Your New Moon in Taurus Moonscope May 19 2023

Your New Moon in Taurus Moonscope May 19 2023

Ah, all the things I could do
If I had a little money
It’s a rich man’s world 

Money, Money, Money – Abba

Due to the fact we saw two new Moons in the sign of Aries, the Taurus new Moon on May 19th is very much ‘last minute’ as it appears at 28 degrees of Taurus. What makes this new Moon so important, especially for the birthday sign, is that it follows Jupiter’s arrival into Taurus. And the dark moon will in fact conjunct newly arrived Jupiter in Taurus on the 17th.

This new Moon along with Jupiter brings us all a new experience of relating to the material world. And the hidden message that living rich is actually a mindset. The paradox of using the sound byte from the Abba song about money is of course, these are four people with lots of it. It’s the same as when Lennon/McCartney penned those lyrics: ‘I don’t care too much for money – money can’t buy me love’. Again, a group of people singing about not needing money but having simply shed loads of it.

So, what’s the message here? Jupiter always wants to expand our experience relative to the sign it is in. Taurus rules our bank account, the share markets, our talents (both groups of people mentioned above all made their money via theirs), and most importantly, Taurus and the 2nd house rules our values and our self-worth. Money can’t buy us love. But it can buy us the freedom to do what we love. Or earn it by doing what we love. To love money for its own sake is to dance with a poverty mindset. We can be rich and feel empty even as we contemplate that walk-in closed filled with designer labels the size of a department store. We can have much less but consider ourselves the new rich in that we live lives filled with priceless people and experiences. 

This new Moon ushers in that fresh kind of thinking no matter our current financial circumstances. And the ability to have or make more of what we have at our disposal. No matter how much or little we believe that is. In fact, lack or limitation is something we all need to steer clear of. Feeling rich is an emotional state. And once we enter it, we find more resources to feel rich about. Discover what you have to invest and bank on.


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Jupiter and the new Moon are of course in your money house. Watch from the 17th just before the new Moon appears, for emerging opportunities to increase your soul or net worth. Especially around ideas you may have. Because this new Moon appears at such a late degree of Taurus, it enters Gemini just hours later. The sign of ideas, communication and commerce. So this two day period could bring in a revelation or highlight something whereby you can make more of the folding stuff. 

If a better paying job is your obvious choice, then do set up your alerts and monitor all the sites including LinkedIn and Creativepool as that ideal position could appear as if the job description had been crafted with you in mind! You might want to ensure that CV is updated and ready to go ahead of time.

Those of you sitting on that project, plan, pitch, side hustle, website or other idea – stop sitting and get moving. Time to launch it or leave it, Aries. The coming month should see abundant flow heading your way. Revel in that rich feeling. And yes, this can be more than what money buys you. Satisfaction now stuff could be your take out as you receive validation, gifts, positive strokes or simply find having more time on your hands turns out to be what has you feeling you’ve rejoined the rich list. Welcome to abundance, Aries.


If there’s one new Moon which promises you the ability to create something new for yourself, it is the new Moon in your sign, Taurus. And you have not experienced one with such limitless capacity to hand you the tools to manifest your dream life as this one does. Not for 12 years anyway.

From the moment Jupiter arrives in your sign (16th), you will feel the energy shift. You’re lighter, more optimistic and more fiercely daring than you’ve felt in a very long time. Watch for new beginnings as early as the 17th when the dark Moon enters your sign and entangles with Jupiter. The call is: Begin It NOW, Taurus.

Harness your inner power, your desire and your creative soul expression! Above all, love yourself. As you are right now. Not at some future date when you have lost 12lbs or found that perfect someone. The you today is the one that matters. Be your own best friend. Look to your inner dialogue. Do you talk to yourself in a way you would never dream of saying to others? That’s what is holding you back if so. It’s a hard habit to ditch but we can check ourselves if we find we’ve allowed our inner critic too much bandwidth. ‘That’s no longer how I see myself’ is the affirmation which silences it. 

