Your Free Tarot Reading – guidance for the weekend

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Your Free Tarot Reading – guidance for the weekend

It’s FRIDAY! Fancy a spot of direct wisdom for the weekend? Is there a psychic message for you behind one of these Tarot cards? Choose a card and scroll down for your answer. I would love to know your thoughts on the message you receive so please leave me a comment.

Much love

Michele x

tarot collage

Tarot Card One – The Hierophant


Although on the surface this seems like an unlikely weekend card, the Hierophant is urging you to get your s**t together! Have you been leaving long strands of loose ends? Have you avoided playing by the rules or ignoring deadlines? The Hierophant is not only about external rules and regulations it is also about internal ones, have you crossed your own boundaries?

The Hierophant is reminding you that you are wise and clever. Do you trust that? You have much to teach and learn. The time is now to create a pathway back to being in control of your destiny. The Crow is holding the key to knowledge and saying unlock your potential. If you want to go to or conduct a workshop Crow is smiling on you.

I once wrote about the Hierophant – The Hierophant is coming to tell you that you have the opportunity to transform your life. Let your curiosity seek new ideas, learning, and the extraordinary.

Create foundations for your ideas to blossom and grow. You are given a clue to the next step. Read, enroll in a course, and create a life manifesto to structure your expansion. A personal manifesto does need to be dry and rigid. It’s a reminder of how to contain and fertilise your brilliance!

You got this :)

Tarot Card Two – The Ace of Wands

ace of wands

You chose the ace of wands. What is the meaning of the Ace of wands? Your Va Va Voom is on full throttle this weekend. You’re potent, magical, and can focus your spells. The Ace is all about putting passion into action. You can dazzle, conjure and act with confidence. Your energy levels spike, and you can have a fire in your loins! Off-the-scale sensuality might be on the cards as you strut your stuff.

Oh yes, passion in action! The Ace of Wands is one of the most sensual cards in the deck. Desire fulfilled, full-on love action, and if you are asking about a love affair it should be go, go, go!

Great carnal chemistry and delights await for a project or person! It may be that a new love interest pops up or that you untangle a problem with an ex.

What do you desire? The Ace implies it’s heading your way, but more than that, you are leading the charge toward achievements.

Card Three – The Star

the star

You chose The Star, so what does The Star Tarot card mean?  What advice is she giving you for the weekend? I love this card! Healing and inspiration are coming. You have weathered the storm. Perhaps there’s have been big drama around you, or you have felt shocked by sudden changes? Fingers crossed this weekend should inspire and delight you. Look out for visionary ideas, healing experiences, and divine good fortune.

You can now step forward into your creativity, peace, and renewed wonder. Mix with others that inspire you, and take some time to plunge into your creativity. Follow your inspiration and believe in yourself. When you do this, you send a calling signal to the Universe, and the love that comes values you as you value yourself. Dazzle like the star you are.

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  1. Thank you first I’ve been struggling with a recent relationship drama…it explains that, dont know if we will reconcile. Doesn’t seem possible at this point. Hes a good person just still suck with his past. I need to expand my career yes true I’ve been lacking in my responsibilities due to not being happy at my position. I need anew direction and self improvement. Namaste

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