Free Three Card Tarot Reading – Immediate Advice

Three card tarot reading

Your Free Three Card Tarot Reading – Immediate Advice

Hello Golden Soul,

Have you got something on your mind? Perhaps one of these three tarot cards has a message for you? Focus on the three cards and sense if one of them has an answer to your immediate issue.

Breath in, look at the cards and see if you feel and intuitive tug.

Much love Michele x


Tarot Card One – The Mother of Wands

A snake is curled protectively around her eggs with a single wand running through. This card says you are ready to invest, harvest and give birth to your passion. An idea is about to be unleashed, but you need to protect it from negativity. If peeps are putting your down, keep your brilliance to yourself. Shield yourself from unhelpful folk and question if you need them in your life.

You have creative power flowing through you, you are in command of your destiny and ready to reach the next step. Be proactive now, beam your incandescent light of inspiration and act.

Tarot Card Two – The Three Of Wands

Hello Visionary, is this a portal I see before me? You are scrying the future. You have learned from the past and can now take a leap into this cosmic unknown armed with a renewed faith in yourself. In this card, we see a great mystic soup of possibility. A journey is beginning, and you are ready for it.

Brush up on your intuitive skills, polish your trust and get ready for an awfully big adventure. Don’t spend too long second guessing your choices, it’s time to take the lead. You are the hero of your journey and the captain of your soul experiences. Life is about to get very interesting.

Tarot Card Three – Temperance

Has life been a little topsy-turvy? Are you swinging from extremes? Temperance is saying ‘Whoa there sister’ take some time out to adjust your sails. In China, the Heron symbolises patience and strength while some Native American tribes saw the Heron as being purposeful and committed as well as a symbol of good fortune. Small tweaks to your routine and habits can bring huge rewards.

Temperance is asking you to still yourself for a minute and find your balance. If you can blend your energy, you awaken the Alchemist within, making anything possible.

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