Girl’s Guide to What Rocks: Tiger’s Eye

This gorgeous stone takes its name from its lustrous stripes in hues of gold and the richest browns.  Staring into one of these stones, you can find yourself as mesmerised as if you really were looking deep into the eyes of the most glamorous of the big cats.

Tiger’s Eye qualities

Some say that this gemstone carries more than just a resemblance to the tiger’s eye.  The crystal is also believed to carry and pass on many other qualities of the tiger – its powerful, quiet confidence, patience when pursuing success, protective nature and keen eyesight.  Its earthy colours also suggest that the stone is good for grounding.

How to use Tigers Eye

Meditation and grounding

Tiger’s Eye stones are often used in prayer beads.  Hold one in the palm of your hands or press it to your third eye as you close down any meditation to ground you completely.


I have always found this to be the ultimate protection stone. Tigers Eyes tumbled into glass vases or tucked away near doorframes are said to offer protection to the home and everyone in it. Or carry one with you wherever you go.  It is such a beautiful stone that you’ll often find it in necklaces or bracelets, making this easy. I put it around window sills with some garlic to protect my home (I used tigers eye quite a lot when filming channel 5’s ‘House Busters’) and also under the pillow for psychic protection during sleep. These are all things my mother taught me.

Business magic

Tuck one away about your when need to impress, or have several small stones scattered around your desk or office to help you embody the qualities of the tiger that make it such a supreme creature.

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