Your Full Supermoon in Aquarius Moonscope August 1st 2023

full moon in aquarius

Your Full Supermoon in Aquarius Moonscope August 1st 2023

Moonchild! Are you ready for connecting?The first of two August supermoons appears at the very start of the month. Making this a Blue Moon month. Both the full Moons this month are supermoons which is highly unusual. So, our emotional experiences will be super-sized and the sensitives amongst you will be even more so. No, you are not being over-sensitive. Simply more receptive and attuned.

This full Moon is called the Grain or Lynx Moon. It appears at 9o 16’ of Aquarius. Do check your personal chart for anything in orb of that degree in any sign. This Moon is especially good for Air Signs – Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. For all of us this full Moon represents a bookmark. A key stop or place holder between the present and our future. It’s a call out to take a new path, innovate, make a different choice. It’s also about engagement. We may overuse that word nowadays especially in terms of marketing and social media. We talk about the ‘engagement’ a post or feed has. How many likes etc. But this Moon is about engaging with life and those around us. Not because we think we will get likes or validation. But just because we like the idea of it.

Aquarius is the sign of friendships and who we know and interact with. Do expect some special moments with friends or meet-cutes with this supermoon. Also to look at your existing circle and to examine just what the glue is that holds you together? Or have you grown apart or simply been sticking to the same orbit out of habit? Something new is asking us to explore it. Opt for the different choice.

weekly horoscope aries seasonARIES

Just hours after the full Moon appears, ruler Mars in your 6th will trine Jupiter in your 2nd. Mars as you know is always about the beat and the heat. Jupiter is about big benefits. You won’t stand still under this full Moon, Aries. You are gravitating towards the things and people which do you good. Work associations may feature. As could activity friendships. Interviews and meetings conducted on this day are likely to have positive outcomes. You are in a go getting, must-do mindset. And this could set your future hurtling down a new path.

Of all the signs, you will be the one examining why you have the connections you do. And being honest about these. You are in a social, gregarious mood. But also, if a connection has been outgrown or you feel someone is in it for the wrong reasons, you’ll arrive at that decision without drama and just release and let go.

You are more open, more daring and eager for something new under this full Moon. If your entourage usually sticks to the same old places, you’ll suggest exploring a different one. That invite some place you’ve not been before? You’re so there especially if this also means you engage with a different crowd. What you really crave under this full Moon are authentic people and friendships. No front. No filter. Just themselves. So you can be yourself with them. And acceptance is a two-way street. Don’t engage with anything less, Aries.

weekly astrologyTAURUS

Like the sign of Aries next door, you could benefit under this supermoon due to the Mars/Jupiter trine which follows. However, this will require you to leave your head space and engage with people in the real world! It’s no good dreaming, Taurus. This supermoon is all about the doing!

Whatever you do under this supermoon – which can supermax your public image and ambitions btw – do NOT judge a book by its cover. Be open, curious and seeking. Be seen as someone truly interested in others and everyone you meet. Your career, reputation and how others see you is what this Moon shines on. And you have Jupiter working away for you wanting to boost that all important image. You could find yourself interacting with interesting people – even VIP’s or those in positions of influence. It will be your openness which determines what you end up taking out of this.

If you have been cultivating connections for the wrong reasons, you could find yourself suddenly excluded. Doors either open effortlessly or get slammed in your face under this full Moon. Just bear in mind the Moon in this position wants you to experience social or even professional success. Or both. It’s all about the company you keep, Taurus. Be the very best company others want to seek out.


This supermoon shines on big dreams and plans. And your fellow dreamers, Gemini. You won’t be bothered with small minds under it. Bold strokes, big picture thinking, mighty visions and plans. With plenty of adventure thrown in. This is a full Moon under which to chart your course and set sail as it is in your 9th of learning and long distance travel. It marks a key stage on a journey. Real or metaphorical. Especially if you have anything in your chart at the key 9 degrees.

Others love your curiosity, your open-mindedness, willingness to explore and above all, ask questions. The thing is, you are genuinely interested, Gemini. Whether you are engaging with others socially or professionally, you ask all the right questions and the more you ask, the more engaged you become. If you are travelling under this full Moon, you’ll want to experience where you are like a local. This gifts you with something that takes you far beyond the usual tourist traps.

This full Moon dares you to go there. Especially if you have hesitated until now. You’ll also see very clearly if you have in fact, been getting in your own way in the past when it comes to those big plans and dreams. Or listening too much to those with closed minds. Seek out fellow adventurers under this full Moon. The journey you take with them could open your eyes to fresh opportunities.

july horoscopesCANCER

Full moons are always a very big deal for you. Supermoons – just supersize those emotions, Cancer! You are one of the signs who will experience increased sensitivity and vulnerability under this supermoon. It appears in your 8th house and this impacts your money, what you share and intimacy. You may feel exposed in some way and as a result, take even more steps than usual to cover up, retreat or pretend you are not feeling those feels! But this Moon wants you to own and feel them – and be honest about them. To the max!

