Your Super Blue Moon in Pisces Moonscope August 30 2023

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Your Super Blue Moon in Pisces Moonscope August 30 2023

Once in a Blue Moon – and not just any Blue Moon either as this one is a supermoon! So, a Super Blue Moon. We won’t see another Blue Moon until May 2026 which will appear in Sagittarius. So yes, this is a special and rare celestial event. It represents the second of two emotional highpoints for us in a given month. A high tide for us as the Moon is in Pisces – sign of the fish and the Moon is the ruler of the tides. 

A Blue Moon is the term given to the second of two full Moons in a calendar month. Which is highly unusual in itself. What is even more unusual is that both of August’s full Moons have been supermoons. So, a massive impact on our emotional bodies and us all having those peak experiences. Emotional intelligence, truth and strength is what we need to reach for under any full Moon. We need to be responsive but not reactive if we possibly can. And above all, own and experience our feelings no matter how intense these may be rather than deny, dull them or simply run away from them.

Did I mention all this takes emotional courage? We can become defensive – even against our own feelings. Let alone what we experience with others. So being aware of this, being willing to simply say ‘I am entitled to feel this way, but not overwhelmed by it’ means we are no longer at the mercy of our emotional tides. We are anchored and strong. Or a wave rider if you prefer to think of it that way.

This Super Blue Moon has beautiful names. The Wine or Song Moon. It appears at 7o 25’ of Pisces. And the day before it is full (30th) it conjuncts Saturn also in Pisces. Handing us that safe anchorage if we need it. Or that core strength to ride that emotional break! Do check your chart for anything between 7-8 degrees of any house/sign. This will tell you where your emotional truth, creativity and healing are to be found.


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The Super Blue Moon in your 12th turns on a truth-exposing, healing light for you. Intuition leads you towards inspiration and what you need to know now. Stay quiet, still and centered, Aries. Let go of any desire to control anything except your own responses. The more unfazed you become, the  higher you’ll rise above things under this Moon. And when we go higher, that’s when our perspective broadens and we see the bigger picture. 

Enlightenment in a key area is what this Super Blue Moon promises. This is a Moon which shows you why you feel the way you do. And that there is a good reason for this. It’s a literal cure for ‘the blues’ if that is what you have as it exposes the roots of those feelings. And once we understand the reasons behind why we feel our feels, we then feel differently. And a little bit of soul magic occurs. 

Dreams, creativity, communing with spirit, our psychic skills, being close to water, meditation, journaling – all these are tools to work with the energy of the Super Blue Moon. There’s also a predictive element of this Blue Moon as it heightens our ability to look beyond the present. And we suddenly see the future is based on our emotional energy in the present. We can create new possibilities simply by shifting our emotional state. So, if your shown one possible outcome, try imagining how you can change this by choosing another emotional state. And do write this process down. By feeling differently you’ll quickly see how playing with the emotional frequency of quantum mechanics delivers you a whole new set of possibilities.


Gather your co-creators under the light of the Blue Moon, Taurus.  And understand when we stop interacting with others – life stands still. Who we know co-creates our lives as we perform the same function for them.

This is one of the most powerful Moons of the year for manifestation magic. It supercharges with electric blue energy your goal setting and visualisation abilities. What we want to achieve and how we do this is always linked to who we know and meet. Under this full Moon that circle or network is all important. 

Understand there are no coincidences when it comes to who you hear from, meet or connect with under this full Moon. They have a role to play in your future. You have one in theirs. This Moon is a doorway between what is now and what is to come. Just remember this door swings both ways. And if you and someone else no longer share the same vision, the door will shut.

This full Moon can bring about intense feelings of belonging, inclusion, support and acceptance. Or it can trigger deep wounds around being excluded, an outlier or loneliness. That’s the great thing about a goal – which your 11th house where this Blue Moon sits, rules. In order to get to goals we need other people. Goals are the cure for going it alone or feeling isolated. Find yours and then follow it. Because your people share a similar dream. And are waiting for you to make theirs happen just as they act as kick-starters for yours.



Dive into big, blue mutable energy. Do check your chart for Gemini factors at 7-8 degrees. This is about the emotional element of success. Yes, it can also bring you the recognition and rewards part as well. But what this Moon tells us is that we know when we’ve accomplished what we set out to do. It doesn’t have to be billionaire dot com world changing. Success is setting a benchmark for ourselves – and then reaching it. That’s what boss looks like.

Channel your ultimate badass now. There may be a shift you have to deal with due to this being a mutable Moon. Something unexpected, last minute, one more hurdle to jump over that you didn’t expect. Others may run round and lose their cool. Stay unfazed. You so got this and you’ll impress by your ability to roll with it.

