Your Free Love Tarot Reading: Pick 2 Tarot Cards

Your Free love Tarot Reading – Pick Two Tarot Cards

Let’s talk about love! Most of us have recurring patterns in our intimate relationships. We are programmed to have certain expectations and often have a strong belief system that unconsciously dictates our romantic experiences. It may be that we feel unlovable, it might be that we play it safe or are always attracted to the unavailable. When we break free of these patters we can discover true intimacy and an abundance of love. Choose two of the Tarot cards and scroll down to discover a love message for you.

Much love

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Tarot Card One – The 2 of Swords

Right now, you might feel unsure of a love situation. You can’t make a decision, or you doubt your ability to manifest a good relationship. If you are in a relationship you have questions about whether to stay or perhaps how to make it better. It’s time to examine exactly what you are feeling and be honest about all points of view.

Like the justice card, the character is blindfolded. FEEL the answer, the truth is objective, and allow yourself to be honest with yourself.

Tarot Card Two – The 9 of Cups

9 of cups

The wish card! This is a FABULOUS card to get. A dream, a wish, or a desire is about to be fulfilled. Love wishes could come true. YOU DESERVE IT! It could be big or it could be a small wish but whatever it is it’s an affirmation that the Cosmos loves you and good Stuff is on the way!

Tarot Card Three – 9 of Swords

9 of swords

You have had a tough time. You may be experiencing sleepless nights or feel plagued with worry. It’s likely that you are pulling together all your fears and worries which makes them seem 9 times worse! Take any issues and deal with them one at a time. When I learned to do this, it changed my life. Get support if you need it, reach out, and talk, you are not alone. This time will pass. Take back your power if you have given it away. Love should not hurt. Liberation beckons.

Tarot Card Four – The King of Pentacles

You are about to feel more in control of your reality. There’s a grounded quality coming into your life, and you realize what practical things you need to do to achieve your goals. You’re climbing the mountain to success; keep going, have faith, and KNOW you can do it.

A successful, strong character is interested in you and wants to help support your journey. An earthy lover is approaching.

Tarot Card Five – Strength



Strength comes to you today to remind you that you are POWERFUL, and that you have an unconquerable spirit. Whatever is going on around you, you can not only handle it but triumph. Be cool, be calm, and be compassionate with yourself and others. Value your spirit. You have survived and will flourish. When it comes to love, you are in a stronger position than you know.

Tarot Card Six – The Magician


Do you believe in magic? Have you forgotten the hidden depths you carry within? There are times when miracles appear, and gifts shower down from the Universe. You have it within your power to conjure a bright and delightful love future. The Cosmos will give you a helping hand, BUT the magic resides inside you. Pay attention to your beliefs and your thoughts. You are currently transmitting directly to the source. It’s time to regain faith and order your romantic future with confidence.

Tarot Card Seven – The Star

the star

A tempest of difficulties is now clearing. It’s the calm after the storm, and inspiration and healing is arriving. You’re motivated and have an abundance of eureka moments. Allow your creativity to bubble and mix with other healers and good-vibe folks. This is also a card of hope and an emotional rebirth. Love is healing, and the answer is clear.

Tarot Card Eight – The World

the world

The World is considered the best card in the deck! It brings with it a peak experience. A moment of ecstasy and joy. You’ll soon feel on top of the world. It could be a simple thing like a text from a love interest, or it could be falling in love, making a proposal or lying on a beach with your lover feeling totally satisfied. You might just be stepping into deep unconditional love for yourself. One thing is for sure, it’s gonna be FABULOUS! Yeah, baby!

knight waite tarot

Hooray! You can now order my Tarot deck and in-depth Tarot book. I put my heart into every page. Big love, Michele.

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  1. I always feel enlightened when I go to your site , you give out truth and soulful vibrations x BLESSINGS MICHELE x

  2. I agree that your first impression is always right. If you feel something during a reading then go with it. I have been reading this way for close to 30 years and my accuracy level is as high as 99%.

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