Your Full Moon in Scorpio Moonscope May 5 2023 – REBIRTH

Your Full Moon in Scorpio Moonscope May 5 2023

Come to the edge.
We might fall.
Come to the edge.
It’s too high!
come to the edge!
And they came
and he pushed
and they flew… 

Guillaume Apollinaire

Holy Mother! Yes, May’s full Moon in Scorpio is known as the Mother Moon or the Bright Moon. It appears at 14o 58’ of Scorpio early in the evening of that day (17.14 pm). 

The link to ‘Mother’ Earth in the Pagan calendar is clear. As in ancient times this Moon was the time of festivals such as Beltane which honoured fertility, new growth and the earth itself. This year we have a rather different event timed for the day after this full Moon – the coronation of King Charles III – a Scorpio himself. ( He obviously did not consult an astrologer while choosing this date!)

This full Moon like mother bird wants us to spread our wings and fly. This may of course involve pushing us out of the proverbial nest! It can bring up intense feelings especially around fears that prevent us from soaring into our greatness. This can be a free-flight full Moon where we take off in blazing intensity – like the phoenix the ancient symbol of Scorpio. Or it can do the opposite – ground us and clip our wings because we are too afraid to find out if we can fly. Sometimes we simply need to push ourselves off the edge – and soar. 


weekly astrology

You’re coming out of a strange and murky eclipse, Aries. One that has probably had you probing the shadows already. And looking at hidden elements concerning how sexy/creative/alive you feel. Or even where there are subtle or even not-so-subtle, themes around control in one particular connection. 

Remember, one name for this full Moon is the ‘Bright’ Moon. So, those feelings of being ‘in the dark’ or lack of self-confidence, and the reasons for them, are illuminated under this full Moon. It shines a light of searing clarity on an issue. And also if someone has made you doubt your own feelings, shows you how right you were all along.

If we are told the opposite to what we feel often enough, or for long enough, in the end we begin to doubt our own peerless inner wisdom. Maybe the other party has a point? This full Moon shows you what you have left in the Cosmic Lost and Found. Maybe your mojo. Maybe part of your identity. Maybe that soul compass which points to your own True North that you have been made to believe no longer functions. Thanks to it, you now reclaim all the lost, powerful parts of you. And what’s more you know without a doubt, what your next self-affirming action is going to be! 


Hidden dynamics or themes in a key relationship are about to emerge. If not on the night of this full Moon, then between it and the new Moon in your sign on the 19th. You are one of the signs who will get the most from bathing in the light of this full Moon. 

This can just as easily be an emerging relationship as it can be an existing one. Be on high alert, Taurus! Especially if something lasting is what you seek. By the time the new Moon does grace your sign, you will also be celebrating Jupiter’s arrival. So, take it something is emerging now, whether it immediately obvious or not. 

Love or the lack of it in your life will be your themes. You’re craving togetherness. To merge heart, body and soul. If not the romantic kind of union, the partnership in focus could be a working one or that bestie. You are at your most generous and giving now. Not just thinking of your own needs but wanting to fully meet and understand those of another.

However, if you do come to the conclusion there is all take and not enough give in return, then this full Moon asks you just how much longer are you prepared to put up with this? Are you afraid to ask for what you need? Or afraid of the answer if you do? What emerges under this full Moon – whether it sees you totally loved-up or lacking, is doing so for a very good reason. Yes, you are in a mood to give and compromise where necessary. But not if that means you feeling short-changed. Don’t forget, self-love plays a big part in any relationship dynamic.


gemini full moon

The soul work or emotional healing you’ve been doing pays off under this full Moon, Gemini. True self-care isn’t about bubble baths and expensive scented candles. Self-care means only exposing ourselves to what supports, energises and heals us. 

The gift of this mother of all wellbeing full Moons for you is wholeness and integration. Especially when it comes to that mind/body/spirit regimen. Under its guidance you may be drawn towards more insights into your work (paid or unpaid), your habits, routine, diet, exercise, self-help or therapy. You are seeking out alternatives that are good medicine. Or now seeing clearly how what you are doing is paying off for you. In terms of enhanced vibrancy and vitality. 

Anything that detracts from this, those soul drains for instance – be they what you do, your work, negative atmospheres or people, what you fuel your body with, or the effect any of the above has on your precious mental or physical wellbeing, will surface in a way you now cannot possibly ignore. You will be able to join the dots between how you feel and seemingly unrelated areas of your life. You have the big picture now, Gemini. So adjust. This is an excellent full Moon under which to pledge to a new exercise or eating plan. To shake yourself out of any rut. Or to change the way you work if it no longer works for you. What you change is likely to stick. And how to achieve this could be the moonbeam of inspiration you’ve been waiting for.


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Moonbeam bright, the full Moon in your 5th asks how you are expressing your unique creative spark, Cancer? How fearless do you feel when it comes to this? Or are you allowing yourself to be stifled over fears of what others may think? 

Let go of being your own worst critic. And also under this full Moon, be very mindful of any thoughts that critique others for following their path. Very often, we judge others negatively for their courage to showcase their purity, because we are afraid to do the same. 

