Colour Reading – The Rainbow Oracle Cards

Colour Reading with The Rainbow Oracle Cards.

Colour readings are a great tool to help provide insight and guidance into what is happening in your life. Each colour has it own specific meaning and energy, and you can draw on this to gain wisdom for your week ahead.

I developed the Rainbow Oracle cards with Lucy, a psychic artist who has worked extensively with colour in readings. As well as giving psychic guidance each card has its own specific healing affirmation that you can work with. Affirmations are a very simple thing to do and are a very powerful tool when you use them daily and focus your attention on them.

Focus on the 4 cards below, allow your intuition to draw you towards the card that most resonates with you. Now check below for the meaning of your card and the affirmation that comes with it. This week take some time to work with this affirmation. Set aside a few minutes each day to focus on your affirmation. Say your affirmation out loud or in your mind to yourself 3 times and feel the energy that this creates. By doing this each day for a week, you will continue to build this energy and manifest the power of the affirmation.


This card enters your life when you need to let go of things that are no longer serving you. You seem to be burdened with unwanted emotions and situations that are bringing you down. You are holding onto things that you no longer need to keep. These things are weighing you down, and it is time to let them go.

Meditate on this colour to help you to work on letting go. Use this healing tone of blue to release unwanted emotions, resentments and situations that you no longer need in your life. Now is the time to let go. Trust that you are fully supported by the universe and spirit to take this step.

AFFIRMATION: I let go of everything that no longer serves me.


It is time to connect with your gut feelings and ask yourself how you feel about certain things. During this time, you have a strong awareness of your inner feelings and silence and solitude is needed to hear what they want to say. Your inner wisdom is very strong and should be trusted now. There is infinite knowledge inside of you ready to be tapped into.

Use this bright orange to connect to your sacral chakra. Sense into your deep inner feelings and take some time to listen to what your feelings have to say. You have all the answers within you right now. All you need to do is look inside yourself.

AFFIRMATION: I trust and listen to my gut feelings.

3. SPIRITUAL SENSITIVITY – violet purple

You are a very spiritual person, and you are very open to energies around you. When you pull this card, you are very aware of things energetically and can sense into deeper things at work. You may know how someone is feeling or be aware of the energy of places. Such sensitivity leaves you very open to picking up all the energy around you. Be sure to protect yourself, so you do not absorb any negative energy.

Use this violet purple to connect to your spirituality and divine connection to the universe and everything in it. This is a beautiful spiritual colour and can be used to restore your spiritual energy when you feel a little depleted.

AFFIRMATION: I am connected to the universe on a deep spiritual level.


This card comes into our lives to remind us of the infinite potentials that life has to offer. The colour black reminds us of the healing power of being in the dark. From the darkest night comes the new dawn. The message of this card is to show you that you have the potential to become anything that you want. The darkness shows the end of a chapter, the end of a cycle and situation. But now comes the rebirth and the new beginning and hope for a better tomorrow.

Meditate on the colour black and use it to create a holding space, like a cocoon or the inside of the womb. Let the darkness nurture you and prepare you for the coming of the new light. Good things are coming.

AFFIRMATION: I embrace a time of new beginnings.

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  1. Thanks for the colour reading, Ive done an exercise with colour and feelings before. I painted the colour for anxiety, it was orange/red and then the colour for calm, it was blue.
    I need to get them back out….This was spot on.

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