Be braver and act bolder – or give yourself permission to do this, in the coming month. Do not use the past as your template for what the future looks like. The future is ever-changing and constantly shifts with how you see yourself. You have changed, Taurus. Take a moment to appreciate who you have become or are in the process of becoming. Then allow your imagination to take a leap into the future that person can now manifest. You are in the process of becoming. So much more.


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Feeling you’ve not done or achieved much? How much longer can you deny your bravery and magnificent past, Gemini? Are you making unfavourable comparisons to others? Stuck in What ifs . .  or Might Have Beens? We all have regrets. Sadly this is part of our human learning experience. If we didn’t have them, it would mean we really were failures as we had learned nothing. Which aside from not trying, are really the only two kinds of failure that there are. 

Jupiter in our 12th along with the new Moon offers the perfect time travel opportunity. Yes, you can review your past but do remember, this is a process via which you reboot it. Look to your wins, not your misses. But take with you the learnings from both. Once you see events in terms of knowledge gathering, you ditch any sting of assigning labels to them like ‘fail’. 

What do you wish you had done differently? Apply this wisdom to the choices you make in the coming month. This new Moon offers healing and release from a cycle that has had us trapped. Possibly a circle of confusion of our own creation. We may not have seen it this way until now. But once we do – we are free from it. Your past created your present. Your choices in the next month between now and the new Moon in your sign, have the ability to set your destiny on a new journey. All you have to do is choose again based on all you have learned.


Wishes, dreams and goals are charged and activated with the new Moon in your 11th. If you have dipped into both your Lucky Jupiter in Taurus Forecast for your sign, as well as your Jupiter Juice Astro Tarot, then you know its make a wish time! And not just one. Time to make three and to choose the ones of which big dreams are made of!

No small goals has to be your mantra for manifestation now. Your social life is also supercharged. Thanks to the influence of both this new Moon and Jupiter, expect new connections to enter your life and old ones to be re-injected with fresh resonance and vitality! You won’t be in the mood to stay shut in either. You will be the issuer of messages, invites, calls and texts suggesting gatherings and get togethers. 

Powerful inroads towards at least one goal can and will be made in the coming weeks. How can you engage with this energy? A vision board is one way. A vision journal – basically the same as a vision board except you use a book, another. It’s about what works for you. How about a constant way to nudge your subconscious and draw what resources you need to you to make it all real? Uploading an image of what you want onto your phone and using it as a screenshot means you trigger the power of creation every time you look at your device. Now you’re the manifesor magician of your best possible future. It’s waiting for you to intersect with it now.


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Rewards and recognition are our take outs for successfully working or right action when it comes to how we relate to the material world. And usually there are no short cuts with this process. Jupiter in your 10th of career and status epitomises the saying: It took me 12 years to become an overnight sensation. 12 years being the time it takes Jupiter to complete its transit of all 12 signs of the zodiac and the place it occupied in our charts 12 years previously.

Jupiter wants you to author your own success story and also to receive what’s due to you. We can busta move and demolish a glass ceiling under Jupiter in our 10th. Or leap frog over the competition and end up several rugs up that success ladder than the one we began this cycle on. 

Jupiter and now this new Moon opens doors that lead you upwards. Towards that promotion, front of house position, better paid job, accolades and recognition. Or even in some instances, graces you with the gift of increased social mobility. You find yourself mixing with movers and shakers. VIP’s. That new lover is successful, worldly and oh-so-serious in their intentions. 

Watch for that open door or chance to make your move in the coming month. It will appear, Leo. If you’re the proverbial square peg in the round hole, you will no longer be confined by a role that doesn’t fit. And no more ‘We’re not worthy!’. You’re moving up where you belong now.


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What you’re seeking are experiences not ‘stuff’ under this new Moon. And money or more of it, is merely the means by which you access them. Freedom is what you want to buy and paradoxically, often under this new Moon we may look at what we can do without in material terms, in order to have more of what really matters.

Yes, some people with the new Moon in their 9th and for you, Taurus, can and do decide to work less, earn less but do more with the time this hands them. One of the things money can’t buy you. But the energy of the 9th is also about expansion and with Jupiter now in here, yes, that includes bigging up that bank account. So, increased earnings are often part of the 9th winning streak.

