engaging in risky business is one thing, not even finding out if you can succeed by doing nothing – something else entirely.) Also getting trapped in coulda, woulda, shoulda, gets you nowhere fast. 

Time to escape stagnation and the limits imposed by little minds. Have you been wasting your precious life force on avenues which lead nowhere? Binge watching, doom-scrolling, focusing on the lives of others on social media instead of getting out there and living your own? This Moon offers an invitation like no other. Or a solution or way forward. It’s your escape route to something life-affirming and so much bigger. And guess what, Aries? You’ll get to have fun on the journey too.


An important full Moon for you as it occurs in your sector of sex, change and power money. The same day as Mercury and Uranus collide in your sign. As well as looking for anything at the key 13o in any sign in your chart, do check for any factors especially in your own sign of Taurus at 20 , give or take one degree either side, where the Mercury/Uranus conjunction occurs. 

Powerful and sudden shifts around your money, income, value system, what you share with others – anything from a bed to chores to a joint account for instance, could be impacted. It may feel intense. Those core values which are also highlighted by this Moon, will remain unshakable however. 

What occurs overseas or in foreign markets may also impact on your in surprising ways. Expect the unexpected to occur even close to home. It’s a bit like sitting down at a high stakes poker game. Or even being a character in Ocean’s 11. There’s a lot of factors in play and chances are you Taurus, are going to emerge with the winning hand. Or with the big bag of money from the Belllagio. This Moon can ask you how comfortable you have become with change on a scale of 1 – 10? It may test that out for you. Your ability to think outside the box under this full Moon may surprise you and quite frankly, astound others. Especially that lover if you decide to bring all that sensual inventiveness into the bedroom. Told you this was a winning hand.


gemini reading

The full Moon opposes any Gemini factors at 13o while ruler Mercury and Uranus in your 12th deliver what you need to know, Gemini. The truth  may not so much be ‘out there’ when it comes to the answers you need. But found within all along. (Your opposite sign of Sag being the truth monster and Mercury/Uranus in your house of secrets engaged in a big reveal). 

This can be what you truly need around love and partnerships. The truth around your feelings or another’s. There will be no so-so, meh feelings in the next two weeks, Gemini. Especially around the state of play with one particular union. It’s all or nothing. 

Single as a Pringle? Unhappy with that status? Take a deep dive first into your relationship with yourself. Examine your past ones. Then be open to something radically different but oh-so-perfect. When we love and know ourselves, we become happy. And we know who or what will work for us and with us. And have no hesitation in saying Thanks, but no thanks, to what doesn’t. That simply adds up to something lasting. Who knew it could be that simple? Others may find the state of play with someone comes as a surprise. In the best possible way. No matter if you’re single or settled under this full Moon – love the one you’re always with, Gemini. That’s you.


Ready for the feels that heal? Emotional blockages and soul wounds of the kind that restrict us surface under this full Moon. You may see how this has held you back and affected you in ways you might not have been aware of until now. This is a point of illumination. And also courage when it comes to self-care and healing. You no longer retreat from this. But face it down to discard it and leave it behind for good. Heading out into fresh potential whole and unencumbered.

Do choose your company carefully under this full Moon, Cancer. You need to ensure those you socialise with support and ‘get’ you totally. Don’t be afraid to decline invitations from others who are simply hard work, leave you drained or make it all about them. Opt instead for that soul recharge at home. 

However, with Mercury aligned to Uranus in Uranus’s ruling 11th house a surprise, last minute invite could be just the tonic you’re seeking to escape that rut. Especially if this involves going to places you would not usually visit or entering a radically different social circle than the one you inhabit. This full Moon wants you to say Yes to something you might have questioned, refused or not even dreamed of doing in the past. Meditate on the card of the Page of Cups in the Tarot. Look to the fish in the cup. What is it saying? Cast your line into a bigger pond, Cancer. In there lies a golden koi with something to tell you.


monthly horoscope august

Children, lovers, creativity and pleasure, Leo. In other words, all those topics close to your radiant, roaring soul. Expect this full Moon to highlight one, some or a melange of these. Are you getting enough? Love, fun, pleasure, adoration? Do you have the right outlet that allows you to shine? Or do you feel shut-down and stifled?

