Interactive Free Tarot: Immediate Future Reading

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Take a few deep breaths and then pick a Tarot card number between one and four to see if the Tarot has a message about your immediate future..

Tarot cards

Tarot card 1


The Strength Card

Gaining mastery over our strongest feelings is essential in our emotional and spiritual development. Do you give in to them or have you evolved to the point you can choose your response and come from that position of emotional Strength? The Strength Tarot card reminds you that you have more power and strength than you can possibly know and now is the time to learn how to use it.

You’re about to handle and transform a situation that has been bothering you. How you do it is important. You’re strong enough to handle whatever is going on in your life even if it sometimes doesn’t feel like it. First you must master your own emotions. How do you deal with anger? Can you deal with intense emotions differently? When we learn to ‘tame’ our emotions and stop them from ruling us, we can indeed be strong, wild, and free.

You only have to look at this card to understand that strength can be gentle. The figure subduing the lion does so not with force, but with gentleness. Your kindness is your strength. What do you need to do today to be strong? How can you change a situation without being resorting to anger, but instead come from a place of emotional surety and strength? If you are going through a difficult time this card assures you that you can not only come through this, but come through this stronger than before. There are solutions available to you and these resources are located within you – where true strength resides.

Tarot Card 2

3 of wands

3 of Wands

The Three of Wands contains three different interpretations so which one applies to you? The traditional interpretation especially using the Rider-Waite deck is of ships coming in – in other words, something you ‘sent out’ there or set sail with, now returns with ‘cargo’ – in other words results and rewards! What did you launch or begin which now validates your faith in your venture? Remember, in order for us to succeed, we need to leave dry land and navigate the unknown on some level.

However it can indicate that instead of looking at what may be waiting for you in the future or exploring new horizons, you have become too focused on the past. Thinking about the past can stop us being in the present. The past cannot be changed, even though can be viewed in different ways. If you’re craving an ex-lover or regretting an experience, it’s time to bring your focus back to the present. And from there begin to plan for your future.

The Three of Wands third message says that new experiences and horizons are on your doorstep and waiting to be explored. Bringing your attention to where you are right now can draw toward you exciting adventures.

If you fancy an adventure stop fantasising, and start planning! Take a step towards your dream by doing one constructive thing today toward your goal. A world awaits so step forward – and don’t look back. It’s time to set sail into a new future.

Tarot Card 3

Ace of Pentacles

Ace of Pentacles

Aces always represent bold new beginnings in the area which they rule. An Ace is always a superb card to get as it personifies the essence of the suit it represents, in this case, earth and the material world. There’s a new cycle and opportunity on the way. Yeah baby, a time of abundance and fingers crossed, prosperity. 

Put the work into a project, and you should reap the rewards. This peak experience is not only about material success but also about a sense of achievement and renewed value in yourself. Hard work pays off as you build solid foundations for the future.

You could be stepping into a new role at work, launching that business or reaching for those rewards now. This Ace usually does indicate money coming your way or a new source of income opening up for you.

However, that doesn’t mean you will win the lottery as usually these rewards come from your own efforts. Because you now experience the results of what you can do, the rewards are more than money can buy as your self-worth and belief in your abilities soar. That can be even better than money in the bank in the long haul.

Tarot Card 4

Eight of Wands

8 of Wands

Waite of the Rider-Waite deck, called this card ‘the arrows of love’ and one of the traditional interpretations is that love is on its way with a new relationship or love affair. Passion may arrive without warning and romance could be around the next corner, so be prepared! 

It’s not just lusting and love that moves forward, as this card can also signify travel – usually to somewhere hot (it is a fire card after all!). It could be a swift move forward if you have recently felt ‘stuck’ in any area of your life.

An opportunity could arrive resulting in your moving in a new direction as you get caught up in exciting events set to take you on into new experiences. Communications, business, creativity are favoured and may even take on a life of their own,  Be prepared for excitement to re-enter your life and say goodbye to boredom and stagnation. You’re heading in a new direction, and the suddenness of it may make your head spin, go with the flow – and where the wind takes you.

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