Travel, studies, anything to do with the great outdoors, sporting activities, adventure, the mass media and big moves and dreams. With Jupiter which rules all of that now in here, what’s that yearning you need money for to experience, Virgo? Because chances are, between this new Moon and the full one, you will take a major step towards it. And if money has been holding up you going there, do whatever is in your power to turn up the flow. Chances are you’ll see that drip turn to a more regular stream. You’re on the move, Virgo.


Jupiter now in your 8th along with this new Moon, lifts the lid of your feelings around how capable you feel taking the reins of your financial destiny. Or even that of a relationships. This is the house where self-empowerment dwells. Your 8th house of Taurus, is the other Venus-ruled sign of the zodiac. So, in many respects you vibe off the energy of it. Even though Venus expresses itself differently in here.  

Thoughts around limitation and lack, not deserving/having enough, not being able to change the status quo or feeling ‘out of control’ when it comes to your income or assets, are only appearing now because they get in the way of the abundance Jupiter has planned for you. This is your house of rebirth and this new Moon is pushing you towards one. That renewal extends to self-empowerment to change the things you may have thought impossible to tackle, a fresh attitude towards your income and shared resources, and yes, freshly baked mojo in the bedroom, Libra! 

What do you most wish for? More money or better sex? Or both? Jupiter says it can make it happen. And also why stop at just one? Why not have both? Combined with the new Moon this leads you to looking seriously at your needs both materially and sensually. Tackle the most pressing area with all the internal resources you can muster. If you need to go get financial advice – do. Above all, there’s no shame in discussion. Although funny how many people find it more difficult to talk about money than sex. But now is the time to ask: How much do I need vs. How much am I getting? You have the power, that’s the bottom line, Libra.


Love doesn’t have to be perfect. Just perfect for you, Scorpio! If that special love experience which shows you just what love can be and what it can do for you is your goal, Jupiter’s once in a 12 year partnership potential is kick-started by this new Moon.

The two of us themes are highlighted and blessed by this new Moon. Double acts, duets, duels, and dynamic and dramatic duos. All in the house of love in your chart. A past, present or potential partnership will emerge into focus. If you are seeking to Be Two, whether this is to enter a new working dynamic as well as to attract a mate, then this new Moon asks you now put your whole heart into the process. But also once you have done what you can, to let go and relax. There’s no need to chase. No need for a ‘there’s no-one out there’ mindset. Let the heavens do the rest. 

It’s time to let go of the past if you can’t let go of the hope that ex is going to return. Swipe right and if asked, go on that date. Get back in the game. It’s only a date. Not a commitment. If you believe love has passed you by – it hasn’t but if we are in a love Sahara we can start to think it, then reactivate the energy by telling a friend or someone else, how much they mean to you. Love is like money – it circulates like currency.

Settleds should experience a new sense of appreciation for what they have under this lunar/Jupiter cycle. If you have read your Lucky Jupiter in Taurus Forecast for your sign as well as your Jupiter Juice Astro Tarot, you’ll remember me telling you that Jupiter’s magic doesn’t extend to fixing something broken beyond repair. This new Moon will highlight in a way that’s impossible to ignore, whether or not your relationship has fallen into that category. What both will hand you is the ability to see through this emotional truth. No matter what, this new Moon marks the start of a new era in love for you. It takes two, Scorpio so there’s no going it alone!



Expand your role, lifestyle and boost those habits, Sag. You’re entering extreme wellbeing territory now ruler Jupiter is in your 6th and energised by the healing power of the new Moon in here.

You may discover resources at your fingertips you were unaware you had. You see what you do or how you do it with a fresh sense of appreciation. If you are seeking to change jobs, then the arrival of this new Moon sees you pouring that big, optimistic vision of yours into your CV and application.  