Check your chart for factors at the key 13 degrees. Especially if they are in your own sign or that of Sagittarius. If you have them, expect to be in the spotlight or the centre of attention in some way. But isn’t that your birthright and where you belong? Above all, do pay close attention now to anyone who makes it all about them or acts as a critic. Especially if you are not allowed to have your own time in the light or ever criticise them. That’s a downer you can’t afford to entertain. 

This full Moon asks you unleash your magnificence, shrug off cares or even worries about what others think, and above all, take a chance. You have nothing now to lose. Dance as if no one is watching in other words. And this just in: If someone is they love those moves, Leo! Time to express, not repress, your true glory. This full Moon reminds you: It’s what you were designed to do.


weekly horoscopes

Surprises happen under this full Moon. Check your chart now for the 13o factor and also the 20o one. The latter is especially important as this is where ruler Mercury collides with Uranus in your 9th the day the full Moon appears.

Freedom, evolution and release from limitations or stagnation are on offer. I spoke about the card of the Wheel of Fortune in the Tarot being linked to this full Moon and the conjunction which also occurs on this day. And as Mercury is your ruler, this analogy applies to you almost more than any other sign. Some time spent with the card – especially if you are faced with shifts and the enigmatically unexpected, will give you the extra insights you need.

Bonuses, course corrections and keys to new doors, ways of living or access to a freshly baked life path could arrives in disguise. Or some spinning out of the blue, Virgo. The Moon is in its ruling 4th in your chart. So this asks you reach outside of the familiar and enter the realm of emotional daring. The ground may shift, it may seem unfamiliar at first to be thinking or contemplating doing, something so radically different. This Moon asks you to Go There. And at the same time, reassures you that at the end of the day, you have nothing to lose. It lights the way to an event homecoming to something so much better. Be prepared to leave the familiar behind. But that’s where the magic can be found. 


weekly astrology

You’re one of the signs benefiting from the news, sharing or launch capabilities of the warp factor full Moon in your 3rd. For you the Wheel moves on upward taking you with it. Do check your chart for the 13o factors especially in your own sign. The Moon will make a good vibes angle to these if you have them.

Think good news, positive outcomes, free-flowing self-expression and sharing. The full Moon is in your house of the internet and all the potential this contains. Share, submit, swipe away. 

Now Mercury is direct and colliding with Uranus on this day in your sector of sexy self-empowerment and ‘other’ money, it could be a day to press that launch button after a long countdown. Or make your boldest move yet, Libra. And let’s face it, when it comes to moves –  you have them in reserve. 

Of course, the other key angle to check for you is that of 20 degrees. Especially if you have planets in Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius. Keep a 20/20 vision on your money, your self-worth and what you value at this time. You can reach for staying power, surety and self-determination now. You know what you want and once you decide on a course of action, for once you won’t be waivered. This is the different maverick and radical mindset the Mercury/Uranus meeting wants you to embrace. Libra – your sweet diplomacy and ability to see both sides so clearly can so often stand you on the fence and unable to move. Not so under this full Moon. You are clear on your direction and that trajectory is set and unwavering for once. Starships are meant to fly. Pick that star and straight on, no diversions now.


Along with opposite number Taurus where the behind the scenes action takes place under the full Moon in your 2nd, this is all about your values, Scorpio. What you consider priceless, not for sale at any cost and where the buck stops. Do get very clear about this.

And yes, you need to look for factors at 13 and 20 degrees in your chart. Many Scorpios have planets in next door sign of fire-bringer Sagittarius. If you are one of them is the full Moon close to yours? (13o). Next look for anything around 20o. Give or take one degree either way. Especially in your own sign, Taurus and your 7th, Leo and your 10th or Aquarius and your 4th. The phrase that comes up around this for you is ‘To have and to hold’. What’s priceless and precious in other words. Anything from that income, to your relationship, those possessions or time and talent.

This involves you and another. What you have or share together. Each other, shared values, the work you do together. That partnership whether personal or professional. A new dynamic emerges now which sets you on a long term course of satisfaction and worthiness. When we return to the image of the Wheel of Fortune, this is your roulette wheel spinning. Red or black? Love or money appear or go out in a flash. Your luck changes for the better on the roll of the dice. Ready to play, Scorpio?


sagittarius banner

Sudden deep healing could arrive or a surprise solution or news propels you out of a situation that has kept you stuck for far too long. Escape the stasis under the magnificent benevolence of the full Moon in your sign. 

