Your Free Tarot Reading – What’s happening this weekend?

Your Free Tarot Reading – What’s happening this weekend?

Hello Beautiful Soul,

Here’s an extra special weekend free Tarot reading for you! This time focus on three of the twelve Tarot cards. Choose three cards to give you a bit more detail on the energy surrounding you this weekend. Let me know what you think and if you love it I would be so grateful if you could share it!

Much love and have a fab and magical weekend

Michele x

Tarot Card One – The Two Of Cups

You are a magnet for soul connections. Love comes in many forms. When we meet a spiritual warrior that clicks it empowers our journey. Work with those who have your best interests at heart. Open your heart to new connections. Rekindle and appreciate the love around you.

Tarot Card Two – The Four of Swords

It’s time to recuperate and rest. You have been grieving a situation and your batteries need to recharge. If you have been running on empty take time out to recover. You are going to need your energy for the next adventure.

Tarot Card Three – The Four of Wands

Yay! A celebration is coming! It could be a birth, a house move or a general loving get together. You have reached a point where a positive surprise or affirmation from the Universe is coming. Take the time to be fully present when you reach these peak emotional milestones.

Tarot Card Four – The Nine of Pentacles

You are a loving and powerful being who is finding the perfect balance between work and your own space. Animals are drawn to you and you are quite the Dr Doolittle. You have a wild side but you also attend to your responsibilities. A reward is coming for all your hard work. Bask in your achievements big and small.

Tarot Card Five – The Ten of Pentacles

A burst of satisfaction is coming to you. You are achieving great rewards and are respected for all that you have achieved. You are feeling grounded and able to enjoy close ties with family and friends. Your spirit guide is always watching over you and a dose of wisdom is arriving from an unlikely source. You see the divinity in everyone so will be able to process the message.

Tarot Card Six – The King of Cups

Look out for a strong character who is in touch with their emotions and have a profound empathy. A caring male/x energy that is good at listening and is a bit of a dreamer. There may be a water sign around you who wants to get more intimate with you.

Tarot Card Seven – The Knight of Wands

You are galloping towards an achievement. You’ve got fire in your warrior spirit and you’re all about action rather than words. You might meet a Fire sign who makes you feel frisky and free.

Tarot Card Eight – The Queen of Swords

You might be feeling a little detached at the moment. You are thinking about things and are very happy to draw your sword of truth. Are you cutting a relationship off or showing a love interest the cold shoulder? It’s time to decide if you are holding back and why? Examine your fears and make a decision. Your mind is aquiver with ideas, put them into action.

Tarot Card Nine – Temperance

Temperance – It’s time to balance and find your equilibrium. Life may have been a tad topsy-turvy recently but once you get your soul scales right, you can make the magic happen. You have the skills to reach your dream but watch out for self-sabotage or folk that encourage you to tip to extremes. Show the Cosmos what you’re made of and fly!

Tarot Card Ten – The Hermit

The Hermit – Have you been tossed about in the hurly-burly of drama recently? Have you not had a moment to pause, stop and think? Take time out to practice mindfulness today, to spoil yourself and indulge in your deepest pleasures. Gaze at a crystal, walk in nature, meditate, write, breathe!

Tarot Card Eleven – The Lovers

The Lovers – Your passion is rising! The flames of desire are burning bright. You might reboot your sensuality, reconnect with a lover, fall in love or start a new project that lights your fire! Trust your lust! Life is about to get very interesting. Oh, and pour some of that love into you!

Tarot Card Twelve – The Magician

The Magician – Yaaassssss! You are at a crucial point in your soul’s journey. Right now you have all the tools in front of you to manifest your reality. You have magic in your blood and witchery in your heart! Have faith that you can create your destiny and allow yourself the gift of trusting your own power.

9 thoughts on “Your Free Tarot Reading – What’s happening this weekend?

  1. Michele..
    Enjoyed the variety of messages;a couple of the messages were right on,and
    just what I needed at this time. Thank you so much!

  2. Michele you are the BEST THERE IS….I am Inspired by you and your readings. I always look forward to your readings every day/ week /month soo dont ever stop..

  3. Hi Michelle
    This is my first time on your site and I think it’s amazing thank u for sharing your gift like this
    God bless you
    Michelle Garcia

  4. The message I got was very clear, I know what to do now, I was a bit, what if, before, but now I can go ahead.

  5. The cards speak the truth it is time for me to recuperate and recharge my batteries. Time to ground my earthly sign… Blessings be for your reading and clarity Thank you Michele

  6. Michelle – I have been very much appreciating your extra reading atm as I am going through something and need so shall I say support.
    So your true special spiritual self has been very insightful and very well respected from me.
    Thank you Love and Light Beautiful One!

  7. I just love you Michele, your kindness, strength and va va boom inspire me! I really enjoy your readings. I’m so happy to be on the same planet with you ! ✌

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