Link to the ebb and flow of tides in your life. You have a gift for this as of course, the Moon’s gravity is what controls the tides. This automatically makes you tuned in. Now see key areas of your life as subject to the same patterns. Sometimes we get high tides, sometimes the tide is low. When we live in harmony with this, understand its part of the big pattern of life, we instantly stop labelling cycles as ‘good’ or ‘bad’ and simply see them as a natural flow in our lives. This also stops negative emotions from taking control. Fear, guilt, anger, feeling inadequate, being judgemental – especially towards ourselves, or feelings of powerlessness.

It doesn’t matter where you are or what is going on. It’s part of your tidal chart under this full Moon. Don’t judge it. You can’t control the tides. But you can plan around them. Where are you in the ebb and flow of your intimate life? Or with your money? These are two themes likely to emerge – a high tide if you like under this Moon. Is it time for Sexual Healing to quote the classic Marvin Gaye track? Long term relationships ebb and flow too. You can’t force emotions any more than you can force the tide to change direction. You feel what you feel. So does the other party. Just accept this and you’re instantly back in flow. Money? The same thing. Don’t judge where you are with yours. Now, isn’t that all easier than you ever imagined it would be?

monthly horoscope augustLEO

You need someone to love. Or to be somebody somebody loves. Well, you are always the latter whether you are in a relationship or not, Leo. And this supermoon asks if you know this? If there is any yearning in your heart for someone to come fill that missing position, the way to get it filled is to know it already is. You are loveable and loved.

Yes, its a fabulous night for a moondance if you do have that special someone. We do have to talk about retro Venus, sitting in your sign, telling you this is about reflecting on love if you are seeking someone. Not actively seeking. And that includes knowing you are lovable.

Do however find someone to share the love with if you can. It can be your Ride or Die. That activity partner, collaborator, working duo. If you can’t meet up, just messaging or thinking about what you share is sufficient. It activates the love jujus and simply reinforces the truth that love is actually, all around you and has been all along. And will continue to be in powerful and transformative ways over the next few years.

Feel the love – it honestly doesn’t matter what form it takes. This includes self-love of course. But don’t force it. Yes, taking yourself on a date is a wonderful thing to do at any time – especially under this Moon. But only if it feels fun and natural. When you look back, whether you were feeling the love with a romantic partner or not, this full Moon will prove to be a pivotal point in your love journey. That’s worth a dance, Leo.


It’s quality, not quantity. Time taken not wasted under the full Supermoon in your 6th, Virgo. If you are socialising under this Moon, you’ll pick and choose your company carefully. You may prefer small, intimate gatherings in relaxed locations rather than big groups in loud, busy ones. One to one conversations. Time out for self-care and a recharge.

This full Moon presses the pause button in a key area. Perhaps with work if you have been flat out since the last new Moon? Or running on empty for a while fuelled with coffee, energy drinks and take-out? What’s your body saying? And is your mind backing this up? Time spent outdoors exercising or in meditation (and you can do active meditation such as walking), may be the reset you need.

Back to social you and scheduling time for this. And being discerning where you spend it and who with. Do tackle any concerns around loneliness if this has become an issue for you under this full Moon. This is the hidden epidemic in our society. And also it is nothing to be ashamed of. This can happen to anyone at any age, income level, relationship status or even to public figures. Loneliness is a health hazard. As we get older, it may take more effort to make new connections. But they are out there. It may require you to venture out into new areas however. And that’s a healthy choice. Above all, don’t waste your time and energy being with people or going places you don’t want to hang around. Opting out can sometimes be the healthiest choice we can make.

libra mainLIBRA

If you have anything around the 9 degree mark in your chart, Libra – it’s time to shine under this supermoon. Get yourself out of the shadows. Share, circulate and be seen. What makes you special? If you are a typical Libra this is usually a long list. Pick something and work it like a pro. You have moves like Jagger under this supermoon. Time to make them despite the fact your ruler remains retrograde.

Do stick to the retro rules as this supermoon is in your house of lovers and romance and you are seeking that special someone. Of course, if all you want to do is be in the moment with the one you’re with – that’s fine. But do keep in mind this may not go any further or be anything more than what it is. And sometimes that’s all we need.

Reclaim lost loves under this supermoon. Your lost creative projects and powers. Your ability to pursue something you love as opposed to someone. What makes you sparkle and shine. That old circle of friends you used to run with. This is a full Moon of immersion. It asks you take the plunge and give yourself over to pleasure. The pleasure that you have or let go of, Libra. Just like Jagger – you still got those moves!


Untangle those roots under this supermoon in what is for you, the Moon’s ruling house. Which ones sustain and anchor you in place? You are one of the signs who will experienced heightened sensitivity and increased feelings of vulnerability under this full Moon. What happens when these appear? Are you content to simply feel them? Or is your usual reaction to numb them with self-soothing or else simply brush them aside?

You are a sign able to put on the perfect front, Scorpio. That facade can have everyone convinced. Even at times yourself. People may think you are as vulnerable as Fort Knox. When inside you are a quivering, squashy mess like jelly and melted ice cream. This Moon asks for emotional honesty. And bravery because admitting we are vulnerable, wounded or simply more sensitive than we let on takes courage.