This new Moon is all about being an active participant in your life. In the here and now. It’s not about numbing, self-soothing or tuning out. It tells you: Just do the work. And if you do, you’ll experience benefits in every single area of your life. Not just the one you are focussed on. Jupiter in your 6th brings more daily double shot and less grind. Clean up your act by tackling those mind/body/spirit wellness tasks. Gravitate and go with what energises and elevates. Ditch what doesn’t or drains. Be it that dead-end job, those carbs which lead to an energy crash, that clutter of stuff or negative thoughts, that doctor’s or therapist’s appointment you keep putting off. Hanging out with trauma dumpers, energy vampires or any relationship that leaves you running on empty.

A new way of working, a fresh routine and an even fresher attitude awaits you if you simply do what you know deep down needs to be done. Living large and lighter – those are the rewards which await you.



Turn up the boldness, Capricorn. This new Moon along with Jupiter is saying: Go big or go home! First check your emotional state. Just how are you feeling now? Gorgeous, glowing from the fire that’s been recently lit within thanks to Jupiter’s arrival in your 5th? Or still waiting for confidence and optimism to drop by and infuse you with their positivity? 

This is one of your major houses of attraction. And what you attract will be a reflection of how you feel within. What am I saying here? Just that before you launch yourself skyward, you should take a countdown period to ensure you are firing on full passion. If you aren’t, stop and take a look at why not. After all, Pluto is now out of your sign and you are newly re-born and freshly minted. Usually if we are missing our spark of joy, it is because external factors have caused us to believe its been snuffed out. Not so, Cappy. But don’t look within. Look to what or who has contributed to this. And also, if it is a who, why you have given them your passion and power?

Now, rebooted – blaze like a firework. Let others see your colours burst. Stop worrying about what others will think. Critics just do that because its all they can do. Your role however is to do what they will never dare. Doesn’t that feel great? It’s time for new beginnings for you in love, attraction, success, creative ventures, babies, children and what you love to do. Simply be seen doing you in the best way you can. What you want just comes to you effortlessly if you do.


This new Moon is in the Moon’s ruling house in your chart (4th). And for the next month you can expect to be looking at what home and family mean to you personally. And how you define that and live it.

The family or lifestyle we create for ourselves may be radically different to the one we were born into or raised in. Of course, you may be one of those lucky souls whose roots, upbringing and family are exactly where you belong to and with. That’s winning the karmic lottery. If so, under this new Moon you will have an enhanced love and appreciation for them.

Others may look to what and who gives them that sense of belonging and safety. And define what changes need to be made to create this. Jupiter will be offering you a chance to move on up, find your own place no matter where it is in the world, and your soul family no matter who they are. Others may expand an existing home, make improvements, work from home, expand their family or receive help and support from their extended family when it comes to property matters.

Ruby slippers or cowboy boots are optional. What this new Moon wants for you is for you to find your place and your path to it. Sometimes we simply have to go seek out the right place, path or lifestyle for us. Or it can be found right where we are. You’ll know either way. No matter which it is for you, there’s no place like it.



Talking is only half of communicating, Pisces. This new Moon in your 3rd whispers: Open your ears. While ancient ruler Jupiter says: Open your mind.

I’ve talked a lot in your Lucky Jupiter in Taurus Forecast for your sign as well as your Jupiter Juice Astro Tarot, about how far a conversation or idea can take you under this cycle. The new Moon on the 19th marks the launch, agreement or start of a process or thread which sets you or that idea on the path towards something bigger.

But again, unless we are talking to ourselves (one way to get intelligent conversation, I know!), we need to stop and listen to what the other party is saying. Do you feel misunderstood? Do you feel unable to get those ideas across? Is there another way of saying what you want to say that ensures your message is received and taken on board? Perhaps its simply a question of how you are saying it.

Or are you just speaking to the wrong person? Because you do have to understand that some people’s ears, minds or even hearts will remain shut no matter how you re-phrase it. If so, you need to acknowledge its not the message or the messenger, it’s the audience you need to change. Dating? You’ll seek that mental turn-on because otherwise the conversation ends before anything else can happen. Be direct and go straight to the point in any conversation. Always opt for the truth, a direct question and you’ll get the same in return. No subject should be off-limits and if someone refuses to engage in the dialogue, that reaction should speak to you louder than any words can. Business expands, new ideas appear, ideas take flight. So can you, Pisces. Listen and learn.

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