Shamanic Power Animal Reading with Psychic Kim

Shamanic Power Animal Oracle Cards

Shamanic Power Animal Reading 

For thousands of years, Native cultures have called on animals for guidance and wisdom.  Animals have very special gifts and energy to share with you and by connecting with them we can tap into their innate wisdom.  

I have been working with psychic artist Lucy Byatt and we have created a new oracle deck called Shamanic Power Animals. Today, I invite you to connect with your own power animal and to see what knowledge and guidance they want to offer to you for this time in your life. 

Take a moment to look at the five numbered cards and take a deep breath. Feel yourself to relax. Focus on the cards and allow your intuition to guide you to one of the five cards. Pick the one that resonates with you the most and then scroll down to see which animal wants to connect with you today.


Bear has appeared around you now to remind you of the healing power of solitude and rest.  The Bear has a healing quality and this spirit animal is asking you to take some time away from the day to day bustle and to listen to your own needs. This is a time when you require some quiet time to rest and focus on your own healing.  Periods of solitude allow us time to reflect on our lives and where we are on our own personal life journeys.  The stillness helps bring you into the now and allows you to direct your attention to your needs. 

The bear is asking you to regroup and evaluate things. Perhaps you have lost your sense of self a little and feel bombarded by external things. Call on the bear to help you establish boundaries and to reclaim personal space. This is a time where you will benefit a lot by having some rest and quiet time. Don’t be afraid to take a step back from socialising and doing too many things. Bear encourages you to take this time and to meditate.  Journey inwards and discover more about you and who you are. By doing this you will find your inner truth and align with your own life path and inner wisdom. You have a wealth of knowledge inside you and Bear asks you to connect to this and discover your inner truths.


Wolf enters your life as a teacher this spirit animal helps you to listen to your intuition and instincts and assists you in connecting to your right life path. When Wolf comes around you, they are here to teach you the power of discernment and they will put you in touch with your instincts. Wolf shows you when you are on the right path and also reminds you through your gut feelings when you are being misguided.

The Wolf teaches the gift of freedom and will often appear around you when you may be feeling stuck.  Wolves are wild animals that like to walk their own path and be free with nature.  You are being encouraged to connect to your own sense of freedom now and to free yourself of things that are making you feel stuck. Wolf reminds you the importance of freedom and what it means to have the freedom to follow your own dreams and path in life.  Embrace your appetite for freedom now only good things can come from this.  This is the time to walk your path and to free yourself of any restraints.


Slow down. Be in the now. Your mind has been too preoccupied with the past and the future and you are missing the power of being in the present moment.  Snail allows you to be in the now and shows the gift that comes with being in the present moment.  When we focus too much on the past and the future we can sometimes miss some vital information that is already in front of us.  Slow down and give yourself some time to regroup and see what is around you.

Snail also brings to you the gift of patience. Life is not meant to be a race and snail is asking you to slow down and enjoy the journey. Some things in life take the time to materialise and we cannot always have what we want instantly. Snail encourages you to pace yourself and to take your time. Appreciate the little steps and mile stones that mark the pathway as you journey towards your big goals in life. There is wisdom in the journeys that we make in life and a lot to gain by slowing down and appreciating each moment. The destination has its rewards but it is on the journey where we collect our memories and treasures.  Listen to the wisdom of Snail now and cultivate patience with yourself and your expectations. Everything does not have to happen at once and it is okay to be patient right now.


Hummingbird comes into our lives to remind us to be aware of the good things in life. You may not be fully seeing the joy in life right now and this little bird invites you to partake in the small pleasures of life. This could be a stroll in nature, a warm bubble bath or cooking some of your favourite food.  The Hummingbird spends her days drinking the nectar from flowers, she knows how to enjoy the simple pleasures in life and asks you to do the same.

The Hummingbird has a unique wing movement when it hovers and instead of flapping their wings they rotate them in a figure of eight. The figure of eight is the symbol for infinity. Hummingbird asks us to look at time differently and shows us to look beyond the restraints of the past, present, and future. 

Hummingbird shows us to go beyond time and to not be restricted by the past or the future.  You are being encouraged to become an observer more and to appreciate the little things in life. Try not to get lost in your thoughts. Hummingbird is asking you to connect with the joy in life and to open your heart to happiness. 


Grandmother Spider is often associated with the story of creation and native cultures say that her spider web weaves and binds all things in the world together. The spider reminds us that we are responsible for weaving our own realities and creating our own reality in life.  A spider can weave and create a magnificent web. Spider is appearing to you now to show you that you can create your own web and weave the life that you want.  You are the creator of your life and Spider shows you that your thoughts have power.

Envision the life that you want to live. Tap into your creative side and imagination and dare to dream the life that you long for into reality. You have the power to manifest what you want and to make things happen in your life. The greatest ideas start as tiny thoughts and begin initially in the mind. Harness the power of your creativity and you will soon create the life that you seek. Why not try to make a vision board and collect images from magazines that reflect the life that you want to create? These could include your dream home or job or partner. Gather the images and stick them onto a large sheet of paper and imagine the life you want to create.  Spider energy will help and assist you in this process and help you to become the master of your own destiny. 

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  1. This hit everything I am going through. I am so wound up like a clock. I really need to just stop. Take the time to smell the rose’s. Have a million things running in my head. Thanks

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