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Here is your free tarot reading. Focus on the four cards and see which one calls to you. Which card has a message for you?  Take a moment to really concentrate and connect with your own psychic intuition. When you have chosen your Tarot card, scroll down to reveal your answer. It would be great to learn how accurate this free reading is so please leave a comment or share if you love it!


ace of swords tarot meaning

1/ Ace of Swords

It’s time to cut through the murky shadows and show the world your steely side. The Ace of Swords is the sword of truth and brings out the truth monster in you. Have you been tiptoeing around a subject? Is there something that needs to be said? You have the inner strength to be true to yourself and say it as it is. You may be dropping a few truth bombs into an ungrateful lap, but don’t forget the compassion.

Traditionally this card also symbolises money and power coupled with the ability to create abundance. Put that idea into action today!


empress tarot card meaning


2/ The Empress

The Empress is here to give you a big hug and tell you how well you are doing. Perhaps you need some nurturing or mothering? Maybe you have had a difficult time recently and have felt a bit lost or alone? Empress reminds you that you are divine and will always have the ability to give birth to a new cycle. The Universe is about to show you some love. Sensuality, pleasure and creativity are on the menu. Embrace nature to recharge and rock your inner Goddess. You got the power!

Motherhood is a big part of the Empress. Expect some healing or celebration around this topic.


page of cups tarot card


3/ Page of Cups

You are at the start of an emotional awakening. You’re experiencing an emotional rebirth and see the world with fresh eyes. Are you starting a creative project and feeling excited but a tad vulnerable?

The page is young, innocent and flowing and she see’s the good in people, can you benefit from starting again with a gentle approach? Do you value your inner child? Take her out to play, open up to the positive and allow the beauty of the world to eclipse the problems. Even if we do that for a few moments a day, it recharges our soul.

Avoid overindulgence or illusion though which may lead you down the wrong path.


The Star tarot card


4/ The Star

Hope, inspiration and awakening! The chaotic storm has come to an end, or perhaps the long slog of the mundane! Suddenly you have an ah-ha moment; you are back in the game! There’s an air of magic around you right now, and your soul is getting a much-needed reboot.

Inspiration reigns, if you had given up hope of your life transforming a sign is coming. Trust yourself and open your heart to possibility. Something incredible is changing, and it all started with you. You can already feel it!

12 thoughts on “Free Tarot Reading – Immediate future

  1. I chose 2, and it resonates exactly what I felt and needed to read, I am currently losing my mother and it has happened all so fast not to mention I am currently in dispute about my gorgeous 4 children who I miss whole heartedly, I am in need of reminders that I am loved and guided and supported as I only have her divine and my guardian angel my nan who right this moment made me listen and feel this blog

  2. I’ve choosen card 4…The Star… Which is funny being that it is the card of Aquarius. And I am Aquarius also! Very elated about the message it gave me regarding my personal struggle with finances.

    1. The Star.. I have been doubting making a dream coming true, as everytime I try it seems it’s unattainable.. Having read this reading I feel somewhat reassured.

  3. I got the Empress, I have been going through turmoil and devastation with our son. My motherhood senses have been on high alert.
    I feel nature grounding me and look for small blessings every day. Recently I was revealed The World card….a gift from the universe, now Empress resonates some Love will come back to me. I am open to receive what I need to know. Thank you

  4. I chose card number 2, how accurate, I have had a tough time recently, and feel quite isolated, since reading this card however, feel more positive!

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