Take it that whatever shifts – you’ve earned it, Sag. And chances are you’ve been waiting for it for a while. Of course, the form it actually takes may surprise. Especially if this is a person. But you are at your most open, seeking and all-embracing now. Wherever fate or destiny wants to take you – you’re packed and ready to rock!

Do check your chart for Sag factors at 13o. And also in your opposite sign of Gemini and fellow fire signs Aries and Leo. If so, it’s all about the adventure you’ll have with another. The deep healing aspect comes from Mercury and Uranus in collision in your 6th. At 20 degrees. So, that’s another angle you need to check. If you have anything at 20o of Sag, this will be an intense transformation. But the healing comes from ripping off that psychic Band-Aid Sag and exposing that wound to the air. Yes, there’s an initial Owch! Factor. But then just relief as the pain simply dissipates. You of all signs vibes off the energy of the Wheel of Fortune card as it is linked to your ruler Jupiter. Watch for something awakening and electrifying. That person, that journey, that idea. And simply go where it wants to take you.



Hindsight is 20/20, Capricorn. So, under the full Moon in your 12th do pay extremely close attention to that ‘gut’ feeling or what your intuition is telling you. And heed it. If you don’t you could be left saying ‘I knew that’ – after the fact. Yes, you did. But you did nothing with the information.

It’s honestly as clear as day unless you choose to ignore it. This is a full Moon of illumination. A truth seeking missile if you like. Showing you what you need to know rather than what you want to hear. Or would like things to be. Do you have any Sag friends? Yes, they earn their reputation as Truth Monsters. Blurting things out unfiltered. For our own good. Or at least that’s how they rationalise it. But they rarely mean any harm with it. They just believe the truth sets us free.

Do check your chart for anything at 13o Sagittarius as many Capricorns have planets in there. That’s your own Truth Monster channel. The other key factor to check this week is 20 degrees of your own sign and fellow earth signs Taurus and Virgo. Your 5th and 9th houses. If you have them truth could just bring you benefits, bonuses and surprise wins as Mercury and Uranus collide the same day as the full Moon appears. In Taurus and your 5th house. Uranus always wants our freedom and will overthrow what doesn’t allow us to evolve. Replacing that with what does. If that insight tells you good news is on its way – that’s the best possible truth to be ready for.


Ruler Uranus meets with Mercury in Taurus and your 4th. The same day as a full Moon strikes your 11th and Uranus’s ruling house in your chart. 

You have outgrown something, Aquarius. And this combination shows you exactly what this is. This full Moon sends you out on the ultimate trip. Truth trippin’, Aquarius. Yes, it may get aired in a way that is positively shocking. Someone lets rip and you never see them in quite the same way again. Or facts come to light that require you reach for a different set of tools.

The purpose of all this is to stop you time wasting. Or to continue to invest that time, love, talent, energy, into something with no future. You know Uranus doesn’t do that. Do check your chart for factors at 13 degrees of your sign and fellow air signs Gemini and Libra. Then the key 20o angle (give or take one degree either way) of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or your own sign. That’s where you’ll see the buck stopping suddenly or you embracing something more freeing, soul evolving and electrifyingly heart starting. And yes, this can be that lover like no other, Aquarius. As the Moon is in your social sector, don’t stay home or invisible now. You’ve outgrown that phase too.



This Moon shows you that you have no room for wishy-washy, vague thinking, Pisces. You need to become the Boss Sign under it. Believe me, you are probably overqualified for this job even if just reading this you doubt you are the right stuff. You have the smarts. You have the insight. You just need to direct these towards a specific goal or outcome, and results will be yours.

Know what you want. Be the author of your own path. Above all, look to where you may have allowed yourself to live someone else’s story or by their rules rather than your own. Do check your chart. First for anything at 13 degrees of Sagittarius, your own sign, Gemini or Virgo. This is all about success, your status and how others see you. As someone who directs their destiny? Or just content to go in the direction others set for you? 

Seize your power and take control! Next, check your chart for anything at 20 degrees. Of your own sign but then also the earth signs. Taurus – where the Mercury/Uranus conjunction occurs here on the same day as the full Moon, your opposite sign of Virgo which rules your partnerships, and Capricorn and your 11th of friends and the future. Depending on whether or not you have planets or other factors at the key 20 (this includes asteroids, your ascendant/descendant/IC/MC and the Nodes), a sudden and exciting new direction opens up thanks to what you say or set in motion. Basically you have one rule this week for success in any venture Pisces: Walk that talk.


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