Back to that untangling. What binds us and sustains us is all important. But look at whether you are being nourished by your present lifestyle choices. Or simply entangled in something that imprisons you. You may have had to compromise due to lack of options. Or the need to put others first. Or in some cases, not chosen at all as others simply assumed this is what you wanted. This Moon can not only lead to revelations around family, living, where you belong and what you do, but also if you need to uproot yourself, can show you how to begin the disentanglement process. This may require you to listen to your emotional truth and get it working in harmony with what your head is telling you needs to be done. This may also involve telling someone that you know what’s right for you.

mercury and venus in sagittariusSAGITTARIUS

You’ll crave stimulation under this full Moon, Sag. And yes, your seeking soul is looking for adventure. Strangely enough, you may not have to look far to find it as your 3rd house rules your neighbourhood or short journeys. Which is good to know if you’re not in a position to travel far at present.

News, invitations, familiar places and faces. You may not venture far but that doesn’t mean you can’t explore something new. It’s the perfect full Moon under which to try that new restaurant you’ve been hearing so much about. Or join that group, club or association. Just how much can you change up what you see everyday? Probably quite a lot when you think about it, Sag. Shop at a different supermarket. Try a different coffee shop. Buy a different product. Identify that rut.

This is also your house of business, commerce and the internet. Of conversation and communication. You crave the challenge of new ideas and mental stimulation. Avoid at all costs those with fixed ideas and closed minds. Funny thing under this full Moon, even if you’re staying local the world may come seek you out in some way. Watch for that happening. This could be the start of something interesting.


Something you have been stuck on or over, taken on board or even lumbered with demands a release, Capricorn. This full supermoon in your 2nd asks you lighten the load.

Knowing you, you’ve probably done everything you can to solve or resolve this. You don’t shirk when it comes to doing the work, Cappy. But chances are whatever this is, it’s stubborn and refuses to shift. This Moon says you need to just let go. And above all, for once, stop trying. It either sorts itself out. Or falls away. Simply by you ceasing to struggle and then seeing it differently. What may amaze you is that when you do, the world doesn’t come to an end after all.

Butterfly you wants to shed that hard carapace. But you have to allow this to happen. The energy of this Moon is either one of effortless abundance and attraction, due to the fact it appears just hours before a key Jupiter/Mars trine in your 5th/9th houses. Or else you realising you have taken on more than you should have.

The energy of the latter is very much the card of the 10 of Wands in the Tarot. In traditional decks the figure is burdened by the wands he carries to the point he can’t see the bigger picture. The castle in the distance which is now so close. The wands block his vision. But all the figure needs to do is set them down and gain a new perspective. That’s you, Cappy. Look to what simply has to be set aside or dropped now. Or you can ask someone else to take up the slack. You’re closer than you think.


So of course you of all signs need to check your chart for 9 degree factors. Especially if these are at 9o of your sign. Or that opposite number, Leo. Where of course right now, Venus is retrograde. Full Moons reflect their light back into the house in our charts opposite to the one they are in. So this really is about you and another, Aquarius.

Time to tune in and listen. Resist the temptation to steer that conversation in a different direction. This supermoon really does highlight your need for closeness and communication. And shows you the way to get that may simply be to simply do nothing but be present for someone. They may need your unique perspective and gift for reaching for a completely different set of tools. But first, hear them out and see what it is exactly they need.

The backdrop of Venus retro in your 7th at the time of the supermoon in your 1st could bring up something unresolved from your past. This may not even be with your current partner if you have one. It can be an issue from a previous relationship. Taking the time to reflect and even dialogue with yourself about it brings about a reunification of broken hearts. Or allows you to make a fresh start. You reboot your current connection, reconcile with an old one, or are able to move ahead whole and open again.

This applies to the entire gamut of partnership potentials. Not just your spouse, live in love. But double acts and duos of all kinds. Listen in to what that other half – past, present, potential, is saying.

full moon in piscesPISCES

That special someone with whom you have created your own secret, hidden world ,of jokes only you two get, crazy shared dreams and even the ability to finish each other’s sentences – your link could be boosted thanks to the Supermoon in your 12th.

If you have someone like this in your life – and it doesn’t have to be a lover but that weird friend who is your kind of weird and who totally gets you – then there’s no-one better to spend supermoon night with. You are one of the signs benefiting from dynamic duo Jupiter and Mars in alignment across your 3rd/7th the night this Moon appears.

There’s a link which is either being created or boosted under this Moon. It can be with someone from your past, your present or that person with so much potential. Good at keeping secrets? You bet. Has your back? Check. Ride or Die? They’re your wing person. Of course, you’re on the same page. Seeking the You Never Had a Friend Like Me person? Aside from rubbing lamps, I do recommend you look for them around niche groups where people who share similar interests gather. Yes, that sci-fi writers group. Your local UFO spotters club. The group where they crochet the Pre-Raphaelite doilies you also love to make. You know what I’m saying here, Pisces. Your people are out there.

You could reconnect with someone you’ve not seen for years and pick right back up as if you only saw them yesterday. Or that intriguing new person feels like they’ve been around forever. Your freaks are seeking you. Seek ‘em back.

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