New Moon Tarot Reading – Pick a Tarot Card

New Moon Tarot Reading – Pick a Tarot Card

Hello Gorgeous Soul,

We are rapidly heading towards a New Moon. The New Moon always offers a fabulous opportunity to ditch the crap, unfurl our wings and fly in a fresh direction.

What do you want to surrender? What would you like to begin? Perhaps one of the four Tarot cards below has a message for you? Sense with your own intuition if one of the cards is for you.

Sending so much love

Michele x

Tarot card one – The 6 of Wands

Woohoo! You have chosen the victory card! Perhaps you have been working towards a dream, or nurturing your spirit to overcome a personal issue? Either way, you are heading for a huge congratulations from the cosmos.

You’ve put in the work and an acknowledgement is on the way. The 6 of Wands reminds you not to rest on your laurels though, keep going, keep stretching and opening to the new. Hopefully, this will be the first of many victories.

Tarot Card Two – The Strength Card

As you enter into this new cycle the Universe is giving you the strength to do what you need to do. Your power is growing, and you are reminded that your compassion, your sensitivity and your love is your strength.

Are you using your strength to nurture yourself? It’s important to shore up your reserves, to care for your tender soul, and balance giving and receiving.

Tarot Card Three – The Wheel of Fortune

This New Moon is bringing in a significant experience. The next chapter brings in a change for you, the Wheel of life is turning. Look out for an unusual coincidence or meeting. An important message is on the way.

I tend to keep my eyes peeled if I get the Wheel of Fortune. A circumstance or experience that is ‘meant to be’ is arriving. A situation that provides growth to your soul. Exciting, liberating and enlightening times lay ahead.

Tarot Card Four – The Seven of Cups

There’s a host of possibilities before you. Dreams, illusions, gifts and choices. The New Moon is asking you to choose wisely. Perhaps you are hungry for a fresh path or are filled with a desire to create? Your imagination is strong and glistening with ideas.

However, don’t go for the fool’s gold or be beguiled by the snake in the cup! Keep your vision grounded, look at all the possibilities and seek wise advice before you grab for your chalice!

If you make the right decision it could be a game changer. Combine your intuition, heart and grounded reasoning and all will be well.



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