Free Tarot Reading: Think of a question

free tarot reading

Free Tarot Reading: Think of a question

Sometimes in life, we need a little intuitive guidance. Tarot works on many levels. When we ask the Tarot a question, the Tarot card we choose can bring us multilayered answers. 

Focus on the 5 Tarot Cards and think about a question you have. Scroll down to the card’s meaning, but on top of that, use your intuition. What feeling does the card give you? Do any symbols stand out? Make a note of anything that jumps out at you. Trust your interpretation of the card.

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free tarot reading

Tarot Card One – Ace of Wands

ace of wands

The Ace of Wands is a card of potent potential. Your creative juices are flowing, and your passion is restored. Feeling enthusiastic, sparky, secure, and unquenchable, the Ace of Wands lights your internal fire.

Your soul force is fierce, bold, and intense. Your confidence is on full power, and you’re manifesting your goal. Should you choose it, lust, desire, and sensuality fill your being. 

You can use this energy to create or merge with another. The flame is YOURS to do with it as you will. Don’t burn yourself out, though. Take a moment to think before you react. Where will you point your fiery wand?

Tarot Card Two – The Queen of Cups

queen of cups

You are a deeply loving and sensitive soul. Do you allow yourself to flow with your emotions? 

Your spirit whispers ‘be as tender with yourself as you are with others’. Only mix with folk that honour you and treat you with the gentle care you give them. Limit your time with toxic negative emotions. 

Make sure you monitor how you communicate with yourself so that your inner voice speaks kindly.

You are worthy of love. When you accept your vulnerability, you unleash your psychic ability. Your energy can now receive and experience life as you know it should be. There’s an emotional breakthrough now.

Tarot Card Three – The Magician


Have you been feeling stuck? The Magician is awakening the enchanted being that you are. A Magician can take many different elements and transform them into something else. They can take whatever life throws in their direction and weave it into something different. 

A Magician does not accept things as they are and knows things are not always as they seem. Magicians are capable of magic, so the first question they will ask when life brings something to them that they might not like is, ‘what is the real nature of this? And, ‘how can I transform it?’ You have that power now.

Tarot Card Four – The Fool

The Fool

The Fool is arguably the most powerful card in the Tarot as it’s similar to the dice. It leads you to the entire deck and a world of unlimited possibilities. It’s pure magic on a stick! 

When we have the energy of the Fool, we dare to take a leap of faith and move into new territory. It’s about to get exciting for you if you throw yourself in. Have you got butterflies and don’t know why? It’s time to do things differently and embrace the new.

The Fool is awakening you to your spontaneous side. Open your arms to doing things that you’ve never done before. Listen to the call of the wild. Change routines, and sign up for new experiences. 

Sometimes in life, we can fearlessly throw ourselves into a new chapter. Now is one of those times. What has been tugging at your soul? The Fool reminds us that we can’t go wrong so dive into adventure. Break at least one pattern today and do one thing you have never done.

Tarot Card Five – Ten of Cups

ten cups

The Ten of Cups meaning is obvious in this divine picture. Positive energy is being shared and flows. Love, ideas and good vibrations stream from one cup to another.

Your soul family is gathering, and there is a sense of union. Never underestimate the power of friendship and kindred spirits. You are about to experience unconditional love and a sense of belonging. 

A gathering of like-minded souls reboots your faith in humanity. If you have felt isolated, you become a magnet for good energy. You deserve love and have a peak experience of kinship. You can also become a group leader at this time. 

knight waite tarot

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