Unlock Your Block Oracle – Pick A Photo – With Psychic Jonathan

Unlock your block oracle – Pick a photo – With our psychic Jonathan

As we are in Aquarius season, which is all about revolutions, I thought I would bring you an oracle on how to unlock your own current or lingering block.

Blocks are something we all experience because we are human, even the wisest and most evolved souls get stuck, and it’s all about identifying why and inspiring ourselves to take action.

Choose one of the images below, go with the one that you’re intuitively drawn too, and see what message it has for you.

Sending you love.


1/ Remembrance of self.

Firstly, if you are finding that you are suffering from the effects of stress or feeling anxious about your life, or you are feeling chaotic or caught up in a situation, or connection. Perhaps you have lost sight of SELF.

Sometimes it feels positive to just flow, whilst forgetting to ground ourselves. But we need to pay attention to our energy levels and personal needs or eventually, we hit a metaphorical wall. When that happens we can’t give out what we want to, in our day to day situations.

In a negative context, we can get caught up with the wrong idea of a situation or connection, and the reality of it. As a result our mojo lowers

When we focus heavily on how we can change a situation, or person we can lose sight of our authentic self and needs. Doing this can muddy our self-image and block us from opening up to expansion in our life.

Step back into self-mode and remember who you are, and what you need. It’s important to appreciate and accept, that your inner identity, and what you bring with you is good enough. You then can anticipate that you will attract to you what you need from a place of self-power.

I like to pick a tarot card for you at the end of these to further clarify and inspire.

The Tower – This is incredibly fitting because ultimately the tower is change, literal, mental, emotional and energetic change. The Tower indicates that you’re truly about to go through a turning point in your life, might not be easy, but it will be worth it. The thing about The Tower is when you’ve experienced it, you can use it as a springboard to rebuild and also realise what you want.

2/ Don’t short change yourself, make the changes.

Feeling stagnant and stuck? (me too sometimes) we’ve gotta shake it up man (or woman or however you may identify as, if at all). In situations when we are growing and as broad minded beings, we can become frustrated when the flow of things becomes stuck. Even if you like familiarity, too much repetition will create reductive energy and limit your experiences.

When we don’t tap into all aspects of self and embrace the different layers, we can sometimes feel a sense of lacking. In short, it limits our experience as a whole person. Think about it, no one is just one thing or one dimension. We aren’t just man, woman, police officer or business person – you may be a dancer, creator or gymnast and many other things as well.

Even our astrology is dynamic and layered- you’re not just a Taurean, Sagittarian or Aries there is so much more to it. So, being aware of/embracing those aspects of the self and using them will open up doors and fulfil you as a whole being.

Invigorate yourself

Make an effort now to embrace all aspects of self, and create experiences no matter how small! to invigorate yourself and boost your energy, to bring in in new life experiences that will expand self and soul.

I like to pick a tarot card for you at the end of these just to further clarify and inspire.

The Fool- yaaaaas 🙌🏽. Take that leap, my friend, because you are being called to do so and because you can. The thing about The Fool is sometimes seen as risky or reckless. In actuality it isn’t because it’s about confidence and using that confidence and natural flow of energy to leap into what feels right for us

3/ Build on solid foundations not sand.

When we have solid foundations it acts both as a springboard for going forward and a safety net for failure. (I don’t like the word failure, look at it more as a time when our ideals aren’t completely met). This ultimately creates a sense of confidence, and inspire our fierce side to go forward in life. Why? Because we know we will always survive. The fire signs and Scorpios will love that I’m sure 😂.

It’s completely true though! Think about it. If you know you can survive anything (you learn to know this by looking back at your challenges, and realising you’re still here basically), would you fear things as much?.

Having a solid foundation isn’t just about the practicalities in life it’s also about emotional foundations and mental foundations. These together are our sense of self and actually having a strong sense of self, allows us to anticipate life as oppose to angst over it.

Look at how solid your foundations are, do you feel practically safe? For example, have you got the flow of finances in place? Do you feel emotionally safe? Are you nurturing yourself? Are you acknowledging your emotions, as opposed to suppressing them?

Look externally

Do you feel mentally safe? How do you think about yourself and situations, are you fanning out and looking at the bigger picture or fixating on the negative? All of these aspects of self, work in sync to secure our self-awareness and life.

Also look externally in your life, is the job that you are doing secure and stabilising to you as well as fulfilling? Are the people in your life grounded and progressive as opposed to chaotic and restrictive?

A way to resolve this would be to step back from the situation as a whole. Break it down into those areas, and evaluate them, then see if they still fit into how you would really like to be doing things. Once you have done so you will find yourself feeling that sense of grounding, and at peace, and potentially a lot less stressed out.

I like to pick a tarot card for you at the end of these just to further clarify and inspire.

Judgement – this is a powerful but fitting card because the Judgement card is about mind and life audits. Stepping back and simplifying in our mind what is and what we need to do going forward.

Judgment is also a card about self-power and having a sense of strength in self when we think and communicate. So, use this self-powered energy to stabilise your mind and life dynamics and this will not only settle you but set you free.

4/ Old ways won’t open new doors, as old doors won’t open with new ways.

We can sometimes get caught up in old patterns because of habit and mental hang ups because of limiting beliefs. This can definitely block us, the mutual theme between the two is “the past”.

Now the past isn’t necessarily a bad thing if we use it as a pathway leading us to the present and future, not as the lay by to life.

Habits come from feeling familiar and whether positive or negative we condition ourselves to keep our focus on the familiar because it makes us feel in control, but this is an illusion.

The same thing goes for our limiting beliefs that we create, or that have been given to us in our early life, and we still carry around with us. These things almost become our safety net to deal with the world.

Now again this is not always a bad thing if you use them as a starting point. However we can then spread out away from these practically and mentally to seek new experiences and feelings that can also make us feel familiar and safe.

Think about it in a basic way, you try spinach and you like it but you really find it’s boring to eat it every day although not necessarily a bad thing. You can add things to spinach to spice it up, but you’re hesitant. When you shake it up and find you like it you! In the same way create diversity in life and you can then further expand.

Relationships and people patterns

The same goes for relationships and people patterns. For instance if you are used to creative types but they haven’t worked for you why keep going for these types? If you have a ten year up and down relationship with someone who is flakey what is likely going to repeat?, and if this doesn’t work for you why do you stick in that situation?

“Well I’m used to this”

Your mind may tell you it’s because you attract these types and they stimulate something in you. But is that because you feel you lack something inside self? Do you want to be like them in someway? Your habit would tell you “well I’m used to this” so you feel safe around it even though it’s possibly emotionally and energetically unsafe for you.

Use these experiences that you’ve been through or going through now. They are just an experience, but now step back and ask yourself does this evolve me and expand as a dynamic.

I like to pick a tarot card for you at the end of these just to further clarify and inspire.

The Sun

This is fitting because it’s shedding light on you and your life situations. The Sun also represents regeneration and new chapters in your story, it is the ultimate evolution card. So, how do we enable evolution? Through revolutions, step back and reflect and rethink your self and situations now. Look to compare whether what is going on is in line with what you want to be going on. Either way this implies that brighter days are coming for you now- embrace it.



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