Your 5 Card Tarot Reading – Full Moon Message

5 card tarot reading full moon

Happy Full Moon,

The Full Moon vibes are strong! Here’s your 5 card Tarot reading to help inspire you at this powerful time. The Full Moon brings extra intuitive boosts and psychic messages. Play the video and choose one of the five Tarot cards. Do you feel drawn to one of the Tarot cards? Is there a Full Moon message for you? Don’t overthink it, just allow your own intuition to pick one. Once you have selected your Tarot card, scroll down and play the video. I hope the Full Moon delivers a powerful and soul enhancing psychic message to you.

Much love and moonbeam magic to you


Your 5 card Tarot reading – Full Moon Message

Tarot Card One – The Ace of Wands

Angel Heart,

Can you feel your passion rising? The Ace of Wands is stirring your desires and dousing you in love and power. You are driven, energized, and full of high vibes. Expect a peak energetic experience. Just like the Moon, you can reach your full potential now.

Tarot Card Two – 5 of Pentacles


The 5 of Pentacles assures you that sanctuary is here. There is a solution to your problem and support is on the way. Often when we are fighting to survive, to muddle through, and just keep going, it can be hard to look up and see the exit plan. Reach out to others. Know you are loved and that the answers are coming. You are loved.

Tarot Card Three – 9 of Pentacles

Wonderful One,

The 9 of Pentacles is an affirmation of all your hard work. It reminds you to trust your individual power. Honor your journey, and marvel at how far you’ve come. You are at one with nature, you have stepped into responsibility and hard work. The cosmos is proud of you. The fruit and abundance for your effort are blossoming.

Tarot Card Four – 10 of Cups

Sweet Soul,

Along with the peak of the Full Moon, you are about to have a peak emotional experience. Expect a family celebration, wonderful news, and a sense of peace. People around you should be expressing their love more freely. You so deserve this union of spirit.

Tarot Card Five – The Page Of Cups


Hey Golden Soul,

There’s a reawakening of love and your connection to the miracles around us. The world has been going through an intense transition with much of the shadowy stuff coming to the surface to heal. Along with all the trauma this has brought up, your heart is opening to love. You are being given moments of wonder. Your tender, pure, heart is going to experience the beauty of love and wonder. You’re likely at a moment of rebirth. Nurture yourself, create and slip into the magic.

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