Has someone made you feel you are not good enough? Or what you offer isn’t the right stuff? If you become aware of holding yourself back because of a particular person’s standards or judgement under this full Moon, it’s time to ask why you are giving away your power just to gain their approval? This full Moon is Just the Way You Are. You don’t need to be anything else to receive love, attention, praise or success. And if anyone is making you feel you do, it may be time to decide whether or not they have a place in your life. Critics criticise because they can’t do it themselves. Or are afraid to. Ditch the critics under this Moon. It’s not about perfection. It’s about being loved for being the most perfect version of you, Cancer!


full moon in leo

Are you getting enough under this full Moon, Leo? The Moon is in its ruling house in your chart. The house of home, nurturing, security and your needs – emotional, material and physical. It’s apt that this full Moon is known as the ‘Mother’ Moon as our 4th house is about mothering and being mothered. Or the reverse – smother love. 

Understand having needs isn’t neediness. It’s part of being human. It’s how we ask for our needs to be met or express them that’s the important thing. This Moon wants us to own our feelings and be upfront with others. And if someone asks us if there is something wrong, that we respond with the truth rather than saying ‘Nothing!’. 

Are you getting enough time to recharge?  Quiet time to yourself? Space if you need it? Or are you made to feel you have to be constantly ‘on’ and available to others and put your own needs aside? Are your boundaries not being respected? Do you need to calmly but firmly let others know where they lie? This full Moon hands you the emotional strength and power to do that if needed. 

Your feelings and needs are just as valid as those of the people you care for. So do give them equal voice and also pro-active protection if needed. Decisions around home and living arrangements can be made under this Moon. Create that place of safety for yourself. And treat it as sacred. You are your own soul temple under this moon, Leo!


weekly astrology

I thought it but I kept it hid . . . Did you, Virgo? Are you? Yes, sometimes we do need to apply that filter before speaking. Out of courtesy, timing or because we care about the feelings of others. However, the Bright Moon in your 3rd wants you to speak up or air something. And if you don’t do it now, be aware it may come bursting out in a spontaneous way at some point over the next two weeks. 

The same goes for ideas you are sitting on. It’s all very well to mulch away, beta test them in your mind, edit and improve. But in the end, we need to do something with them. Or their potential is never realised. Over-working something to the point it loses its creative zest is a trap you can easily fall into because of your desire for perfection. Or you have a inspired vision but then second guess yourself over it. Surely if its to succeed it can’t be that simple? So, you begin to over-complicate it by trying to bolt on things it doesn’t need. Again, the result is the same. You either do nothing about it or it loses what made it special in the first place.

Give that inner editor the day off under this full Moon, Virgo. If the thought it a persistent and returning one, it now needs you to air it. And yes, under this full Moon your first reaction or conclusion is the correct one. Again, don’t second guess yourself. That idea? There’s never been a better mother of creation moon to launch it or put it out there. Ideas simply burn brighter now.


weekly astrology

The mother lode is highlighted by the full Moon in your money zone, Libra. And this may be worth more than money can buy you. That priceless feeling, those intangible assets like talents and skills, love you can bank on and shining self-worth. 

Validation can and will appear. And yes, sometimes this is experienced via financial rewards. We receive a pay increase or land that better job which reaffirms our value to others. Or else, someone demonstrates in other ways how much we mean to them. 

Just understand under this full Moon that you are your own greatest asset. And also see what you add to the lives of those around you. You will be in a generous, giving mood. Both emotionally and with whatever resources you have. But at the same time, you won’t appreciate the Scrooge McDucks if you encounter them. If there is someone bread-crumbing you, be this a love interest, boss or co-worker or even a friend, then they had better be warned, as the buck will stop here with you. 

Money can take on a bigger role in your life in the next two weeks. Is it a drama or is it a flow? Any fears or insecurities around your cash should be met with a practical approach. Don’t let a sum – be it in the black or in the red define your worth, Libra. After all, you’re worth so much more.


Magical you wants to shine bright under this full Moon, phoenix. The good news being you are one of the signs whose energy this Moon vibes with the most.

A little fabulizing and self-focus under this full Moon is expected. Almost mandatory in fact! Yes, your deep sense of loyalty and unshakable brand of loving means that you are so often focussed on others, phoenix. But the full Moon in our 1st is always that gentle wake-up reminder than we deserve equal care and attention. By the time the full Moon appears in our sign, we are exactly half way though our yearly cycle. Which is why astrologers refer to this full Moon as your personal turning point.

A key situation changes or pivots. If not precisely on the night of this Moon, then during the next two weeks. You may even find yourself taking time out to think about a key area or relationship in your life. Especially as the light of this moon shines back into your 7th of partnerships. This is powerful, personal energy. It’s also about letting others in. 

