Free Tarot Reading – How to transform now

3 cards tarot

Free Tarot Reading – How to transform now

We are always in different ‘energetic’ places. Sometimes life is easy and we experience happiness and pleasure and other times we are blocked or lost. How can we best use the energy around us? How can we benefit from whereever we are as a starting point for transformation? Is it possible to build our dreams from where we are now? Tune into the 3 cards. Take a few deep breaths and ask the three Tarot cards if they have a message for you about how to deal with the energy around you. If a number comes to you scroll down for your Tarot message.

3 cards tarot
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 7 of cups

7 of cups

This is a very interesting time for you, does it feel cloak-and-dagger? You’re right, all may not be what its seems. Many dreams and ideas are flowing through you, and choices are being presented. You’re in a magical energetic space where you can manifest your dreams and desires, yet there is a stark warning… ‘Be careful what you wish for’ as you might just get it.

We are presented with seven cups filled with fascinating and mystical objects. For example, one cup contains a human head which could symbolise your intellect, The snake-filled cup is your lust and passion.

The cup with the castle could be success and protection. The cup filled with jewels shows a desire for material wealth and the cup containing the laurel signifies victory and accomplishment. But what about the fierce dragon? Perhaps your life has become a ‘tad ‘House of Dragon.’ The mesmerizing pull of the cup whose contents are hidden, leaves us asking what is about to be revealed?, Maybe that cup is empty or maybe it contains a dream you haven’t dreamt yet?

Within the card, you symbolise the Magician with the cups in symbolic areas of your life.

This card advises you to choose very carefully as all choices have consequences. But by combining your head and heart energy with your intuition, will allow you to choose wisely. The heightened energy around you is yelling, ‘anything is possible’.

The Hanged One

The Hanged One

Are you feeling in limbo? Have you grown used to this period of non-action? Are you afraid to let go or move on?

When the Hanged One appears it might not be time to push forward but it is a time to be mindful that there is much going on under the surface. Just as we can’t see the spring flowers before they push through the earth, you may also not be able to see the fabulousness which is almost about to appear. Stillness is the answer. Distract yourself by taking your mind off whatever you are waiting for by doing pleasurable things.

Surrendering to the wait can speed things up. Look at things differently, take your time and weigh up your decisions and look at what would really be best In certain areas of yoga they say “If you want to see things differently, stand on your head”.

 Tarot Card 3



Temperance is the card of alchemy. A need to achieve balance is evident when this card comes in. When we fight against something, we put up resistance. When we allow something to consume us, we shift the dynamics, and we suffer.

It is only by realigning and bringing energies back into balance that we restore peace and harmony. Trying to work with others or our problems can bring peace and things flow easier.

You could be experiencing a time of deep self-evaluation and rethinking your life priorities. Seeking a greater balance between your inner and outer self, maybe even searching for a higher meaning and purpose in life. The clash of the old and new could be causing confusion as to which direction you ought to take and what it is that is truly important to you. By not fully discarding the past, but taking the best parts of it and using them to your advantage in the present, you will regain composure balance, and perfect alignment. Use this energy to give birth to a new you who can feast on life but remain balanced.

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