FREE Tarot Reading – Which Card Calls You?

Free Four Card Tarot Reading – Which Card Calls to You?

Have a gander at the four tarot cards. Do any of the cards stir your feelings? Do you get an energy buzz when looking at one of the cards? What do you feel lays behind the card?

Tune in to feel if there is an intuitive psychic message coming to you BEFORE you pick the card and then blend in your personal psychic insights with the message of the Tarot card you chose.

Tarot Card One – The Knight of Swords

There appears to be a sense of annoyance or anger around you. Is someone trying to bully you or railroad you into a situation? It may be that you are pissed off and want to vent your dissatisfaction, or that you are unusually irritable.

The Knight of Swords works best when they are taking RIGHT action. Gut anger can often cause more problems than it resolves. The Knight of Swords biggest gift is their intellect. Reason out why you are feeling this way or how you can deal with anyone else projecting this anger onto you.

Meditate and practice mindfulness today and you will find a peaceful solution to your problem

Be smart, be clever and TRUST your mind.

Tarot Card Two – The Queen of Cups

You have come through an emotional rebirth and are being true to your feelings. Your creativity, love and intuition are flowing. You have reached a stage where you can reflect on what you feel, and know how to maintain happiness. You are psychic and emotionally intelligent (today anyway!)

If this is not you then prepare to meet a loving being who understands you. Get ready to swim in an ocean of emotional. Your heart chakra is opening and an abundance of wisdom revealed.

Tarot Card Three – The Hierophant

Today is all about order and responsibility. You may have a calling to learn, study or commit to a course. There may be situations around you where you have to tow the line and do things by the book.

Have you thought about seeing or becoming a therapist? There are times when we need to be structured, especially if we are wild maverick souls! Times of structure do not have to be limiting, they can be liberating and give us greater freedom.

Tarot Card Four – The Lovers

Yay! The Lovers pours a dose of passion into your day. It could mean romantic or crazy sensual love, but it could also be a reawakening to passion for a project. You are energized and have the flame of love surging through your being.

How is your love life? What makes your heart sing? What stirs your soul?

Be it, a lover, friend, cat, parrot or inspiration, a stunning new or rebooted soul connection is coming your way. Let your desire free!

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One thought on “FREE Tarot Reading – Which Card Calls You?

  1. Thank You Michele, picked #3,however number 1 and 2 seemed to resonate more with what has been going on with me.

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