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5 tarot cards

Hello Wonderful One,

Tune into the 5 Tarot cards. Do you feel one calling you? Scroll down for you wisdom!

Love Michele

5 tarot cards

Tarot Card One – The Two of Cups

2 of cups

A soul connection reminds you who you are. The Two of Cups is a beautiful card all about love, equality, and hanging out with those that are a mirror for us. We all need a Two of Cups in our lives. Whether it’s a lover or best mate, the Two of Cups brings a lovely kinship moment. 

There’s a love around you that gets you, that sees you, and that supports you. Still waiting to meet this soul? Examine your belief system. Do you believe that that kind of love exists? Now is the time to open your arms to a joyful union.

Tarot Card Two – The Hanged One

The Hanged One

The Hanged One teaches us the importance of waiting and that what’s for us will not pass us by. If things feel stagnant or in limbo, they remind us that everything has its season. In winter, we can’t see the fresh shoots just beneath the surface. 

The Hanged One also gives us time to reflect. Like Odin hanging from the tree, they see things we miss as we rush by. It’s a reflective, magical space. The Hanged One tells us to stop for a while and wait until we’ve got a whole new outlook before we move into action. It’s time to be objective and look at our patterns.

If you’ve been waiting for a change or something important to happen, and it’s in limbo, don’t push against the tide. Do what your divine spirit has to do to be practical, and then play, have fun, and think outside the box. Turn the waiting into a sacred space as you gather the power.

Tarot Card Three – The Wheel of Fortune

Wheel Of Fortune

One thing is for sure, life is constantly changing. As humans we try very hard to control our fate. We get stuck in patterns and life can feel a hamster wheel rather than the Wheel of Fortune! 

All of that is about to change! The Wheel of Fortune turns, and the winds of destiny guide your path. The intricate dance of possibility and opportunity may soon place you precisely where you need to be. Life, as we know, operates in cycles, and occasionally, a lucky window opens just for us. 

A revelation emerges from an unexpected quarter. An offer may arrive from nowhere, a twist of fate. Keep your senses tuned for a remarkable connection, an encounter woven into the fabric of peculiar events, a tapestry threaded by the hand of destiny itself.

Tarot Card Four – 6 of Pentacles

6 of pentacles

Your capacity to spread compassion and wisdom to those around you is a gift. Yes, you might get frustrated and annoyed like us all, but fundamentally you’re a giver.

The 6 of Pentacles opens up your ability to receive and feel safe and rewarded for all you give. A gift is coming your way, and generosity is lighting your spirit. A touch of abundance is entering, and a moment of gratitude is soothing you. You deserve to experience and feel love and plenty. Open your arms to it!

Tarot Card Five – The Moon

The Moon

Traditionally the Moon gets a bad rap in the Tarot, a Patriarchal shadow and fear of the wise one, the witches, and the untamed feminine. Let’s correct that.

Are you feeling anxious or is your free-spirited sorceress howling at the Moon? Are you currently insightful, vivid, magical, and daring? Or are you lost in a cave of doubt?

 The psychic rays of the Moon are calling to your intuition. Pay close attention to the signs and symbols the cosmos is sending you, and don’t give in to fear, fear is an illusion. You are a priestess of knowing so tune in! The answers have been with you all along.

knight waite tarot

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