What Does The Week Ahead Hold? Choose a Tarot Card

Weekly Tarot Pull – Choose a Tarot Card

Do you fancy an intuitive look into the week ahead? Look at the cards and feel/sense if one of them has a message for you.


the fool

Tarot Card One – The Fool

The Fool is the dice in the Tarot deck and is leading you into brand new experiences. It’s time to take a leap of faith, trusting your ability to adapt. You’re about to roll the dice of life and wander into a brand spanking new reality!

Your impulsive side is luring you towards change. You’re a rocket-fueled sensation who’s eager to feast on the new. Feel the frisson of excitement rising within and knock back the large shot of YES the Universe is sending you.

ace of wandsTarot Card Two – Ace of Wands

The Ace of Wands is a card of potent potential. Your creative juices are flowing, your passion is restored. Frisky and sparky the confident and unquenchable Ace of Wands is lighting your inner fire.

Your soul force is deep, bold, and intense. Your confidence is on full power, and you’re manifesting your goal. Should you choose it, Lust,desire, and sensuality fill your being. 

You can use this energy to create or to merge with another. The flame is YOURS to do with it as you will. Don’t burn yourself out, though, and take a moment to think before you react. Where will you point your fiery wand?

the starTarot Card Three – The Star

The Star comes after The Tower. After destruction and upheaval comes hope, healing, inspiration, and flow. Unconditional love and creativity can pour through our spirit.

 It’s a time of connection, possibility, and restored faith in ourselves. Do you feel an awakening? The chaotic storm has come to an end, or perhaps the long slog of the mundane! Suddenly you have an ah-ha moment; you are back in the game. There’s an air of magic around you right now, and your Soul is getting a much-needed reboot.

the ace of cupsTarot Card Four – The Ace of Cups

Are you ready to encounter emotional peace and joy? The Ace of Cups is the holy grail of emotions. Your soul vessel is about to be filled with happiness and fulfillment.

Happiness and warmth are reaching out to you and are undoubtedly the reward for your kindness to others. You are a loving being who is about to have a bountiful love-in with those around you.

Emotional healing is on the way as you flow with plentiful love. Your creative spark is on full beam, and possibly it’s the beginning of an incredible spiritual connection.

Sail into the love!

temperanceTarot Card Five – Temperance

Temperance is all about balance and blending. How can you bring more harmony into your life? What energies do you want to mix in your sorceress cups? It’s not about self-denial but liberation. Be a warrior of love for your body, mind, and patterns. 

Address any Self medicating or energies and habits which restrict your freedom and growth. You are powerful, and you’ve boldly and bravely come this far. Temperance urges us to celebrate and nurture balance. Is it time to empower yourself with fresh choices? Sending you a ton of love

knight waite tarot

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