This Moon is in your house of public image. How others regard us. Our reputation is based on our ability to deliver, to create trust, to turn up when needed. Your ability to generate ideas, to see things from every possible angle, to search, to communicate, to be flexible when required but stand by what you say when you know that’s right – that is what determines your outcome under this Moon. Opportunity may present itself or even for some, the chance to show they are the Right Stuff and join the elite, upper echelons of movers and shakers. No more room for self-doubt. Walk your success talk, Gemini. 


That inner call or pull towards something bigger, soul-starting, uplifting. This Moon illuminates the pathway towards unfulfilled dreams. And how to reach them.

Big picture thinking features. The missing element. Into the blue you go to look for it. You crave expansion and something which will stretch your soul. This is traveller’s or explorer’s moon. It represents a key stage on a larger journey of learning and the soul. Perhaps this is a literal one for some of you as this Moon in linked to overseas and long distance travel. It tells you there’s so much more to discover. And sends you ‘out there’ to look for it. 

What can you do or reach for right now that is bigger? That represents a shift out of that comfort zone and away from the familiar? Did you know that this Blue Moon is linked to taking a chance? Nothing risky or too adrenalin filled, Cancer. But rather just being willing to find out what would happen if you dare to do? 

Sports, activity, the law, higher education, religion, the outdoors, animals, transport or the mass media are areas which call and also where opportunity can be found. This Blue moon could also offer an ‘out of the blue’ solution or break for some. You didn’t see it coming. In the best possible way.

There’s a door knock element to this supermoon. In that even if you are staying home and going nowhere right now, something or someone turns up and reminds you there’s a whole wide world of experiences out there. If so, this is your invitation to explore. Go there.



Radiant Leo, as the sign hard-wired to do the right royal regal thing, you shouldn’t find doing that under this Blue moon a stretch. This supermoon stirs up those superpowers of caring, protection and intuition. You’ll see right through anyone’s defences or ‘front’ as if you’ve been handed Superman’s x-ray vision. Nobody’s fooling you. And if what you find behind the facade is pain and vulnerability – you’re all in when it comes to offering your boundless understanding and support.

This is all linked to How You Glow. And the pure, alchemical energy of your 8th house where this full Moon appears, is a very different kind of radiance to that of your 5th. What’s shining forth now is that sexy self-assurance and magnetic empowerment that others find hard to resist. And yes, your generosity extends to indulgences in the bedroom and sharing yourself and what you have with those you care about. You also drop any pretences of your own. Baring your soul, your wants, desires and needs with someone close. That only makes them love you more. Try a little vulnerability combined with those superpowers. The results are supercharged!



The best of your love is true blue and on show under the supermoon in your 7th. That includes that missing person if your life currently has a vacancy for someone special. And this just in: It doesn’t have to be that mate. It can be that Ride or Die, that business partner or that fellow dreamer. To quote the lyrics from the song ‘Blue Moon, you saw me standing alone. Without a dream in my heart, without a love of my own’. This Moon is all about the dream. Either with a current partner or truly understanding the fusion of dream and reality you need.

When the full Moon is in our opposite sign, the light shines back at us. So, someone holds up the mirror of truth around relating or your current status. Or the Moon shows you that empty place in your life which needs filling. Please don’t whatever you do go looking for love in all the wrong places on this night of all nights. Instead focus on self-love and acceptance. If you don’t have a romantic partner, get together with a friend. Settleds could sail into the blue together. Admitting you need someone is actually healthy under this supermoon. No, you are not being needy. What you crave is love in the form of connection, Virgo. Settled or seeking, the more generously you gift yourself to the love process, no matter what form it takes, the more there is to make your world go around.  



You hate disharmony, Libra. Your energy is the ultimate balancing act. You strive for alignment, equality, harmony. And know how to create this. After all – it’s second nature to you. You’re bringing these talents to bear on your work/life balance under this blue supermoon. And weeding out any blues inducing dissatisfaction around these areas.

Job dragging you down? That routine a rut? Or are you simply drifting along each day, busy, busy, busy but feeling you actually don’t achieve anything much? All these are symptoms of disharmony and this supermoon shows you how to address them. This is your house of wellbeing and you need to tune in to the innate wisdom of your emotional body and its reactions. Trust its messages implicitly. It will show you where those imbalances lie. Perhaps in your reaction to what you eat, how lethargic you feel, how drained doing something or even hanging out with someone leaves you.

Your body is telling you what is good for you. And simply what isn’t. If you feel excited, energised and elevated, stick with that. Anything else – opt for the truth around everyday self-care and steer yourself in a new direction.


Blue moon supersized passion doesn’t mean you are going to throw caution to the winds and fall head over heels for just anyone, Scorpio. Yes, this Moon is in your house of romance and attraction. Tempted you may be, but you’ll have this desire to take things slowly (just as well as Venus is retrograde). You want to know what makes someone tick. And to ensure that the inner person reflects the outer package before risking your heart.

