FREE Tarot Reading – Awakening Your Warrior

Tiger, Tiger, burning bright! Tiger is symbolically the animal of fearlessness. Her symbolism is brilliant to help overcome fear, to help us leap over obstacles. Within the ancient wisdom of the ICHING, there is a saying ‘Never pull a Tiger by the tail’.If someone is pulling your tail this reading might help reboot your fierceness!  I have a tattoo of a tiger on my left arm and it’s always been an incredibly important sign for me (especially as my son is a Tiger!)

Tigers eye is the protection crystal and one I use on a regular basis. Todays Tarot reading is to connect and awaken your warrior within and to guide you towards greater protection and power. Look at the photo and see if one of the cards roars at you. Do you sense one of the Tarot cards has a message for you?

Tarot Card One – 4 of Cups

Are you scared of making a decision? There is an opportunity in front of you but it won’t sit there forever! Perhaps you feel it’s safer to stick with the known rather than taking a risk and delving into the unknown? If you are honest with yourself and ask yourself ‘what would I do if I was fearless, what would my warrior within do?’ What would the answer be?

You might have been feeling listless or lacking in energy but the answer is right in front of you. There is more for you, you have talents, dreams and potential if only you would reach out and take a chance. Do you feel that doing nothing is protecting you? Cut down that illusion and leap into your power. There are many adventures to come if you allow them in.

Tarot Card Two – Ace of Cups

Hooray!Your inner warrior is about to get her belly tickled! As fierce and powerful as you are, you have an incredible heart. You have strong empathy and a soul as wide as the Grand Canyon. Your strength is in the huge love you have and your creative spirit. Know it’s important to protect yourself. Guard your beautiful spirit by not accepting disrespectful people or experiences. Boot out any toxic souls and psychic vampires who can’t handle your love.

Love is your answer, always come from a place of love and you can’t go wrong as it’s your superpower BUT do not indulge or waste your energy on folk who feast on being negative. Your pure spirit should not be a battery pack for the negative.

Or are you afraid of love? Do you build barriers for fear of being hurt? Tiger tells you to shake off fear and open to the love around you.

Tarot Card Three – The Ace of Pentacles

Yay! You got an Ace! Tiger says to make sure you look after your money and your roots! You have the potential for huge abundance in your life, not just financial abundance, but emotional happiness too. Tiger tells you that you can succeed. It’s time to put fear away and go for it. Do you pay enough attention to the mundane, the day to day stuff that ultimately becomes the foundation of whatever you are building? Are you in charge of your finances? Do you need to ground yourself?

The Ace of Pentacles says that what you want to achieve is inches away. To reach your goal, it’s important to look at your belief system about success. Does your subconscious believe you don’t deserve it? Are you scared of failure? Is there a voice from your past who lacked faith in you? Tiger gives you the courage to believe in yourself, to nail down the details so that you can win the prize. It is essential that you are practical and then everything should fall into place.

Tarot Card Four – The Devil

Yikes, the Devil! The Devil is not all bad and actually reveals that you have the power to escape! OK, the Devil is telling you that your fear could be making you self-destructive. The Devil card talks to you about addictions, about giving your power away. When you are afraid, do you turn to a bad habit? Do you drink more, smoke? Eat cheese? Have sex with someone who doesn’t make you feel good? Tiger wants you to list all of your self-sabotaging mechanisms and look at how you can heal them.

Tiger is awakening your sacred sexuality and reminding you that you are worthy of affection and love and that you are a divine and sacred being. What is your attitude to your sexuality? The Devil asks you to examine if there is a manipulating force around you BUT informing you that you are now free to break any negative bonds. You have the power, the claws and the spirit to release yourself from any prison, self-imposed or otherwise.

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