Free Tarot Reading – Message From Your Wise One

Your free Tarot card reading – A message from your wise one 

Take a deep breath, have some quiet time, and focus on these five Tarot cards. Do you feel that your inner wise one is guiding you toward one of the cards? Focus on the cards and if one jumps out, scroll down for your message.

Much love

Michele x

Tarot Card One – Judgment


You are about to have an epiphany! The Judgment card whispers that the time has come for you to see a new path onwards. Your inner wise one is doing a little jig and cheering you on. Check out the Angel; their horn has your name on it! (That sounds so wrong, but you know what I mean ;) ) Life is no longer stagnant and the upcoming revelation will set you on a soul path worthy of you.

OK, as the card says, you are being judged, but not by an external force but your own spirit. All the good things you have done are being added up. Judgment is also a time of self-forgiveness of feeling the unconditional love of the Universe. There’s an internal revolution coming that sets you free. You aren’t going to take any more crap as you’re finally blowing your own trumpet and believing in your present and future. Life is transforming and the pathway is lit, so get moving!

Tarot Card Two – The Moon

The Moon

The energy of the Moon is with you. What intuitive messages are you receiving? Are you truly listening to your gut instincts? Are you honouring your own magic and wisdom? Your wise one is giving you a kick up the derriere, and telling you to tune into your magnificent psychic ability. You have the answers that you need. The Universe is giving you incredible signs every day, it’s time to own your power.

Your subconscious is opening and revealing all sorts of mysteries. Write down your dreams, keep an intuition journal. Give yourself a daily Tarot reading but don’t use a book, freestyle your wisdom. As you read this, ask yourself the question ‘What do I need to know right now’ and write down the first thing that comes into your heart. If there is someone around you, who is more frenemy than friend perhaps it’s time to cut the ties and move on?

Tarot Card Three – 5 of Pentacles

Five of Pentacles

On first impression, the five of Pentacles is slightly alarming. It’s the emotional poverty card and perhaps the financial strife card. Here are some poor folk (literally as well as metaphorically) struggling in the cold and snow. One seems to have hurt their leg, and neither looks happy. It would seem that you have had some sort of financial or emotional blow, perhaps this situation has been going on so long that you’ve become used to it.

Perhaps you haven’t taken the time to process and examine where the suffering has come from or how you can resolve it? Humans are very good at adapting to circumstances, even bad ones, and carry on against all the odds. Having said all that this is also a card of GOOD NEWS! If only these folk look up, they will see the light of sanctuary on their left. The five of Pentacles tells you that you have suffered enough. It’s time to open your eyes to the comfort and opportunity that is right next to you. The Universe is opening their arms to give you a big hug, but obviously, you also have to not only help yourself but see the salvation right in front of you. Your wise one is saying wakey, wakey things can change.

Tarot Card Four – The Sun

the sun

The Sun is warming, empowering and recharging you. Feel unconditional love radiating in your heart. It’s your time for happiness and joy now. There’s a sense of playfulness coming in.

Do you allow yourself space to be silly? It’s time to put technology down and run about like a kid again! Make the time to have fun, fun is a miracle worker at clearing blocks and rebooting our heart chakra.

The Sun is the source of all life on our planet, so it’s appearance means that it’s a great time to launch into anything that you fancy doing – whether it’s starting a business or heading out to travel the world!

The Sun is urging you to hang out with, be playful with, souls that make you laugh. Your inner wise one assures you that happiness is coming your way, as the Cosmos switches the light on in your heart.

Tarot Card Five – The Magician


Your wise one say be the Magical being that you are. A Magician is someone who can take many different elements and transform them into something else.  A Magician can take whatever life chucks in their direction and weave it into something totally different.

A Magician does not accept things as they are, knows things are not always as they seem.  Magicians are capable of magic, and so the first question a Magician will ask when life throws something at them that they might not like is, ‘what is the real nature of this? And, ‘how can I transform it?’

knight waite tarot

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