Your 100 Psychic Senses are activated and attuned. You are telepathic and one step ahead when it comes to what others say or do as a result. Especially when it comes to children and those younger than you. Luck is the blue angel whispering on your shoulder. Encouraging you to take a chance. What’s stopping you, phoenix? Loving, creative and giving – this full Moon simply emphasises all that you have within you. It simply make it easier than usual to express this. Some of you could find yourselves in the spotlight or the nexus of attention under this fine wine Moon. If so, don’t shy away from this. Or from the compliments either. 


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Sweet home blue Moon. Yes, the Moon is in its ruling 4th. Supersizing your sensitivity and awareness not just of others’ needs, but your own, Sag. Despite being the wanderer/seeker of the zodiac, you still need somewhere to hang your Indiana Jones fedora. This is a moon of soul commitments. And finding that place and space to make them.

You will be super-sensitized and extra specially vulnerable. Things that you would normally shrug off may hurt you to the quick. Do be honest if this occurs. Chances are if you look closely, this is a trigger for a deeper wound that the Moon is bringing to the surface. You are prepared to give you all to others when it comes to helping them move through their own pain. However, you have not undergone a total personality transplant. So, anyone who gets over-needy, insecure or simply seems to enjoy being stuck with their emotional baggage, can only expect so much before you run out of patience.

This is one of the best full Moons of the year for you to clean up your act for the future, to heal or make changes around home or lifestyle. What you can fix, fix. And what you can’t – stop worrying about it. John Lennon wrote the best song for this blue Moon: Let it be.


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Emotional truth and curiosity, the desire to know what truly makes others ‘tick’ – you want to know it all under this blue supermoon in your 3rd, Cappy. You want the truth – unfiltered when it comes to what someone is feeling. Even if it might not be what you want to hear. You know you need to take it on board. Similarly, your desire to share is engaged. And yes, you are your own best advocate now. If you have sold yourself short in the past – be it for that job, what you contribute or even your glowing attributes as a prospective mate – there’s no holding back. 

You unedited is actually a gift. Not only do others know where they stand with you, but your willingness to offer the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth about you, sees you both enter new territory when it comes to communication and understanding. You’ll cut to the chase when it comes to what you seek or need. And ask those questions with an open mind and even more open heart. However – snarky, backhanded comments, priggishness, bores and good old fashioned liars also get the truth treatment now. It’s revealed exactly what someone says or thinks. That’s what you need to know too. No more wasting that precious free time or your capacity to listen. Save that for those whose ears, minds are hearts are as open as yours.


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It’s honestly a tie between you and next door sign of Capricorn for just who is the best listener under the super blue Moon. Yes, for Capricorn the Moon falls in their house of communication. A key element of which is the ability to listen. But you allow anyone to dish the tea without becoming unfazed. No matter how emotional the other party may become. Or how long it takes them to dish it. You are therefore someone’s most valuable resource under this blue moonlight.

You are also ready with practical advice if needed. Although you won’t force this on anyone. The key under this Moon is a certain amount of emotional distance. Yes, you feel empathy. But don’t allow yourself to be sucked in. Also, avoid feeling hurt if your advice is not taken on board. That’s what soul freedom looks like.

There’s a link between this supermoon and the card of the 4 of Pentacles in the Tarot. So your money, cash, income, possessions. How to make it and also how to hang on to it. That figure in the card is hanging on so tight they have stopped the flow. Also they are so focussed on not letting go, they are blind to the abundant possibilities which surround them. As shown by the buildings in the background. It’s about giving, receiving and releasing. Are you protecting what you have – including your emotions as well as anything material? If so, maybe your best investment is to find that person who will listen to you – without judgement.


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Sassy, forthright, determined – that’s super blue Moon you, Pisces. You want to be loved now or at the very least, know you are liked. You won’t be dealing in ambivalent connections. Your heart is on your sleeve. You won’t like it if others keep theirs hidden. 

You have a hot and sweet quality about you. That’s pretty irresistible. But do monitor yourself for impulsive decisions especially around love or even spending. Keep in mind Venus is retrograde right now and it rules both these things. The blue hue of the full Moon in your sign can cast something in an irresistible light. But this may only be temporary. In other words, you wake up later and wonder what on earth you have done. At least that item you checked out in your cart can be returned. 

In your need to be needed, don’t waste your, loving sweetness on those who truly don’t appreciate the gift they have. Red flags include the person who interrupts you or won’t allow you to finish, the one who gossips behind your back or the lover who claims to care but always wants things their own way. Blue flame love burns in your heart. Make certain theirs burns for you.

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