Do you have barriers up when it comes to receiving anything from help to compliments for instance? If someone offers you assistance, do you automatically reach for ‘Thanks, but I got this?’. When really you need the support? Or if you are complimented do you brush it aside or diminish its value? ‘My hair? I probably just washed it!’. Try yes and thank-you to these kinds of scenarios. An important energy shift is taking place within you which precedes the turning point I mentioned earlier. Perhaps down to you seeing yourself as just as important as those you love.


mercury and venus in sagittarius

Of all the full Moons, the one in your 12th house is the one when it is most important to unplug and recharge, Sag. It’s a heavenly time out and a chance to enter the blessed space of renewal and realignment.

Slow down. Foot off the accelerator of life, Sag. You are always hungry for the next experience, discovery or adventure. But even powerhouses need a re-boot on occasion. And this is yours. Spend some time alone if possible. In nature or the outdoors where you know you love to be, is best. But even withdrawing into your sacred space if only for a few hours, will give you the reset you need.

It’s time to spend some time with your secret self. If we fill our lives with busy-ness, we become disconnected with our inner wisdom. Or even our dreams. If you think of it another way – if we don’t like spending time in our own company, then how can we expect others to?

Another reason we may be avoiding that quiet time is that we may not want to look at where we have been sabotaging ourselves. And that’s a big mistake. It’s only when we own our mistakes that we stop repeating them. And gain the freedom and results we really wanted all along. The next two weeks promises the first shoots of a new beginning. Especially around love. So, isn’t taking time out so worth it, Sag? The answers you seek are found in the quiet space you inhabit.



Lost and forgotten dreams. Discarded wishes and goals. What you failed to do or achieve. The ghosts of friendships past. One, some or a collection of these themes can well up under a full Moon in your 11th.

Yes, you can revisit the past. But if you are going back there in terms of what you have missed out on, only go there to recapture that goal you should never have let go of in the first place. And between now and the next new Moon in two weeks’ time, reboot it. Others could be returning to old hang outs or meeting up with friends they have not seen for a while. There’s nothing wrong with a reunion under this full Moon. However, if you discover the resonance is no longer there between you and one particular friend or even group, then this will mark a watershed moment when you decide to seek our new ones.

If your social life has withered, make your goal to reboot it over the next month. The fact is, the older we get, the more effort this may take. But a healthy support network of like-minded souls is essential to our wellbeing –  and as its been proved, our longevity. People need people.

This Moon highlights some realities for you. Perhaps you know on an inner level a goal is no longer right for you. It’s not you could not attain it. But the reason it has not yet manifested is simply deep down you no longer want it! Do confront that goal list with honesty and release any which you are no longer emotionally invested in. Because this is your house of friends, consider a goal buddy for those which form part of who you are. You don’t have to share the same dream. But you can offer each other support, encouragement and motivation. And celebrate your wins together. Harness the power of the future. It’s with your people.



Look to the skies and see this as a metaphor, Aquarius. With powerful Pluto in your sign and this full Moon in Pluto’s ruling sign of Scorpio, the question is: How high can you fly? And also how far have you come and still have to soar?

Your work, career and even your status is highlighted by the full Moon in your 10th. Your ambitions, reward system and recognition. Even if you do not engage in paid work or have a long term career plan, how you are seen by others, your relationship status and reputation are impacted by this Moon. Sometimes we experience this via a shift in our partner’s status. They are promoted at work and obviously, we benefit from this. Our relationship status shifts. We go from single to married. Or from married to divorced. And again, this changes how we are seen by the world at large.

It’s important we don’t compare our story or trajectory to that of others under this full Moon. Seeing ourselves as more or less successful than anyone else is counter-productive either way. And also, we need to steer clear of defining ourselves by a title. Be this CEO, Mr or Mrs. We are more than that.

Know if you have not achieved what you have set out to do – yet, this full Moon reconnects you to the power to make it happen. And your proper path or purpose if you have been wondering exactly what that is. There’s an element of self-protection in operation under this full Moon. You may have to don your soul armour and present one side of yourself to the world at large for instance. All the while keeping your sensitive soul or real feelings hidden. That’s just a temporary role you may need to assume to get the job done. But as a permanent strategy for ‘getting ahead’ – it’s not a healthy one. Do look at what success means to you emotionally under this Moon. Chances are, it’s about more than material trappings and the title on that business card.


Heed the call to adventure and take up the quest, Pisces! Something is tugging you towards a larger experience. Opportunity or a solution beckons or could be on offer between now and the next new Moon. 

Off the couch, Pisces. Ditch the boxset. And the day dreams. This is your opportunity to live something for real. Not vicariously through others. Of course this means prising yourself out of your comfort zone. Nothing new happens there anyway. It’s just re-runs as opposed to the exciting, heart-starting new chapter that this full Moon promises.

Look to where you can step  into something new and untried. Traditionally this is the explorer’s Moon. One to set sail on because the tide now takes you in an exciting, fresh direction. Yes, of course you can simply refuse to board the ship and remain ashore. But ask yourself: Do you really want to? What can you initiate or begin now which is the first step on a much larger journey – either real or metaphorical? However, watch for wanting to just run away or escape. No, the grass isn’t greener elsewhere. It is time to open yourself up to the possibilities that something bigger awaits you ‘out there’. What this full Moon asks you is dare you go there and find out?

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