Crystal magic – Labradorite

This stunning crystal, its shimmering tones of blue, silver, gray and green as iridescent as a butterfly’s wing, is known both as the crystal of spiritual awakening and also as the Shaman’s stone.

Shamanic alchemy

Labradorite is believed to have magical abilities.  In the tradition of Shamanism, this means that it can bring the shadow into the light in a process of alchemical transformation, so this is the crystal  for you if you’re working on any issues or patterns you are committed to resolving! It’s definitely not a crystal to be feared, however, as it can also reveal hidden strengths and talents

Sun and moon

The crystal is also said to combine both sun and moon energies, making it a power stone, and it can be used for clarity, grounding and sharpening intuition.  Its beauty means that this is another crystal  you’ll often find used in jewellery and large chunks make stunning home decoration pieces.  I recently bought one for a friend who has started Shamanic studies and she has placed it where she can see it as she falls asleep at night.

Charging the stone

You can effectively charge the crystal up by holding it under running water in the left hand to cleanse it and then leave it out where it can absorb the sun’s rays and the moon’s glow over a 24 hour period. Try and pick a night when there is a full moon if you can. That way, you will magnify its magnificent properties.

Uses – It’s thought to be one of the key stones of the ancient mythical civilisation of Atlantis and can reconnect you to past lives and other dimensions. If you’re looking for a new idea or fresh perspective grab this baby and prepare to be surprised. If you have painful wounds in your past, especially connected to any abuse, this stone can help you heal and be a great support to you. Put this magical stone under your pillow for astral dreaming and traveling to other worlds as well as profound psychic insights.


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