Free Psychic Tarot Reading – Choose one card for your Tarot message

Free Psychic Tarot Reading – Choose one card for your Tarot message

Does one of these three Tarot cards have a message for you? What does the immediate future hold? Click the video for your answer


Tarot Card One  – The Fool


My all-time favourite card. The Fool informs you that an adventure is coming. You are about to leap into a new experience, embrace it! Trust that the Universe has big plans for your soul and the world you know is about to change!


Tarot Card Two –  The Six of Rods/Wands


Victory! You are about to get some form of recognition. A battle has been one and you are triumphant! It’s not the end of the story though, there is much more success for you to achieve, but enjoy the moment of glory as others, and the Universe, is cheering you on.


Tarot Card Three – The 4 of Cups

We are strange and curious creatures who often think we know it all! The four of Cups is reminding you that sometimes the Universe knows best. There is a situation or experience being offered to you that you cannot see. Allow yourself to be open to the unknown and situations that push your boundaries. Look around you, are you missing a wonderous offer?

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5 thoughts on “Free Psychic Tarot Reading – Choose one card for your Tarot message

  1. Something different. I like it . I choose number 3. Cant wait to see what happiness the universe is bringing.Whole new life is waiting on soon. Thank you Michele

  2. The reading I got was “extremely” accurate…right down to spotting my husbands mother….and the interferance this lady causes-being the reason we experience temporary division…..


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