Crystal Oracle – Problem solving

Crystals have been used in magic from the beginning of time. They have been sacred to all people from the Babylonians to the Egyptians and even in the very first civilisations. They are a potent messenger and help us focus and resolve issues and increase our psychic intuition. Take a few deep breaths and focus on the picture of the 5 crystals. Which one leaps out at you? Do you feel drawn to a particular crystal? When you’re sure, scroll down and see what message your crystal has for you.crystal oracle carnelian

Crystal 1 – Carnelian

You have fire in your belly and passion in your heart! It’s time to wake up to your creative potential. Something is seething inside you, a dream, a desire or an inspiration. Are you following through with your passion? How is your sexuality? Have you been hiding your lust? You are entitled to express your fire. If you’ve blocked your inner muse Carnelian is telling you it’s time to wake up! Carnelian is relighting your fire. Writing, dancing, loving, playing and creating will help in drawing your dreams.


Clear quartz psychic wand

Crystal 2 – Clear Quartz

You’ve chosen your very own magic wand. Clear quartz magnifies things and urges you to believe that you have the power to manifest your desires. You might be feeling overwhelmed at the moment. Are you over reacting to a situation? Does the tiniest bit of extra pressure have you roaring like a wildebeest? Clear Quartz is advising you to channel all this energy into visualising your positive future and taking practical steps to achieve it. You have more power than you know. What you focus on you intensify and create! Pay attention to where you are putting your energy and shift your vision to positive and life enhancing experiences.


rose quartz love stone

Crystal 3 – Rose Quartz

You need some serious gentle loving. Your tender heart may have been bashed around a bit but love is your strength. You have a super power and that super power is your ability to have a deep empathy for all those you meet. It’s time to turn that empathy and compassion into yourself. Love is on the menu and that love needs to start with you. Oh and hey, have you been taking a proper look at how other people express their love for you? You are more loved than you know. A new love interest may pop up and teach you a thing or two about romance. Remember, how we feel about ourselves, impacts those we attract.

amethyst psychic intuition

Crystal 4 – Amethyst

Your third eye is waking up. What does that mean? You are incredibly intuitive at the moment. Is there a gut feeling that you’re ignoring? If there is a particular problem on your mind turn your psychic side up and sense the truth. Sometimes logic and over analysing can block our truth. You already know what’s going on and also how to resolve it. All you need to do is take time to listen to your body, your dreams and your instincts. The Romans called this stone the sobriety stone. If you feel that you have an imbalance or are doing naughty things to the extreme, Amethyst whispers that you now have the power to face it and deal with it.

fluorite channeling stone

Crystal 5 – Fluorite

This is my all time favourite crystal! Your inner sorceress is awakening, what would you like to conjure? This incredible stone has the ability to show you your future. Take a moment to close your eyes and visualise yourself in the future. What are you doing? Where are you living? Look for clues on how you can get there. Have a chat with your future self, what does she want to say to you? Seek her advice. If you don’t like what you see then set about making changes now to prevent that future. Fluorite assures you that you are in control of your destiny and are the captain of your life ship. What course will you set and where are you going to sail? This is also one of the best stones to remote view or ‘see the future’ as it’s a powerful channeling crystal.

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